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    2. charles llago

      why the thickest series stopped we want more thicc i think the next one should be thicccest fresh in fortnite edit:why was thiccest lazar beam in fornite in the playlist

    3. Shadow Hunter

      Ur not that god lik normol

    4. Leon Arifi

      My freind killed tou

    5. Arthur _ Pendragon

      The only person Ik who pre edits doors is ceeday 😂

    6. louise hallam

      Fresh: a sniper, I don't want that Heavy sniper: why do hate all snipers other than me.Tbh I'm glad I got vaulted.

    7. Jayjayboy05

      He cheated

    8. BokkieCraft

      thiccest topaz and pink gem and sapphire

    9. Grayson Hermann

      He predicted there was a shotgun in a chest

    10. Tyasonn Tyasonn

      Someone should make a scatman song using his voice at the end

    11. wing-back 21

      Can you do it with siphon next

    12. Matthew Cazarez

      Do the thickest prediter in fortnite

    13. Heroticly

      Wait I thought you could only kill people in the storm

    14. Strange Nix

      Is the thickness gonna continue😥

    15. Collin Birkelo

      Did anyone else realize he used his gray ar in the slot he said to get rid of?

    16. Brizden Keel

      But I still love this bro

    17. Brizden Keel

      Who noticed he had a green pump then blue in same match

    18. Arash Saeed

      13:34 when you regret a vic royale

    19. Shiftronic YT

      should have kept the blue pump to loose or bandage bazooka

    20. Gaming with Cade

      The storm skin is pretty *THICC* not gonna lie 😏

    21. Mrgrandslam

      He broke a slurp truck then didn't have full health?

    22. Liam Holland

      Fresh uploaded this video when he was at level 220

    23. Fortnite Clips Yeet

      The last thickest person EVA

    24. chester the chicken


    25. John Babalola

      Does fresh even reply

    26. Tyson henry

      he should have grabbed something he doesn't need to drop that

    27. Haydn Bakewell

      I thought it was going to be just using the storm mythic

    28. king noob94

      Anyone notice fresh lost his 3rd slot then picks up an assault rifle in his 3rd

    29. Taylor Connor

      Fresh: I can't touch weapons Also Fresh: walks over all the weapons.

    30. Scarrow

      The keycard is not a weapon

    31. Donnacha Stacke


    32. Takoda Elmer

      9:33 THERE WAS A LLAMA 😭😭😭

    33. Yeeter 45


    34. Kanashii

      This is impossible

    35. Levi Ackerman


    36. Yeeter 45

      He didn’t kill that storm that had the gold pump in storm and he took it

      1. Jpixcrown

        Uhh he is MAGIC

    37. Robert Felix

      Fresh: rainbow storm me: gold iron man

    38. Just Calvin

      We need a the thickest blacc widow


      Thick freshhh

    40. Dragoneen

      I really hope the guy that died to fall damage at the end didn't tell anybody about that because if he did he probably doesn't have any friends now

    41. SniperFR

      If i ran across a purple pump And a golden scar, i wouldve stopped recording and did it next round

    42. Nicholas Mixon


    43. Muffin iscool

      hehe MythTHICC get it XD

    44. Mr. Doom

      I thought he wasn’t aloud to use the third slot

    45. Gustahn Lex

      Lmao ttv and fall damage boi.

    46. Henryb0t

      storm is good I got a stupid kill with her mythic when i snuck up behind someone and used it a he/she couldn't deploy the glider VERY STUPID BTW it was in a mountain thats how she/he died

    47. Barneys Lawyer


    48. Andy Marroquin

      wait what if the loot is in the storm ?

    49. Felicetta Ortica


    50. Garlina Hall

      Cool Rainbow skin so cool I can really buy that from 100 million trillion VboxBut I don’t have much Vbox like that only I have just 100 V bucks so I need to play more video games so yeah I need to be like you fresh I’m counting on you and good luck having your fun with this rainbow skin

    51. Caetano Sanchez

      This is easy, he just doesnt have to loot bodys, no big deal

    52. B0T_AC3

      Thicc doom next

    53. ThugSheep Life

      Hold on. You eliminated iron man out of the storm. You can’t loot him. JOKE INTENDED

    54. Rayaan Verma

      Why yo don't add storm dam boy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    55. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    56. Everardo Ruiz

      Is it just me or Every rainbow skin he calls Thick

    57. Bxll.

      Imagine being sad to win. Like......

    58. Candy Mesh

      Fresh “we can’t use this slot anymore” Me “wait you used it” (when he dropped the Phamos he picked up a Ar after)

    59. Hank Rudibaugh

      Yo I play on switch

    60. The Holy Rat

      You boys have a sickness for the thickness?

    61. The Phantom


    62. Rod Lower

      y did he not uploed thikest big d in fortnite

    63. gavin kasyoka

      She is thick tho

    64. Jesse Graves


    65. Wouter van Dijk

      Fresh: Inventory SLUT Me: Wait, was that a Flossy reference?!

    66. Mikaela Mende

      I think that was the saddest Victory Royale ever

    67. Diana Pena

      your so good

    68. Diana Pena

      i play fortnit

    69. Diana Pena

      i love your vids

    70. Dylan Redmond


    71. Bye

      How Ironic is it that storm takes damage in a storm

    72. LegoCityFilms

      Isn't the thickest storm hurricane katrina.

    73. Ninyetteツ

      He fast as fuck boiiiii

    74. Max Korenberg

      Claim your "here before this is in everyone's recommended 5 years later ticket" right here!


      you sell wan

    76. Sarah Torres

      8:52 choppa drinkin some water

    77. Larson Davis

      These fights fresh takes are insane if I saw these people I would camp in a box

    78. tye reid

      HAHA HAHA HAHA RIP FRESH LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    79. malcolm casamian

      How did you get the grey ar

    80. Rebecca Stok


    81. Nikolas Lidstone

      Did anyone see how he used a mini at 5:49

    82. May Odeh


    83. May Odeh

      Why don’t you just go to work then you can come over here

    84. Ismail Cigerli

      Would love to play with you some day

    85. Ismail Cigerli

      Your very funny man

    86. IdkMyYTName

      There’s 14 thickest ppl in ur videos. “Nice”

    87. miss evo


    88. Leandro Amador

      1000 iq tho

    89. RG_Kassi Offical

      Does he not get he wins every challenge he does lannan on de other hand has some trouble

    90. Rashmi Sinha

      Anybody miss the old fresh intro

    91. Fabioclappedu

      Hack the stark robots so they kill for you

    92. Joseph Andrew

      Why do you say this is the thickest Storm in Fortnite

    93. YaboiOren!

      You know how you win a 1/3 of your games? This is where the other 2/3 of those games go to.

    94. Abigail O'Dea

      Wait a minute you used the 3rd slot

      1. Abigail O'Dea

        It only took me 2 minutes to realize that

    95. Adler Barkman

      Your insane

    96. Bryson Disney

      I am inevitable

    97. ScaleyTurtle

      She was so thiccccccccccccc it looked like stretch resolusion

    98. Chelsey Leyva

      I have a video idea you have to use jenifer walters skin and only land at her office and only use the loot only you can take amo and mats and meds. Ps jenifer walters office is in retail road

    99. Benji Loza

      Weres rainbow iron man

    100. Soulz Ψ

      When wolverine comes out Fresh: tHe ThIcKeSt WoLvErInE iN FoRtNiTe

      1. Camden Wofford

        T H I C C E S T G E L O G E L O I N F O R T N I T E

      2. Marley Lugo

        it is annoying next it will be thiccest as- in fortnite thicccest di- thiccest frtnit in frtnit thiccest thicc in frtnite

      3. Leech King

        lmfao u were right XD