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    1. BlackSanzz

      I thought he said ten tickles

    2. BlackSanzz

      When he said tenticalls

    3. Hazem Mostafa

      So fresh doesn’t know what styles are

    4. Mark Richardson

      Day:964906 of waiting for him to say whassup guys no

    5. Jackson Gamer

      yoda is 50 in season 5

    6. yexotic gaming

      We can see IO guards in the trailer

    7. kelvin TTV-switch

      God bless all of you guys

    8. Nico

      I’m so glad the tac shotgun is coming back like every Fortnite streamer. P. S. it’s my favorite shotgun


      Kondor looks like a evil fresh skin


      Holy where's Lannan your watchin anime you're getting gronded

    11. mostapha chaarani2007

      Fresh: What's up guys Me: no

    12. SnakooY Gamer

      PP is back ...

      1. DRM Milan

        Hes home town

    13. Holydude

      Fresh honestly thinks every season is cringe at this point, lol

    14. Jack Harvey

      you skipped a loading screen

    15. Jim Robertson

      8:03baby Yoder

    16. Natalie Kekahuna

      the person that is talking on the phone is Jules from chapter 2 season 3 battle pass 0:47

    17. Mr_ Noobert

      Why does this vid have 666 dislikes?! I think it's trynna tell us something...

    18. i

      666 dislikes

    19. Skinny Burrito

      Me,an anime fan, finding out fortnite now has anime.😎😎

    20. Alikethree4 Games

      Bet you fresh will change his code to thicc in 2021

    21. Danielle Hampton

      like cmon am i the only one who realized the rift that took galactis back to where he came from is the same rift that was trying to stop the rocket in season 3 adviously it would be related to the seven

    22. Flame Fan

      Did anybody else notice a lot of Ms, • Mandorlorian • Mancake • Mave • Menace

    23. Cherie Nelson Jones

      I go to school but lazerbeam is better

    24. J J Nagi Gaming

      only use gold wepons

    25. Dream tales

      baby yoda is why i want the battle pass

    26. xt brice xt brice

      Dang the subscribe button is very thicc😅😂🤣

    27. ᕙ

      Its not fukin baby yoda

    28. Dynasty Star

      I don’t get the monetization of fortnite, so people pay for a battle pass only to not have access to the content anymore cuz the new season rolls around?

    29. LJ Llama Drama


    30. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    31. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    32. QrFlea 2.0clipz

      6.6mill subs hAHAHAHAHHA

    33. Mighty_craig 100

      You guys know it’s not a anime girl? It has lines over Becouse it’s a AI it’s a robot

    34. Amkthafiy Hafiy

      Jonse soynd like mirage

    35. Simon Sun

      "I don't watch anime" explain thiccest also wenn thiccest anime girl

    36. Weaboo Reggin

      I love how no matter where you live you always say china is on the other side of the world

    37. RANCH BBQ674

      I couldn’t here a thing you talked to much

    38. JackoJaxko

      They did say it was pure Chaos

    39. Godbless37 Hernandez

      Wow already at 100

    40. jimbo c

      when you said "Sick show" it popped up as $ex show

    41. Cronia O'Reilly

      Did you know that you can use the null claws pickaxe with any skin

    42. Nana Channel

      bonne continuation

    43. Typical Wolf

      You mean 99% cause you have to do some quests to upgrade Mandos Amour

    44. Master Foo’

      Is that mirage?

    45. Joshua Walker


    46. Amygdalia

      The Mave skin is turning to a Shark if you go in the Wather

    47. Sam Henderson

      Why dont you use a facecam fresh?

    48. Mohamed Gaffar

      We want a movie


      Fresh that was so plain be more hype

    50. Dennis Stone

      Is Santa for fortnight for Christmas and then I’m going to ask my mom if I could get to tier 1 that’s batelpass all I want is the Mandalorian and baby Yoda

    51. JWM

      Kondor looks like an among US skin doesn’t he

    52. Alexander

      Couple days in and I'm level 40 I'm definitely getting to 100

    53. sam strickland

      I will remember Wolverine Also Known As gulo gulo

    54. Tobias Klubal

      Dot forget to SMASH that THICC like button and remember PICKLE PICKLE GAMERS

    55. David McGregor

      Tier buyer

    56. Josiah Deseo

      And I’m on Xbox

    57. Josiah Deseo

      Dear fresh I always Watch your videos my is ca2txfam in fornite and can you buy me 4 skins please to:fresh from:Josiah D.

    58. mian hassan

      What up guys no day 1 million and like this comment plz

    59. Yahya Amr Ibrahim Herby Notion

      I'm subscribed to you My name is (super-ytyahya97) Can you gift me the Patel pass

    60. Faiz Bin Basheer

      Please someone gift me a battle pass please please .. I never had one .. please Username : faiz bin basheer

    61. Trey OWO

      I can see from now the thiccest anime girl

    62. Ollie Davidson

      is it just me or does the anime chic look like a night elf from thor 2 when you do the emote

    63. NerdFlanders303

      6:35 doesn’t notice it’s literally a dead version of his skin.

    64. TMF Kev

      0:04 is cap af

    65. Yazan Samir :3

      Day 2 of waiting fresh to say "what’s up guys no"

    66. spärks on FN ツ

      Wait a second did he say "wow tfue is going to china"

    67. Waÿfort Playz

      Why does one of the snipers look like the locus from codm🤔

    68. Cat

      3:31 turn on subtitles

    69. Kid Flash_0900

      Video: The thiccest anime chick in Fortnite

    70. Maxamed Cabbdule


      1. Maxamed Cabbdule


    71. crispy0233

      I would be nice to hear the video or fresh

    72. Logan 47


    73. DragoThomYTツ

      About that Kondor skin, it kinda looks like ur signature skin Reflex but dark!

    74. Luke Taub

      Nah thicccest Reese in Fortnite bruh

    75. 4IMAN XI

      Fresh: I don’t watch anime Also fresh: literally has a pickle with piccolos outfit Bruh

    76. Tyler The Power

      Too bad mados kid is gone and the ship is destroyed 😂

    77. Shahvez Khan

      can u give me ps5 or xbox fresh cause i have use code fresh and i subscribe to ur 2 and this channel with all notis on and i watch ur vids every single day and i love it too

    78. Dripp ツ

      This season has way too many mixed themes..

    79. AUS CLAN

      Day 103 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    80. Mostafa Elkahky


    81. Roobar

      I'm surprised the title isn't SEASON 5 *THICKEST* BATTLEPASS!

    82. baskara yudha

      fresh : NO TFUE agent jonesy : did you just call me tfue ....... > : \

    83. Atomic JC

      His name is GROGU not BABY YODA

    84. RedPandaGamer96 Hi

      It’s grogu not baby yoda

    85. Carlson Family

      Is it just me or does the Kondor skin look like the among us people

    86. praharsha n

      kondor green looks like reflex

    87. Norma & Andres

      How's touching da child

    88. Peter Pankov

      8:22 fresh looks like we got a moderner version of your skin! You should copp it when you get it it looks fire

    89. Shaan Atwal

      most shit season ever.

    90. Tina Heavlin

      Can you give me the battle pass please fresh my mom doesn't have that much money so can you give it to me my epic is Raylnray21

    91. Tina Heavlin

      Can somebody give me the battle pass please fresh because my mom doesn't have that much money so can you give to me my epic is Raylanray21


      Epic watches anime??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    93. Daniel Variety

      "Dont watch anime" Profile picture: "am I a joke to you"

    94. Sub edits

      Anyone else is gonna back me up and say its Gayyy

    95. Siddhartha Satish

      3days of asking you to use a facecam

    96. Judith Thompson

      Yeah we need a fortnite movie

    97. fishy obayer

      fresh: Wait is that a anime girl .me:yup BOI

    98. fishy obayer

      That girl with the shark tail was the one on Twitter

    99. Zackurius cox

      Day 112 of waiting for fresh to say whats up guys no