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    1. Techz

      47 elims

    2. Syon Rudra Bhatt

      Who else can’t compete in these competitions because we don’t have a team to play with

    3. Charles Murphy

      First iiiiihh

    4. Abdiel Juarez

      What is second place cause we definitely know fresh and his team are first

    5. NomzyZ FN

      Me: can’t even get 70 points Fresh: gets one thousand points and says he could have done better

    6. Finn Fletcher

      I just looked at 30 videos intro all of them "whats up guys yes"


      does anyone get creepy vibes from clapping lachlan

    8. Boquaa

      Naruto emote is op for this

    9. The Kid Gamer

      Plot twist: he never got the skin

    10. Ac1d choppa

      Who is watching is seon 6

    11. shnee

      Second title There we go compelation

    12. Aarav Aher

      I love but hate how they are using cones and sweating in a god damn pickaxe tourney

    13. August Mikkelsen

      11:44 boxed him (puts one Wall BTW😂)

    14. Marek

      I searched for this 4 months later!

    15. Ismaeel khan

      stop swaring plzzz

    16. Sigrid Mjelde


    17. Synx FN

      people who are here after fresh got his bundle | |

    18. Ai3xINTERNET

      4:41 someone got struck by the banhammer

    19. Saman Mudholkar

      4:41 someone got banned in his lobby lol

    20. Ryan Thompson

      Fresh should get his own icon skin bc he has his own bundle and i cannot believe lannan has a icon skin before fresh

    21. Hot Potato

      Can we just talk about 1244 POINTS THO!?!?

    22. NRG Santi

      Fresh is so good that he got 1000 points

    23. Harvey Covill

      I really wanted the skin I have no skin

    24. Harvey Covill

      Fresh you made me lose a lot link up and I really want to do

    25. Daniel Budiman

      u killed a kid

    26. CloudyY Btw


    27. Josh Sack tickle

      Me wth 5 points

    28. reece stephenson

      in engeland it is 23:23

    29. FusionNebula


    30. John Ahn

      Three floors up WE HAVE HEIGHT

    31. Rolandoo Martinez

      How did he get 1,000 points?????????

    32. Bernadette Curtis

      Lachy cup should have said after every kill get out sweat everybody is a sweat for lachlan

    33. Joel Guinness

      I like how they won but also played 9 games when they got points

    34. Bl4z3 YT

      What is the bgm at 3:35???

    35. Chews?

      Just realised I killed fresh in the first game

      1. Xristos.L

        What region do you play?

    36. Salah Jnaid

      12 00

    37. kelvin ng

      Fresh 2020 : (when nothing goes to his plan) far out dude

    38. Fernando Benito

      fresh: how do we win this? Also fresh: wins that game

    39. Brodie Wallace

      Did you see someone got struck with the ban hammer near the middle of the video

    40. dylan kiese

      Day 975 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    41. Torres Rocket

      What's up guys yes so iconic

    42. Jason Barker

      no you are

    43. RayhilPlayz

      (I know I'm late) *The sweats sweat with guns* me:😲 *The sweats sweat even more with pickaxes* me: 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

      1. ct helicopter

        Can i do the gref tournament with 3 people?

    44. Exotiq

      That 1 kid that came 1 off getting the skin

    45. Dalila Adrian

      Fresh has to be at least the best Fortnite player ever

    46. Frankie Cunnane

      Yes he is i agree

    47. Obi wan cannoli

      Why does fresh always leave matches though?

    48. Jobby the hong 2.0

      Why they leave match thoooo????

    49. Jobby the hong 2.0

      Fax he the best

    50. Braxtons Adventures

      He killed FaZe replays

    51. Guadalupe Torres


    52. e6 plazma

      What would u do if u saw a trio of Guffs running at u with pickaxes?

    53. LixvyFN

      7m let’s goooooo

    54. Abdullah Ho

      Look at 4.42 someone got banned

    55. 523sampson

      They had 45 in the 5 game acutly

    56. Andreas Klaoudatos

      you must play with the pumkin pick

    57. Marco-Gabriele Solibaga (PUPIL)

      Notice how Thor’s hammer was wielded by captain America

    58. Nick on 144hz

      How do they get so many elims

    59. NP - 02KA 904336 Countryside Village PS

      Doe what's up guys in all his videos he say

    60. Craig Heckman


    61. Andrei Cringasu

      stop saying what's up gys, yes

    62. conor heizo

      someone else could have got thye skin why dude

    63. Joseph Napoli

      Why do they call shockwaves impulses and impulses shockwaves?

    64. Max Phoebe1

      More arena gameplay please (pls reply)

    65. Irregular Normal Kid

      I was mad because i didnt have 3 friends that could play it that were on and i missed the tournament so.

    66. Seamus Wagg

      Everyone : Imma get Lachlan’s skin for free!! Fresh : I’m going to ruin this man’s whole career

    67. Liga Teraude

      yeah. you are allright Lynx Lighting fresh is god

    68. ReaperWasTaken

      Kids who have the star wand pickaxe are the reason fortnite sucks

    69. Brian Martinez

      4:41 someone was struck by the banhammer

    70. Jamal Playz

      Gulo gulo and pogs at the start

    71. Dharmesh JAIN

      I want to see you 1v1 against typical gamer first to 5 winner gets 10 thousand v bucks !!!!!!!!

    72. 1 Bloodysage

      Gang gang

    73. Arda Günöz

      It gotta be hard to say gg when you are at Australian server but still nice dub!

    74. Scyon 9379

      Lol fresh has aimbot with the rusty can 😂

    75. FeZyYT

      You killed me at the end lol

    76. Dreams cousin

      Imagine being so selfish that you already have the skin and emotes but you still make sure a kid misses out

    77. DesiresWRLD

      Fresh makes it so easy

    78. Kwek Junius

      8:35 hahah another one, Another One, another one, ANOTHER ONE.

    79. Bailey lol

      It’s so annoying whenever u get multiple wins on this tourni and you already have the cosmetics and people who don’t have it can’t get it

    80. Ethan Peele

      Fresh a furry

    81. Taylor Rose

      NOBODY: Fresh: 20 bomb with a pixaxe

    82. Neon -

      Day 76 of waiting for fresh to say ‘ what’s up guys no’

    83. darrian springfield

      Fresh should have his own skin

    84. Jan Kret

      Like to fresh

    85. X_hungrysavage_ 08_X

      He took cans to another level

    86. Abdullah Orilonise

      They are so good at the game 🖥 ⌨️ - Yeah they are 😭

    87. Cruz Carson


    88. Santa Fanta

      The clapping Lachlan is a super smash Bros reference

    89. LvsH Challenges

      Make this comment go viral

      1. LvsH Challenges


    90. FreeMaster_NL

      Can you plsss play 1s R6

    91. Wooffy_ Dog

      If you have the naruto run your stacked in the lachlen cup

    92. Vital iwnl

      My team tried to tarp lol

    93. Nexteps

      i like when fresh says "I tagged him 20"

    94. Ammar Badr

      imagine skybasing

    95. Slothbtw

      Does fresh have a locker rvl vid?

    96. Thomas Dugardin


    97. Type Mxtt

      Fresh: I SET A WORLD RECORD! Radius & Damo: am I a joke to you.

    98. AquaDingo8861

      The victory should’ve been called PWR Royale

    99. ꧁AleksaNotAlexa꧂

      Day 4 Asking fresh to bring “ whats up guys, no” back