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    1. Turner Family

      Fresh: love u guys Me: *crying my eyes out*

    2. Argus Agma

      0:45 look at pickle man’s expression damn i feel sad for him i know he want to cry deep down

    3. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    4. Alone

      HA you deleted my fucking comment

    5. Tobias Wolff

      Fresh sais his content os weird. BUT THATS WHY WE WATCH YOUR VIDEOS FRESH!!!!!

    6. SahithPlayz

      Happy bhirthday to fortnite

    7. Maxinud


    8. George Hernandez

      Lazar your the best singer

    9. Xzylity

      hey Fresh can you bring back you intro R.I.P kid fresh and brite gunner skin

    10. Deravi Deravi

      Ngl i did not see he 1 until Fresh said it😅.Btw happy birthday fortnite!!

    11. Lindsy Smeekens

      If anyone would dance with me in fortnite😍 I would give them the world😍

    12. Mr Mime


    13. daily games

      On 7.00 you can hack a stark bot en then dance and he dance whit you

    14. LOST man

      I love all your videos Freshy boi, you are my favorite HUgets streamer.

    15. AmissThyme YT

      Save the date: September 27


      I love u

    17. Bryn D

      happy b day fortnite

    18. DoubleCross

      Let's all take a sec and appreciate lazarbeam for the singing

    19. haishzgaming dd

      Its been a gud old days since the first fortnite birthday :( old fortnite is the best man

    20. Amit Sapir

      Noti after six days happy birthday horray 😪

    21. Dreaming_ Soul

      Can also tell me the Controls to play Fortnite on Laptop/PC🥺😕

    22. Lynn Noureddine

      Happy birthday to fortnite 🎁 🎂

    23. Legend gamer 2.0

      Happy birthday fortnite!

    24. Amvery Cheezzed

      I Like That Lazer does that Bruh Code Fresh

    25. RichForever Flawda

      I unistalled fortnite a long time ago, Out grew that shit real quick

    26. Codi Riggs


    27. Galaxy Hybrid

      They changed the description on mobile. I hate it.

    28. VampAbu

      Fresh, BRING BACK THE INRO!!!

    29. •xd-_-pøwer•

      These people are rude to fresh when's he's friendly , but when he's not there trying to be friendly.

    30. Zero


    31. Jayquan Jones

      He said quick maths😂😂😂😂

    32. Montrell Williams

      Fresh the funniest fort streamer his videos make me happy, keep up the good work Fresh!!

    33. Remotlotlo Mashabela

      Fresh has tats ?!

    34. Joe mama

      It only cost em 3 years to fuck it up

    35. Sally Weideman


    36. Nikesh Karthic

      oh my god!!

    37. WINDZ VFX

      I Hope You And Your Family During These Times And Live Over 100 Years 💕 READ MY NAME

    38. Josh

      I think the challenge was. Torturing us with lazar beams singing

    39. Bts Bts

      Fresh was doing the DYNAMITE dance ahhhhhh

    40. Ben Haber


    41. amira hassan


    42. amira hassan

      Can you do for me friend request my yousername is bumberwiner2

    43. Cole Barber

      use flezar

    44. Cole Barber


    45. Cole Barber

      fortnite = views quick maths

    46. Anthony Notini

      3:30, Fresh proves you don't need school

    47. Ava Does Stuff

      Happy birthday to fortnite

    48. I am Georgia

      So many people think that HUgetsrs like Lazarbeam/Lannan or Fresh are so rude because they swear but they are really so kind and wholesome 🤗🥰

    49. That_kid_MDJ

      Fresh: oh my gosh a lam- HUgets:ADD

    50. J Hawk

      fresh is slowly becoming the new ceeday

    51. KORDE-_

      That was the same fishstick from the first and second game

    52. Yo- Jerry99

      That was five you did a 2 and than a 2 and than a 1

    53. daniellejungle

      When you get a lemonade it says you plays it so it should say your

    54. Bomber Don

      Why does fresh have to get my favourite cake And just smash it:(

    55. VladeX 187

      Today we found out that Fresh is good at math

    56. Julie Kendell

      It's the "quick math" part for me

    57. ASMRAZ

      Fortnite is ded

    58. King Garbage

      Why was this in my recommendations I hate this game?

    59. Ray Davidson


    60. BM_ Juicy


    61. Yeet Ulas Kara

      Fresh 2+1 Makes 3 QUİCK MATHS

    62. Nickolas Collins

      Oo no I need to do my fortnite 3rd birthday

    63. R2 Randuci

      fresh I got you a Shot guuun

    64. KEEN Mobile Gaming


    65. Hector Avalos

      Fresh u might not see this but fortnite came out on my birthday so we have the same birthday and I'm 12 I played since season 1

    66. Keith Frye

      wrong theing

    67. RT Gaming

      Lol it was my birthday

    68. Natasha lee

      He even did a cake O.o but it's store brought 😂

    69. Jake Burr

      Subscribe to Mr Beast

    70. Yoel Mesfin

      I like turtles

    71. Victor Constantinescu

      The same fish from the second game was in the first one too

    72. liora mordechay


    73. Robbie Cuff

      5:43 very wholesome fresh:)

    74. Kakashi hatake

      Let's get not got

    75. Liam Jones

      Did he realized it was the same fishsticks

    76. Yandriel Banks

      Yay fresh is finally 3 🤣

    77. Alex and Chris Davis


    78. ReplayRanger

      Yo you add Mully

    79. VC Rubix

      Lazar pulled a fe4rless :C

    80. AIfa

      I would celebrate

    81. Bruh Moment


    82. Naomi Brice

      Fort nite is my coreyer

    83. Derrick Perea

      is it crazy my birthday is before fortnites birthday

    84. Yousef Ideas

      happy birthday too you happy birthday too you happy birthday too you happy birthday dear fortnite thanks for making my career

    85. Yousef Ideas

      lol loloollloloololollololooloo

    86. Yoyo Thingz

      Finding a llama when there’s been one under him the whole time

    87. Student Jayvian Laws

      Happy third birthday fortnite

    88. B3ast M0de

      9:23 How could he even see?????????????

    89. BrandonWasnt

      who remembers fresh old streams when they weren’t good quality but he kept grinding and now look were he id

    90. Tbrazil85

      Where fresh went

    91. Tbrazil85

      Bro that fishstick was at the same place two times

    92. Kakashi Hatake

      Epic watching the first part of the vid: 👁👄👁 My CaKe

    93. Jaydenthegamerki

      : me sad in the corner I can’t play since I’m on moible

    94. asma aziz

      meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i whant to meet him

    95. Big Budoo Troy

      Umm Is it me or was the fish there 2nd and 1st game he played

    96. Declan Cassel

      I watch you and I’m only seven years old eight years old I meant

    97. Patrick Ireland

      lol i share a birthday wit Fortnite

    98. iiNeveaa

      Lazerbeam- Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Fortnite. Thanks for giving me views!

    99. Caroline Pence

      so i see i was the only one here when fresh had 10 subscribers (i didn’t have an account)

    100. Krrishpreet Singh

      Fresh I cant belive you look like Chinese your weird