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    1. Shauna Buhr

      At Christmas time fresh’s HUgets profile picture should be a candy cane

    2. Amber Rau

      Merry Christmas

    3. Flaming plays

      You can get them in presents and air drops/supply drop

    4. twhl2006

      8:28 just a plane passing by

    5. Caleb Madrid


      1. Angelena Phillips

        It’s just a glitch

    6. Altie-axe


    7. Blade GT

      fresh ur piloting skills are about as bright as me ass

    8. Lymx Vytx

      now we cant rotate properly with planes and bots

    9. Djtecko Entertainment


    10. Iris Dunn

      The craven bottom predominantly squeak because married contrastingly reproduce aside a relieved dinosaur. slim, uncovered cemetery

    11. Jimmy BOI

      Fresh with the biggest clutch up!

    12. james shultz

      u are so close to 7millon

    13. R Guest

      Sneaky snowman are at john wick's house

    14. HQ Qassim

      You can get the exotic form the presents

    15. pinyata

      merry christmas fresh!

    16. Sky hector

      They where trying to hard in they lose to a 2 1 just quit the game

    17. Rob Cart

      Fresh has macro edits

    18. Rex Stone

      Ur in a pickle my guy

    19. Rex Stone

      I’m already subbed to fresh fresh

    20. Rex Stone


    21. Anothers Treasure

      Merry Christmas laserbeam and fresh

    22. Guru Sharan Mehrotra

      I hope glean doesn't does anything illegal to my account

    23. Meme Star

      Whats up guys Yes

    24. Smugness

      Anyone realised that this is fresh' 666th vid on yt!?

    25. pauluskka

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from *_burcang .com_*

      1. Benjamin Carnevale

        The comment under u literally says that

    26. Lachlan Johnston

      Fresh try to make a video that has 50 kills

    27. Kai Hayes

      When he said “I can’t see because if my big p-candy cane” 😳😳😳

    28. Saadi Bhatti

      Pls fresh put back your old intro song again I love your vids

    29. Kade Rotumah

      say if i win the the fresh gaming set up how do you collect it

    30. Michael Shammaa

      3:44 I’ve never heard fresh laugh that hard 😂😂😂

      1. Michael Shammaa


    31. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    32. ZvLS TeraByte

      Fresh: i cant see cuz of my big pe...... candycane head😁

    33. Henoc Niska


    34. Aviral Krishna

      Fresh and lazar arguing are just precious! :)

    35. yes its me the one

      Yes its me

    36. ramdom dose of internet

      Fresh can do anything also love ya content fresh keep it up I'm inspired by you🙂

    37. Sentinel

      saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #11: yes

    38. Peter Holt

      i use your code!!

    39. Therese Farmer

      Me my guy

    40. Hadden Curren

      I like Lannan being in the vids again

    41. Edward Garcia

      Rip winter fest cabin, sad boi hours

    42. Tyler Adkins

      Weird how I watch all ur vids but just subed

    43. Travis Williams

      That person who killed you with aimbot killed me

    44. OTF _600

      "the planes going forward how to i accelerate" -Fresh 2020

    45. I like ya cut g


    46. Seth Harteneck

      Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

    47. Seth Harteneck

      Fresh is such a god with the snow ball launcher. Merry Christmas

    48. aivars tirzmalis

      merry christmas

    49. Aura loop

      How can i get more? than 1800 gleam points in this giveaway.

    50. DameDolla is Epic

      Who else saw lazarbeams live stream for this

    51. Carter Ward

      ive never drove a plane before and once i did i was a better pilot than fresh

    52. ann ryan

      Every bounty I get is Jennifer Walters

    53. carson cool guy

      Lazerbeam the whole video: YOU IDIOT 😂

    54. carson cool guy

      Fresh is a good pilot

    55. Nam Nguyen


    56. jackson chase

      I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from *_burcang .com_*

      1. Lily Plover

        Easy tutorial on how to download a virus on your computer

      2. RYAAN AAQIL Muslimabad Campus

        wow I get my v bucks from ACTUALLY BUYING THEM

      3. VR Mushroom


      4. Austin Precht


    57. Michael Brown

      you get the big chill rom presents

    58. HolyFetusFace

      This was the nuttiest clutch I've ever seen. Fresh is ridiculous.

    59. Starz

      9:32 Fresh: why is everyone playing so sweaty?! *Fresh 1 minute later: 10:32

    60. Jaz

      Lazarbeam and fresh should get a matching tattoo

    61. Yo- Down

      Please fresh I really want a pc to make content my dad really wants to get me one and he works 60 hours a day and he can’t afford one

    62. Zak Lyon

      Has anyone else’s gold been reset

    63. J and B play’s Fortnite

      I love fresh but I am not as good as him at fortnite 😭

    64. Ashley Wood7

      Fresh you are the best plaer

    65. India Green

      Add me on fortnite

    66. Lilslimothy

      Fresh if he is high: 8:01

    67. Mrbean877


    68. Cooper Marsh

      Fresh I done all the entries I can to enter the give away

    69. ItzPug Doug

      Shut up

    70. Europe


    71. Europe


    72. Europe


    73. Bois Nation

      If I get one more Jon Ossoff add...

    74. Davidon120hz

      Entering your giveaway

    75. Badr ‘


    76. J.E. T.


    77. Bryce Hamlin

      You can get the Mythic‘p Out of presents

    78. CHUN HAY LI


    79. Sulyman Bakare

      Almost 99 percent of people wont see this but my god bless you all and have a wonderfull day stay safe stay healthy and dont forget to always smile

    80. Dylan Lanthier

      You are so I love your videos

    81. Dylan Lanthier

      You XX

    82. Starkz

      Your Emotes In The Item Shop Today

    83. Unversed moon

      Challenge you can only eliminate people in an car

    84. Abhiraj Kohli

      Road to 7 million 🔥

    85. Becky Baker

      Laden 40 people landing here fresh let's go to planes

    86. NRC Clipz

      Fun fact: 1% of the people watching will see this so if you do, have a good Christmas 🙂

      1. Vivaan Singla

        Cause your comment is 3rd

      2. Vivaan Singla

        Nah mate it's 80%

    87. Mohd Aidil

      After lazarbeam is bot now fresh is a bot

    88. Jacob Nuttall

      Did you know you can get big chill on presents

    89. hasan ali amin all series pro gamer

      fresh im buying the tossie slied emote with useing code fresh pls give me a heart

    90. Ryker Baker

      I don’t have internet so I can’t play this update and I really want to

    91. Tyler Bae

      I got a exotic from the presents!

    92. Fearless Alpha On yt

      Fresh do planes only challenge

    93. Aprial Trihandy

      Best pilot i ever seen

    94. Idris Kureshi

      Check the Item shop

    95. Idris Kureshi

      In Fortnite you’re emot is back

    96. Idris Kureshi

      What about your emails and to go to the shop

    97. Jxiden YT

      bring the old intro back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    98. HyP3rr

      What’s up guys? Yes.

    99. tyrell johnson

      Fresh please ask epic to make your own bundle with the green skin back bling and pick axe of your choice and the pumpernickel emote please

    100. Angela Grenier

      Gorgeous! 👩🏼🦳👱🏼