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    1. Retro Balooga

      Worthy and radius together that’s op

    2. Elizabeth Tarrant

      You are good


      hey who were the winners of the giveaway fresh

    4. GT Jellie


    5. boy Genie

      i use your code

    6. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    7. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    8. 2K 2LIT

      If I do five of the give away stuff do I still enter the giveaway

    9. GMZ_RogueRaptor

      3:05 fresh is fisting everyone

    10. Jac0b 0n Xb0x

      Day 3 of asking Fresh to say *"What's up guys, no"*

    11. Nebeg Khaled Rafik

      I love you im forés NEBEG

    12. G dog Rogers

      What up

    13. G dog Rogers


    14. G dog Rogers

      Omg the first bit lazar is a cat scratching everyone

    15. Luke Kashmier


    16. Yellows Fn

      Fresh is ceo of: what’s up guys yes

    17. Marwan Parkar

      i watched this live lazar was carrying u

    18. GamingWithJack Li

      Fresh is soo good with the gualents and it has aim bot

    19. RAGY

      PLS fresh bring back your old intro

    20. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    21. GMR mastergamer

      WUUUUUUUT HE MADE THREE VIDS IN ONE DAY???????????????????

    22. Christopher Marra

      Fresh what’s your favorite color

    23. Harley Eaton


    24. Ean Macias

      code Ali- A no code fresh

    25. Ronita Bhatia

      Fresh can u come to India and give me A PS5

    26. 1 Bloodysage

      Goat level

    27. DBPlayz!

      Im the first one who upvoted this on reddit :)

    28. kayla zak


    29. yusuf mussa

      I love how you edited it so that it only showed your kills and not mccreamy and mau's lmao

    30. Carolina Perez


    31. tgrslyr07

      tik tok is banned i my country

    32. Eqx_ Tae

      Lazy beam and fresh awat

    33. Framess

      When did you start playing? Chapter 1 : Like Chapter 2 : Reply

    34. JACK & LUCIEN

      yay now i can enter the givaway

    35. Mrmuffin 99k

      Do you do fak

    36. Mrmuffin 99k

      Do you mema

    37. Riftz Eu

      I love this guys vids man he’s the best

    38. Ttv Yummins

      dead game

    39. Ghinwa Danach


    40. GHOSTY

      Imagine he replys

    41. ruisavage savage

      I want to win the ps5 bc i play on iPhone so I in season 3 I want to play I'm Seasone 4

    42. Skully Tech

      Code fresh

    43. Zincster gaming

      I missed the intro

    44. Fredy Bonilla


    45. Taela Lane

      Oppiste day to fresh: Fresh:WhAtS Up GuYs No

    46. hannah sullivan

      I Love your videos

    47. Angel Kioto

      What’s up guys

    48. AllYouTubeGaming

      petition for FRESH to say "Whats up guys... no"

    49. A.k

      day 50 of waiting for fresh to say wats up guys no

    50. Matas Kalasauskas


    51. frazycrazyf

      RIP lazerbeam

    52. frazycrazyf

      I saw a bit of this on tik tok

    53. Chad Lillington

      Thanks for the ps5 and the xbox

    54. Donuts Gaming

      The one day that fresh says 'whatsupp guys and NO'

    55. L1KED Fresh

      hi you wont see dis tho

    56. Gerardo Reyes


    57. Agis Kaçuri

      broh im beging my mom and dad for a ps5

    58. Sequoia Gaming


    59. mondix audio vlog l

      You mean subs dude

    60. Andrea Alba

      Andrea hijo e igual a hlnv

    61. Tina Katsaros

      i really want that ps5

    62. Neetha Maroli

      Who else want to play with fresh

    63. Ruth Monare

      Hey fresh i watch you alot and i did all the steps i hope i can get the ps5 saty safe!

    64. Xsero Ongames

      Fresh I’m a fan and I love your videos. I’m entering the giveaway bc my mom doesn’t have a lot of money

    65. Phillipp Riccitelli

      day 37 of waiting Fresh to say: what's up guys, no

    66. Grady Stewart

      Could I get the xbox

    67. SeME FN

      lazar isn't really good

    68. Amal Kamara

      1st round your a beast like all of the round

    69. RENU PANT

      No one can beat the meme father and son

    70. Ej Kosh

      DAY 1000000000000000000 of whatsup guys YES

    71. Tridb Tsdjii

      Fresh: I beat lachy Me:cap

    72. Ben Haber

      Plz ps5

    73. charlotte Moriarty

      Fresh is the best

    74. Family Email

      I downloaded Instar to get a nother vote and I'm not aloud instar

    75. Zenga CD

      Did u decide who ur partner was

    76. matbtw

      wats up guys,yes

    77. Ashley Redpath

      Tell laserbeam I want to play with him

      1. Brandon Richards

        He aint

    78. Ashley Redpath

      Can I have a PlayStation five

    79. Hudo S

      Your my farvoraite youtuber

    80. NbD_AlaN X

      I finished all ten entries all to do now is pray i win

    81. Lil Turtle

      you should do a video were you just rage

    82. Zhanibek Abilkaiyr

      Fresh I was trying to complete the giveaway thing and when every single time when I do the discord one it resets! can you tell me what to do if I can't complete, pls

      1. Ricky Gaming Animations

        I dont think he ever reads the comments

    83. the goated gamers

      Lazerbeam is throwing

    84. Soli P

      Plsss do a video where u have ur face showing

    85. Olivia Zenonos

      fresh i whatch all your vids you are so good and i check everything els out like Ingram twitter and more

    86. Dylan Jones

      They versed the same people like 3 times

      1. Brandon Richards

        @Dylan Jones I think it was only certain content creators they were playing lol

      2. Dylan Jones

        @Brandon Richards it’s funny because they won every time against the same people

      3. Brandon Richards

        Ye and

    87. 16 Zaid Alriahi 7A

      i did every step to join the giveaway hopefully i will win

    88. Archie McKechnie

      im saving for a ps5

    89. Clare Breanna

      Day 2 of waiting for him to say “what’s up guys the sky”

    90. Adrian Mikhael

      I thought he’s not gonna play until the next season

    91. Adrian Mikhael

      I thought creamy stop playing Fortnite

    92. Avil Georgescu

      great stuff

    93. Aso enoka

      ay sk lad from mounty st8 from mount druiit love bra

    94. Jonah Smith

      Yo fresh huge fan btw

    95. Raised Salsa

      I want the PS5 pl

    96. e 2010

      Day 5 of asking fresh to pin me

    97. Hammy Sloan

      What is up guys NO

    98. Captain ARSHAN

      Fresh i just love your vids, thier just so better than muselk,lachlan,mau,mcreamy and others

      1. Captain ARSHAN


      2. Captain ARSHAN

        Love your vids and u are my fav

    99. TyTystick

      Lannan: I just CLAP can’t believe that thats so CLAP stupid CLAP stupid I cant CLAP believe that. 😂