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    1. Hans Adriele Alcaraz

      The god of thiccness returns

    2. l3g3nd k111ler

      BROOOOOOOOOO why dont he land retail anymore

    3. Ahnalia Rodriguez

      Me looks at the thumbnail b-but ghosts are already dead :/

    4. Ozzy C

      I like fresh

    5. KaiandGigi YoutubeChannel

      Fresh have you had luck with the Black Widow tournament?

    6. KaiandGigi YoutubeChannel


      1. Gamingwith Jaydog

        Its because you keep on getting body by them

    7. Caleb Adkins

      Bro what's the big deal you defeated 100 of the ghost

    8. Pinder Toor

      eim happy ghots are gon

    9. Venkata Sathwik Vutukuru

      This is fresh’s first normal game of fortnite

    10. Axel Lujan

      who else rage quite when you have stark loot and a ghost kills you like iv your with me

    11. DrippyDice

      I have never seen him use this skin I what it is but it’s weird seeing him useing it

    12. Someone

      I’ll be back

    13. numair ghoghari

      yoooo this guy plays crazy

    14. Vibe Shazzer

      How to trick an idiot 👇 Read more

      1. Vibe Shazzer

        Reply if I tricked u

    15. Joshua. E. middleton

      Fresh: I'm pretty sure that's a bot Me: no that's me

    16. Stimpy D0LL

      tbh i can't recognize the game anymore its not the same as it was in the "before times" but i totally hated the ghosts

    17. Michael Alvarez

      6:08 there was a sniper,they snipe you

    18. Benjamin Ščetar

      whats this skin

    19. David Gillespie

      Fresh you killed me in your game

    20. Lota Werft

      I did not even know there was jetpacks but how do u get it?

    21. Roblox Roblox

      I’m not a bot

    22. Elijah Belloc

      Yes I’ve been slamming my freaking switch

    23. Tayte Hoefchen

      Christmas: update snowman when you die

    24. HyperGang FRUGI

      Day 390 of asking fresh to say: what’s up guys, no


      Am is big fan :3


      Duuude how are u so good?!

    27. benjuツ

      Why is the thumbnail a ghost dead when ghosts are technically dead already. 🤔🤔

    28. Emmanuel Avecilla

      Fresh: First GAME--> got 26 kills Me: I only got 6..

    29. That One Cat


    30. I DOUBLE EG

      He clipped so many people

    31. Bryson Garrett

      Midas is gone😭😭😭😭😭

    32. Ethan Punzalan


    33. Katelyn Nottingham

      Fresh is the luckiest fortnight player I know two legendary stark robot rifles of the bat a legendary pump and iron man in like a minute

    34. Ellinor Wahlstrøm

      No way i was in your game i was the loserfruti

    35. Joseph Johnson

      My friend is on level 678

    36. Chyan Hulbert



      the ghosts are dum and stuped i hate them so much

    38. Lilly Aesthetics

      Don’t watch my videos 🤫

    39. Viraj Hada

      What skin were u using

    40. Minxs 999


    41. prettymalfoylehua.official l

      why did i just get a notification for this video when it was uploaded 2 days ago

    42. Red Scall


    43. Mr. Marvel13

      What skin is he useing because it looks like a wierd ghost rider

    44. Olivia Glass

      seriously right when the ghosts left I gt a victory royale first round

    45. Marvin Vinueza Medina

      Why is lazarbeam not playing fortnite anymore

    46. Beth Hutchison

      Freshes background music is literally the Sims 4 😂

    47. Didi Moret

      Is the hunting rifle back

    48. TB Raice

      Nice game

    49. louizzy34

      I’m sorry but you should put more thought into your vids it’s still good tho

    50. Niels Vanhoudt

      Challenge: become golden midas and take over the ruins Like so Fresh sees this

    51. g0ul_juice18 on Tik Tok

      I got 28 kills in a solo squad and I’m pretty bad

    52. tejaas maran

      man fresh is so good at forntine

    53. Richard LaPorte

      Fresh you should do a locker show like show your locker

    54. wajih abouzeid

      bloody legend

    55. Galactus

      All his intros say whats up guys yes

    56. Sorata Kanda

      wowpresents animesongs tfatk sansfight

    57. stacey leblanc

      Jet pack. BUFFFFF

    58. chlo1900 chlo1900

      you should make a video of you getting sniped at the worst times like when you got sniped just as you got in the chopper

    59. Ingrid Ghines


    60. dat boi patrick

      The dislikes tho

    61. Janice Pringle

      Find a jetpack but €£)!

    62. I was Not the imp

      Im sad because i can't play online

    63. PandaBossPlayz

      What if fresh decided to land salty that one game when lachy found him

    64. Leo Rosas

      You can fish other weapons in ot, only shotguns

    65. Local Vyper Josh

      If deadlox hears the victory royal when you do that emote he was like i hate this songg!!!!!!!

    66. Maddy master gamer


    67. Alessandro Guzman

      Is the more fresh channel real

    68. Margarita Ramos

      Can you add my fresh plees

    69. AUS CLAN

      Day 75 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.


        AUS CLAN DUDE SHUT UP!!! If u guys look at his old comments hes actually commiting

    70. Pennyzo Lucy


    71. Christina O'Shaughnessy

      How us Lazer bean your dad but your from Russia

    72. Zandré Jacobs

      2:47 did fresh just leave Legendary chest?

    73. Mickey Clarke


    74. Kayleigh Fell


    75. Srestho Sarker

      Hey its me SREstho so SG ME SUBED

    76. Leon gamming

      Fresh is soo GOOD!!!😣

    77. Salim Abubakar


    78. Horus

      Oh great I can play again

    79. Kiddarkfade Fortnite

      I was the aura

    80. Kiddarkfade Fortnite

      You killed me in the video bro 😂 I did not realize I was in you game.

    81. damm gamer404

      yep every person i click has a channle wow

    82. Logan Coop


    83. Luis Ricardo

      I got 13 points than my friend left and the points reset

    84. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    85. X1 Slick

      Fresh not realizing that normal squads was in during fortnitemares be like😂

    86. Akki

      lmao when he popped out his first words were whats up guys yes

    87. ShadowFluffy7567!!!

      Yay they are gone let’s go

    88. Barbara Sichizya


    89. HoneyEdits

      Fresh I just want to ask you one thing. RELOAD YOUR DANG SHOTGUN ITS TRIGGERING ME!!!

    90. KING JOBAN

      Fresh can you request me as a friend my code to be friends is Randhawa_84 I am one of your number 1 fan I love you so much and can you please donate me battle pass I started fortnite 2 months ago please I hope you can answear me 😀😀😀😀😀

      1. KING JOBAN

        I meant gift me battle pass

    91. Keaton Campbell

      I like to watch your videos because I want to know what your loadout is and what you are supposed to have in it, I like to learn from your videos and it's also good content

    92. Chad Lillington

      You are a legend

    93. Frxsty

      Is it me or does fresh talk too much

    94. CatPlay 2010

      Ad me fresh please I’m bad

      1. 12A23Vishnu S

        Can you checkout my latest montage and if you like it drop a sub if you don’t like it tell me what I need to improve

    95. ty same


      1. 12A23Vishnu S

        Can you checkout my latest montage and if you like it drop a sub if you don’t like it tell me what I need to improve

    96. Alexander Anorbe

      Hdhd he

      1. 12A23Vishnu S

        Can you checkout my latest montage and if you like it drop a sub if you don’t like it tell me what I need to improve

    97. Lh Ars

      So happy 😃😃

      1. 12A23Vishnu S

        Can you checkout my latest montage and if you like it drop a sub if you don’t like it tell me what I need to improve

    98. Process

      Who else thinks that fresh should make a Fortnite Montage 🤔

      1. 12A23Vishnu S

        @Process ok thanks for the tip I will include more diverse clips next time

      2. Process

        So take that green effect off and you should be good also try to make you clips diverse cuz no one wants to the same clip over and over again so try to put ingame clips and like arena and stuff like that maybe even some trick shots but not the same thing in creative over and over again

      3. 12A23Vishnu S

        Can you checkout my latest montage and if you like it drop a sub if you don’t like it tell me what I need to improve