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      wait are they really his parents ?

    2. Bere18 Random

      I’ve got a big question Two white Australians make an Asian Hmmmmm

    3. zzDraken


    4. x_luisgy . fornite

      The is for what a like fresh

    5. Artem Bogatyrev

      Anyone notice fresh has ilsa. Muted in fortnite

    6. Tiktok. iboss_007

      I hate my life I have no friends😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. Chachuman

      I love how he says "STEP MOM"

    8. Pu3e

      Funfact: no funfacts are funny. And fresh is actually lannan’s son

    9. Faze Tupac9


    10. Calem Eyre


    11. Emmanuel Muriuki

      Fresh please give me a ps5

    12. Imogen Hoyle


    13. Mason Baker


    14. kiaan sawant

      Why did t fresh pick up the Wolverine mythic😂

    15. McPixie


    16. black assassin

      Fresh iam your diges fan in world pls can i have a xdox x pls😢😢😢😢😢

    17. TotallyNotJordon

      3:34 that window break had me weeping XD

    18. Erik Torngren

      Hey that's cool how you just made a basketball hoop outside the garage. $

    19. NOT Mateo

    20. Hannah Sharma

      Your parents are so cooool to play a video game with you

    21. Jenell Luneburg-Metcalf

      Your a literal legend fresh h r the best I wish I was good as I

    22. Antonio Octopus

      Dang Lazarbeam’s singing is pitch perfect. 6:15

    23. Aurea Sanchez

      Did c

    24. Aurea Sanchez

      I like and sub

    25. Wolf Lone

      I love your videos so much!

    26. Greyson Miller

      Yes are

    27. Christian Garciavillasenor

      i want the ps5

    28. Sandra Miller

      Oh god no need to Break the windows


      lannan was very romantic jk

    30. Jesus Zaragoza Torres

      If ilsa is fresh’s step-mom that means😳😳😳”I’m stuck in the dryer fresh”

    31. Iskender Siraj

      The gg 2020 car gamer vehicle

    32. Lee Massey

      Can I just say I'm 10 and I have been waching fresh since I was 5 fresh you are my fravrot yt in the world

    33. TigerBoi Boi

      What the 0:29 sound effect romantic music called

    34. Jaden Orozco

      Hey fresh can I have a ps5 and xbox x

    35. Lego Master

      I love vids

    36. Little Puppy

      Carrying my parents in fortnite Fresh: Content.

    37. T Nunyabiz

      I hope i win the ps5 i play on switch but my ps is ps3

    38. Sans Papyrus

      Hahahahaha fresh

    39. chris morano

      i did every thing to enter all 20 points and 11 things

    40. Zhian Outlaw

      Did you get the new update on the app now

    41. The Floster

      Let’s talk about why Fresh did not sort his inventory

    42. the killing fam aka afton family

      Is Lazarbeam your actual dad

    43. DiamondGamer94

      Lazarbeam is his dad?

    44. Maegan Bolton

      Do a part 2 but in aren mode

    45. Emma Brooks

      tell Lazer to uplode lazer on roblox lazer lets brake a game

    46. Gamer Dude

      To the Place I belong West Virginia maintain mama take me home country road

    47. Kennedy Murray


    48. Jr. Goat

      jr goat

    49. Cheetah Homeschool

      Hello mr fresh

    50. The Beast

      Fresh i have zero wins ☹️

    51. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    52. Benjamin Cleaver

      Get this cringey mess out of my recommended

    53. Elihu Ngululu

      Please send me one

    54. Bartek k

      I got all the entries for the ps5 giveaway

    55. Sethlen Creswell

      that love hart at the end that was just so sweet

    56. VX_ICE

      Gotta teach you the feeling of loss (says wile picking up the llamas guts)

    57. Vortex Gamer192

      Fresh is the third wheel

    58. Lucas Nguyen

      Subscribe to freshes parents

    59. wheels mcgee

      Ur mom da best

    60. hi

      fresh's actual parents:have u told him we adopted him?

    61. Fun Gaming

      I entered every way to enter

    62. Diana Infante

      that was so cute when there was a love hart at the end of the video

    63. Danna Corlett

      OMG I was laughing so hard when lazarbeam was singing Fun fact I never new that parents of fresh where them mind blown for me.

    64. LTK Plays

      why does every video have to start ‘yes I’m going to be blah blah blah and not yes your heard me blah blah blah

    65. Bax Effron

      Who is Freshes real mom

    66. abdirahman tahir

      Hi I will have Xbox series x😇😇😇😇😇

    67. daniel chew

      wtf wtf

    68. Poppy Seed

      I want a Xbox so bad!!!!

    69. GHøSTy YT

      Real men dont simp 🤣😂

    70. RM - 06FS 783690 Williams Parkway Sr PS

      fresh ur the best fortnite player :)

    71. Bazz Dog


    72. Meghan Smith


    73. Meghan Smith


    74. Meghan Smith

      1:17 lol

    75. Moxi.

      A wise man once said “real men simp”

    76. Galaxy Demon563

      It’s funny how they are only like 7 years age difference and the son is better than the father and mother combined

    77. socks_for_none socks

      Make sure to use code lazerbeam in the fortnight shop right know

    78. Legionbliss2309

      I entered the giveaway

    79. Ellaben11

      i want the ps5 soooo bad i am definite entering for it

    80. Josh Phillips

      Fresh da best

    81. dodgi boi

      Elliots full name is Elliot watkins

    82. Katrina Smith

      Hi Fresh

    83. kelly pickersgill

      Pls can I have Xbox I’m your biggest fan

    84. Tate Blom

      so weird

    85. clipz x2

      if i win the give away i will be so happy

    86. 200 P KillerZz

      I entered your giveaway

    87. 200 P KillerZz

      So cool fresh

    88. mtmoney sniper24

      Fresh, i already followed on twitch but it still wont let me do the twitch entry.

    89. Mitchel Lightfoot

      Is laxer actually your dad

    90. Alice Adams


    91. Monkey Juice

      why the hell does ur famliy kill so much??

    92. Warlord4379

      Holy crap I feel bad for Lannan

    93. Heather short

      Is lazerbeam your dad

    94. Vortex GAMEING

      Can I get a ps5

    95. Razza

      I hope I win the giveaway good luck to everyone else

    96. black jack 1965

      I’m trash:( at fortnite