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    1. BIGFATKITTY 1993 roblox

      Apex suck

    2. Totally not a ditto

      Wtf I’ve only been gone for a couple of seasons and now the map is a giant hovercraft bigger than my dads divorce papers??

    3. Leon Lol

      Crypto is the best led

    4. Arthur Sanchez

      Wait I killed you 2 week ago Gg

    5. Awesomeguy222 22

      yo i saw fortnite and crypto’s drone and i was like hmmmm is Epic tryna yoink cryptos drone

    6. Windy wave Guy

      I never thought that this would happen

    7. Matt Hamilton

      GG bro

    8. Kaleb Struble

      Wait ea is sponsoring you aw that’s so sad since it’s a very bad video game company because they made a game where you have to buy a DLC to buy a DLC, so money grabby

    9. Aaron Fifield

      PLEASE more apex

    10. LT_montage

      I keep watching this vid it is so good and I play apex way more now

    11. Pooch vibes

      In the description: fortnite

    12. Panda Gaming 123

      Fresh you kinda su**

    13. John Faasse

      Ea belike oh shit we need too fix this shit

    14. Ritta Rungbannaphan

      we want u to play Fortnite

    15. Toxic_ Gaming

      Hey fresh do you know anyone called rhain

    16. Hamilton Afishafish

      YOu need to do more Apex videos

    17. fishy brother forever

      I hate apex

    18. Spongebobsquareboi2

      More apex content yay

    19. Alexandar Kostov

      Be advised, AH 64 apache inbound.

    20. Alexandar Kostov

      This is the AH 64 apache helicopter on steroids.

    21. Andrew White

      This is not Fortnite. We want Fortnite, we want Fortnite.

    22. Chikken Nuggett

      The back round of the thumbnail is fortnite

    23. Nick King

      Stay to fortnite damn

    24. FDP Tomato Man

      i have crptyo mirage caustic revenant and all the defautls

    25. FDP Tomato Man

      i havent played apex since season 5

    26. skullybonzes :D

      when its a sponsor he has to play the game

    27. Lauren Scutero

      Add me goat26bdog

    28. Dinah George


    29. Dinah George

      we should lay together my psn is Koko-Puff-04

    30. VEER Sharma

      Anyone notice that the thumbnail is fortnite but he’s playing apex

    31. Tiffany Soup

      Bruh i thought it was fortnite

    32. Rimad ĆIVELJAHIM

      Cod killstreaks be like:

    33. Amy Vatsvog

      I didn't know you played apex

    34. XxEchoxX

      I like how he bought teir 100 and a gold horizon skin when he like only plays fortnite

    35. Apple Man

      Look Fresh, I like that you like Fortnite and Apex but please don’t put a Fortnite background on and Apex video Also don’t take this seriously I’m a fan of fresh and I’m subbed

    36. Day Dream

      Hey fresh my friend was in a tight battle against you and you won. I was wondering if my friend could play with you and learn how to play Fortnite like a pro.

    37. Julie Hancock


    38. SteveOhTv

      Sonic is a monster

    39. King Moz1

      Fresh be like = that was so confused

    40. Drex YT

      What why Apex lagends?!

    41. Kaiton

      Turn ur fov up

    42. Kian Clements

      I love the fact its apex but in the thumbnail it's a fortnite background

    43. Fatima Montiel


    44. Nimród Ádámku

      Uploud fortnite please

    45. GLOW Snowzz

      Who else thought this was a fortnite vid until you clicked on it

    46. Ali Ahmed


    47. Dallas Keith

      Dont turn to apex fortnite is better.

    48. sutoldude

      Fresh:You can just ruin everyone

    49. Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza

      Playing apex but having a fortnite background in the thumbnail

    50. Cayan Rosa

      Say no

    51. HishamZ

      Ok fresh can you like stop putting fortnite in your thumbnail please it’s actually annoying

    52. Daniel Niblett

      When he finds out what an attack helicopter is😆

    53. Binji Ly

      So basically, this is a pay to win strategy

    54. Jose Villalobos


    55. Ngamer YT

      I play Apex


      how good are you

    57. Bret Tucci

      Can you do another battlefield v video

    58. Josheboy TheSpeedrunner

      One thing apex ledgens is good not riddled with Ptw Just like need for speed

    59. shxrpz is a bot

      claim your before 1mill views ticket here

    60. PerimiterPlays

      Wait So Ea Paid You To Play Apex & Use a Game Braking glitches To Ruin The Experience For Other Plays. Btw im not tryna hate but that's basically what's happening

    61. Tanner Sluyter


    62. Jacob Bancroft

      E gay sports

    63. Konstantin Corkovic

      Fresh play with zylbrad

    64. Pixel man

      Me presses the video thinking that this is fortnite because of the thumbnail trees

    65. Grinder


    66. Finley Billson

      I followed my crush and I don’t know what to do

    67. JohnGa S

      Who wanted to watch fortnight then clicked on this and was disappointed in fresh

    68. Legit Boss

      Subscribe to the person he is playing with sonic

    69. 1 Sub Before 2021 ?

      I thought this was a fortnite update :l

    70. Diondre Cotterell

      Yo fresh

    71. Rampart

      yes apex content!

    72. Dashyeng Is better

      Fresh should play this game more

    73. Steve Toelke

      How do you play that game still it so old

    74. Tayy Best

      i’m an apex player and fresh keeps bugging me when he’s always holding a weapon. PUT IT AWAY U GO FASTER!!!!!

    75. J emerson Harris

      Why does it have to be apex legends 🙄

    76. Rebecca risdon


    77. kiddle8888

      Fortnite challenge pistols only and please I’m such a fan

    78. what is this

      As somonene who plays Apex unlike you fortnite kids. Fresh is not good at this game. He doesn't put himself in good positions which is y he dies and isnt good at cod either. He can be good tho if he plays more and gets comfortable.

      1. Toxic_ Constituents

        So true a man of culture right here

      2. Toxic_ Constituents

        Lmao how did I find you

    79. farbod gholampour kashi

      We all have apex you don't have to sponsor it

    80. Domojar wOW


    81. Searchin_For _Keys

      Of course ea sponsers this video!

    82. kamel ismail

      Can you play apex more

    83. TeMPeR_Abu

      Playing on ps4

    84. Callduty4791 Cloaky

      Why’s the thumbnail fortnite themed 😂😂😂

    85. Sana Qureshi

      I hate Apex play fortnite

    86. Chief Black Kettle

      Now that Apex is cross play I want to play but everyone else has stopped now that console has to be matched with pc. When will these battle royale games realize how unfair it is to have 60 FPS vs 144

    87. Alexandre Cardoso

      Does anyone else recognize the background of the thumbnail is from Fortnite

    88. Shadow Lover

      Who else thought fresh went on fortnite and found this weapon on fortnite

    89. jj s

      I hate u apex sucks I’m unsubing

    90. Diane Williamson

      Play more fortnite please 😭😢😩

    91. Chris Castrejon

      Plz play warzone

    92. Helltale sans I am bored edition Xd

      Is apex legends free

    93. Bruh Hamza

      Fortnite: bruh EA why did you sponsor fresh EA: we want ppl to play apex

      1. No Ok

        Bro how old are u the game is fun aloot of peoples said and fortnite is dying

    94. Shaquille O'neal

      Is this the only NON pay-to-win EA game? Lmao 🤣

    95. Charles Dawson

      Fresh is insane HeS bEtTeR tHaN jArViS also fresh maybe u could you play with zylbrad he’s super good (not saying ur bad)

    96. Noah Knuth

      Fresh can you please do a face review

    97. Bernard Maverick Rivera

      Can you do Gibby's dome and Rampart on the drone? Like flying shielded turret lmao


      omg fucking god

    99. Jeremy Speager

      1:28 its not a syringe its his stim pack/drugs for octane

    100. ItMeUltra

      Stop acting like you play this game