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    1. Payne Gellasch

      lazarbeam what wa son his keyboard while spamming mythic-gruygresuyjfgreuskjfgcbukadhgfbvrufkjhgbitudklf

    2. Undead Phantom

      Fresh's best fortnite skill =reviving/rebooting lannan

    3. Nate Cutler

      7:47 "I DON'T HAVE MAMMO!" fresh screams while having plenty of mats and ammo.

    4. Alexander Dana

      “Omg I just got railed” -man who got railed

    5. Paul Di Giulio

      Fresh I don’t have any amo has 123 ar 87 so shoty shells

    6. Ashraf Khalaf

      Tot tot tot tot tot tot tot tot

    7. Kaleb Haigh

      why was this trio better then fresh,Lazarbeam,and lachlan

    8. Kenny of Robloxia

      you can tell that they arent just the perfect arena team and they are having a fun time too

    9. Not Fast, Just Furious

      Not meme team without mau mau

    10. Jordan Reynolds

      What’s the background music called when he plays it at the beginning?

    11. TImothy O’Malley

      No matter what combat shotgun it is it is always so satisfying watching fresh use it

    12. E&A

      We are vs 2 gamers and a bot then we know it is creamy fresh and lazar

    13. DA1SYSXCH4RM

      at 5:27 minutes in the kill feed it said lannan killed somone with a pickaxe

    14. Zachary Seeratun

      I want to see more of that trio .

    15. Zander Pander

      I feel like Lannan is more of a kid then fresh

    16. SRG- Ranboyzcc

      Here you have three characters... MCRREAMY- he can one shot anyone sweaty, or nice his skills are great against the sweaty tryhards of the terrible map. LAZARBEAM- The king of memes who always calls fresh trash. Usually when he dies. Then there’s FRESH- “ lannan is actually getting kills with this thing.



    18. Noah Clay

      Did there team pop off or was it fresh

    19. Garrett Jennings

      why does lazar beam always get the roast on fresh

    20. Hailey Faith

      use code fresh

    21. Jake Ho

      U should play call of duty mobile

    22. Sunny side Up


    23. dem dem

      me: gets 3 kills on controller screaming bc I think I’m good fresh: gets 17 kills on PC and acts like it’s nothing

    24. Lucia Meichtry

      What up guys , yes 👑

    25. Shadow_ lightning_

      My man jinx it

    26. Thunder Pump


    27. meh and lil sis is chilling

      Never underestimate the power of fresh 😊😊

    28. flikky

      what the

    29. X_kid123–

      Fresh went past a legendary burst assault rifle but ARs are better so it’s Understandable why he didn’t pick it up

    30. LVMX Gamer

      Challenge idea : fresh vs lazarbeam and mccreamy

    31. James & Will B Crazy

      And I’ll add you

    32. James & Will B Crazy

      Any one need a trio hit me up

    33. help me to 100 subs

      You meeting bots

    34. Blackarts Mtuvha

      you are the best fresh

    35. Ace

      You gotta love the thumbnail

    36. Balachandar Ilango

      Anyone realize there was a shark in authority during season 4.

    37. Zaruto uzumaki

      Where mau :(

    38. Stephen Penning


    39. george kollaris

      When arena was easy

    40. Diftcy 1228

      I love 4:03😂😂

    41. Aidanlew22

      We gonna talk about how lazar is a higher level then fresh?

    42. Bifrost Baloney

      359th day of asking fresh to say 'What's down guys, no'

    43. Adrian Chavez

      Fresh said I don’t have mamo at 7:48

    44. Milo Mohabir

      Did anybody else notice that fresh swapped a gold charge for a purple. Hahah

    45. Alex

      Mau crying in the corner

    46. Ya Yeet

      Can you do this for season 5 please

    47. hotohotohotogum

      He has no ammo I look at his ammo He has 300 ammo

    48. Anthony White

      I miss the gold and epic pump

    49. Ethan Simonds

      Best gamer

    50. Blu Bird

      Do more with creamy!!!

    51. ItZMeDalayni

      Who likes his into as well: what’s up guys, yes

    52. MAHSAMA - MHA

      Fresh: Lannan keeps breaking my builds Lannan:you're so bad fresh Me:how can you say that when you're even worst?

    53. Asaurus_Rax

      Fresh bullied lazarbeam cause he wasn’t the best. I prefer 2020 fresh

    54. Nimish Bharadwaj

      0:20 left lazar hanging

    55. Marylynne Kovalchik

      The dashing iris routinely ski because may rapidly travel underneath a heartbreaking throne. abashed, stiff blow

    56. flamefist YT

      You should do this in season 5

    57. Charlie Kinsella

      Fresh at 6:26 I dont have amo. him with 55 shotgun amo

    58. Joseph Velazquez

      how is lazerbeam in the dream meme

    59. Axel Martinez

      fresh said "I NEED MAMMO!!"

    60. silock


    61. Andrija Vukovic

      How are you so good at fortnite

    62. Millie Mee

      Me to gurl

    63. Jose Yñigo Villanueva


    64. RedRaptor 2113

      I meant muselk

    65. RedRaptor 2113

      Add myself in this video and that’s the ultimate meme team

    66. MohammeD _iQc4

      I love when fresh say chiky boy

    67. Cavaughn Lewis

      Pickle Pickle

    68. Cian Cejas

      You killed my friend

    69. Rowan Gnam

      7:49 “ I’ve got no mammo”😂😂

    70. Riley Strydom

      i love it how he said he had no mats or ammo but he has like full brick full metal and full shotgun ammo LOL

    71. Mike Hyser


    72. allen lee

      Lazar's mind is a quarter as old as his person is

    73. glitch genix

      hello guys yes wen he kills boy lol im like wat all durpy

    74. Jay WalkerGaming

      This is why HUgets strikes lazar’s channel

    75. Agneevo Das

      3 silver buttcheeks, should be the three butcheekers notmthe three musketeers

    76. Unstableメ

      Make part 2 pls

    77. Swirl Games

      Imagine Mau watching this

    78. Mojo Gaming

      wassup guys yes

    79. cptblackops

      F fortnite


      Can you ask epic games to add a nick furry

    81. Bulba Saur

      I love u. And creamy and lazerbeem

      1. Bulba Saur

        ME Tooo hdhdhdhdh eywywyeyyueieieieieiieii um 👋 I love 💔 I’m not a yt right to hell of this world 🌍 was my best friend in game years and a man 👨 I love you so so bad haha 😆 has not ever what you gotta now I’m just like I am rich rich I am a scammer I’m sorry 😐 I gotta is is a a that day uhh uhh uhh ya ya boy lol ima is the the the first game I’ve seen the sonic game on a yt day is this new song for 😘😝😛😃🤨😃🤩🤩🤨☺️🧐☺️🧐☺️☺️😛😛🧐🧐🧐🥳🤩🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😛😛😛😛😛😍😍😍😈😈😈🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️🧑🏿‍🌾🧑🏿‍🌾👅👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👄👄👄👄👄👄👆🏻🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🥳🦶🏿🦶🏿😆🦵🦵😘😐😐😐😘🤩😘😘😐😐😘😘😘😘😘😘🥚☺️😭🥚😛🥚😛😛🤪😛😛😘😘🥚🥚🦵🦵😆🙇🏻‍♀️🦵🦵🦵😆🙇🏻‍♀️😢😐😐😢😢

    82. Zander Hall

      Who Actually Thinks This Is The Meme Team Like If You Agree

    83. evxrs ryan

      Fresh: The most unbeatable meme Mcreamy, LazerBeam, Fresh Me: remembers Rel, Jynx and Fresh

    84. Sindy Delarosa


    85. jye Dawson

      fresh dosent have mamo

    86. Lotte McNeary

      my name is grian

    87. Lotte McNeary

      big brain

    88. Matthew Ewashko

      Fresh: I don’t have ammo Me looks: sees 59 shotgun shots and 300 ar bullets

    89. Everest Shrestha

      Nice roast by lazar at beginning of vid lol

    90. ItZWyvernZ

      Fresh: DAMMIT LANNAN lazar: (is knocked) Lazar: carry me son Freshes thumbnail: can agree not go lie

    91. Funny Tiktok memes

      It’s kinda sad watching them have fun without mau 😕

    92. Spdarby 08

      Fresh should do a challenge where he only uses fresh’s mythical which is doctor dooms mythics

    93. Ralph R.


    94. Khelyse

      Fresh every video *what’s up guys yes

    95. Oz Globen

      is fresh and lazerbeam og?

    96. norppa gaming

      "Fresh loves maths" 30+32+31=94

    97. cryptic 324

      Shut thecf7xyssr

    98. Fnaf.loverførever❤︎

      If you haven’t already liked and subscribed... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    99. Jam Hyde

      Who's watching in 2029

    100. Marley Bloomer

      u are the best