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    1. nna burn


    2. Andrija Vukovic

      How are you so good at fortnite

    3. Donna Mains

      Me to gurl

    4. Jose Yñigo Villanueva


    5. Christopher Tweedy

      I meant muselk

    6. Christopher Tweedy

      Add myself in this video and that’s the ultimate meme team

    7. MohammeD _iQc4

      I love when fresh say chiky boy

    8. Cavaughn Lewis

      Pickle Pickle

    9. Cian Cejas

      You killed my friend

    10. Rowan Gnam

      7:49 “ I’ve got no mammo”😂😂

    11. Riley Strydom

      i love it how he said he had no mats or ammo but he has like full brick full metal and full shotgun ammo LOL

    12. Mike Hyser


    13. allen lee

      Lazar's mind is a quarter as old as his person is

    14. genix

      hello guys yes wen he kills boy lol im like wat all durpy

    15. Ryie Waffles

      Where’s mau :(

    16. Jay WalkerGaming

      This is why HUgets strikes lazar’s channel

    17. Agneevo Das

      3 silver buttcheeks, should be the three butcheekers notmthe three musketeers

    18. Hayyan Gamer08

      Make part 2 pls

    19. Swirl Games

      Imagine Mau watching this

    20. Mojo Gaming

      wassup guys yes

    21. cptblackops

      F fortnite

    22. Darkdestroyer365

      Can you ask epic games to add a nick furry

    23. Bulba Saur

      I love u. And creamy and lazerbeem

      1. Bulba Saur

        ME Tooo hdhdhdhdh eywywyeyyueieieieieiieii um 👋 I love 💔 I’m not a yt right to hell of this world 🌍 was my best friend in game years and a man 👨 I love you so so bad haha 😆 has not ever what you gotta now I’m just like I am rich rich I am a scammer I’m sorry 😐 I gotta is is a a that day uhh uhh uhh ya ya boy lol ima is the the the first game I’ve seen the sonic game on a yt day is this new song for 😘😝😛😃🤨😃🤩🤩🤨☺️🧐☺️🧐☺️☺️😛😛🧐🧐🧐🥳🤩🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😛😛😛😛😛😍😍😍😈😈😈🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️🧑🏿‍🌾🧑🏿‍🌾👅👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👄👄👄👄👄👄👆🏻🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🥳🦶🏿🦶🏿😆🦵🦵😘😐😐😐😘🤩😘😘😐😐😘😘😘😘😘😘🥚☺️😭🥚😛🥚😛😛🤪😛😛😘😘🥚🥚🦵🦵😆🙇🏻‍♀️🦵🦵🦵😆🙇🏻‍♀️😢😐😐😢😢

    24. Zander Hall

      Who Actually Thinks This Is The Meme Team Like If You Agree

    25. Boo Boo

      Fresh: The most unbeatable meme Mcreamy, LazerBeam, Fresh Me: remembers Rel, Jynx and Fresh

    26. Sindy Delarosa


    27. jye Dawson

      fresh dosent have mamo

    28. Lotte McNeary

      my name is grian

    29. Lotte McNeary

      big brain

    30. Matthew Ewashko

      Fresh: I don’t have ammo Me looks: sees 59 shotgun shots and 300 ar bullets

    31. Everest Shrestha

      Nice roast by lazar at beginning of vid lol

    32. ItZWyvernZ

      Fresh: DAMMIT LANNAN lazar: (is knocked) Lazar: carry me son Freshes thumbnail: can agree not go lie

    33. Funny Tiktok memes

      It’s kinda sad watching them have fun without mau 😕

    34. Sean is cracked

      Fresh should do a challenge where he only uses fresh’s mythical which is doctor dooms mythics

    35. Ralph R.


    36. Khelyse

      Fresh every video *what’s up guys yes

    37. Oz Globen

      is fresh and lazerbeam og?

    38. norppa gaming

      "Fresh loves maths" 30+32+31=94

    39. Saima Bi

      Shut thecf7xyssr

    40. XxBxbblesxX

      If you haven’t already liked and subscribed... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    41. Jam Hyde

      Who's watching in 2029

    42. Marley Bloomer

      u are the best

    43. Die Die

      Ur a bot I can destroy u in a 1v1 I’m sorry that was cousin

    44. Elisha Tamayo

      Fresh in his intro: wassup guys,yes

    45. QuickySZN

      Fresh in his head: everyone is a bot bro Lenny: I don’t even care just let fresh play Creamy: I just want to do one shot

    46. Travis Nesbitt


    47. Mathias Mayo-Hostetter

      Ha same

    48. Kavya Thakkar

      I loved Fortnite in its early stages. Today sweats have ruined this great game. Every gamer I see is showing off their building skills. I hate it.

    49. Cedric Davis

      I’m ded rn cuz I Idk if McCreamy said he is way bitter or way better dan me

    50. The Golden Apple HD

      Lazarbeam was just there for the points lol

    51. slythefox

      "Most unbeatable meme team" Mau:👁💧👄💧👁

    52. Andrew McNamara

      Every one is just fine with fresh saying we are all butt cheek men

    53. AssassinZilla Gaming

      Thiccest meme team

    54. Izaac Graham

      Me and my friends got 22 kills in arena and won

    55. Da Queen!

      10:03 did anyone else see that bullet in the background 😳

    56. Jacob Madlang-Awa

      mau: wasn't invited to the meme squad also mau: NANI

    57. Alejandro Morejon

      Fresh should be carried cuz fresh: thick 🧠

    58. r_uacan 2

      More trios

    59. Gaming with Bryan

      Fresh is so good and he edits fast

    60. Doom

      What fresh says when he dies of camra : 6:22

    61. イーサン

      What's up guysss..... Yes

    62. Michael DeFrancesco

      whats up guys.. yes

    63. mohamed Baghdadi

      Play another game plz

    64. j-monee23

      Fresh gets more hype in 1 day then I get in one whole week

    65. Emerson Reifsteck

      Creamy did this vid too

    66. bh ryftonyt

      Nice rost

    67. JDSGaming

      Lol stop bullying lazar

    68. Shmoogy 9042

      First I saw this on cream channel

    69. Parker Rose

      you guys remind me of me my gf and by best friend im fresh my gf is mcreamy and my best friend is lazerbeam

    70. Daniel Juan

      Faze clan enters chat

    71. Mr. Fake

      Fresh: I don’t have ammo! Also Fresh: Has over 900 medium ammo and over 300 shotgun shells.

    72. karen


    73. karen


    74. Lovethetrees

      I love creamy's laugh

    75. Bain FN


    76. School Dice

      The silver boys

    77. FaZeQuickscope654

      seeing as lannan is the dad and fresh is the kid, can mccreamy be the creepy uncle? like this so fresh sees

    78. Connor’s Kicks

      Idk how many people will see this but if you do i hope you have a great day and stay safe! read my name btw i’m not a bot but i sub back fast!!🥺😁

    79. isaiah g

      😄 👕🏀 👖 👟👟

    80. isaiah g

      Fresh is a BIG SWEAT

    81. isaiah g

      I feel bad for those people because fesh poops on them

    82. isaiah g


    83. Husky

      Mau is crying at his desk watching this vid rn

    84. Andy W

      fresh: sweating carrying the squad creamy: singing hero lazar: shoots out freshes builds

    85. fearlesshen

      Fresh can u pls teach me your ways

    86. Husnain Mirza

      I always had t the thick like button

    87. Sushidh Sharma

      Even in the thumbnail Fresh n Creamy carrying lannan

    88. Devon Frazier

      Fresh is such a great funny person

    89. Shane Gregson

      Omg my god u r soo funking good at fortnite

    90. TTV-cookie crispx

      Dammmm lannan roasted him 😂 😂

    91. TTV-cookie crispx

      Lannan roasted fresh

      1. TTV-cookie crispx

        Emagine if fresh replyed to me ofc it will never happen i am me

    92. Alejandra Martínez

      Did you know that the combat is weaker now in fortnite fresh lazer and mcreamy

    93. Evelyn Neale

      Fresh: we haven't lost a single game of arena yet 5 mins later: I'm dead

    94. Danny Mimms

      2:50 Aimbot?

    95. Hossam Barhom w

    96. Helen Whipp


    97. Morgan Whipp


    98. Morgan Whipp


    99. Morgan Whipp


    100. Helen Whipp