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    1. Karen Elnicki

      In one of you vidos someone was being mean to you they should shut up

    2. Divna Cukovic Spasojevic

      He need to do challenge to get that animations build-in-emote

    3. Fun With Dad

      u do not need to remind me

    4. Fun With Dad

      i already use code fresh

    5. Mustaqansari Mustaqansari

      Fresh mind to storm skin : dayum boi she thiccc Fresh : this is good 😂😂😂😂

    6. Neoli Shazam Bammm!!!

      To support his channel

    7. Neoli Shazam Bammm!!!

      Everyone use code fresh in the Fortnite item shop

    8. GAmer Lok

      Fresh be like buy all the battlepass for content

    9. Terell Gisclaire


    10. 24PS Warrior

      Thor sounds like an old man

    11. Wilzies4

      8:30 ‘Tony originally designed this one for shaving lol!

    12. Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all

      What’s your favourite season

    13. Big Mike

      Imagine being so rich that you can buy the entire battlepass twice when I can’t even buy a 1200 vbuck pickaxe :(

    14. Austin Jensen

      Sorry bud no real problem with the

    15. fearless v1 you have two your real girlfriend might be mad

    16. movie sonic the hedgehog

      9:26 when she says "shes home alone"

    17. Baby groot crying

      It’s a gulo gulo

    18. Baby groot crying

      Video idea thickest galactus in fortnite

    19. ryantheminer1

      the doctor doom skin is pretty good for a glorified tin can

    20. Charlotte Machin

      The hulk is she hulk

    21. 1 million subs You tube challenge

      Every single avengers here but there playing the dust

    22. Karim Rifai

      Do facecame

    23. Fast Boi

      6.66mil freshiboi

    24. Ganesh Balack

      Has anyone realized when he showed groot doing the renegade he had the chapter 2 season 3 background

    25. Shahaam Saeed

      Pro fresh

    26. Shahaam Saeed


    27. •Meraaj •

      He missed mystique

      1. D3faulty God

        No he didn’t he went over mystique

    28. Kingcrn07

      I’m just asking everybody do y’all like this season bc in my opinion I like it but if they want to do a dc season they should wait 1-2 season or maybe they should just have a chapter that will have crossovers with other games, movies, comics, etc

    29. Master Chicken

      i want battle pass bundle plz

    30. Riley Ridgeon

      RIP storm and mystique

    31. The Mandalorian Season 2

      Imagine galactus just appears in a game

    32. Carino Modan

      0:00 Yo why did u edit the name ??

    33. jollyhay

      Drax isnt in the battle pass

    34. Ali abo makarem

      Fresh can you gift me rainbow iron man

      1. Dog

        That's not how it works

    35. Brian Andrew Morales

      I got my 1st 4 dubs in 1 day yesterday

    36. zoreq

      i dont think its fun :/

    37. Lemmy Power

      m c kill you not have a s

    38. William Ocallaghan

      One like = one prayer for battle pass

    39. William Ocallaghan

      Thick iron man Thick doctor doom Thick Thor

    40. Toxic Skills


      1. Toxic Skills

        Thick storm

    41. FaTe Clan

      Apparently Hulk is never going to be added into the game probably in chapter 2 season 5

    42. Call boy Omar

      ‏ The real hulk is coming to fortnight actually fresh

    43. Basel Bannoud

      If you read this --- Reply below which marvel skin is your favorite!! Mine is groot,

      1. naturalwreck0 0

        Mine is either dr doom or groot and rocket

    44. sarah bader

      Dude stop that was your girlfriend she does a toy you’re playing a English is back well

    45. Alex A


    46. sonic plays

      I'm level 111

    47. Shahzad Khan

      They Only Have 2mitik2 For Ironman

    48. Clemens Hoelbling


    49. Zacplaysfortnite channel

      no hulk


      Challenge idea: Tessa randomizes fresh’s settings. Like so he can see

    51. Legit Gamez 137

      I just got it today on September 26th

    52. kalae kahananui

      I used your code

    53. Leo Mendez

      Fresh is the best

    54. sarah bader


    55. Mandy Nowak


    56. Mandy Nowak


    57. Chris Weiss

      P P

    58. Zoey Hauraki

      Stoooooop!!!!! Looking at she hulk bum

      1. Zoey Hauraki


    59. Kaiden Waldock

      My best friend is frenzy farm 😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but shark industries

    60. Kaiden Waldock

      Rip frenzy farm😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 coz shark industries

    61. Monica Fonseca

      Cock is going to come soon

    62. Muhammad Musa Haider


    63. bubbascrum

      Your the best fortnite player.

    64. Bruh Gaming

      “Fun fortnite is finally back” ooooof how wrong he was

      1. Ronen P.L.

        I also hate the charge shotgun

      2. Ronen P.L.

        @Bruh Gaming No it's fine I liked the hunting rifle, and I liked the tac because Im a noob. I do like the pump tho. Wish they brought back 100% chest spawns tho :(

      3. Bruh Gaming

        Ronen P.L. The reason I hate the loot pool is they got rid of my 2 favourite guns the hunting rifle and tac shotgun for the charge shotgun and combat two pieces of trash btw sorry for the rants :(

      4. Ronen P.L.

        @Bruh Gaming Personally I love the loot pool, and Skill-Based Matchmaking is nice to me, but I respect your opinion. I hope you find another game to enjoy!

      5. Bruh Gaming

        Ronen P.L. Answer sweats bad gameplay bad loot pool just how can epic ruin a marvel season

    65. Yaniel Rivera

      I don't have it 😭😭😭😭

    66. Yaniel Rivera

      I want to battle pass plz

    67. fiona forsyth

      let me one v one you

    68. Grunter Moore

      You just started She-Hulk

    69. Bruno Carrasco

      i also did not know who she hulk was

    70. Justin Rios wwe638


    71. Legend Maker 2

      HEY fresh can you plz gift me a skin my epic name is CAPTAINPRICEX1

    72. Adna Kadic

      Did you guys see the loby at the beginning of the video and grut😧😱

    73. Hayden Conner

      what happened to ironman at 3:36

    74. Denzel Cobian1


    75. Mr Knight Dab

      Why is the discription of tony say play boy

    76. gaming with des


    77. Just Johnan

      if someone could tell me the name of the song playing in 8:03 it would make my day

    78. pmac_attack_719

      Fortnite stole the battle pass from destiny so really only fortnite had that was new was building

    79. Hossam Barhom r

    80. Tahz Smith


    81. Wild Card

      "thor's pickaxe" -fresh 2020

    82. SOLAR Fr3nzy

      my name is Walter

    83. Penny the Chicken

      Wow 3 weeks already!!

    84. FPS Oreo

      Fresh is da best in fortnite

    85. FPS Oreo

      Hi fresh

    86. Pacific restoration and repair LLC

      I love your videos and I use code fresh

    87. Aft kiwi

      You should make "Tess chooses where I drop in Season 4!"

      1. Aft kiwi

        Also do Thiccest Wolverine in Fortnite

    88. MrJu1cyFishy

      0:00 my dream has finally come true seeing groot do the Renegade XD

    89. Hardeep Singh

      Nov 30th is going to be season 5 chaper 2

    90. Trey Sweats

      I just got it

    91. mitchell langmuir

      why you being sexus

    92. The explorer

      Finally the first HUgetsr to remember rockets name right XD

    93. The explorer

      This battle pass is missing three things Useable gliders Spider-Man The incredible hulk

    94. Fajrnoor Sheikh

      Fortnite chapter2season 4 should have powers in all of fortnite skins

    95. Cristian De Malle

      My favourite battle pass skin is Female Hulk

    96. Seth Newton

      I feel like thwy made it the female hulk so that the feminists wouldn't get mad

    97. angela perez

      I love you ❤️