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    1. Fresh


      1. Gregg Fairchild

        He cold soon in slopyswomp

      2. gucci skittle

        So no one gonna talk about how wierd this callab is

      3. Eman


      4. Elliot Wylie

        Yayyy ._.

      5. All good usernames Are taken

        @deadlock BTW JASON?

    2. Trent Amuria


    3. Temilade Florence Adewumi

      How don't u find wolverine he always finds mee

    4. Emeraldzz

      Everyone is saying he’s in weeping woods but he’s not he’s in surpyswamps

    5. Ian Kusumino


    6. Sangit Sarkar

      Lol your supposed to spam click the. It does lots of damga. The weapon was mostly made for spammer

    7. Naruto Uzumaki

      dont cry man ;(

    8. Kamran Rasool

      I’m sorry stupid poopy smelly dog water fresh and lazarbeam and aryan r

    9. Kamran Rasool

      Who is aryan that’s my name where is he I will give the left right good night to him aryan r are you stupid or dum huh

    10. Vuk Talijanov

      GG Fresh You kill Sini27

    11. MegaspeedPlays


    12. Henry Zavala (Student)

      Ur lucky u killed him win he first got added

    13. Ezekiel Ng

      Fresh it is slurpy swamp

    14. Amna Khan

      He revived him self because you know campfires like heal you well wolverine can heal

    15. Benj Galang

      really be like how strong the boss is when you fight him vs. when you unlock the boss

    16. Shahveer Shah

      That innocent fresh ( after the wolverine spawn ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    17. Reena Vijayalakshmi Rajkumar

      Ive seen wolverine in slurpy swamp

    18. amy quinn

      This Visiio is funny

    19. hotpepper playz

      stop coursing

    20. Luke Matlins

      the claws heal you

    21. Ayesha Mussawir

      I miss seson 4 ):

    22. JNick6


    23. Higgins 1605

      10:33 Rip

    24. Reyansh Munot


    25. Nate C

      He won the gulag duhh well in 5 seconds

    26. Unicorn's House

      I think when he said enjoy me finding the mythic, he ment

    27. Footyvids.content


    28. Footyvids.content

      OMG hahahahaha

    29. Kevan Cumbee

      I love you,,your the best

    30. Susan Sharp

      But if you really want to killing get hi ground on top of the house and then just use the charge shotgun just charge it up and she him inside the head until he dies but say up there and then she him from up there cause he's still can get up

    31. Susan Sharp

      And he heals if you don't kill him fast enough So you might want to Don't pay attention to the person just killing grab his weapons kill him that's the only way he will not alive

    32. Susan Sharp

      When you have the rover ring cars when you're running with them your health Speeds up you get more health she'll just keep them out they help you

    33. Steve Simpson

      he can heal FRESH

    34. Cam

      i swear the same thing happend to me he raise himself and i died

    35. Antwun Rolling

      In the other game. You missed the kill feed

    36. Trip Tube HD

      2:48 “you tell ‘in me they added a mythic boss that hides in trees?” Little did he know the predator would be a mythic boss that hides in trees.

    37. Champ Moretsi

      Wolverine claws heal up

    38. Greg_Dr0ws_Animates

      Wolverine is *INVINCIBLE*

    39. Rebbeccasayers77 Sayers

      He also sponsor at Slurpie swamp

    40. Gamer Girl’s Life

      and it not hard to find and spawns evrey game

    41. Gamer Girl’s Life

      its so funny at the start when he its not weeping woods

    42. katie Dawtry

      Poor fresh

    43. CuberBLOX

      He doesn’t know he can spawn in slurpy well to late

    44. Brittany Adams

      Season 6 battle pass my name is no man you scuffled

    45. Fortnite god omg

      The claws heal you

    46. Kyangaberiel Cayaban

      *when fresh realized wolverine regens health*

    47. Dan Dan Gaming

      0:33 Fresh:Epic thought it would be a good idea to hide him in the trees. Me: that is where he works in the move (cutting down trees in woods.

    48. Hollie Goodman


    49. A W

      Read is in weeping woods cross it will take a while to find him

    50. Alberto

      Your noon jk you good

    51. The Traylen's

      Imagine if this comment blows up

    52. Soochinoz Plays

      ch2,ch3 and ch4 was completely ignored for me, i never played

    53. rimuru tempest

      Predator is much worse

    54. Ashraf Khalaf

      I swear to god he is a thing please fresh

    55. Henry Lee

      Wouldn’t you be shy if you had claws and where killing people

    56. J19Memes

      Fresh:this things trash Wolverine:I beat u with it

    57. Samuel Uranta

      Fresh:chat I'm looking for him I cant just pull him out of my Bleep chat:YOUR SOOO HUNT HARDER HES THERE YOUR JUST NOT TRYING

    58. Avery James


    59. Avery James


    60. Nemanja Katic

      0:29 vietnam flashback intesifies

    61. alvis lobo

      I like his reaction when he realises he is getting trolled

    62. James G

      He can go in slurpy

    63. Robin Melanson

      you havent wacht x men :I omg thot you war good at the game

    64. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

      10:33 i was just sitting screaming “FINISH HIM FRESH. QUICKLY” cuz me and my friend wanted to yeet wolverine and then he selv revived and wrecked us

    65. Bob bobingtin

      Fresh when wolverine revives himself: Ugh-a-ooooo

    66. Kate Wiggett

      Hahah at the end lol

    67. Jackson Malloy

      it was holaris how wolverine revived himself

    68. James Mercier

      His claws are completely overpowered

    69. Sn1p8d

      Don’t use Gods name in vein

    70. Andy Zamora

      Fresh the claws are trash

    71. Fake Hero

      The firsy Challenge that fresh didint finish

    72. Jotaro Kujo

      Wolverine: Hides in a tree Fresh: I hope they never have a boss like that again Season 5 Predator boss: hides in a tree while going invisible

    73. Ponnamus Prime

      Wolverine heal himself......you know nothing about wolverine sad

    74. Isaac Chong


    75. The Reevus101


    76. Zayan Khan

      He spins at. Hshdbdbbd

    77. Melany Jacobs

      your stupid storm mythic is the one of the best mythics

    78. Lord of Yeet

      Fresh: wolverine is damn bigfoot Me: believe me bigfoot is a lot harder to find than wolverine

    79. Ashley David


    80. Ashley David

      5:24 for real

    81. Godsreal Anokye

      I liked it when he raged (sooooooooooooo funny

    82. bhuvan mcoy

      watch 10:27

    83. Victor Salazar

      i feel so bad for freshy boy

    84. Kay Bell

      Stop being a bot

    85. Jaden's Games


    86. Daniel Partington

      wolverine too good

    87. Daniel Partington

      wolverine spawns near slurpy swamp

    88. jason thompas


    89. Sclhappy_Gamz

      Have you not watched wolverine? He heals himself

    90. Fortnite Pro

      Wolverine reloads health and he spawns in weeping woods or slurpy swamp

    91. Seth Rabin

      Weeping woods or slurpy swamp

    92. Diego Gomez

      I’m in season 5

    93. Diego Gomez

      And can’t find a myth

    94. Diego Gomez

      Dude like I just got in to fortnight

    95. Wendotio

      This is exactly how I felt in week 6😞😞😞😞

    96. Lufin gamer

      Brush fresh you are my favourite friend me my name is A32king

    97. Ryder Millan

      This is a Raging compilation

    98. Matthew Griffith

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-they do that

    99. Matthew Griffith


    100. Matthew Griffith

      He isssssss stupid....