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    1. Fresh


      1. Hampus Westerbacka

        He can spawn in slurpy to

      2. Anika Pillai

        yes sirrrrrrr

      3. Stupid Stinky

        Shut up shut up fresh

      4. Rahul Chaudhary

        Hi fresh my name in fortnite is Little kit

      5. EXO EDITS

        Omg second fresh comment ever

    2. Smith Love

      He walks around


      When he got revived 🤣

    4. Brantley Votruba

      Check out me Brantley Votruba on HUgets

    5. Rylan Hernandez

      He can be in slurpy swamp to.

    6. Rylan Hernandez

      He's at weeping woods

    7. Tobey Pascoe

      If there close enough the storm mythic throws them away

    8. Lesly Parlin

      The easitest thing to kill wolverine is with the famus

    9. Ggysyshssv Dirnduring

      Me he can also spawn in slurppy swamp

    10. Balthazar Buhendwa

      But wolverine is there jk but it is true

    11. Jaden Is the best

      I found wolverine and I killed him and I got him the wolverine skin

    12. Rachel Kelly

      U know wolverine recharges his health

    13. Rachel Kelly

      Day 1000000 of waiting for fresh to say wats up guys no

    14. Thunder spark

      I felt bad for fresh when wolverine revived him self

    15. Jack Klobuchar

      Anyone who dislikes sucks fresh is awesome

    16. Jon Will

      Either weeping words or Slurpee swamp

      1. Jon Will

        Either weeping woods or slurpee swamp I mean

    17. Ryan Carlson-Ponto

      This was my exact experience with wolverine😂

      1. legendary green beast

        Same but the first time I found him I was horrified after shooting him with a legendary pump like 8 times so I ran in fear

    18. dylan voets


    19. Daniel Marks

      I found wolverine he can be at slurpy

    20. Qusai Abdelraheem

      Why is fresh destroying anything in his way

    21. Trae Trae

      Wolverine spawns in weeping woods or he spawns in slurpee swamps then he walks the weeping woods through the water and swims cuz I have the skin one day it's a mission to eliminate wolverine then you get his skin then you know how to try to get his emote and I have the Logan screen have to do 60 challenges to get it and I am not hacking for at night fortnite

    22. ItzAshley G

      Hey 👋

    23. sinav gamer

      Have you not seen the movie he can heal himself LOL

    24. Boody Ahmed

      I hate wolverine

    25. pokemon gamingz

      I felt bad

    26. TrashBeats

      Epic put Wolverine in the forest bc he didnt really had a super hero base in the comics he only lived in the woods

    27. alanvarghese antony

      yo wen i killed wolverine i was confused but i clutched the dub with 10 hp and wolverine claws

      1. alanvarghese antony

        same day he was released

    28. Aldo Giron

      Fresh he’s also in slurpy

    29. Deadpool31

      put invousle sound affect on

    30. Amjad Murad

      Wolverine do be looking thiccccc

    31. Hunter Hunter

      That was me in the Wolverine challenge

    32. orion playzz

      he should revive himself he has no henchmen

    33. Derwin Jones


    34. Mari cast


    35. Archie smith

      The guru guru is easy to kill wit a purple pump and scar

    36. Josiah Bostuba

      He spawns in slurpy too

    37. jjplayz

      Fresh he spawns at Slurpy Swamp too.Fuck

    38. Pam O’Neal

      Freshes speechless at 10:42😆😆😂😂

    39. Jeff Simms

      I think you stuttered 😅😅

    40. David Stanciu

      10:39 lol

    41. LO


    42. Shawn Downey

      Healing Factor his healing Factor

    43. Twin_ Gang

      You need to change the shotgun long before wolverine kills you

    44. Patrica Garcia

      I laughed so hard when wolverine just got back up after he killed him

    45. Austin Perez

      so stupid

    46. Mo Ah


    47. Amanda Lobanovskiy

      AT 10:32 !!!!! LMAO

    48. Deb Behera

      I love fresh but like if u think lazarbeam is better

    49. Nara Gaming


    50. Nara Gaming

      He heal every time

    51. SRI BROS

      WOLVERINE is in weeping woods

    52. Hayden Hassler

      Wolver is hard

    53. Rainbow Gameing

      Woovren spons at swrpeswops

    54. Ruth Seville

      Wolverine is in weeping woods but not a new place or at slurpy swamp

    55. JayTheYoungMamba

      my name on fortnite is ayla1987

    56. JayTheYoungMamba

      fresh can you be my friend on fortnite

    57. Masonater5020

      Fresh was acting like a bot in this video

    58. Tara Molina

      He spawns at slurpy swamp

    59. Tara Molina

      He dose not span at weeping woods

    60. Aatif Ahmed

      U should go to slurpy swamp to hunt wolverine becuz that's were I found him more than 15 times

    61. Grant Cuddy

      Here he is here

    62. Shannon Buterbaugh

      I used code fresh

    63. flunzin Akther

      stop complaining fresh its really easy to kill wolverine

    64. Sas Sassa

      Wolverine isss soo hard to killl

    65. Shannon Thomas

      10:32 😄😂

    66. Hafiz Rahman

      I find him every game

    67. mohamed nechat

      Easy way to find Wolverine go to the spot next to misty meadow where the helicopter is turn visualize sound effect on go to slurpy then weeping with the helicopter if you see foot steps around your screen Wolverine is below you


      Rewacth the vid and keep looking at the chat

    69. Jack Fryett

      Check Slurpy Swamps

    70. Tang Anson

      Third party wolverine. Easy claps.

    71. Chris G

      He is mostly in slurpy swamp

    72. Mike Meyers


    73. Austin Neel

      Wolverine spawns in weeping woods or slurpy swamp and walks in a circle around those places...trust me he scared me to death when I looked for him.

    74. Htz Willo

      Who else liked before the vid started?

    75. deweerd niels

      Wolverine is in weeping dumsh*it

    76. lucky Shooter78

      Wolverine Is by slurpy swamps

    77. Splash - Brawl stars

      If he was in the future he would know that it spawns every game

    78. Eve Somalinog

      Inforce fresh you should look up the Wolverine claws next time because over time when he has them when he heals himself that so that's how he so that's how we brought himself back up stupid

    79. Eve Somalinog

      Brett fresh I got a good idea why don't you just playing battle rap noob

    80. IamNotGodBG

      You was elimated by sini27

    81. Goku Black2321

      Gilo gilo

    82. Aleksandar Awad

      Sini lmao

    83. M Hafiz

      On the bright side at least you found wolverine

    84. Edis Bešić

      5:25 Sini27 VS Fresh😂(Balkan VS America) GG Sini

    85. Gowshik Gamer

      omg hp increases

    86. Susana Cebula


    87. LUS Ed

      It sounded like he was crying

    88. SurfSide Gamer

      Weeping woods or Slurpee swamps that is where wolverine could be

    89. Redux Gamingyt

      Fresh who does not know bison sound effects

    90. Ye Ly Caraballo

      Wolverine is at weeping and slurpy

    91. Isak Nazarov

      10:33 Wolverine heals by himself

    92. N.J dude

      funniest video ever from from fresh ' i love fresh I want to play with him

    93. Jayne Mirzan


    94. Carson Hayden

      The claws are good you’re just bad with them.

      1. dylan j ng

        Shut up he just didn't know how to use them

    95. Flufyyy_ Paper

      It sucks he's too overpowerered He gets back up and gets spawn protection it's annoying AF

    96. David Soto-Lancheros

      9:36 he barely knew that he was using his pickaxes 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    97. Bilal Musa

      Fun fact: Wolverine has a healing factor, which explains why he can revive himself.

    98. Senathia Johnson

      He got 600 hp

    99. Senathia Johnson

      He got 600 up

    100. Anna-Alicia Rodgers

      Well yeah, that's what we expected