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    1. Xr mohammed gamer

      1:34 fresh you disappointed me

    2. vito stancar

      Groots ball does do demage

    3. IMKevin117 - Animations/Gameplays

      Okay I don't give a shit about you playing the game. I wanna see any man. Where is it?

    4. Ibrahim Mahmoud

      I use code fresh 😀😃😄🙂🙃😉🥳🥳🥳🥳

    5. Ibrahim Mahmoud

      I use code fresh 😀😃😄🙂🙃😉🥳🥳🥳🥳

    6. David Soto-Lancheros

      4:42 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    7. Henryb0t

      whats up guys yes, ant man in fortnite

    8. Blasna Drxp

      Is it just me or ant-man showed up for me 1st try?

    9. loot_lama_time07

      It said I I squashed him

    10. EuropeanTriggers

      I got the legacy squish, landed on antman!

    11. Ralp Magnusson


    12. Sohan Naidoo

      The new dog house.

    13. Snap Shot 2.0

      Obviously Fresh has never seen the Ant-Man movies 😂

    14. world of dubia

      Using Quinjet mythic loot only

    15. Brody Moran

      Wait fresh didn’t watch ant man... Marvel fans rise

    16. The gaming house

      Every time I have seen it

    17. TheNek17

      The blood sample was actually the shrink thing that makes ant man an ant

    18. Kaitlin Impellizzeri

      Pin me and I will comment something you should do for content

    19. ido besserglik

      6 50

    20. ToyBurger

      Fresh: so this must be like a blood sample or something Hank Pym: PYM PARTICAL

    21. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    22. Bananaman 6267

      2 most favorite lines of the video 1. Saw dude, ya like ants 2. Just finished peeing on my sports car

    23. XxBxbblesxX

      Does this work..?! Fresh Fresh Fresh

    24. Toxic_ Jaeden

      Anton is not a dog it’s a big ant

    25. Trevor trevis

      this with amp man was very funny

    26. Aboy Ace


    27. BB Ryan

      This place all spawns

    28. melisa watson

      i am do wun fresh jk its you

    29. Lesley Brookes

      Hello fresh My name is sam

    30. JustFelony

      Fresh:drops gray pistol Jason:Jason is not proud of you

    31. Jose Hurtado


    32. Hamza Alkhatib

      I can’t believe he called my pym particular “blood samples”.

    33. Emily Munoz

      is that a blood sample

    34. Zta Isaac Gamer

      What if there was an ant man superpower and for ps4 L2 was grow and R2 was shrink

    35. LazarBeam

      Watch 6:48 in 0.25x speed. How does he flick that good??

    36. TR7I 65

      That's fun but LOL

    37. Jaxson Luscombe

      I love you because whenever I’m sad I watch you and I laugh whenever I watch you. :)

    38. Micah King

      Fresh: This must be like a blood sample or something... Me: *facepalm* PYM FREAKIN PARTICALS

    39. Yellow Gummy

    40. Rob Charron

      I got it first try

    41. Hossam Barhom k

    42. Mr. Sandman

      Get it, small chance, Antman can turn small

    43. kurisu ochiru

      Actually could he be added to the story mode

    44. Hungry Horse

      RIP PP

    45. S Alzahid

      Fresh a guy copied u exoticwingo

    46. Andrew Giannotta

      When fresh called a Pym Particly a blood sample...

    47. UpscaleTjraptor

      You could of upgraded your weapons

    48. oon Anton

      my name is on the bowl :)

      1. oon Anton

        i watched the video and fresh said my name sounds cool :)))))))))))

    49. pikachu with a caprisun

      "that must be like a blood sample or something" its pym particle...

    50. Chawlie Fkcfjcjf

      Did you watch endgame

    51. beanbag290

      "7:17" fortnite money > It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    52. chechar lopez

      Fresh and lazar or cool boy😎😎😎

    53. shin Joyce


    54. Xavier Séguin

      As a skin

    55. Xavier Séguin

      Antman is in fortnite


      6:45 how??

    57. Sam Brown

      If you go on EU it always spawns

    58. Loki On crip

      Stop capping with the skin bro

    59. Gingery Gamer

      Omg your insnae

    60. Jan Ortiz

      Who else keeps getting Fresh Re uploading old videos

    61. Allison Kempe


    62. JJ


    63. Aironox

      why does he sound like he is trying so hard to talk

    64. KNG Fallen


    65. Clcskylands

      Hi please read my name

    66. Mr Simple



      Didnt a antman skin already come out?

    68. AntRM

      3:49 fresh”:Anton’s a cool name!” Me with my name being Anton: 🥺


      Ok I'm about to make a long compilation of all of freshes intros to all his videos

    70. Bradley Jadoonanan

      Hi fresh I love your vid and I love that you upload everyday because lannan does not post everyday like you.

    71. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    72. Your Average Nerd

      Did he seriously think that the Pym Particles were a blood sample?

    73. CARPOOL XX

      No clue what you're doing with spawns every time for me

    74. YouTube Drxzzy


    75. Manuel Diuk

      it always spawns in arena

    76. Kittykatchambergaming 123

      Anton is ant mans pet

    77. Oni Dewanjee

      1:18 that was me never thought it was Fresh tho

    78. IsaacVI (Fortnite)

      Fresh every 5 secs: DAMN

    79. Гүюг Батбаатар

      Fresh: is that a blood sample? Me: VISIBLE CRINGE

    80. getting 1000 subs with 6 videos

      If anyone is struggling just remember God has a plan for everyone. And he’ll help you come through ❤️❤️

    81. brunča_ xd

      When 6 mil ends he will already have 7 lol

    82. gaming sylas666

      click that thick subscribe button

    83. Cindy Pint

      Ones in solo people were teeming

    84. Quick Black Fox

      Sorry to say fresh but I got the Ant Man POI to spawn 10 times in a row

    85. Dawson Bullington

      Ight y’all fortnite youtubers are starting to piss me off like bruh those aren’t blood samples they are pin particles just simply watching the movies could give u this knowledge

    86. Fir Real


    87. ant

      I know you guys don’t like self promoters but it would mean the world to me if you would take the time to sub to me all I want is a support a creator code, thank you all have a great day!

    88. Jesus Ferrer

      Can I get a like I love ur HUgets video

    89. Emerald Dragon

      I got this notification 4 days later

    90. ikram uddin

      1:03 someone killed someone with a bear? What’s a bear look in the bottom left corner

    91. LuckyDad40

      Very Nice.

    92. Kai Gormly

      No one You’re bad at the game Everyone You’re a sweat

    93. Gaming Buds

      Hey Fresh I used code fresh and bought an emote ( I know everyone uses code fresh and buy stuff and this comment is just stupid ) But Idc this is my first time buying something. Anyways just wanted to say thank you for such good content.

    94. Larson Tobya


    95. Penguin

      Bruh that’s pym particles they used for time travel in Avengers Endgame not a blood sample 😭

    96. YT ELLZZ

      Code fresh

    97. Ashton Cramer

      imma just like every comment that says blood sample

    98. Dafindra Dipta Pahlevi

      Play in ps fresh and you will find that place 100%

    99. Sebastian Pereira

      it is making me crazy to

    100. TrappedPlayz 993

      Who else got a 45 minute ad?