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    1. Yoyo Thingz

      Fresh plays on Brazil’s servers. Fresh: sooo bad Me who plays on $200 laptop: what’s he complaining about

    2. Maruchan Beast93

      Use code FRESH NOW!

    3. Mendu Mustafi

      part 2 coming season 5

    4. platinum knight

      Bruh he has 120 to 240 FPS and I have 60 I get a win every 2 days as well


      I’ve never reached 0 ping hopefully today I will lol

    6. IC Gaming

      Wait season 4 doesn’t have charges anymore

    7. Fe4r is sαntαシ

      Day one of waiting for hey guys no(^。^)

    8. Sa M

      Who else plays on Europe servers

    9. drifty 4e

      im middel east

    10. Fox 435

      this is what i got in uk

    11. Rippley and Drago

      Subscribe to Rippley And Drago

    12. Her old

      Eu servers are a whole lot different from the other servers. You can never exspect whts happening on them. Even as european.

    13. Her old

      I'm german and the skin for europe represents my country. Bavaria (Bayern in german) to be precise.

    14. Cody Miles

      I feel awful watching these vids cuz they complain about 300 ping and it’s my average ping

    15. Twich TV Kitty

      I Play In Europe Severs With 11 Ping

    16. Multico

      Good job mate

    17. taneshia whitlow


    18. HMR

      I'm still waiting for middle east

    19. lol 123

      I am late

    20. Hassan Aamir

      I have 1000 ping all the time do you think about it

    21. Carol Buckley

      What servers do you play on????

    22. Blothers Legacy

      You are the one who killed me......

    23. Rashad WilkersonLay

      Big D gayyyy

    24. Rashad WilkersonLay

      Big ad gayyyyyy

    25. Miniwand

      I play on Eu servers

    26. Abcd Blablabla

      What is ping

    27. Justin Joes

      Know what report them and if u jump and hit ur axe bro ur banned

    28. Joanne Cox

      I play in eroupe because I live in eroupe

    29. Luke Anderson

      I was one of the NA East people you killed 😂😭

    30. YAT YOSHI


    31. Joey Siroski

      Cool :)

    32. CyFi

      300 ping again oof 👌🏻

    33. CyFi

      U can’t crank oofffffff

    34. CyFi


    35. CyFi

      I only have 50 ping

    36. CyFi

      300+ ping sucks bro

    37. CyFi

      Ya press that thicc boi

    38. Bear And Friends!

      Fresh I wish I can play like you! because I’m suck!

    39. EpicGazza 1401

      Did u know that zombies come back

    40. Auguste Gibson

      The Brazilian servers are like my normal ping😂

    41. Al-Hussein El-Deeb

      Welcome to Egyptian world

    42. Daniel Moffat

      I play on na east

      1. Daniel Moffat

        And I ok because I live in the usa

    43. ateia gaas

      giant bomb

    44. Kieran Mullen

      I play EU servers and it’s alright servers

    45. Joy Deemer

      I play on na east guess I live in that area

    46. banana

      And also I just notice that I was in fresh's game so wtf

    47. banana

      No offense but is it just me or does PC or professional gamers just make a big deal about fps, ping or refresh rates like I myself play on Europe but my games look like I am playing in Brazilian servers with POTATO wifi

    48. Samurai

      hey I am nae

    49. S4lt Wind

      I remember when i killed someone with a fire trap XD

    50. Augustinas nežinomas

      A lot of people team on Europe servers

    51. Gamer Brothers

      I love your vids

    52. Meliodas 7ds

      I love Eu cause i live in Eu

    53. Maxalotl

      The first game is how I usually play....

    54. Techno TC

      mrfresh *asian*

    55. JTtheBEAST37

      Now u know how I feel

    56. peep

      I play on NA East woah...... what u want... O_O bye.....

    57. Aidan Kelly

      whats wrong ith eu mate wanna go mate

    58. Kennet Poiss

      Fres:its soooo bad ping the ping:23 me:its over 9000

    59. Christopher Turcios

      im always like at 1,000 ping

    60. Jared Smith

      Me who averages 250 ping on my own servers

    61. Gaming Discovered

      I like how he says shockwaves aren’t good on lag but he proceeds to use it a second after he he says that

    62. YSR12


    63. Neyosa Matchatis

      My ping is 500 or 1000

    64. Manuel Espinoza

      A mexican skin on brazil servers lets go

    65. myfs brax

      thick hat

    66. BLTZ Reaper

      The comments are full of people complaining about their ping, trying to make others feel sorry for them.

    67. TR7I 65


    68. Maxinud


    69. Allfuels


    70. Jake Vints

      I get 300 ping on a good day

    71. Eric Chi

      1B ping

    72. darkz btw


    73. indoorson1100 SON

      I love you I love you as a HUgets or but get it right it’s Dr. doom get it right

    74. Supreme Kage

      Fresh 300 plus ping me over here on my own servers with over 3000 ping do u think its a game fresh

    75. Kevin Moussallem

      Ive never seen someone complain about ping more than him, he just doesn't shut up

    76. kamo greenYT13


    77. De'Quinten Pritchard

      I dear you to play brillzill severs for a month cuz brilzill severs is The most easy severs ever

    78. Deravi Deravi

      Put the video at max speed thank me later

    79. Kyrian Hall

      Playing on my server's I have around 450 ping

    80. Rylee Stewart

      Fresh: 300 ping is so bad, there’s no way I’m getting a win Me: Getting back-to-back wins on 350 ping

    81. Admin Playz

      I can explain the teleportation: package loss. Package loss makes the servers unregister what you do so you have to try a few times. This means that if you jump or walk or do anything, it has a chance of undoing that.

      1. Nam Do

        You mean *packet* loss

    82. LOST man

      Lol fresh is complaining about 300 ping and how delayed everthing is well that’s my normal ping, if I play in servers verry far away my game just doesn’t work.

    83. Sanjai Anne

      What about middle East servers

    84. Glaxick Boi

      Welcome home to Asia

    85. Mateo Cuadros

      6:07 shock waves are not at lag me dude that’s because you placed it bad

    86. Noah Farag

      not sure if it is a good a idea but each kill you change your language

    87. Nite plays

      i use fire traps its good to use 5:55

    88. Plz no Oh

      I get 500 ping

    89. Wooden Lits

      What about the middle-east 😢

    90. Redmaster457

      He broke the unspoken rule of not killing someone while they are doing a challenge at 8:48

    91. JADEN LO

      Fresh: 300 ping servers are bad Me: chillin in 1000 ping

    92. Laila Salameh

      i love you

    93. Ki11boy47

      Of course he wins on Asia servers

    94. ahat966

      2:45 🖕

    95. RavenMpro /محسن

      I’m Arabic

    96. Malcolm Fridberg

      I love how he complains because he plays 1 game on 200 ping but in south Africa that's normal for us

    97. Dvx _Edwardgames

      Newest gives 2 png

    98. Xzylity

      hey Fresh can you bring back you intro R.I.P kid fresh and brite gunner skin

    99. ADAM DESIR

      Fresh is complaining about 300 ping 10 ping for me doesn’t even load in