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    1. Mr. prince

      egg are apart of easter because the egg, an ancient symbol of new life, has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus' emergence from the tomb and resurrection

    2. WrangWrang is me

      Noice mate love ya

    3. Valstrax

      I *HOP* everyone has a good Easter

    4. Evan Heneveld

      Fresh: It’s a fishy boi! Yes! Eat your damn eggs!

    5. Aire Lohu

      Wait THAT WAS YOU?????

    6. Luca SCALES

      There are eggs because it represents the birth of Christ I’m not Christian but I know that cause my grandma is

    7. Fin H

      Eggs are a part Easter because new life and joy

    8. Roman Melendres

      Fresh offers eggs to enemies Fortnite u will be banned for teaming with enemies

    9. Issabella Vargas


    10. Sheepclan Gaming

      That dummy killed you

    11. Sheepclan Gaming

      That’s why dummies are dummies

    12. Ack

      I hope that Dummy and fishstick get karma

    13. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

      8:51 how can you be that toxic. I mean wtf fishstick

    14. Rage_Man 1992

      This is my nightmare

    15. Oliver Huang

      No offense to the people who like chocolate I think it is tooooooooo sweet.

    16. CONGEO

      Not a good thumbnail

    17. Midas

      When the thumbnail is SUS

    18. JTM

      Dose enyone know why eggs for Easter :me yes I know cause I am a Christian it means in the shape of the tome stone in the Easter story mr fresh!

    19. Dominic Sausto

      I saw him do 69 damage

    20. Gee Donoghue

      The dummy has no life

    21. GummyBears 3.0

      There are 70 eggs behind stalsestronhold

    22. Reign Hubbard

      eggs are apart of Easter cause of Jesus Christ and the 3 days he was buried in the tome because they have 3 layers

    23. Arjun Achuthan

      I cried at 8:52 :(

    24. mini_fresh

      As you can see I love fresh

    25. mini_fresh


    26. Jennifer Oakes

      The egg is a sign of Jesus's tomb

    27. Tanya Willett

      And. fresh

    28. Tanya Willett

      Happy. Ester. everywon

    29. GoldenPrime

      “ Give me my eggs back,” me: why you giving em then Fresh again: you only get one, while he still throws more than one. Me:ima head out

      1. RmSebat Gaming


    30. sir. Capuchino

      Why He looks like ecp 4000

      1. sir. Capuchino

        Especific the rabbit man

    31. Nail C. Causevic

      POV: The kid who didn't wanna have the chocolate was on a diet.

    32. Mochiato

      Betrayal 😔

    33. KatSon07

      man that is saveg

    34. jade

      So nice

    35. Ethan

      What happened to those og days

    36. the goat

      love your vids

    37. Tina Nicholl


    38. Gert Labuschagne

      1 like = 1 rip fresh

    39. El4aby7

      Fresh 2021 : " Eat my damn eggs" lol

    40. Michael Bellamy Year 7

      I watch you wile you sleep

    41. Tired_Talkshow

      Easter was originally a greek holiday until christians took it the eggs stand for new life because it hatches into a chick and in spring that is when the flowers bloom and when the trees get leaves

    42. FleXy

      I love how the stonks kid was wearing a meme skin but can’t except a meme smh 🤦‍♂️

    43. Juan Fernando Rodríguez Diaz

      para jugar grupo

    44. Gʀᴀᴄᴇ


    45. TheJawSpinner

      That thumbnail is going to give me nightmares at bed time

    46. Louie Bonneau

      1:20 it’s a religious reason

    47. CougarMerkin Xbox

      Your the best

    48. CougarMerkin Xbox

      Hi hi hi

    49. Gooi_Guy

      Fresh should have ate the eggs for some egg-speriance

    50. Gooi_Guy

      Such an egg-celent video because he is an egg-spert at fortntie

    51. Ollie COSTELLO

      F that dummy skin

    52. Sunny Bove

      The well-groomed pest complimentarily amuse because billboard immunophenotypically flood qua a thin event. stormy, vast pollution

    53. Lil My1es

      imma be honest i forgot fresh existed 👁👄👁

    54. Benstation

      I feel u i did the same they just shotguned me in the Face ik im late but hippy easter to you and lazar

    55. Lazar Fan

      I have seen my dad put the eggs out

    56. Ceidy Reyeshi ghrfjgkjkYtgg

      He forgot the ego in wepping wods

    57. Ayden Chavez

      All Easter eggs spawns 1:10

    58. Adrien sendio


    59. Keira Bollmann

      no "whats up guys yes" Depressing

    60. Freddy Rockstar

      Easter eggs mean new life

    61. Samurai

      Everyone who killed fresh is the worst people

    62. Cruz Dimas

      1:59 easter mafia

    63. Casimir Moninghoff

      A dummy betrays the Easter hunt lol, get it lol a dummy

    64. windsorite_89

      thats one of the worst parts of this game, is the players. i would never be able to kill someone giving me eggs in a match lol

    65. King Smitty

      It’s weird to watch his stream then his videos because he doesn’t swear anymore in videos but in streams he does


      the real easter egg sybol starting a new life from an egg and the egg represents the start of a new life

    67. Selena S

      It was my birthday last Saturday

      1. Selena S

        And i ternd 8 !

    68. L.A.G

      happy easter

    69. Cybertron


    70. Ashley R

      i had no easter

    71. Brody radcliff


    72. Max Simon


    73. Ani Sarhadian

      The person below me is cool😎

    74. Emma Appleton

      Your a good

    75. Peril525

      Eggs are part of easter because the original holiday was combined with a feritility holiday or something, so that's why it is

    76. Zaid Ahmad

      So what we learned is fresh is running out of content

    77. Jack Rezek

      The outro 😢

    78. Isaiah Stewart

      Btw the green guy shot you once because you gave the guy he was fighting eggs which healed him

    79. Colton Crouse

      happy easter fresh

    80. Pavan kumar Reddy

      Ya a great Easter where I got school yesterday

    81. Happy Boi

      sorry that some peeps btraed you

    82. Mostafa Alkady

      You said you quit wright

    83. Ohene Aseda Buabin


    84. A.E Gaming

      Im nicr

    85. e.t.gamingYT youtube

      7:27 cheeky pump lessgo

    86. Elise Dikmans

      Im sick at easter

      1. Elise Dikmans


    87. Jack R

      I broke my leg before Easter

    88. MVEMTiger YT

      Happy easter: :) The thumbnail: :(

    89. Jaxson Stuart

      Hope you haveing a good easter fresh and lannan

      1. Jaxson Stuart


    90. Philip Kenyon

      It's hop hop time

    91. Urh Banovec

      there's more easter egg spawners!

    92. kob3n

      what happend to pmack?

    93. Yi Chong Darrik Woo

      NOOOOO easter is ruined DUMB TRYHARDS

    94. Praying Mantis

      Every one have a great Easter 🐣

    95. Simon Aitken

      the last spawn you showed has ten

    96. gileknez

      I can be ur friend

    97. Mr21 X

      Guys we know who the Easter bunny is it’s fresh lol

    98. Royal Assassins

      It’s funny cause there is actually 14 different places around the map that spawn eggs

    99. adrijan abramovic

      My family died