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    1. Nonasenpai

      He should have used castaway jones at the end.

    2. Hudson Derosier

      ✝️✝️✝️Jesus loves you so much, he is the only way to heaven, turn to him today✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏

    3. Dwight Schrute

      Wow. Fresh's hiccups sound... normal

    4. Əňňāřđ


    5. Fortnite Kidd

      Two people got banned am I the only one that noticed

    6. Terrellgotgame

      Anyone else was thinking about the tralala emote from the title?

    7. Aditya Pradeep Chandran

      why do people emote near zero point? 6:41

    8. Shane Goulet

      I like when 2 gamers got hit with the banhammer


      Just don't look at my nickname !

    10. CHUN HAY LI


    11. Sentinel

      saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #34: yes

    12. S Te Tomo

      The challenge god rite here

    13. Jenny Magri

      And only use code Fresh plez

    14. Jenny Magri

      That sounds cool

    15. Brendon Ruvolo

      Fresh is a bot 〠

    16. anime bi***

      imagine, the challenge were your in a game and the colour next to your name is the rarity you use.

    17. Bad B!txch

      Fortnite but y sensitivity is 0 and X sensitivity is 100%

    18. ivona_

      i bought the stuffie smasher pickaxe bc of the sound and now i realised you can't even hear it in the game wtf :(

    19. Dark

      6:48 He failed the challenge cause he said if he gets hit first he can fight but that bot never hit him yet

    20. Carolyn Lynch


    21. William Lovering

      WHATS UP GUYS YES! hes said that about 1000 times

    22. Aarav Chharia

      Fresh: *wants the robot to shoot him* Also Fresh: *complains about the robot shooting him* me: 0_O

    23. Xd

      *fresh*”I need to work out.”turns on fortnite,yeh I can make a video on dis

    24. Taktik FN

      fun fact: if you use code fresh, you become ripped

    25. Eli Birkett

      I give In america and i still love lanan and fresh

    26. Mutation

      Fresh is the best player ever do you agree?

    27. Chickenful 5731

      Fresh always has great titles and clickbait

    28. Oreo141

      This is the difference between lannan and fresh. Lannan will spend 7hours+ to get us a completed challenge. Fresh ... quits. Smh

    29. Jacob Johnson

      Use Code: Lazar

    30. Chelsea Warrior

      Ouse your shock waves

    31. Los G

      He killed the bot but he didn't get hit by the bot

    32. JayonGaming

      Omg fresh missed a shot.. 3:37

    33. Feidhlim Donoghue

      so bot was straight vibing outside the circle

    34. Tweb 18

      Is no one gonna call out the fact that this man is jump roping and not skipping.

    35. Chris Rahme

      Bruh make chalenge using only your gold in fuckin fortnite

    36. Bearsome !

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, When Fresh suffers, He gets a view!😂

    37. Anastassia Fleming

      I’m trash

    38. Gamer Squad


    39. Michael Du Plooy

      At least your mashashing your but so your shit comes out better

    40. Vesp Tama


    41. Vesp Tama

      Day 1 of trying to get Fresh to say, "What's up guys, NO."

    42. LIL GUMMO

      You're not gonna be 1st ever

    43. Gabriel Playz

      I got s challenge idea harvest every mat you can see

    44. Exotic Sino


    45. Dr • KB

      Remember super fresh😂😂😂

    46. Blackhawks294

      Day 1 of getting fresh tk see my comment

    47. Mohamed Abaza

      I saw the title and I thought he skipped the game not the emote

    48. Javier Ellis

      what do you move when the guy shooting our when hit

    49. K. Owen

      Fresh in 1:02 idk why I'm doing this Also Fresh : I NEED VIDEO IDEAS!!

    50. jason worthy

      Just keep skipping Just keep skipping

    51. Billy Gerber Paranormal Activity

      Ehos here in 2050

    52. Ravia Sidhu

      1:59 u killed me :(

    53. Max Meissner

      Do the challenge where you can only kill skins if you can name them

    54. Garvit

      Fresh very confidently chose the fat jonesy thinking that he can make him fit

    55. Kaze Ogork

      Petition for fresh to change his code to yes.

    56. Isaac Harron

      U could have hired man cake

    57. William Bowness

      Can you add me splx will

    58. DuaLiraz

      7:30 two peoples got banned??!?!!?

    59. Multiple games

      why don’t you get the storm scout

    60. AJ Warren

      If your skipping don’t skip this video

    61. cat boi 123

      Can cats skip?

    62. Amit Kochhar

      Hilarious 😂😂

    63. Amit Kochhar

      Love these type of videos

    64. CloudGamer

      Hope everyone has a great day! If you subbed to my channel I would appreciate it a lot!

    65. Sharina Razali

      Fresh said 6 when the number was number 8? Fresh u ok?

    66. Sebastian Lopez

      8:36 I need my materials While he has Max MATS

    67. Liam Ortega

      At time 7:36 people were stuck by ban hammer

    68. Bleazed

      Robot actually do not hit fresh and he eliminated him

    69. GAMERLAD _

      I heard a voice crack at 7:50

    70. Anders Parenteau

      When you run out of video ideas😂

    71. A Young

      This is a lazarbeam sort of thing

    72. ttv_jakebtw YT

      Fresh to get the hiccups out you need to drink water and have someone plug your ears while doing do

    73. DareDevilDudes

      interesting skin

    74. Anthony Nguyen

      That robot didnt even hit him 6:48

    75. Andrew Shaw

      I would’ve laughed if he got sniped when he found the llama

    76. Albert Arvizo

      8:51 All that effort for Nothing LOl Priceless.....

    77. BlueCowboy14

      You should’ve done the “tra la la” emote

    78. Joey The Boi • 69 years ago

      Dying to storm is possibly the worst feeling in fortnite

    79. AUS CLAN

      Day 144 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    80. EthanGamerTv

      :lazar no you dick head you can not use the Grappa :Fresh Sorry dad

      1. EthanGamerTv


    81. Bananemoji

      My idea!

    82. Hamza_ ZanderBFFs

      I love you are awesome you are the best

    83. its your friendly gusher

      please someone noticed the fact that fresh had the gold glitch until 9:11 in the video

    84. Golden_reapers Hi

      He past a storm scout

    85. nono nonononono

      you say thats inposible when LAZERBEAM WAS ABLE TO WIN WITHOUGHT MOVEING

    86. Ralph Penman


    87. FaZe Jayla

      I think fresh loves the gold glitch

    88. Harjeet

      Did someone notice the players getting banned during the match with banhammer LOLL!!!

    89. Shaun Sregit

      Why is fresh’s thumbnail his old skin instead of the kondor skin

    90. Unknown gaming

      Did he legit get a gun from a llama?

    91. legosoccer123

      I love how he went from dad bod jonesy to bunker jonesy 🤣

    92. Brandon Tran

      when you do a traversal emote, people with their visual sound effects can hear you from a long distance

    93. Fire Tag

      Video idea------ ride in master chiefs truck thing for a whole game

    94. Levi Dubroff

      Fresh *memes* Lazarbeam: your dad is so proud of you

    95. emeric Kennedy

      ever thought that fresh maybe plays/records his game then comments on it after!

    96. this Jack 67

      Omg he started swering

    97. Tricia Ho

      I LOVE how when fresh can’t complete a challenge he plays a montage of him dying to make us laugh 👍👍👍

    98. Zach The dogo

      You,can see the people the were ban in chat

    99. Future YT