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    1. Niek Hofman

      Fresh should’ve killed 3 guys and let the last one reboot for more kills

    2. Thinknoodlesfan

      Fresh: there can only be one thicc molten chick

    3. Malcolm Cowley


    4. mongoose train 1 noice

      Best youtuber ever

    5. samuel Jay silly boy

      What about mau

    6. ThatsMeLol

      poggers moment

    7. James Foster

      lol towards the end the video turns into a mythic only challenge

    8. BM Alpha

      Hey can I take this title, I wear the skin the most lol

    9. Alpha Diallo

      hardly any ammo in his magazin

    10. kiaan sawant

      Can someone tell me how many time did fresh say most cracked raider

    11. David Warren

      Fresh + full mythic loadout = 28 elim victory royale

    12. Tomas St. Germain-Dufresne


    13. Adelle Dawson


    14. george kollaris

      He makes it look easy


      6:27 that’s what she said 😂

    16. Turtle that Plays

      Swediest raider

    17. Lalita Ray

      code fresh code fresh code. Fresh code fresh code fresh code fresh code fresh

    18. Jah'Khir Murphy

      How he have that skin I have gingerbread raider

    19. alia ferguson

      The gullible gusty dew critically stir because hockey differently time plus a separate french. cultured, endurable granddaughter

    20. Faris Shomali

      Fresh loves season two so much it’s the authority and he say the agency

    21. Aditya lal

      This was so weird cause eyou are already cracked

    22. Tyler Rampasard

      That thick dub tho top 10 anime moves

    23. Johnny Feavelen

      The shut fat timely land because horse uncommonly cough plus a protective russia. faint fair, rampant salad


      I love the blaze renegade raider

    25. Amazing Gamer

      Fresh: Hopefully I don’t get rushed in the vault unless a shark appears in the vault with me

    26. Jay Mitchell

      I take a hole squad in 1 game

    27. Mason Lindblom

      When you don’t realize that fresh practically the the mystic on the challenge

    28. Sam Hollett

      What if i use code Lazar?

    29. Elisio Dsilva

      This is how many times Fresh said cracked renegade raider 👇

    30. Eric Gamble

      who can tell me how many times fresh said "Most cracked renigade raider in fortnite" ???????????????????

    31. Aaron goodrich

      0:12 Cremation || Extreme edition V2

    32. Aaron goodrich

      0:08 Mexican jumps Trump's wall

    33. Sangeetha Kolluru

      I feel bad for the banana

      1. AS Jay


    34. Deathavrex

      Fresh ignored blue ar 3:42

    35. Malachi Howard

      You don’t know how to use the charge. That is why you hate it.

    36. Mason McClelland

      For christ sake it's not grapple it's a grappler jesus

    37. Epic Mitch

      Who is watching this when the ginger bread reneged raider is. Out

    38. Epic Mitch

      So if you kill 8 people it’s just 2 squads you are insane 10000000/1000000000. 🥳

    39. Marsiol Manzano

      Love your vids

    40. Rosa Zamora

      I love renegade raider and I have the blaze

    41. spinoraptorattack

      Animals are better sweats suck

    42. Fernando Yamin

      Fresh: 28 elims...we’ll take it! Me: *sweating my godamn hardest to get a 4 kill dub and actually get it* LETS GO IM THE BEST PLAYER IN THIS GAME!!

    43. Jxden

      How does fresh has a merry mint axe even tho he is in Australia

    44. Michael Mendoza-Trujillo

      I feel bad for peely

    45. Elay Yekotiel

      Um I like how fresh has a green ar and doesn’t see blue

    46. Ghost

      Are you a wanna be blaze rename raider lol

    47. Joylyn Manago

      in a build battle

    48. Joylyn Manago

      fresh do you you think that you could beat fearless

    49. Jxhn

      Weird How they added fire during a water season???

    50. LaBarron Dailey Jr

      Fresh left a purple scar behind the airdrop in the vault

    51. dns_falldamage

      Just watched a 3 year old fearless video, comparing that to this i feel sorry for humanity.

    52. Ahsan Majid

      I miss the AUTHORITY

    53. TOASTY


    54. soundofmusicians

      its how u said lazer to sing for u

    55. Leo Darby

      Do you have og renagade raider and what season did you start in

    56. Rafael Monsonego

      I am tiko

    57. Nature Wing

      It’s dope

    58. Jackson Falkum

      who has the skin | | | \/

    59. _S_Gamer12

      Is anybody else waiting for him to say "what's up guys, no" cuz I am

    60. Ali

      Fortnite needs to add a skin for fresh. HE IS CRACKED!

    61. Non-OG Gamer

      Isn’t even a renegade raider..

    62. FaZe_ BROCK29


    63. Weronika Szewczyk

      28 killss... 0-0

    64. Predator Scores


    65. DeefaulT

      fart nite 0:51

    66. Caleb McCarty

      Fresh is cracked

    67. Joshua Ali

      fresh is a botttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    68. ShadyDylan

      Damn dude kinda sucks I wasn’t playing the day it released. I want it crazy badly

      1. Haven

        same but it came out like 2 days ago lol still couldn't buy it

    69. Cobra 2211

      not real renegade raider

    70. Nileshni Kumar

      28 kills epic

    71. yahya sindy

      How many times did he say the most cracked renegade raider

    72. Jayden Blain

      Why would u take that rapid fire over drum gun rapid fire sucks

    73. SoundWave

      dont take rapid fire solo squads

    74. AUHSD Esports

      Fresh and the word thick

    75. Katana Queen's

      He ment his health is cracked he needed to mske it thiccest

    76. The Main ADR

      You should make a series called the most cracked skin in fortnite

    77. Burnsy Au


    78. Burnsy Au

      fresh is cracked

    79. Aduckbitmyfinga

      This is how many times fresh said Agency rather then Authority

    80. Spaztracks

      when i realized i was in the video but i realize i got clapped 1:49

    81. i microwaved my pillow

      U mean blaze aka renegade raider 2.0 aka WENEGADE WAIDER 2.0

    82. Gabriel Poisnel

      THATS MY MAN he takes a burst for a leg scar

    83. Samir goldar

      u aren't even og so u dont have the real renegade raider

    84. cxapz z

      Why did he kill a loserfruit skin before release

    85. Cameron Rao-Loche

      Wait at the beginning did he kill a sparkle specialist

    86. Music from XXXTENTACION

      Have u guys noticed when fresh is alone he's a big sweat but with squads he's not that good

    87. Meet Thakkar

      Poor banana

    88. Ady_drumming

      3:41 he didnt take the purple charge

    89. Hussein R

      Fresh what if you leave the drum gun not the more cross against it but now you’re starting again take the

    90. Lightning Striker

      Me realizing I’m watching at 144p

    91. Nick Ger

      Nobody: Fresh every time he kills someone: im the most cracked renegade raider in fortnite.

    92. Max Faul

      Hi im a fuckn ejit from ostrailea

    93. Jiggs


    94. gamerbattlepro

      Fresh wins me dies 100 games in a row

    95. Davier Mallia

      7ksubs= face reaveal

    96. Drizzy Savage

      extra title- making up content so i can sweat

    97. Cholo Bation

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:50

    98. Phineas Rowbotham


    99. Billy Noble

      Rip frenzy season 4

    100. BPE Scizzors