girlfriend picks my drop spot... MARVEL EDITION


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    1. Masa Abusirriya

      Hi fresh

    2. Graham Knepper

      u do know that only wolvarine storm and mystique r mutants right?

    3. Alex 0101

      Everyone like this comment if u think fresh should use a facecam

    4. Alex 0101

      Rip the blob island

    5. Kitten cat

      is anyone going to talk about how tessa is eating something at the beginning of everyone of these videos

    6. Astonlee15 brown

      Only mutants I know:wolverine mystique

    7. zeeshan Parkar

      Expose : fresh name his harely

    8. ny_jt ray

      you have to admit it she’s too adorable

    9. LazyShooter7282

      good ol' tessa

    10. Daniel Duma

      wait What?! his real name is Harley

    11. Crew Fisher

      Rip bogers

    12. jason and gabrielle koy

      Give me my user name is called 1299

    13. L3N Vibex

      7:50 aww 🥺

    14. jerome hartmanstorfer

      6:11 but hes not fro the battle pass and hes not marvel*illuminati meme sound

      1. jerome hartmanstorfer

        and he said only marvel

    15. Daniel Monz9n

      Hey Fresh why are your dad gay

    16. Caitlin Dalrymple

      Not being mean but In all the girlfriend picks my drop spot she is always eating

    17. gage burks


    18. Mohamed ElZarif

      did tena say marley to fresh is marley fresh's name

    19. edward frans


    20. JayJay A

      Do more videos like this pls with laser beam pls

    21. Scott Douglas

      Video idea: A new bingo?

    22. Leah Gagliardo

      Has anyone ever realize that Tessa always eats chips while Fresh does this

    23. Jason Arnold


    24. Jason Arnold


    25. Jason Arnold

      I love your vids were would I find pink

    26. Reed Benevento

      The blobs Took the boats and they are still alive but I do not know where they are :(

    27. Marijn Buijs

      You are too sweaty, try to enjoy from your gameplay

    28. savage games

      Girlfriend looks cute so cute

    29. Alex Condy

      I think fresh killed muselk at stark industries

    30. Debbie Segura

      The island is on his back fresh atole the island

    31. Hasse Rollings

      I like you cut g /slap 😵😁

    32. Trym Midtmoen

      the small blobs are in coral castle

    33. Ethan Pendlebury

      Do it Harley

    34. Eric M


      1. Eric M


    35. Luigi plush skits

      You made my day my Xbox broke and this video was so funny 😂 and I hope anyone Else that will read this I hope you have a good life😃

    36. Daya Jones

      Video idea tesa controls your game

    37. Sheridan St. Louis

      tessa is so funny

    38. Naomi Ruiz

      Iron man be lookin THICC

    39. Dark Soul80

      Me sees charge shotgun 🖐🏻😢 come back to me

    40. Terry Bell

      Can u play wit me and lazerbeam

    41. James Rodabaugh

      That girl from the truck was a hero the punisher girl

    42. Yanal Ejelat

      Fresh every time we see tesa in vid she is always eating

    43. bryan azka syahrudin

      R.I.P. Baby blobs. We will luv u!

    44. JonnyFun

      You know what they say, third time is a charm

    45. Mohammed Shaikh

      ..,,llllok,,kkkqkkkkkkkk Lalll.alaqq -“”””””,

    46. sal a boy

      Bruh he found all 3 llamas

    47. Farizul Jeffrey

      Fresh:im so sorry tessa!! Me:LItterly the blobs were in coral castle Fun fact: the blobs were moved in coral if you go there they play songs

    48. Anita Bhandary

      Hi fresh i love your and lannens ( lazeerbeam) s vids

    49. redoplay music

      i like how he doesnt worry about his kd on pc and it goes from 1.75 to 0.00

    50. MysticDragon

      Tessa sounds like a robot

    51. Springtrap

      Fresh’s: intro what’s up guys yes Lazars: intro what’s up body legends Random guys: intro what’s going on guys what’s going on guys what’s going on guys Please like everyone or I will find you and kill you

    52. Vishav 11

      Tessa is cute

    53. Jose L Lopez

      Anyone still here in 2025

      1. Jose L Lopez


    54. Alberto Guayanay

      This man gets llamas like me geting depression

    55. lol burger

      10:48 lol

    56. optimal gibby

      fresh's mind:KFC 3 for 1 Llama deal kfc:damn we made it to cheap again

    57. Tanner Archer

      I just got a 15 kill game

    58. joseph yonan

      Why did the bloobs go:(

    59. Gaige Logan Kooistra

      bolb ilend is still thar you need to do a secgerit challge

    60. LianoSpeeltSpellen

      F in the chat for blobb island

    61. Rezac Boyz

      Blobs moved to the giant shark

    62. Kaiden Roberts

      his gf made him getvthe lamals lol

    63. Bailey Monster


    64. Gwapfwuit Juice

      Plz check this out and i will be forever grateful if you do and share with your friends if you want to thx everyone

    65. Freek

      2:13 "I was hitting them with baseball bats"

    66. Cold lunch Noob

      6:38 I really didn’t know your name was harley

    67. ツGhost

      I think every single time fresh tell Tessa to pick his drop she is just eating food

    68. Brittanie Trent


    69. Ty Ty Your Shoes

      It’s so weird hearing someone call him Harley even though that’s his real name

    70. Ruby Jensen

      Fresh on the second go after the sad disappearance of the blobs you switched from a grey AR and a green charge to a Gold tac submachine gun and a gold spaz when you were supposed to stay with the AR and the charge

    71. Prinsesa Pascasio

      Rick lama

    72. Miguel Paradis

      He can deploy a crash pad wen your booy bomd and it cansols it out

    73. Roderick Tyree III

      you are in battle lab

    74. Teresa Ruiz-Tagle

      He film his girlfriend face but not he’s face. Bruh I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE

      1. Lit Clipz

        Look in literally any lazarbeam video

      2. Aiden a

        Everyone knows how he looks I can tell you just started watching him

    75. swirly

      Lazer beam is gay

    76. Armaan 2020 account

      He got 3 LIamas

    77. Reiley Alison

      I love ur name Harley it's so nice❤

    78. Little Street Guys

      He’s addicted to the Lazar and Cray kissing picture

    79. Parvez Khan

      Your name is Hayley 😨😱😱😨

    80. Julian Gonzalez

      They are X-Men

    81. DJBuchan

      The blobs were only for season 3 but then got blew up and they are gone

    82. Jessica Lynn

      Tjjsbis a video idea aswell kill skins that you have

    83. sitmusic99

      who remembers the moew moew pow pow like if you do

    84. Brody D

      I love you

    85. Evan Keeper

      4,000 xp whats that

    86. Evan Keeper

      Im as lucky as you i found 3 llamas in a game

    87. Kate Lewis

      When Tessa said the *robot butt*she could of said *the robutt*

    88. Tiko fan


    89. Chris Tetreault

      You are at 6.69 Million subs wow

    90. Hubbo

      if i was in click screw me and freesh will get along sooo well

    91. Annabelle Aldred

      I love this vid like if u agree

    92. Aiden Heuck

      Fun fact: the final kill fresh got was a marvel skin

    93. Not_Niska

      Tessa always be eating or drinking

    94. LeejaJacob

      lazarbeam is agay bit**

    95. Sabina Serej


    96. Jessica Allen

      What’s your real name

    97. Ian Campbell

      Fresh gets three lamas i try but I can’t get any I bet fresh girlfriend is better then me lol

    98. Kotopoulakis

      You have so beautiful girl

    99. christian felan

      A hahahaha hahahaha 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆

    100. Manya Bavishi

      Who all just waits for fresh saying 'whassup guys,yes.....'