CHEATING before the new season...


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    1. CoolKobi457

      This was uploaded on my birthday

    2. Rebecca Anderson

      That’s not cheating

    3. Sid Muppalla

      In Close Encounters I got fishing rods and harpoons and fished to get a scar and bolt

    4. Slick Ya

      u make this look so easy, in my games as soon as a harpoon comes i destroy some trees and then drop it and run away lmaooo

    5. Salso

      This kids is call pulling a Jarvis

    6. Suada Kanurić

      Did fresh say on end when he dies harpom

    7. Luke Baines

      Lazerbeam is a bot

    8. Luke Baines

      Good strategy fresh

    9. Arnold Rivera

      The selfish crib proportionately yawn because crayon microregionally comb aboard a humorous news. robust, infamous butter

    10. Di Spencertr69

      You think that harpoons is cheating? I saw a guy with a legendary pump in one shot.

    11. Jacob Smith

      Fresh starts streaming at 1:00 am for me....... oh well 10 hours of sleep are necessary.

    12. Lagst _

      i thought you actually downloaded hacks cuz of the title

    13. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    14. Shaik Farid

      Harpoon be like...

    15. FN sythe yt

      Yo this is hilarious

    16. David Jablonski

      ill take that victory royale

    17. Liam Stimpson

      They should have gave us 80 hp

    18. Liam Stimpson

      I did it too not gonna lie

    19. RYguy 546

      What music is this 0:45

    20. Nick Keglewitsch

      Roses are red Ketchup is too I liked my own comment And now it’s blue

    21. Buddy _ak21

      Wait who won the console giveaway

    22. Ayden Collinson

      Lol naughty fresh being cheeky

    23. Kalil Denny

      Fresh: “I HAD 12 ELIMS WITH JUST A HARPOON” Everyone else with snipers: hmm

    24. sarah pobog

      I got this notification on the 5 lol

    25. Scaminos

      8:16 I felt that 😔

    26. Zorce

      Fanny fact: this video is 9:11

    27. Jenell J

      I got purple pump from fishing in one shot

    28. Theodore Brioschi

      Fresh:this doesn’t work at range Player:shockwave looser

    29. Austin Younes

      Boy the new season is awesome

    30. Rdog

      Fresh: we have thirty nine uses Me: wow you can do math

    31. Gavinator2078

      Fresh pulling a jarvis

    32. Scott Johnson

      Fresh big brain

    33. Yeetimus Prime studios

      Imagine if he got banned and missed the live event

    34. Nathan Peter


    35. kawaii-jessica

      fresh be trash

    36. AUS CLAN

      Day 100 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    37. Santiago Salazar


    38. J4sp3r360

      Everyone: omg I don’t have a gun plz don’t shoot Fresh: professionals have standards

    39. Patricia Spence

      Can I have the New season 5 battle pass I subscribe and Like to you

    40. Nugs_OnYT

      Thiccest mandalorian in fortnite and you can only use the mythics


      Can you use the old intro please. I liked the vid and I subed

    42. Super_zero_62

      At time stamp 3:05 I got you with a hunting rifle

    43. Pikachu Zekrom


    44. Northen Goshawk

      So you harpooned me....

    45. Tor I Skogen


    46. SpRaY_GoaT YT

      Fresh after month: now I know how the faze jarvis feel! And yes in africa 3sec is one minute!

    47. Lujain Shumeina

      It is season 5 bro

    48. Squallycellar 25

      Fresh : I got nine elims Captions: he got nine of limbs

    49. Noah Games

      Why don’t you fish with the harpoon my friends got pumps and scars

    50. Boris Brown

      Do the fishy challenge it were u have to stay in water after 30 secs in looting or u have to die

    51. Frank Manus

      Imagine dancing on someone and having zero kills while wearing a recon expert

    52. Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl

      Team fishy are you fresh?

    53. Kiki Lala

      Tango tek song

    54. Xxtroyboy109xX

      Fish fresh

    55. Coleman On helium

      Your insane Jarvis I mean fresh

    56. Suzanne Blackburn

      I think fresh's nickname should be like lazerlazer but freshfresh

    57. wadekillermaorib


    58. ArctikTV

      brhu half clickbait i guess

    59. xiaomei zhou

      Looks like someone is not getting presents this Christmas

    60. Hyp3r

      Much love too you

    61. Hyp3r

      Plz read this, Fresh but I love your vids

    62. Joshua Berhenke

      Fresh I wish it was still here but in the game mode you can fish up weapons but the only way was to use the blue fishing rod

    63. Deante Battiste

      Imagine if half way through the video Fortnite banded him for cheating 😂😂😂

    64. austin ulleberg


    65. austin ulleberg

      i that skin was my team mate

    66. Koen Peters

      HE didn’t say “wassup guys yes.”

    67. GitSnowedm80

      wait....they put launch pads in one shot but not regular mode? what the fuck

    68. Leah Shattles

      I love you

    69. Ashley Waldron

      Fresh you know that pop off means die lol :)

    70. Blade on Yt

      Fresh is the best HUgetsr ever

    71. Invxy

      lol the length of the vid XD

    72. Mr Doge5000

      I once was fishing in one shot and I got a TACTICAL SMG

    73. Brian Rupp


    74. lucky ducky

      Fortnite see title: time to ban fresh😈😈

    75. Solar Legends

      "Hunting rifle and crap" Creamy: 😭😭😭😭

    76. Gamer Boi

      He said they had one kill they had on kill bc they just got rebuted

    77. Sophie Berteler

      :> swagger stagger!!! :>

    78. No One

      Epic: Were you cheating? Fresh: Well yes, but actually no

    79. KidKrown

      Guy: *dies* Fresh:*gets 70 wood* THIS GUY WAS STACKED

    80. Sayle Pollard

      didn't he do this already

    81. Markis 16


    82. Markis 16

      I am leaving console and coming to compo

    83. Owen Trantina

      Fresh be like: heh heh pokie pokie

    84. Markis 16

      Tho I am in USA but I might be able to play with Less ping

    85. Markis 16

      Launch pads are back ? Let’s goo ! I will be back on the 16

    86. Sentinel

      one shot :(

    87. Aidan Parrish

      He’s gonna be like laserbeam I want five of them

    88. Jai'r Condley

      fresh give me shout out is use code to get football skin.

    89. Neon Claps

      fresh bein like "FUCK YOU DANCING ON ME IM COPPING THAT VICTORY ROYAL" **video ends**

    90. Sari Jovel


    91. Terry James

      Am I the only one that noticed at 6:10, he has no crash pads, but can still do it????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Lillian Dotzert

      you hacked

    93. Kifluggs

      Epic games we have permanently disabled harpoon guns due to and Ltm

    94. Ayah Gamer11

      I already nee about that..

    95. Ameen Chamieh

      The most thing fresh likes to say is ( hello guys yes )

    96. ZG Vids

      What’s up guys yes

    97. Andrew Richey

      Bad freshy boi

    98. Redd Mumad

      They left guns in fishing last time, u could use scars

    99. Sean McConney

      Soundtrack is called swagger stagger for the start of vid

    100. Jonathan Duncan

      Fresh: “I HAD 12 ELIMS WITH JUST A HARPOON” Everyone else with snipers: hmm