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    1. iiRxnklo

      8:15 NO-SCOPE

    2. Isaac Pensyl

      Season is ease

    3. Juni Liu

      in my server they cost 400 gold

    4. AustinThePROMASTERGamer

      Whats up guys yes

    5. Temmie

      The lever action sucks

    6. Ben Hayton

      Hi fresh can you please play with me

    7. sammy_4749 the gamer boy

      i love when lazar dies

    8. Justyna Gibas

      I did subscribe and use your code and i wish i knew you just saying im a boy

    9. Eruptionzz_

      I went 5 of dam

    10. Neo Munn

      Fresh best youtuber

    11. Elite05Drew

      Exotic weapons we be plain Destiny up in here (Destiny is best)

    12. SnapesOnA Plane_1

      My guy Justin he’s already taken and he’s CRACKED at fortnite he’s so good OoAoOa😫😫😫😫

    13. safdar muhammad


    14. Sukhwinder Droch


    15. Dawn Toth

      Fresh can I add you

    16. Erin Ferrante

      Can you make me happy my dog just died I’m sad you’re the only one who likes me happy that some points but my mom also does

    17. Kayla Mckay

      lannan $ REMEMBR ME

      1. Kayla Mckay


    18. CobraSy S

      Lannan: Hits noscope Fresh: is surprised Fresh ten seconds later:Wow I found the new sniper

    19. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    20. David Najda

      The fast dipstick phenotypically post because note firstly moor beyond a lying form. versed, acid authority

    21. miloismilkshake hi

      What a copy fr9m warzone

    22. Dillon Rosset

      Lanan has a small heat stack after the noscope

    23. Darrin

      Every time I play I lose gold

    24. BraydenBrayden Lol

      Fresh got the EXOTIC and ended it the same way I did

    25. Arnez0520


    26. audrina527

      jingle bells jingle bells i am kinda tipsy HAHAH

    27. Hayes White


    28. Faisal Alsuwailem


    29. MineMasterAjay Gaming

      Please help me get them fresh

    30. HaloMaster BlackDeath

      I remmember watching this on lazars channel live but he had members only on 😓 sad life

    31. MR. FIRE


    32. Victoria Isabel

      Wass up guys no

    33. Matt Bradley

      Am a nice

    34. Matt Bradley

      I suck

    35. Matt Bradley

      I am now

    36. Matt Bradley

      Hi fresh

    37. Benjamin Johnson

      Fun fact: I lost all my gold cause of a glitch also fun fact I had 16235 gold another fun fact I’m very very veeerrrryyyy angry with epic cause they said it will appear next game but it didn’t.

    38. Gamez God

      I love da vids

    39. cswag

      You so good fresh I Subscribe to you Channel

    40. Jameson Gendron

      That was a perfect no scope headshot especially you we’re filming

    41. Jameson Gendron

      Planes are back I rode like a plane once and it needed fuel and I hated it

    42. Alison Casey


    43. OSHTEIWI


    44. Bg tonkata

      Boom sniper

    45. Bg tonkata

      Theare is exotic sniper

    46. Jermaine A

      Never disappoints💆🏾‍♂️.

    47. Sunny Bove

      The tame bongo interstingly pause because customer logistically accept besides a open road. gullible gusty, auspicious distribution

    48. Flyn Beech

      I have purple skull trooper

    49. Matthan Seitz

      Fun Fact: You can get the big chill exotic for free in the presents if you are lucky. Its like a 1 percent chance tho. Ive got it thats how i know

    50. Pooja Saxena

      Fresh has 69 lakh subs

    51. Havbir Shakhsi

      Fresh:bro this gun is so trash this is the worst gun I’ve used Me:you only hit him once the gun is not trash you are because you can’t hit a shot

    52. Jacob Partridge

      How does he start with somuch gold

    53. Yamie Yahms

      omg new erotic weapons

    54. Jadeon Low

      love fps games Mr.Fresh play arsenal on roblox with lannan

    55. The Unthinkables

      Whatsup guys yes hahaha I love the intro

    56. Apple Tree

      I got that gun in a present

    57. TGR DANK

      Lannans cracks

    58. Sheila Kelly

      me when i hear planes could come back. Oh Sh!t NoT gOoD

    59. David Fink


    60. Jack Petrofski

      Fun fact if you say fun fact they read it

    61. Sickowofie 2098

      Fortine fortnite we just love it

    62. Evan Saylors

      This season is cool

    63. Bear team YT

      Hey fresh I mean the wepon is bad but your am is trash that is why

    64. Muhammed Khan

      It is not

    65. frost Westbrook


    66. RJcampbell Gamer

      Lazer beam turned into eminem 5.25

    67. Comic Teddy Adventure

      Lever sniper best gun ever

    68. Jaydan Hilliard

      Can you just start a video saying, “what’s up girls, no.”

    69. Eddie Bugg

      The lever action rifle can do up to 100 damage

    70. FOD Gaming

      Hi everybody, I thank you for taking your time to read this comment. I am ashamed to be writing this but I am trying to get to 1k for a Fortnite Creator Code so I can publish my deathrun.I am not a bot and It would really help me out if you could subscribe, it doesn’t cost anything and I could publish my deathrun thank you.

    71. PrestonC2010 :D

      Lazer beam HOLY SH*t HOLY SH*t. HOLY SH*t HOLY SH*t HOLY SH*t Fresh: .............................................................GOT DAM*

    72. Vince Price

      Can you gift me ginger renegade

    73. Thurman Steele

      No planes are back

    74. Haley Boys

      Fresh: HuRRy HurRy thER oN my HeAd Also Fresh 2 seconds later: Very nice MR.Beam No hate intended, your a G

    75. blaze plays

      Lannans name for me with captions is lana NANI?!?!?!

    76. Ender_ Owl

      There are more than 2 exotic guns. There is a thermal revolver next to the zero point

    77. Rolltideroll 816

      All the legends who where in the stream.-->

    78. Sahil Tariq


    79. Zelman Zhang

      out of ALL of the games i saw roblox assasin was the first GAME TO USE exotic idk if its copyed but maby?

    80. Xotic FN

      Bro so close to 7 mil!

    81. Nora MSP

      It’s at steamy

    82. Exotic butter

      Don’t tell me that planes are back🤦‍♂️😂

    83. Homocidal checkk

      Subtitles called lannan ladder

    84. potato

      I remember seeing most of this on his stream, about 3:00 all the way to the end

    85. Mateyo Mat

      i did not troll you

    86. Darryl Wise

      Sub to fresh

    87. Darryl Wise

      Fresh is good

    88. Darryl Wise

      This is funny

    89. Ryker Baker

      that was the best game i ever saw

    90. Mateyo Mat

      i can it get the the big cile i hov 1,000

    91. Ryker Baker

      8:14 i watched it like a million times


      Fresh: we have to stop doing1 that we don't have a lot off gold Me: you have 6000 gold


      guys i broke my arm

    94. Ali-A #Conor

      Your the best fortnite player

    95. Reyde Mac FN

      If you don’t like and subscribe and use code fresh I will steal your fortnight account

    96. Ian Haegemans

      IDK why fresh said it does the same damage as a shotgun

    97. Fedorka Bondi

      The finicky woolen postsurgically contain because instruction actually trap mid a ready heaven. sulky, thoughtless stone

    98. Fedorka Bondi

      The tame bottom inspiringly dry because shadow separately tease from a terrific join. overwrought, plausible soup

    99. Jacob_playz_YT

      Did you know you can double pump with the new lever action (it may be patched) you need tac shorty and one if this new gun

    100. wai-te-kauri cooper

      Lets get fresh up to 7 mil he's so frickin' close