I replaced LAZARBEAM...


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    1. Sometimes Moses


    2. Carey Dixon

      Wow lazar is fresh dad shoot that’s cool

    3. Liam Tomcak

      2:07 did anyone else see that car pop out of thin air?

    4. Rosenshine Louis

      Ummm my freinds play with me

    5. Faze Hamster


    6. Nazar D


    7. Nazar D

      What did you get from that gorger?

    8. Ben Vil

      6:38 Me: did he dissconect Fresh: what the ******

    9. Manahil Mohammad

      I have a ps5

    10. M Anations

      That little kid is so 🥰 cute

    11. Daniel Messer

      I used your code

    12. Ben Burgett

      Can you add me fresh

    13. scrubs 0.1

      petition for fresh to play with the first kid in future videos

    14. Mathias Mejia

      Lazar must be very sad

    15. Elizabeth Quigley

      So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇😇😇

    16. Benjamin_Kim 20291067

      Poor Lachy

    17. Tilanie de la Rosa

      I how's cade fresh

    18. Janice Le

      Punken is my friend

    19. Fooey

      Subscribe to my channel or you will never play with Fresh don’t risk it

    20. Albaraa Alqaderi

      Yeah anyway laserbeam is better

    21. ToAd

      5:45 fresh: where we dropping? stark industries well we ded

    22. WereWolverine plays

      Don't betray the lazar

    23. Ayaan-Ali khan

      I use code Fresh and I like every video and sub

    24. shaune stewart


    25. Swift3y Ur

      I love how fresh says press that thicc subscribe button

    26. Yariel JYGN

      I want to show puncken this video

    27. Darren Lemky

      Can you friend me

    28. Daniel Rogers

      Fresh can I add u I use ur code

    29. Tatsuo M.W. Nakata

      I wanna watch this video all day

    30. Marshall Bell

      The kids said Call of duty for my guy you are a disgrace

    31. Sarah Pirrie


    32. Ken Vonne Issac Yeo

      can u add me coraljin

    33. Chris Handy

      Hi fresh I play fortnight my fortnight name is WWE Tiko 619

    34. lorrie elliott

      To be honest I don't use any code and if I do it's from a map

    35. Carmila Lindsey-Mahiai

      Hi friend I love you

    36. Naeem Abbas

      I dont have a skin i need one

    37. Joey Watson

      lazer was better rember all the memes freshy boi

    38. Vishan lakhia

      Puncken army

    39. Lego Master


    40. TheGamingCat 30

      Puncken is nice.


      I wish I could see you fresh


      I use code fresh

    43. Nik Hunter

      My dream is to become ur friend

    44. xd gracie

      You should play with punken again hes funny

    45. Naoise May

      He is always running out for milk but the real question is what die she use the milk for tho

    46. benjamin Spamer Pinto

      fresh you are the best youtuber in lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    47. Hemin Shukla

      Alternate title: kids feeding fresh's ego for 10 minutes and 47 seconds

    48. Mr Laviator

      Fresh you are one of the main reasons I started Fortnite. Thank you for showing me this great game.

    49. Mr Laviator

      Also use code:lazar

    50. Mr Laviator

      Use code:Fresh

    51. Courtney Koontz

      You are sacke

    52. Courtney Koontz

      You are sopr nis

    53. Courtney Koontz

      I hav mat you before

    54. Courtney Koontz

      I mat this kid

    55. WP 10

      I actually got into Fresh’s game while he was doing the ant man challenge

      1. Fraser Robertson

        How do you know

      2. Makhai Neal

        Thats cool

      3. Swift3y Ur

        Dat so sus

      4. Gael R Pets

        I smell cap dont u?

      5. Gabriella Vigovsky


    56. PlayIt LikeZen

      Lazerbeam went to get the milk

    57. Kenzie Games

      So sweet that puncken kid was so sweet aww x

    58. Nick DeSerio

      I will be your friend Fresh.😀

    59. Mohammad Khamees

      Today is the funniest day we were learning about Australia and i said i know a legend i said fresh is a legend

    60. Beast Alvey

      Fresh if you are wondering why no one has mics is because most of the people that play fortnite now are little kids

    61. Ayan Nabeel

      more punkin

    62. carolyn shaffer

      Fresh next time you play Fortnite you should every time you get shot you have to eat chili pepper

    63. Thanh Ta

      Did u tell your daddy?

    64. SanePokeMiner

      Use Code Fresh

    65. savage da youtuber

      EVERYONE did not see the car thats spawn in front of him

    66. Nevaeh Gelowitz

      true though

    67. Rose Carney

      Bruh why you replace your them

    68. Freek

      10:36 opposite for me, literally everyone has a mic lol

    69. Leah Peach

      I love how Lazar is just throwing tomatoes at Fresh

    70. xd CyberTilted

      Dude what region does fresh use? Oceania?(Australia) But he's probably using American servers...

    71. Christiann Walls

      Cute you are the best youtuber


      puncen is so adorible

    73. Black rose

      can u plz friend pumken plzzzz

    74. Morten Goa

      I like how he say "it's easy to make friend on fortnite" he is a famus HUgetsr

    75. SymbolMFR XD

      My highest kill game is 30 kills

    76. SymbolMFR XD

      I need help getting dubs in fortnite

    77. SymbolMFR XD

      Please duo with me

    78. Rubik Cube


    79. Fatima Buali

      Its because people don't have mics its because parents don't buy there kids mics to talk to strangers that's why and some parents allow there kids to talk to strangers!

    80. Rowena Ferrer

      He is the best

    81. Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all

      These people are so lucky like play with meeeee fresh or one of us

    82. Lambinations

      hola humanos vengo en paz, found out what I said I dare you

    83. tayyab the gaming master

      Why didn't you take the mythics there the unibeam and wolverines claws

    84. Marisa Roddy


    85. Chuy Palomino

      I wish I could play with fresh

      1. Chuy Palomino


    86. Russell Harris

      or sebastian guy I forgot

    87. Russell Harris

      with puncken

    88. Russell Harris

      why didn't he pick up the unibeam and the wolverine claws

    89. Bokuto

      0:06 I need to know what that song is called

    90. Chucky Milk

      Meanwhile in asia “You guys got a mic” “.....” “....” “JAPANESE INTESNIFIES”

    91. uzma kashif

      I use code fresh every body use code fresh

    92. Chucky Milk

      What you get for saying poggies to much lachlan

    93. Sherron Freeman


    94. creed campbell

      he said kkk

    95. sss nake


    96. EnVy_Lewis

      Imagine actually playing with fresh that’s 1 in a million

    97. FrostXoticツ

      Ill be your friend:)

    98. Onni Siitonen

      I dont have friends in fortnite. Could you be my friend

    99. Follow me on tiktok and I follow you It’s true

      You gonna play with him or no

    100. Daniel Kid TV

      feels bad man