I replaced LAZARBEAM...


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    1. Jessicathereekid

      in a beautiful memory of Lachlan god bless his heart R.I.P poggers

    2. Jessicathereekid

      You can’t do that to LazerBeam

    3. Jillian Walsh

      I say that other video

    4. David Taylor

      1 like = one poggies moment for Lochy

    5. David Taylor

      2:07 is Lachy ok

    6. David Taylor

      1:19 can I friend him lol😂😂

    7. Spir3YT

      Be my friend:)

      1. Spir3YT

        Epic name shadowlegend2405

    8. Lee Blake

      Can I add you fresh my name is leeboy 710 on fortnite

    9. A world of fun

      Wait how’d punkenn have tony stark he was only level 98

    10. Uyanga Demberel

      your da best youtuber

    11. Edward loves fifa

      I’m happy now

    12. Leandre Jeanne GAMER

      2:09 how did that car appear?

    13. Lucas Jennings

      I use code fresh

    14. Andrew Fisk

      Can I add you my name is ltd-utd11

    15. Co Cox

      lazar does not approve

    16. Dumb adventures 100

      I got three victories yesterday two were solo and one was duos

    17. Adam HD

      Fresh dummm

    18. Ahmed Salman

      My dream is to be in a game of fresh I watch your viedios from a year

    19. Jorge Rios


    20. Hartaj Singh

      Is lazarbeam actually your dad fresh

    21. B2 Gamer008


    22. Zachary Cooper

      Fresh is my favorite youtder

    23. Braeden velaso kEnObI

      POV: the first kid was Oscar

    24. JCR Topazツ

      I want lazerbeam to comment on this video

    25. Gilbert Pebanco

      Your a sweaty boi

    26. katie c:

      did u call the guy ur step dad and lazer ex dada

    27. ChristopherCrumCool 2021

      I bought 2 items with code fresh :)

    28. Pure Darknes

      Im a god in fortnite swetie boy yeah swetie boy

    29. Yuslemy Cruz Rosado

      Fresh: (Excitement) Yo Pouya Cone Whats Up? Pouya Cone: Sigh (Leave's The Match) Pouya Cone A Few Years Later: OMFG I MET FRESH BUT DIDN"T KNOW WHO HE WAS!!!!

    30. kenn7500 kenn7500

      do you still play fortnite? i play it taday i will use your code if i do can you play with me my name in fortnite is venomdfangs

    31. Finn Rigby

      Did you friend everybody that became your friend

    32. Becky Ng

      I’m ashton

    33. Alex TRUBAVIN

      dont worry they are bots trying to matchmake with another bot

    34. ZacTFF

      The People in this video very lucky 😢

    35. Zia Power

      ya hi is not coming back that's why he got a skin 1:24

    36. Chunky_the_toad

      Pepole that ur friends with on Fortnite but not irl leave you my mate oibobmate69 left me forever

    37. Raman Pangli

      Wait lazer beam quita

    38. Gurjit Singh

      Code fresh is the best code ever in fornite I yoos code fresh best code ever

    39. Gurjit Singh

      I start fornite in season 3 never season 2 I wish I could because brutus in grotto and midas and masculism soyay

    40. Gurjit Singh

      Fresh I I'm the biggest fan ever to you

    41. Zeyan Ali


    42. Jenica Hair Specialist


    43. Jenica Hair Specialist

      No way he was in the hospital for saying poggies 😂

    44. Cihan Bideratan

      And fresh is the best HUgetsr

    45. Cihan Bideratan

      I watch your videos all the time

    46. Cihan Bideratan

      I use code fresh a lot

    47. Elaine whelton

      Did you accept his friend request fresh

    48. Shyann Tuituu


    49. Shyann Tuituu

      G Fesh wanna betmy brother

    50. SUPER OLLI

      I love the part when fresh says What the?

    51. dan singh

      The male baker demographically borrow because nylon parallely scatter without a seemly toenail. open, funny garlic

    52. michael vaccaro

      At 6:19 was that lazar beam?

    53. Paloma Melendez

      Puncken's cute little voice and his little "YEEES!" awww

      1. MiMoo Gaming

        Lol ikr

      2. King emojitop

        I was waiting for this comment

    54. Flippp

      Can I add you I'm on controller I'm still really good

    55. Shadow Midas

      I use codefresh

    56. WrangWrang is me


    57. Uriel Klein Camacho

      Car spawns in the middle of nowhere in 2:08

    58. Linda O'sullivan


    59. Nath Raj

      Use code: fresh


      his brother is actally smart unlike him

    61. Alessandro Rodríguez

      Me noticing this was last season, (pump Shotgun was still alive) :

    62. Dexer835 Cool kid

      Fresh can you add me, you are my favorite youtouber/streamer, and my fortnite username is B_HOUSE_gamer

    63. SOGGY is DOG_YT

      At the end u got an invite from the kid in your last video that didnt believe u were fresh!! maybe you can finally convince him that you're real! oh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait :/ you are on your main account!? ma brain

    64. wh at

      Whats up guys yes

    65. Jane Vinette

      Can you add me on fortnite I am a big fan of you this is my ninjajixed

    66. Madison Perez

      You didn’t add the other person but you add this person

    67. ChloeGraceBond

      Omg l love the reaction

    68. Devon Guary

      Code fresh

    69. Sue Wiseman

      I play rocket leauge

    70. kayleigh kavanagh


    71. NeonGamer312

      Can you do dis again

    72. Peter Mork

      Did u ever friend him?

    73. Christopher Lucas

      Did anyone see that lambo at misty just appear

    74. DarkLilTw33t

      Player[369] report this guy for being toxic

    75. wesley norbert Augusta

      who saw choccy bear sent fresh a freind request or something

    76. Kammi B.

      hey fresh

    77. YO.G gaming

      Nice kid

    78. fishy gang Jaden Poole

      Flash could you add me

    79. GaMer GurL

      I didn't know lazeream was your DAD

    80. James Newsom

      I yous your code

    81. James Newsom

      Can we be friends please

    82. The Wolverine Gaming

      Name a more iconic duo Lazarbeam and fresh ,you can’t do it’s not possible

    83. Hugh • 36 Years ago • [edited]

      2:07 whatdidhesayyyy???? 😳😳😳

    84. Jan Meyer

      2:09 car appears out of nowhere

    85. TbrGamex


    86. Alex Doig

      I like how at the end ChoccyBear party invites fresh

    87. hunter drip

      where we landing 5:46 what

    88. MarkP Archer

      Fresh can I be your friend because my friends don't play with me

    89. Isaiah Marshall

      Things you put man spider fix around game Spider-Man

    90. Khaled Taha

      Was lahcy actually in hospital for saying pogges

    91. [ S H A I R B H A I ] ka Chota Bhai

      My always came arbic😂

    92. malcolm msindo

      Fresh I hope you Reach 8 mil soon

    93. Mason Funny guy

      When you got your first kill up car popped out of nowhere

    94. H Bommbbb

      I watched the video we’re the kid thought that you were not fresh even know you called lazarbeam i watched yesterday

    95. Tehya Tehya

      This is so cool and can you add me on aug 1 you don’t have to tho 😞it is ok if you don’t I will make you look down 😎 👕 👖 👟 There you go fresh. Code fresh guys 😜😜😜😁😁😁

    96. Braedyn Shaffer

      Fresh wus up my guy

    97. Robert Limon


    98. Michael Gleeson

      thank you afton im always watching

    99. Austin Freeman

      i thought lazarbeam was the reason we watch fresh

    100. aaronlfc