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    1. kingblaze0821 stw trading

      I was the Tony stark that killed you

    2. Nicola Craggs

      fresh can you gift me something


      ( these stinky ghosts )

    4. Oscar Lang

      Is your favourite colour lime or green

    5. louise hallam

      Zombies, ghosts everyone is calling them wrong there called shadows people. Is is so hard to say?

    6. Carter gaming


    7. brian duffin

      Ok opinion the aug is the best ar for 1 reason. When it had a 3 round burst it was trash but then they made it a 2 round. It became one of the most accurate weapons in fortnite. 31,31 back to back.

    8. Amber lutt

      Good vid

    9. anoob_withno_life

      question why is the shotgun in every game overpowerd?

    10. Cloud

      he says damn way too much

    11. Geraldo Garcia

      you make every loot OP

    12. bowlcut ayden

      This video idea isn’t that good and it isn’t creative

    13. Sonny Armitage

      Day 5m of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    14. Naton

      I love you fresh your my favorite utuber

    15. Kabir Chaudri

      it is so funny that fresh likes to make it harder for himself and sometimes does not even complete the challenge

    16. ted fozzy

      i always told my mate this challenge

    17. the memorable novelist

      fresh is my spirit animal

    18. markuss akula

      i dare you get only 1 kill in the whole game

    19. Ashton Garland

      did anyone see in the intro in the top tight he was in team rumble

    20. Eprrockstar

      Look I know it’s a little late but I have challenge Pre edited backwards only challenge

    21. LuisMiguel Gonzalez

      Use code:FRESH

    22. FaZę Drįpツ

      He said that he can't uae meds.....

    23. Stoodly __

      I have been subbed since 100k

    24. Ayur Maharaj


    25. Arjun Sood


    26. Arjun Sood

      Hi fresh u said that u won’t use meds but u used minis in the first clup

    27. Elvis Thomas

      There is an editing error in 4:03 fresh meant only 92 whites health that he has, the video editor messed up by showing the no. of players remaining lol.

    28. Ella Monaghan

      Do a helicarrier loot in the update that has no ghost

    29. Yesenia Jimenez

      can you play fall guys it is fun to play

    30. Leonidas Simundic


    31. Leonidas Simundic


    32. Leonidas Simundic


    33. Gino Estrada

      Geez man stop being mean so mean to the baby aug . Your just bad with it I’m op with it ok pls don’t hate on it

    34. Espen Edvardsen

      Do this but not minis and no Swaping

    35. William Lockard

      You are the best youtoubr

    36. julie edmondson

      how many times didi he say helicarrier loot ?????

    37. Deppey

      i wish u could go on the helicarrier

    38. morganstanyo1

      Video idea. Not moving at all

    39. Whitney cook

      Challenge idea: use any weapon to kill a ghost but after you kill a ghost you can only use ghost loot only like so he sees

    40. Codfish yt

      Fresh can we have mini,s :lazar no we have mini,s at home mini,s at home :hehe I suck

    41. John

      how on earth do these videos get millions of views


      give me a skin my

    43. Feras Amin

      Can you tell epic game to retu beadpool and skin

    44. Manuel Bautista

      Best fortnite player ever

    45. Marcel King

      You should try to win by doing inverted colors

    46. crazy bro's

      hi fresh i thaught that you should do a fishing loot only challenge it would be so funny

    47. Carleigh Campbell4

      Me trying to figure out why laserbeam is so good all the sudden and then I realize it’s fresh😹😹😹😹

    48. Cale Clark

      Wassap guys and yes

    49. Kian Jones

      Did anyone else notice or just me did it sound like fresh had a cold

    50. Bazmorgan

      Didn’t he say no heals????????????

    51. Lisa W

      Make sure to use code fresh👊🏻👍🖐🖖🏼🤚🤙👋☝🏻✋🏻

    52. frazycrazyf

      Can you do a vid with your old intro

    53. deadly player

      He said he can't use meds how does he have shield

    54. Ikram Rangzeb

      Yould should use one gun in champions league i know you cant do it BOT

    55. Aarav Shah YT

      Getting my notifications 1 week later. You do love to see it

    56. Zachary Alcazar

      Use Code Fresh

    57. viktor edlund

      in every of fresh videos he are saying: the burst are so bad!

    58. Tanner Henry

      Did anyone notice that he cheated when he used the shock wave grenade

    59. Blasted

      Challenge : try to win with inverted camera

    60. W J Mitchell

      I’m a dik head

    61. Kayleen Armendariz

      Fresh can you do a only ghost loot challenge

    62. Bronto

      Leave me the the helicarrier alone

    63. Bïgbōį Bob

      Win a game on opposite keybinds ( opposite side of the keyboard) sorry if he has already done this btw

    64. Tyler McNeely


    65. John Smotrilla

      This is how many times Fresh said “helicarrier” |

    66. Victoria Burgess

      Hello 👋

    67. Smile for X

      He said no meds but he took meds BUT I’m mean no disrespect with freshyboy

    68. Ryan Bonzagni


    69. Jene Quingco


    70. Z4iriAn

      Fresh u can do the random corrupted skin challenge on ur Chanel

    71. TrustyCastle

      When he said helicarrier loot only, I thought he meant that he would fly back to the helicarrier and then loot up there

    72. Tonya Osback

      Can you add me fresh and in one V1 me my name is Jeff 2019 671

    73. Rio the puppy Raphaël

      You should of landed at slurpy

    74. CrispRoad

      "why is there so much ghost here" - Fresh

      1. CrispRoad

        @derek thompson ?

      2. derek thompson

        You **** of!!!

    75. Kenneth Payne

      You know what would make this better for him? If he did it in arena mode. Then meds wouldn't matter (some of the time)

    76. Simone Bolton

      Challenge- upgrade only challenge

    77. Sam Quigley


    78. Ak47 Comppp

      He called the burst trash but he hit more shots with the burst and the assault rifle he hit less shots

    79. Kael Tremblay

      Try to win with inverted colours

    80. Lucas Watts

      Day 4545675656 of asking for him to say "whats down gals no!"

    81. Charde Strickland

      7:04 Jason is so proud of u

    82. billyray geros

      I reckon yu should try to join FaZe

    83. Delicious

      Challenge: Can you kill race lazerbeam???

    84. Jamie

      6.69 subs

    85. Tripp Kneale

      Who else remembers the first time he did this on og spawn island

    86. The lorax

      Technically he failed the challenge cause he said if he finds no heals he can’t use any sooo

    87. Saucey Realx

      U depressed child.....

    88. Kittenland Club

      Win with inverted colours

    89. Kittenland Club

      Yes Do it

    90. Alfie Playz

      Fresh best HUgets’s ever

    91. Ryan Moore


    92. fearsomecobra

      When he said helicarrier loot i thought he meant he was gonna land there

    93. CobraKia Fan

      Your a click baiter

    94. NandoClapz

      Everything is thick in this channel

    95. NandoClapz

      I am struggleling to hit 500 subscribers, any support helps...

    96. JW_on Xbox

      I can see u

    97. Dannkley

      Alternative title: Fresh poops on people with grey weapons

      1. derek thompson

        Challenge:pigaxe only

      2. derek thompson

        He does 💩 on everyone(:

      3. derek thompson


    98. roslinda Ab Razak

      Bruh that not just you want to go

    99. William Meiklejohn

      who thinks that fresh should try playing with visualize sound effects on

    100. CactusKhaled

      This is just spawn island loot