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    1. WaffleKing 90

      how do you make lara croft like that

    2. Optimuz

      The Classic Lara Croft style kinda looks like how it should

    3. Rachel Coleman

      Fresh it is ok I think your worst then me and I play controller

    4. Kiss Roland

      Fresh:I'm honoring Lara Croft A few moments later:I hate Lara Croft

    5. David Hamilton

      We love fresh 😍

    6. Cuppa

      I’m a controla pro

    7. Coolkai99

      Fresh: I dont know how im so bad at controller Me: Maybe because you have the worst binds ever, you dont practice in creative, and you dont believe in urself.

    8. xd Alex

      I’m used to playing on controller since I haven’t got a PC yet, it does take a while to get good controls and to get good sensitivities and stuff

    9. TTV_john_plays_games

      I play controller and I started the worst I can do triple edit now but

    10. Kade Miller


    11. Levonne Viljoen

      No your not it's me I am very bad but working on it

    12. James Wright

      Lara Croft is a ps2 game? More like tomb raider has been around since ps1

    13. jahkee carr

      10’000 like and do controller arena for 24 hours so like the comment

    14. Black light Sloan

      I’ve seen worse players than you and if you practice more you’ll probably be crazy

    15. Black light Sloan

      You’re not a bad controller

    16. Travis Quintrell Caleigh Bundalian

      Is it just me or did he miss a llama

    17. Dennis Lewis

      I used to play on ps2 so I'm a og

    18. Tiny

      1:08 there are so many things that can be done with this that aren't good.

    19. JP - 07HC 788575 Tomken Road MS

      playstation is just easier

    20. WaterBell

      Me who's been playing controller fortnite forever: 😐 Edit: NVM your playing on Xbox controller which has freaky controls

    21. Catalin Bogus

      When u were in bush. U had a lama near you

    22. Bedo thunder gaming

      My friend is so bad he is worse than you but he is lucky I think because he is lucky he is better than you

    23. Griffin naidoo

      Tip:next time u use controller use primal shotgun instant dead

    24. Ammaar Rafeek

      fresh on controller is myself but much worse on pc :(

    25. Liga Teraude

      your justin bro uhhhh

    26. bengor bordon

      Ha ha lol 😂 fresh I’m better than you on controller but didn’t you play on 🤔🤔controller on season 2 chapter 2 you were kind of good on controller just to say but now you suck ha ha but be better on controller man okay👍😁im not being mean or something I’m just say be better on controller 👌😁

    27. barakat maaz

      The aim man you have to train on controller

    28. Mostafa Yasser


    29. Brody Caissie

      yyyeeessss xbox gang strong

    30. Sith_ Lord864

      The first Laura Craft came out on the first PS

    31. Gold Shamrock

      It's just your binds

    32. JFKbionic

      The fact that the title says ps but he's playing on an x box just shows his knowledge of conntroller

      1. Life Simon

        He’s actually on pc and he connected a PS5 controller to it, he’s not o,aging on Xbox controls he’s playing on generic and he doesn’t have an xbox

    33. Jebplayz1

      Controller is the easiest


      Wow he is better than me

    35. disappointed game

      Use builder pro settings it will help

    36. Nik Stefan


    37. Sxk4pistol

      I’ve been on controller my whole life and fresh is better than me on controller😢

    38. Chiken

      Lara was on ps1

    39. Victor Garza

      He’s using Lara Croft from ps4 with a Xbox controller, that’s disrespectful

    40. Eva Covello

      You are a f on controller

    41. BadBoyAspect

      (DISCLAIMER NOT A HATER) as a controller player my eyes were bleeding in pain

    42. Alfredo Gomez

      he is playing on xbox

    43. Fortnite Gamer benj7

      Title, ps2 Fresh: plays xbox

    44. Ice

      Could have done 30 fps with that style

    45. xXsiddakXx

      0:35 anybody notice that background noise?!?

    46. Scratz

      Playing on xbox when he using playstation skin🤣🤣🤣

    47. GameCrew

      Im gooood as control player

    48. keith silvestre

      that is not a ps2 its a xbox

    49. Caleb Chase Pintor

      Lara Croft:old PS4 game Fresh:Xbox

    50. Lucas Cooper

      Fresh if you ever play on controller again it should be A crouch

    51. sam downey

      He’s playing on a Xbox controller while doing a tribute to a PlayStation character. FAIL.

    52. Dev Mehra

      Me a controller player fresh saying how do you craft me in my head going press L1

    53. PCLMobileLandon

      Can we 1v1

    54. Kaden Caldwell

      Him saying he’s the worst player controller ever. Me: can’t even do a 90 on controller👁👄👁

    55. Techy And Andeh fan

      Switch to PS4/PS5 its much better than Xbox This is Xbox🤢🤮🤮🤡🤡💩💩👹 and This is PS4/PS5 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😍😍🥰😘☺️👼👼👼👼👼

    56. Mythical Origami

      No it just you settings or you are really bad and need a trainer

    57. Matthew Boonzaier

      5 kills on the board right nom juat wipped out the PP town

    58. sadboyfredo

      Ur playing on Xbox

    59. Emily Thompson

      Thats why controller players need aim assist. Tbh I've turned my aim assist off before and I missed every single shot

    60. Sharif Ahmed

      Did anyone see fresh is on x box instead of ps2

    61. Chihiro Fujisaki

      Lara: playstation character Fresh: on Nintendo switch

    62. Ashraf Fawzy

      Fresh 1v1 me on controller I’m so cracked on my ps4

      1. Ashraf Fawzy

        My epic Basel_Ashraf

    63. Neco Tea

      0:10 the game isn’t called Lara Croft it’s bloody tomb raider dumb ass 🤦‍♂️

    64. XxEpICxDjAKexX

      Me being on controlla and makin stuff invisible

    65. FireKnight2008

      Dude I have been playing fortnite playstation for days and idk how I am better than u on controller

    66. Harry Hall-Zotigh

      Please play gta5

    67. TheDiamondKing1543

      He’s somehow worse than I am on controller

    68. Grace connor

      You bot I am a 7 year old I can play on it

    69. Riley Walker

      Because you’re on Xbox

    70. Riley Walker

      Do a video when you’re on PlayStation

    71. Brayden Beagle

      I love how he says he is on PlayStation when he is on x box

    72. Joe Briscoe

      Literal me tryna play keyboard

    73. Goopy Green

      My guy can't hit his shots with aim assist. Bitch what?

    74. H Gaming

      Still better than half controller playera

    75. Kaif Malik


    76. Devin McKevitt

      Also fresh: plays on X box controller

    77. Devin McKevitt

      Fresh: today were onoring PlayStation 2 Lara Croft


      switch your edit button to B

    79. Swaggieboi _XD

      Fresh are u playing as a PlayStation character on Xbox

    80. MJeffGA

      It’s ps Lara Croft but he’s using Xbox controller

    81. •[ShotoTodoroki]•

      xbox is the best

    82. Duckles The Great

      “Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, how am I alive right now??!!” - me every single game

    83. Bill1453 Gaming

      What about me? I haven't played on controller for on year and more. How are you the worst controller player?

    84. Kingston UNG

      Those are Xbox controls

    85. Hulf stop

      First is ALI THEN U

    86. Skull Boy

      (Controller) dog water (pc) he’s cracked at fortnite my guy

    87. BindaryPloitz

      Why do i get sweatier players in my lobby’s than actual sweats

    88. Gfgh Tfg

      Are you playing on the ps4 or on xbox one?

    89. xX COMANDO Xx

      I like how he useing Xbox controller on a flipping ps2

    90. Rance Blancada

      Philippines 🇵🇭

    91. EpicGames

      6:37 Were Fresh didnt notic the llama :D lol

    92. Jack Flame

      2:42 boi i was 1v1ing the last duo and one of them had like a full inventory of grenades, they grenade spammed so hard

    93. R B

      Yo its ps2 but hes using an xbox controller

    94. Danger_clapz Yt

      Controller is great have have you seen faze sway

    95. Ethan and Avery

      You did a good job 😐😐😐

    96. Berkay Tekin

      This is like me but my aim is better

    97. Shaan Kaila


    98. PrayingxMantis


    99. Mikey Brassill

      People that play on controller