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    1. Xavier Villa

      FazeHighsky is better then you

    2. Syed Raza

      i was the one next to doggo and he killed me

    3. Rosita Abarquez

      Wow he literally got a 30bomb

    4. Zara Whittamore

      Is it just me or would it be funny if fresh wore it when he played w lazarbeam like father like son

    5. ahmed ahmed Ali

      I love freshes videos

    6. Di'Karian Canty


    7. Natalie Hyland

      I hate people that don't like fresh 😁

    8. TOXIC

      I wear it all the time and die

    9. TOXIC

      I have the new gingy skin

    10. elite lime

      Who here in 2021

    11. I am a Sandwich

      It’s true-my first few solo games with this skin I got like 10-20 kills in each AND won

    12. Ax D

      I think you killed me in this vid I saw my skin and my bros 😳😳😂😂

    13. Gavin Hester

      I love how Fresh says Lannan would be cracked with this skin, then I buy it and I’m still a bot

    14. Brenda Najar

      I like how I was watching this and I went to fortnight and won my first game😳

    15. Godly The Horse

      if mau and lazarbeam had a baby = unstoppable GINGY

    16. sawyer gallagher

      Gingy energy = genergy

    17. Jonathan porras

      Fresh. Wow so many kill the kill bot bot after bot

    18. You tube Kwix


    19. RHGaming Holmes

      Finally back to solo squading

    20. Jack Judson

      Challenging idea one hand on keybored

    21. atifbash

      Fresh:bouncers,bouncers could be useful Me:u haven’t even used one

    22. Hank Long

      that skin is awsome

    23. Sukhjiven Feary

      At the end why are the names so long

    24. emmaseaton

      31 Eli s

    25. Steve Haggarty

      hey my dude im stephens dauter and i wanted to say hi

    26. Bat9aziz Gamer

      i bought this skin today

    27. LX_RolexPR

      Whats up guys yes.....

    28. mas phillips


    29. mas phillips

      i are u too a 1v1

    30. Fluffy Twewc

      It isn't the skin, it's fresh.

    31. Daboi

      30 BOMB WITH THE NEW GINGEBREAD SKIN would've bring in SOO many more veiws

    32. zxnxs.-.


    33. Boxed Gaming YT

      Finally he started solo squad

    34. Lief Games!

      sadly I didn’t get that beacause I play on iOS

    35. Alexis Nichols

      just coped pumpernickle use code fresh

    36. Erlyn Lopez

      He gold is 66666

    37. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    38. bozza 2

      i think it’s called gingette

    39. Crazy Dani


    40. gingy


    41. fxxth._. xoxo

      Hi fresh can you gift me the battle pass if i sicub

    42. Kenneth Belford Jr.

      My iPad keep on turning the volume all the way down

    43. R̲̅e̲̅n̲̅e̲̅g̲̅a̲̅d̲̅e̲̅V̲̅I̲̅B̲̅E̲̅Z̲̅___

      Fresh is like the gingie skin is thicc the gingie skin be like my a** is pretty thicc right tessa aka fresh gf be like look for one and kill her

    44. Arinze EZEIKE

      If mau and lazarbeam has a baby: *Wow the most unstoppable skin*

    45. Carole Puls

      who else got mad when he ran from mithics

    46. beast-has5957

      hi im your biggest fan

    47. TFL Gino

      This How Much Times Fresh Said "Gingy" lIl IlI V

    48. Bois Nation

      Thiccest gingy in fortnite

    49. Mahbir Ali


    50. My dog has a stareing problem Btw

      No one online


      Bring back thic vids

    52. foil h

      7:55 check it lol

    53. The kassell Brothers

      Can you carry me please

    54. Satan

      i love Fresh

    55. Ryker Miner

      renegade raider was already sweaty now its more sweaty

    56. Ava Jara

      The mushy spandex family camp because bedroom suddenly rely save a mushy spider. awesome, ten bar

    57. Alex Beklemishev

      I like how fresh is saying new Ginny is so good and always ties


      Fresh casually gets a 30 bomb like it’s nothing


      Wth happened to the kill feed at 8:54


      Yes it is the perfect mix of sweaty and meme


      Mr.Ginny and Mrs.Gingrich had a baby

    62. Gavin and Alyea

      New renegade: laser beam I want five of them

    63. Kid Kakashi

      7:45. Are we just not gonna acknowledge the kill feed

    64. The Raider

      Gingy for the win

    65. Faris Alsmadi

      I use code fresh because he is the best youtuber and the best fortnite player

    66. ZoroPlayz

      idea: no jumping challenge

    67. 4osen

      Get fresh to 7 mill!!!! Before christmas

    68. I am dummy Yt

      I am working hard and made some montages on fortnite i need some support to get confidence and make more videos

    69. haben yakob

      Me too ceu

    70. Reva Lieberman

      why dont you have a wirer less mouse

    71. elisha gordon


    72. amanda green

      I have a invisible camera 🎥

    73. Diana Bajdechi

      This is the fallacy of false cause... he won not because of the skin but his skill...

    74. Kane St. Hilaire

      Bruh fresh has 6666 gold

    75. NinjaPixieLily Hi

      what if it isn't the skin that's cracked but YOU that's craked because you like a pro on fortnite

    76. rahamim israel

      look at the chat when he kills with the exotic

    77. The Lord Nar

      Dragon breath is op fresh is just bad with it

    78. Im_Dahma

      Mau and lazar fused

    79. Donut Drum

      Fresh have U got banned cuz the enemy haven't touch the ground(gliding),well I eliminate him and I got banned LOL

    80. Joan Meto

      When you have 7m subs could you do a face cam video.

    81. That guy Edward

      That sound he made at 4:19 though.

    82. Dr. Butterscotch PhD

      Nothing can defeat the real gingy

    83. Carlton Reeve

      Fresh u should play vigor

    84. DrReplayz

      Like how many times he said gingy

    85. Flow Innocence

      dont cuss

    86. Jacqueline Barnes

      check out my friend celtiqfn: i cant leave fresh out here so on next stream im'a donate

    87. Aveanna Rangel

      mccreamy i have the same skin and gilder :)

    88. King Turtle

      First it was OG renegade after that it was him I love a renegade after that it was a dance but now the Lord renegade has arrived

      1. King Turtle

        I’m terrible at typing so I made too many spelling errors

    89. Makhi Hardiman.Noe

      It's fresh getting one metal for me

    90. Casen Willard


    91. Manaia Tangitu

      In Brisbane tho

    92. Manaia Tangitu

      It 9:11 am

    93. Manaia Tangitu


    94. Adedamola Stephen Agboola

      Other streamers:25 % accuracy Fresh: 55%accuracy Also fresh: I didn’t even realize those were the last people U too good man

    95. Minnsy28

      at the beginning he has 6666 gold

    96. Christopher lujan

      This is how many times he said solo squads 👇

    97. Samehra Bi

      New gingy :lazarbeam :I want millions of them

    98. Emily Castro

      day 114 of waiting for fresh to say whats up guys, no

    99. Jack Gaming


    100. Youtube Gabriel