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    1. Dx Dx6

      Can't wait for the live event

    2. Just a fish with internet connection

      Me on the last day of season 4 BRUH HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW ANYTHING Me on first day of season 4 What’s a tactical smg

    3. Divine Soul

      Can I 1v1 buildfight

    4. mememoose2000 !


    5. NayTarian Wright

      the godlet are good you dont know how to use it thats why you calling it trash

    6. Harman Singh

      August:Oh my gosh imma love this season November:Why can't galactus just eat fortnite now?! Trends die you will too

    7. MySt Jade

      Pp is gone

    8. Wendi Donahey

      Sorry bro you a good you tuber

    9. Wendi Donahey

      He stole your dock because you don’t have one no oneder your girls a hooker you ordered your arch nemesis

    10. Wendi Donahey

      Your a bot fresh you boughlt your account

    11. Jay Turner

      I’m re-watching this a while after the season came out, and OMG was fresh bad with the gauntlets🥱

    12. Owen Hagesfeld

      You should call it DD now

    13. Shavaan Hendricks

      pp is gone

    14. King Zzp

      how fresh can hold mjolnir ( aka thors hammer ) 😑 ( look at thumbnail )


      Rest in peace hunting riffle

    16. Jim Ko

      I now realize how wrong the sentence "frick this Doom guy. He stole my PP!"

    17. MoneyOn J

      i just watch this video and i see fresh killed a lot of bots

    18. Liliana Santos

      fresh: pp is gone but we got BIG D'S EVERYONE: still gives me the same feeling

    19. IcceyFn

      shot g

    20. Keaton Nelson

      A Disney season would be dope next season tho

    21. Josh Anderson

      Fresh: THIS SEASON IS BROKEN!!!!!!!! Me who got use every mythic usefully and got a dub/umbrella in one sitting.

    22. The Loman

      Dat music fire what is it

    23. Kam Goodie

      No game to say not a nurse that by bitch

    24. Christopher Sypher

      Pls bring back hunting rifle

    25. Kzone

      They stole the fust part part for a add

    26. Emilian Trz

      I remember frenzy farm

    27. bread gaming


    28. Raider 467


    29. carolyn magtahao

      Frenzy farm

    30. Simos Topalidis

      What’s up guys no

    31. Andriel Rebenque

      But hey the pumps are back but ay miss the lunch pad

    32. Akhil Kotturi

      7:07 So Relatable IKR

    33. MuhammadRayyan Butt

      0:12 RIP tactical shotgun 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    34. Ryan Ho

      give us a moment of silence for the VAULT OF THE TACTICAL SHOTGUN REST IN PEACE TACTICAL SHOTGUN r.i.p

    35. Melody Gomez

      Fresh can you add me my name is mikey_k737

    36. Elizabeth Tramantano

      1:35 YOUR ON AN AD

      1. Elizabeth Tramantano

        To 1:45

    37. Creeper Green

      It’s so lol how fresh sed is that one of last season items like yeet Loncher

    38. Elizabeth Atkinson

      When he was respecting the items that got vaulted in season four he was playing overwatch music

    39. DLR Gaming

      His name is bendymat123

    40. DLR Gaming

      For a while my friend was number one in the world for catching fish he had all the new fish.

    41. DLR Gaming


    42. DLR Gaming

      What u couldn’t buy battle pass??? I bought it the day it came out XD😎😎😎

    43. Aiden Reynolds

      The first part was in a fortnite trailer

    44. Rylan Jack Gaming

      4:00 when you realise you said something that sounds wrong so u have to explain

    45. Meliton Contreras Rojas

      Your the best youtuber

    46. micheal afton

      Season 4 before my time to shine season 4 now im about to end and season 5 will start chapter 2

    47. Elliot Wylie

      Can someone tell me chapter 2 season 5 😂

    48. Jayz Martinez

      Hopefully it will return soon I get sad everytime I watch this

    49. Jayz Martinez

      Who got sad about the tac though 🥺

    50. William Vlogs

      Call pleasent dd

    51. stick dude roblox

      fresh: WOW THE DOOM GAUNTLETS ARE SO GOOD fresh the next round: the doom gauntlets are complete poop

    52. Julie Westlake RVN

      fresh can you add me plz i never win duos matthew11611

    53. Archer Newton

      Lol this was used in an add

    54. RAYAN TECH

      Yes me too I used silver surfer when started I used to play ps4 it also crash

    55. Saul Linares

      no pp dd

    56. Juan Miguel B. LINGAT

      espicialy when fresh was in his last shot with his gauntlets and he died to a guy with 0 kills the guy was a bot to be exact because his first kill was his final kill

    57. Fresh gamer

      Fresh can you send me a friend request My name is Buckhorn3211 please

    58. Tom Lillington

      I love you

    59. KurenoDash •

      fresh epic steal your kill vith charg on start for add

    60. TRUE STAR S

      The only reason he made the moment of silence was for pp

    61. Cake_ Eater

      You forgot rickety rig

    62. Cakes08

      I miss all those items

    63. Rima's Kitchen

      I was in your game

    64. Clock Master09

      Fresh is so dislestic and weird about PPs. I hate him.

    65. Sahir XDL


    66. Connor Enget

      PP to DD

    67. Hashir Mustafa

      Plz sport my video

    68. Elizabeth Tramantano


      1. Elizabeth Tramantano

        On voice

    69. Said Musli

      I love the new rifle from the jets

    70. Kier Small


    71. UniKittyYT 1234

      I have a 5% chance of being in Fresh game and I would probably never see him cause he is always in storm or close and I come in 100th when their are 99 players

      1. Space Bunny3

        UniKittyYT 1234 oof me and my brother think he was the safari that killed fresh cuss he was wearing that combo

    72. betterthanyou by2

      fresh i bout the battel pass

    73. Jimmy wu

      Do you guys know that I catcher the midas flopper first match in duo?

    74. Jayde Brooks

      😭😢😭😢😭😢Party at the same time because pumps are back boy

    75. Harry Vu

      Me also waiting for him to realise the stark rifle is cracked

    76. Patrik Stenfors

      pp is now dd

    77. Ricky G Vids

      R.I.P PP

    78. Jón Hjálmar Haraldsson

      All true but u forgot frenzy farm

    79. OmanHarrell 2011

      Fresh. I have sent you a friend request

    80. Void Jak3

      is it just me or is fresh kinda playing like a bot it feels like he doesn't like fortnite anymore and is just doing this for content

    81. Subramaniam Sivathasan

      your content is trash

    82. Slushie_Boi

      Mythic more like MY THICCS

    83. UniKittyYT 1234

      Idea for next video. Read more please 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds ✅ 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player

    84. Icygames10YT 10

      I was watching this video then an ad came up for fortnite and they took the video and put it in there fake ad

    85. sonic 12

      While fresh is mad gauntlets sucking, everyone else: 👀

    86. joe newmen

      and that shield saved rocket rip groot

    87. joe newmen

      and that shield saved rocket rip groot

    88. S4lt Wind

      Fortnite is marvel

    89. Aditya mittal

      If u aim properly then u will win with the gauntlet. I have won by it too

    90. KTG Vids

      Fresh:l dont have the battlepass Also fresh:puts teir 100 skin in the intro

    91. G G

      Nobody sweat when they die with a mythic : this is trash ur trash never use this

    92. Zaman_ Roblox

      no is not im On iPad

    93. Billy Needs Subs Plz

      Rip groot shield and silver surfer board there gone I miss them soo much 😭😭😭😭😢😢😥😥😰😰plz bring them back plzzzzz

    94. Reiden Potter

      The guru Bramble Shield gives you health

    95. William Lundy


    96. Louis Bushell


    97. beenita mehta

      Does he realise that pp and Big d is the same basically