THE *NEW* EGG LAUNCHER (easter update)


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    1. E plays

      I thought you took a break from fortnight

    2. Oscar Gomez

      Wow egg launchers , how cool totally have never seen them , it’s not like 50 other you tubers made the same shit video

    3. Spongy art

      6:06 ohh ma gowwd

    4. SugarSlime

      Fresh, how did u do for hiding the « Sugar daddy / sugar mommy lize_swearty1 ha gifted 50 subbies with Pepe the pickle ?

    5. Ethan Malcolm coelho

      I eat my chocolate and I eat you -lazerbeam-

    6. THE SuPzOnYT

      Fresh : Good bye Fortnite Me : very sad 😞........ Fresh : uploads a Fortnite video after 2 days Me : 🤔 but no problem 😌 cuz it’s fine 😂 😂 😂

    7. Hitesh Bhatia

      Why don’t you go to a match with flavors frog

    8. Tweakz Gaming

      You didn’t quit

    9. tyler williams

      U have to charge bow up full for it to work

    10. FFFrostyyシ

      Fresh quits Also Fresh : doesnt quit : O

    11. what darkhumor

      That was mmmememeememmemememe

    12. Mikkel Breiler

      Ribbit is the sound of a frog. It is rare that Lannan is off, but this time he is. But let us all pray he never loses his enthusiasm for meming, Fortnite or both.

    13. karson novel

      Did you know that you can kill Webster and he drops a egg launcher ( it’s green )

    14. Welux

      14:07 U are awesome keep going! Also if u wanna check me


      im late

    16. Dino_P4NDA

      I though fresh quit to go on holiday

    17. Joey Tamburello

      30 bomb

    18. jennsohrr

      im comin ;2021 lazar

    19. asima khan

      Hold up. I thought u stopped fortnite

    20. OpTiCzZEth4n

      If you kill Webster you get it 4 free

    21. Altie-axe


    22. Girish Chandran

      Rabbit eggs -lazarbeam 2021

    23. DXG_WarriorX

      do u have merch on 6mil and 4mil

    24. Anupama S.Nathan

      Hmmmm ur last video was leaving fortnite

    25. smol_boy 420

      At 2:48 the lazarbeam skin t posing was my friend ant. Sub to him btw. His yt is just ANT

    26. Vaea Kaufononga

      trashy bot playing easter day battle

    27. jeremiahplayzz

      Did anyone see the bunny in the rocket league car at the start

    28. Juggernaut

      3:28 mate you are a legend!

    29. Oscar Jr Fernandez

      Who else came here after sypher video about the comment and deal with fresh and lachy

    30. Samuel Brophy

      You are all my favourite HUgets’s

    31. knights_on_yt

      egg laucher is bad for me

    32. tucker Maine

      I thought he quit Fortnite

    33. FoxBoi Fn


    34. Exploding Cacti

      I love that your making videos with lachy

    35. Senna Spijkerman

      Hello mate

    36. FS Vivd

      Trying to make a community of commenting

    37. Zander Guerrero

      "Dogs go dog dog" lol.

    38. Ian Rapeport

      3:58 Lannan: IM COMEING

    39. Harry 4teendayz

      Can I 1v1 you my friends think I'm really good

      1. Harry 4teendayz

        My usernames phattpigg

    40. Frankie fortknight

      Hey everyone I just made my own HUgets chanel

    41. henny ijzebrink

      Nice skin

    42. Mr. Fshy Fshy

      As a wise man once said: “I wAnT fIvE oF tHeM” - Lazarbeam

    43. JJ Day

      I found Webster at boney burbs

    44. Arnav Maryala

      bruh that new skin be lookng f r e a k y

    45. RYLEY L

      I love it when you Lachlan and lannan play fortnite together

    46. Ryan 289

      Anyone else miss his thicc series🥺

    47. Nate DiCintio

      The egg luncher sucks

    48. Cam Het Hockey

      Happy Easter mr fresh

    49. Manuel Bodrilla

      Blokes on blokes on blokes

    50. alex gamesZXY

      happy easter

    51. will noo09


    52. Danish Usman

      Fun fact: Rabbits are mammals.

    53. Rebecca L Field

      Whith the shockwave bow you have to hold the shoot button until you hear a shockwave sound then let go . Hope I could help.

    54. Fishy _cracked_at_FN

      Happy Easter everyone

    55. Jtown

      -fresh last video, I’m taking a break -fresh one day later, Easter in fortnite is here

      1. Jtown

        I just got April fooled

    56. Kenny Bee

      I thought u were quitting footnote. That video u make bye bye fortnite

    57. fivesixnine photography

      For teaming

    58. fivesixnine photography

      I have to watch you bc I got banned yesterday from fortnite😅😅. 😳😤😤😭😭😭😭😢

    59. cf ADVENTURE!

      you said you quit for a while e

    60. Jessica Garza

      I thought you quit I was crying but I guess no

    61. Jazz Rylie Pecjo

      lol i thought you went on break hahaha

    62. Abdulrahman Sameh

      U said bye bye fortnite and u played

    63. Eka Khurtsidze

      hey fresh can you gift me driver? today pls

    64. petro Mavroidakos

      Fresh you’re my favourite HUgetsr please add me Torqueybark

    65. Shadow Couger

      Dange he still uploads fort nite😭

    66. Gamer XZ

      The intro be like what’s up guys yes

    67. Dimeji Tolu-Balogun

      0:24 no pun intended 😂


      The OG squad playing laser beam and Lachlan and fresh🙀


      Who remembers the OG Easter Egg Launcher😔 👇

    70. Eileen O'Brien

      "nice pooping so far tho" - fresh 2021

    71. ItsYeBoiWeazle

      Fresh what happened to the intro

    72. Caleb Harmon

      I have an idea for a new vid, you should do a video we’re you only can pick up common guns.

    73. Matthew Righter

      I thought you weren’t playing anymore

    74. The Milk Master

      Someday Lazarbeam will be carrying Fresh

    75. 99 overall YNG

      Nice fresh

      1. 99 overall YNG


    76. Chris P. Bacon

      Rabbits are mammals

    77. сссенарио босеж

      Why are you toxing to sipherpk. Lacky is trying to cost drama, with reading a comment. A guy is trying to mess with you guys.

    78. Torviz

      Fresh supper didn’t say that u lost ur sweatiness someone started drama for no reason

    79. Xrazerz 1

      Happy Easter!!!!🐇🥚

    80. Maverick Duran

      Does anybody noticed and thinks that's sus that every person he eliminates is called player

    81. Neqdo

      it the not looking into information before dragging someone for me 🤡✋🏽

    82. Jonas Berberich

      Watch SypherPK’s new vid he talks about how he didn’t say u weren’t sweaty anymore.

    83. Tayy Best

      anyone else here bcz fresh hasnt uploaded yet

      1. Zac_ K


      2. A Lazy Coconut


    84. Alfie Payne

      I have a rabbit too fresh

    85. pick is thicc GG

      1. Lachy read a comment wrong and no sypher is not better if anything 50/50 or W 2. PLS UPLOAD

    86. Cameron McAndrews

      Sypher didnt call u trash he just said on a video if you guys in fortnite it would be a good fight but u would win

    87. Ronald Henry

      There is a strategy I use in fortnite I call it the “slurp tactic”. I use the slurpy swamps to stay alive and no one will go in the storm to kill you unless they want to Eliminate them selves

      1. Ronald Henry

        Did I ask for your Opinion

      2. Tayy Best

        thats old

    88. Green Banner

      Like Gandhi always said If u have no legs U may not run as fast as you think DUMB SHIT LEARING WITH LAZERBEAM

    89. Ousman Makalo1

      Fresh go watch syphpk vid he did not say anything in just kid trying to cause drama

    90. game girl 123

      The bunny has to look like that

    91. Jack Glenville

      I feel a little bit of aim assist in my bones

    92. Reeekid517 8

      Fresh: thanks for buying these for us Also fresh: continues to kill player

    93. XxXifuckedyrmomXxX

      So yesterday’s video was just a lie for views Cx

    94. Carl Wewasson

      Says he takes 5th place in grand finals but plays in Oceania lmfao tf come play NA East you bot

      1. Bryant Huesca

        Bruh u prolly dont even get top 50 in pubs, fresh is just good bruh stop crying

    95. randeep singh

      I’m a rabbit, ribbit ribbit Fresh: That’s a frog Lannan: Nah they say rabbit rabbit like dogs say dog dog

    96. Thomas Judge

      Sypher never said you were bad

    97. Florin Goaga

      Sypher is better lol

      1. Florin Goaga

        @Majorpics Productions haha , thank u

      2. Majorpics Productions

        @Florin Goaga good one, i respect that.

      3. Florin Goaga

        @Majorpics Productions is fresh

      4. Majorpics Productions

        Syphers dog

      5. Florin Goaga

        @Yzixx_xx yes they are

    98. flipLG

      Sypherpk is so much better than you

    99. Zach Jones

      Sypherpk did not call you out lacnlan fan lied

    100. thegoat fn

      Check out suphers new wideo