WTF IS A GORGER?!? (new boss)


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    1. Charlee Schmidt

      Uhh I think a gorger is a Golactus turd that also poops out other babies and try’s to take over fortnite But Tony Stark kills Golactus

    2. Gloomsey

      i know

    3. Pro Plays YT


    4. K.dotOoo


    5. Aiden Nykoliation

      Look you got a kill the gorgeous with the babies if sometimes the babies don’t explode and just get the loot inside but when there is like a one on the ground just take it and then keep on going Poopoo poo poo poo poo poo poo thank you fresh you’re my favourite HUgets or my favourite is your first three years

    6. Nishida firaz

      gorger is gulactusses henchmen

    7. Stephanie F. Coupet

      it is inposable to kill it

    8. Anthony Furr

      it is glacktisis robot

    9. Legend Gamer

      a gorger is a big drone thingy that tries to kill u from galactus

    10. Michelle Kershaw

      A gorged is one of galactus’ mininons

    11. alanvarghese antony

      Comments: The Gorge is a mystic realm in which a man who desires to do so may confront hidden truths regarding his own soul. First Appearance: IRON MAN #195.

    12. pokemon gamingz

      Hold the shoot button it will give u some more damage with it but it will drop

    13. Ridchnider Gilbert


    14. Quannie Jackson

      A Gorgeous can shoot you to the eyeballs but once you’re shooting you do the eyeballs you can shoot them in the eyeballs but here’s an easier way do you know those things that they poop out what once you hit them they can about to explode but you can pick them up and then shoot the garage or wherever

    15. Xavier T

      That's what you're supposed to do

    16. Xavier T

      Hey fresh you have to shoot the gorger in the yellow or when the gorger is shooting from its eyeballs you have to hit it when it's red

    17. Agustin Vilasante

      I hate forgers

    18. wahed khan

      Gorger means it shoots when eyes open’s

    19. Preeti Chouksey

      a gorger is a thing like galactus drone the yellow spots are weak spots

    20. Lucy Oduor

      Ok grenzhf s

    21. Minhaz Ahmed

      Imagine iron man crash pad glitch,hop flopper,spicy fish,pepper stuck all together like so he can see this

      1. Ronit Gummadi

        You forgot the wolverine claws

    22. Cai Cai Rho

      It's so powerful

    23. gta gta

      just spell gorger

    24. Scrappy Russell

      Gorger is a Galactus bot at days or weeks it will say there is galactus

    25. Scrappy Russell

      i use code TypicalGamer

    26. Carlos Fornos

      A gorger is galactics henchmen

    27. Battle Royale Boih

      I cringed watching him not knowing about the minion things

    28. Ayesh 84

      Why don't you show your face

    29. Tinashe Mawoyo

      A galactic goager sent from galactic

    30. Gricelia Gonzalez

      It’s a gorge

    31. Preston Layman

      its not from the marvel fortnite made the idea of that

    32. Manvi Chandak

      a gorger is not in maver fotnite made it up

    33. Aaronator

      Gorger is one of glactus,s Robot whitch he supposed to be a slave from a diffrent planet So that is it Hope i help u!! plus im a big fan

    34. Hadi El Baba11

      Idk a gorger is a galagus bayby so hahahah haha lol lmao that’s me I’m ugly lol

    35. LimeSci Fi

      It isnt the only thing that spawns a rpg if you kill a shark in The Coral Castle You Get a purple rpg

    36. Asha Rahul


    37. Join Venom

      A Groeger is a glautaus hecmen

    38. Nikola Lazarov

      Calactus drones

    39. ameer waqas

      The baby things are callled gathrers

    40. Matt Gadzimski


    41. Terri Lee Deausy


    42. bryan frueh

      It is galactus

    43. Marissa Parchment-Henry

      It is a bot that galactus sent down

    44. M B

      a gorgor is a galactus force

    45. Khothatso Tsooana

      It was an honours to. Be killed by fresh

    46. tbnrbros forever

      Fresh :What the hell is a gorger

    47. Noah Garcia

      A gorger is a galactus Drone. We might see if it is in the Event

    48. Yandel Holguin

      The gorger is a galactus bot that has 200 health and drops a purple pump

    49. Ethan Kalman

      With weapons shoot at the yellow spots

    50. Ethan Kalman

      It’s so simple

    51. Sheridan St. Louis

      fresh is the best but lazar is the coolest

    52. Creeper Green

      A goerger is a a minion that galactus owns help take over planets

    53. Konner Hinds

      It's the bad guy of the marvel series

    54. Mahbir Ali

      A galactice drone is a made from glactice s eyes

    55. Leo Taylor

      A gorger is a bot that has 500 health

    56. Ben Debattista

      Forgers are robits made by galactose and gsive you legendary items like legendary scar or rocket launcher

    57. John Chaldaios

      a gorger is a galactus drone that spawnes around the map and when it lands it explodes around him

    58. Trevor Nathaniel Castillo

      A forger is a big thing if you kill it you get a lot of lot PLE shout out me. It’s my birthday. I’m 6

    59. Star Kids

      A gorger is a thing I destroyed 10 times today

    60. A.J. 0520

      ways to kill a gorger: shot the yellow spots or pick up a gather and spam

    61. Nolan Burglund

      I always get killed by the gorger

    62. Todd Slaw

      A gorged is a glactus robot that shoots lasers duh

    63. Pietro leone


    64. Darin ODEI

      let me think his favourite colour is green

    65. Hi I’m Hugo

      At 2:05 he said there was 15 people left

    66. Tagimamao Koro

      it is your nan

    67. Abir Ssahmay

      For this season have this has put in many of these in the Fortnite map

    68. ThievingBrush

      The gorgers are galactus babys in one game four gorgers spawn

    69. Carlos Aguilar

      It is you can grab it and targe it so it can for a lot of damage

    70. Kaylie Pendlebury

      a gorger is a galactus drone that takes forever to kill and that drops loot. *YOU CAN CHARGE UP THE BABY GORGERS FOR A BIGGER ATTACK, BUT ONLY ONCE. CHOOSE WISELY*

    71. Artic Arci

      BY LIKING I MADE A DIFFERENCE OF 1K LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Gregory Fadenholz

      they release gathers and the gatherers give them loot and when you kill them they drop more loot then gathers.

    73. suha mohammad

      i know what is gorgers

    74. Sushipie2 4

      The Gorge is a mystic realm in which a man who desires to do so may confront hidden truths regarding his own soul. First Appearance: IRON MAN #195. Other Links. · Comic Collector.

      1. Liam Bracken

        That’s the gorge, this is a gorger, which is a sentinel sent to the planets galactus is going to eat to weaken it.

    75. Anshul Devireddy

      I feel like Fresh's sub statistics are better than mosts.

    76. Oliver Doe

      You’re so good at content I love you fresh

    77. trpisz _YT

      “LMG and RPG is the combo u like to see” copied

    78. trpisz _YT

      The gorger is gonna be part of the event soon I think I saw in Alia


      A Gorger is a drone that Galactus sends down.


      That is literally what the Gorger is!!

    81. Sereia Glunz Koen

      A gorger is a morader

    82. James Duckworth

      IT IS A BOSS

    83. Shaurya Raju Mantena

      The sounds Fresh makes.....

    84. Biljana Bilja

      Goerger is a galctus drone galctus send them to destroy island theres 4-5 goergers in every match he deals 45 damage per laser litle babies are caled gaterers they bring wepons to gorger litle gaterers deal 10 per laser. Thats it for me

    85. fearless v1

      Yeah I also wait wtf is that

    86. Digital Radiance

      The gorgers are Galatcus minions and are used to distract people from Glacatus so he can get to the island quicker

    87. Riley Johnson

      It is a mini galatus

    88. DrGlitchy

      The Gorge is a mystic realm in which a man who desires to do so may confront hidden truths regarding his own soul. First Appearance: IRON MAN #195. Other Links. · Comic Collector.

    89. tristen Farve

      A Gorger is like a Galactus henchman machine thing that he made idk fresh use code fresh

    90. Magdy Awnallah

      My skins please if you have a owner

    91. Magdy Awnallah

      It’s called agalactous

    92. HyperGang FRUGI

      2:05: only 15 people left huh 🤔😂

    93. Isabel Camarillo

      Geoger is galacts Minin

    94. William Phin

      A gorger is a machine that galactus sends down to a planet to kill all life on said planet

    95. Rubina Yesmin

      What the hell is a gorga

    96. Amy Rasmussen

      Who do you get the rocket loncer

    97. Rachel Helena

      i hate gorgers but one pro tip i have for you fresh is that the gorgers minions also known as gatherers if you kill them you can pick them up and you get a realy strong gun

    98. Nate Morgan-Jones

      a gorger is POO