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    The CES 2021 ROG Launch Event will be live on Jan 12, 10am PST on ROG Twitch / HUgets Channel
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    The ROG Citadel game will be available on Steam on Jan 12-
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    1. Reuben fosterSML

      Can you gift me a skin it would mean a lot, if you decide to be so kind my epic is reu_halt.

    2. FBRgamer 345


    3. Daani Plays

      bra add me? pls

    4. BagelhotnessYT

      Fresh I would say try to hide your screen for a bit when you land so snipers can’t find you unless you want snipers

    5. Ahmed Yasir

      Insane bro

    6. ThomasTom

      5:03 to 5:09 listen to Lazarbeam that's some pretty dark stuff he's saying

    7. Hardcore Gamer 4

      Who remembers the 98 defaults trying to chase the gingerbread man

    8. BreakFastBomber

      Imagine having visual sounds on

    9. Daring Jack

      Is anyone else still subscribed to Harley fresh?

    10. Pro Gamer Requiem

      Just realized my friend stream sniped you

    11. KIDJONDY 317

      He got more kills in a regular game

    12. King Yeet

      The rise of the stream snipers

      1. Ametoj Singh

        Good one lol

    13. Mary_Playz Roblox

      Meme Beats Sweat XD

    14. liam walker

      Corey Johnson

    15. Gerardo Garcia


    16. NGHIA TRAN

      I LIKE CHUCKEN!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Vebjørn Alsaker


    18. BS Gaming

      I was the final guy sorry fresh

    19. duckie mike

      attack on stream snipers = attack on titans

    20. skygaming

      The kills is a world record

    21. Xtimmyt6X

      The stream snipers: I’m about to end this mans whole career Five seconds later he pickaxes fresh

    22. Jacob Johnson

      Use Code: Lazar

    23. Alicia Schaeffer

      Should’ve landed at slurpy swap

    24. Caleb Adams

      Freshy boy

    25. Landon Fenwick

      You said if you use a gun you’re a loser but you used a gun so what are you

    26. Routine Victory

      Video idea fresh 1v1s stream snipers

    27. Routine Victory

      I have asus laptop and it’s good

    28. Jackson Schneller

      This is basically just a game of can lazarbeam and fresh hit their headshots with tacs

    29. Cam Martin

      6:07 was so funny

    30. pop_adot

      Here at 999K views...

    31. wawa!


    32. Boston Diehl

      Video idea. Let muselk control your game

    33. MaksPlayzYT

      am i the only one that screaming just turn on hidden matchmaking delay? just me, ok

    34. Ibrahim Ali

      Fresh:why does No one want to he my friend Us: BRUHHHH

    35. Ralph Penman


    36. Jhomar Jadiel Basora

      Those streamsnipers are stupid and they have no achievements or goals in life

    37. Zakariya DAHIR

      streamsnipper ssuck

    38. NovasNova

      Plot twist: All of the stream snipers are angry and demanding for Fresh to use his old skin.

    39. Breezy_ YT

      Ofc he doing the glitch cuz he knew freshing boi is gonna win still that mess they grind up to the top it wasn’t ez and die to some kid I feel bad 🥺🥺🥺

    40. mr mistical

      Fresh in 2018 and 2019 never swears Fresh in 2020 and 2021 always swears Bruhhhh kids are watching

    41. AFK Lion

      Lannan: "THEYVE GOT GUNS" Me: "They're evolving."

    42. shadow 6000


    43. Faze pipis 08

      Day 120 of waiting fresh say"whats up gays NO"😂

    44. OMI B


    45. AUS CLAN

      Day 142 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    46. FOrtnitL0ver

      Now imagine a zombie apocalypse in Fortnite... OH WAIT WERE WATCHING IT.

    47. Estelle Hyland

      Why did he drop hi AR for a pistol. 😂 I NEES ANSWERS

    48. ChurroKidd


    49. _Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_

      Okay whoever did the zero point glitch is big brain.

    50. F1shy Br0thers


    51. Lee Qenlock

      It’s actually sad that people can’t play a game without stream snipers following them

    52. Cristian Chambers

      So funny how people are sub but dont watch fresh videos. Like why he is so good like lol

    53. Exitz on YT

      Subscribe to Exitz in vize and fresh 2 btw thx bye have a good day

    54. Dallas Chesser

      you should 1v1 typical gamer a lot of yours's and his fans want u to they talk about it every stream

    55. Monty O'Connor

      5:25 not click bait XD

    56. GeorgeGamerTV

      Is he better than justin

    57. Ms. McPhee

      ps4 jareb

    58. Nonoman Gaming

      I love fresh’s thumb nails

    59. Ryysinz

      Imagine not being a stream sniper and you look at the kill feed, and you see the same person killing half of the lobby.

    60. Robin LB

      my pc is Asus

    61. Hector Fernandez

      This made me soo stressed

    62. Deanne Choyce

      Not true

    63. salem alhameli


    64. freshyboi shjs

      they should have done a arena duo so they could get siphon

    65. Kari Kuo

      That’s so sad :(

    66. sup pp pp ss

      they did this so long ago im a og

    67. Jaivardhan Singh Deo

      they have evolved

    68. Tommy Johnston

      Run run run for your life

    69. ReviloelaH

      Claim your here before 10 million subs ticket here

    70. aidenxxx gamingex

      I was stream sniping you lol it was funny

    71. Fred Winterstein

      6:06 hehe

    72. Andrew Weaver

      how do people dislike this stuff???

    73. TKkaiW 6

      *Everyone last season when they landed at stark*

    74. Xenogazza

      im whatching this on an asus PC

    75. Caroline Gray


    76. Cherry Tango923

      He is letting kids say they killed fresh to flex on there friends ect

    77. Geo Beast

      poor fresh. he wanted to won with 36 kills

    78. Sentinel

      saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #32: yes

    79. Audrina Viera

      I hate streamsnipwrs

    80. Fire gameing


    81. Slothy

      Fresh: People that use a weapon is losers. Also fresh: Shots gun

    82. Gxdzill

      Fresh, do a challenge where whoever kills you gets 5000vbucks 😂

    83. Rosy Posy

      Hi(bet fresh wont say hi) (its soon my birthday :D)

    84. Classic Gamerz

      if fresh had the mando sniper he can just push everyone

    85. Killerman1970


    86. Dying angel Fanraatree

      I hate that ppl still hap mf guns im hella angry

    87. C Smooth

      Sooo many dolphins-Fresh 2021 😂🐬

    88. ChoppedHD

      For the first time LazerBeam Get allot of kills I’m shocked lol 😳😳

    89. Chase Carter

      U got to respect the memes though lol

    90. Jonathan Tesfamichael

      I survived the attack of the stream snipers

    91. Mason Elbe

      Do u ever think *damn I wish I wrote that comment*?😅

    92. max Hi

      Add me if you love fans I am one of them

    93. Levi Memes

      u should of done it in arena

    94. JX 51 Official

      me the gingy JK.

    95. Abdul Mohid

      I almost pick axed you

    96. Alexis Martinez Alcala

      You should end the stream and see what they do about it

    97. AKA GAMMA

      Soooooo... fresh

    98. Und3adX

      This was funny but it's sad that so many people tried to ruin it.

    99. XxX Aero

      Who was watch g the sthe stream