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    1. William Stufft


    2. Harry Sumner

      I just got it

    3. Zovs

      Fresh: my aim is on point with this skin Me:🤨🙄

    4. Spider Boy

      Fresh Icon Series: The Pickle Kondor

    5. Miss Tatemb

      I first fought That the Condor skin was the new version for fresh.i was right👌

    6. SamDaHam

      I feel like all we get from presidents today are exotic snowball launchers or purple lever action rifles

    7. WolfMaster 1


    8. ThomasTom

      Why does fresh think as soon as he sees a skin he likes he just thinks he can own it and call it "my skin" 😂

    9. kayley vowels

      Is it just me who thinks his other skin is better

    10. Cub1ng Lyfe


    11. Cub1ng Lyfe

      Epic is deadlimate99

    12. Cub1ng Lyfe

      Fresh can u pls add me

    13. jacob ob8 op

      I had that skin for so long

      1. jacob ob8 op


    14. Manpreet Sandhu

      I also love condor

    15. HBK BOPS

      Bring back reflex

    16. Tanuja Sewsunker

      R.I.P og fresh skin

    17. SlimeytheAnimator

      i hate that i got the style of kondor a day before this vid came out

    18. Richard Wiebe

      This is a 10 out of 10 skin and video

    19. Richard Wiebe

      My new skin that I will wear all the time

    20. Richard Wiebe

      Fresh I use your skin

    21. Namoe Gesa

      Me not noticing the voice crack. Fresh: Having to change to purple and gOlD. Omg I just voice cracked.. Me: Well Well Well, time to roast someone

    22. Rayyan Durrani

      Fresh still go's tilted he is a sweat use code fresh

    23. Rayyan Durrani

      Rip reflex freshes Old fortnite skin use code fresh for Kondor and fresh in the item store

    24. X4ND3R

      Fresh r u still gonna use ur original skin the reflex

    25. Linda Middleton

      The pancake man was me Lol

    26. Fresh

      You like my new skin

    27. Finley James-Hammond

      Fresh: Dies at PP. Also Fresh: PP is my lucky spot. Me: REALLY...


      I legit said when the season started that wrath kondor would be the new fresh skin

    29. Myles Smallwood

      PP 😪

    30. Myles Smallwood

      That was me

    31. An Vi Vu

      There should be a female version of this . 2 hours later his girlfriend gets replaced

      1. frick u


    32. Sweaty Sweens

      Fresh-there’s a guy in a choppa here Reality-that’s a plane not a hilicabobter

    33. Erick

      No one saw that purple combat

    34. Tyxo YZ

      Whats a heavy charge????

    35. Blue_boyboyhat117 3.0

      I hhave that skin to

    36. Crazy banana Kid

      Ya b0I FrEsh: MaN IM LoViNG ThiS New SkiN REfLex: 😓😭 yOoU BetrAy mE FUtUre PiCkle SkIn: I’m CoMinG So0n

      1. puna porio

        I agree

    37. Daniel Rivas

      I don’t like it

    38. Parkour Sarir

      Fresh I hate you that was my skin please give it back please

    39. Elijah Conkle

      That is my skin

    40. Claire Ruskin-Walton

      I got the skin on Thursday

    41. HP22 Rocks

      I like reflex more

    42. Shadow Midas RexYT

      This is fresh new skin he will now use this skin

    43. Levi Wallach

      lol this skin isn't even fresh's real skin

    44. Matthew Williamson-Ruiz

      Can I send a friend request I’m such a big fan my Fortnite name is ninjafox10000

    45. Dakota Antoine

      It is salty towers

    46. Amael Laflamme

      you should of did a trik shot

    47. Infinite Gamer

      Fresh i dont think thats ur skin

    48. Blake Ferris

      i thought fresh was sweaty normaly but wow

    49. Nicole Sauer

      Hi fresh To add me

    50. Anub1s GG


    51. Elliott Medrano

      The *NEW* Fresh word of the day: Lovely

    52. Anub1s GG

      Its my skin

    53. Customer King

      New skin looking clean, or should i say "fresh"?

    54. Domanix Bourke

      i did this with 10 elims but only used purple ak and pistol

    55. Cat

      fortnite among us skin

    56. Rasmus Kupari

      Make the pickle army

    57. Duxie


    58. dacimuci

      Kondor is the ugly step brother of FRESHY BOY SKIN

    59. Cristina Cunha

      A What’s my favourite fortnight character

    60. Mihnea Dămășaru

      You copy my skin

    61. Sonic Superstar

      How do u get that

    62. Maurice McDonkor

      I like your old skin better than the new one

    63. Cherry Lord

      Go kondor

    64. megahawk


    65. xd Ender5168

      Let's be honest, Epic definitely made the kondor Wra4th style for Fresh. I don't believe that they just came up with the idea of that and didn't think of Fresh.

    66. Buffalo Gamer

      Roses are white is vanilla I swear I was their the whole day looking for a quesadilla

    67. Jessica Rothert

      Fresh, I Used your code

    68. UnknownX90

      Miss the old intro

    69. RedTomato

      Sooooo, is this your skin now? Or are you sticking with the reflex

    70. Jayde Brooks

      Aim bot

    71. JOSE PONCE

      theres also a pickle mancake

    72. zkrave

      No you killed the bot

    73. Flame Cloak

      daaamn everyone gangsta till fresh pull up

    74. Boss Up

      I got it first lmao

    75. EndermanJohn

      when I started this season and saw pickle Kondor I immediately thought FRESH.

    76. owen schulz

      Fresh can I add u pls I am your biggest fan can I add u

    77. gewoon_tije 1


    78. lynn cashman

      U eliminate me

    79. Z_H4SH

      Who’s here when Fresh Gets his own skin

      1. frick u

        @Haris Muhammed no u

      2. Haris Muhammed

        frick u boy

      3. Haris Muhammed

        @frick u frick u boy

      4. frick u

        @Z_H4SH no u

      5. PukketeerTheGreat 591


    80. Gold Hi

      I loved reflex

    81. Gold Hi

      Why did you change

    82. Jeffy is On youtube

      Your good at the game

    83. Samantha Neydin Cerros Zamayoa

      i got this skin be for you lol

    84. Haffy


    85. ttv mancake treygamer

      I saw this coming

    86. wael dbouk

      Kondor the reverse fresh skin

    87. Abdullah Subzero

      I love u fresh can you pls make me a friend in fortnite username: EDL_SUBZERO

    88. Wolfy

      Bro love the vids!

    89. Bruh Moment

      I hap pumpernickel on my old account and there is still no more merging. :(

    90. big smellytoefung

      Who in the acctully fucking watches this shit I had to watch it for a forfeit it was rather this or send a weird photo to my story so I've painfully watched this shit LORD help me and who watches this game or plays it rest your souls From absolute shit

    91. Xsue1299 ?

      Ultimate pickle confirmed

    92. Noah Cervera

      When you look for purple and gold guns kill the boss near misty meadows or the boss in misty meadows

    93. Chameleon 626

      I actually have this skin and I love it my second main from menace

    94. Clxin_

      Why does He say whats up guys yes?

    95. BigSetBuilder

      What's up guys yes this is the comments

    96. The RavenPlayz

      Pickle pickle pickle

    97. Blake Williams

      you didn't show what u got from that present?

    98. Roman Garcia

      thats not your skin idk what your thinking tbh