the rock, paper, scissors challenge... (very hard)


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    1. Ronit Gummadi

      Did anyone else get triggered when he left the yeet laucher behind.

    2. Mysterious XI

      Is he using the tac

    3. عبد الإله التويجري

      So many people were hacking while killing you, one was wall hacking

    4. Dribble G o d d

      What who wait

    5. leah

      Fresh your Aussie Its scissor paper rock Its a joke pwease take no hate 🥺😅

    6. Rao Hub


    7. Clemens Hoelbling

      lazerbeam is a bot

    8. ItZWyvernZ

      0:54 fresh 48+48 is 96. This is why u should have not dropped out....

    9. Thomas Folan

      RIP po

      1. Thomas Folan


    10. Logan Hatfield

      right now im supposed to be doing school bout ima just watch u

    11. gaming with Anthony bisso

      Navel skins only challenge

    12. MIKLOS TAS

      FRESH i added you in fortnite.

    13. Lou Buckley

      That one kid who has never played Rock Paper Scissors be like: excuse me?

    14. ramon Jr

      he said he can not take the enemy players guns but he took his blue tac shotgun and the sniper

    15. Static

      RIP tacky wacky

    16. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    17. Emily Lee

      FRESH, hi was your normal skin in the item shop? Or was it apart of the 6mil merch

    18. ashmanplayzYT

      People at school: rock,paper,scissors who loses is it for tig Me: ' _' why

    19. Xxkill-rlsisk /the dog dabbers

      2:51 when the heath be 420 u got to keep that heath and win ultimate 420 challange

    20. Mahad Shaukat

      player 294 is a hacker

    21. finesse.

      so nobody’s gonna make a 4/20 joke ? 😭😭

    22. Elijah Bowman

      RIP pp 😔

    23. Dhanush Krishna

      8:30 Did he just freak out cause of a teddy bear?

    24. Team Zoal

      8:33 what was he scared of ?

    25. MASTORAS apo to among us

      3:20 did he just say cizzorzzz paper rock

    26. Sydharth Pant

      Fresh is such a god

    27. Memelicious

      So its just kill someone and drop your shit.

    28. Panther r


    29. Bader Bader

      🤛🏽. ✋🏽. ✌🏽 Fortnite

    30. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    31. Meme Boi

      What the 8:30

    32. HudTheMoose

      The Shockwave Nade launcher doesn’t no damage

    33. DaRedNinja

      I like Ravenpool but I want Reflex soo bad But idk if it will return if it doesn't I will probably buy Raptor cuz he is the closest looking skin to the Reflex

    34. DaRedNinja

      Reflex skin is my favourite Skin in Fortnite

    35. Candice Grossmann

      Don’t call people nerds.

    36. Ciaran Hynes

      Ninja is a bad fortnight player

    37. Leelandthecampion55 Smlfan

      3:56 ask and you receive

    38. Kage

      Challenge Idea: First weapon you find you only use that and every Elim you must upgrade

    39. Marco Rios

      Your cheating you got mats

    40. anadjot singh

      Can u add me at anad1912

    41. Chocolate Peely


    42. Anders Dahlen

      Hos meny times Fresh said whats up guys, yes I I

    43. Louise Martin

      Rip pp 😢

    44. Chris Pluard

      I would be totally okay with one of this exactly challenge every week. This was the most entertaining one yet and that's really saying something lol



    46. homey king

      So is fresh now the king of lazy until pp comes back prob next season

    47. Alex Potter

      Bro I just got a notification for this vid dude

    48. Wylie Brogden

      what’s the panic at 8:30 for??

    49. 1K Before 2021?

      Fun Fact Most Fun Facts Aren’t Fun

    50. Davy Da silva

      2:50 his health is 4 20 🤔

    51. KTE x MiniPun

      Phat F in the chat when your in a box with every mythic but can’t pick any up

    52. Ryan -_-


    53. Amanda Marsh

      He’s calling people notes also he’s a sweat two

    54. Matthew Vargas


    55. R6 DEATH 11

      My brother jadiel said your videos are trash

    56. Jonathan Joseph

      Y can’t u do it that u do rock, paper scissors but u have to guess which one it is in order to take the loot

    57. Isaac Fajgenbaum

      Cause you say it a lot

    58. Isaac Fajgenbaum

      What does a nerd mean to you

    59. The Explore Kids

      How do you know when they cracked it when you crack their shield how do you know when you crack the shield

    60. Julio Mikhail

      In 3:40 he said may tao believe me I swear

    61. Basty Play

      It was a teddy bear 8:29

    62. Jurgenenkristel VanTendeloo

      Bruh its 2 days ago and fresh has a bold sniper

    63. Mirasol Siaboc

      hey you my friends call legmir because my name is Ritchmir

    64. Here’s the tea Bob jenkind

    65. L8bros 2

      Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, Stay Safe and have a wonderful day

    66. Bamesgames Gaming

      Everyone: The pistol is trash Fresh: If it's a weapon that can fire as fast as an smg, it is one.

    67. cenata

      you didn't do it after last elim

    68. Chiller Kille222

      At 2:51 he said look at my health and it was 420 I chuckled a bit

    69. R44H1M

      or play without a mouse now that would be fun to watch

    70. jimesca


    71. jimesca

      Come on fresh

    72. galaxy gaming

      This is how many time he said this guy 👇

    73. wase

      Hand cam?

    74. Kahlil Casey

      When he could drop all but one of his guns, all meds, and half his mats, before killing someone cause he cant grab his oponnents so he can grab what he dropped before the kill🤐

    75. NS_OwenThe Cow

      Its amazing how fresh uploads every day. Hes running out of content bois. Good thing new seasons out tomorrow

    76. Shagufta Malik

      Fresh is to good😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😆☺😛😇😇😇😇😇😀😀😀😀😀😆😆😆😆

    77. Agentorca12

      Poor fresh... his comment section is literally just people begging for subs and spammers... Whoever is spamming their channels and stuff, I hope you have an awful day and get the rona!

    78. Braden Suares


    79. Braden Suares

      why does laserbeam has more subscribers than fresh

    80. Lil Moose

      Fresh:Why is everyone so good? Also Fresh: one of the best players in the world

    81. Thomas Koshy


    82. Elemental

      Fresh should do 1gun = 1 kill

    83. BBR Ferpz

      8:30 wait why did he do that?

    84. Online Pc Gaming

      do a challenge where you can build amps with wood, wall with brick, and floor with metal

    85. Jeff Noobie

      2:50 fresh has some nice health.

    86. Gabi

      Check out my new fortnite highlights, @bADU

    87. Sarmila Shrestha

      1:53 almost unsubbed.

    88. Fresh

      Whats up guys yes

    89. fate landon

      I seen this on

    90. Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

      Fresh: dancing on a stop sign. Sign: STOPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant dance here don’t you see me I’m not invisible

    91. Samuel Grimes

      11 times'

    92. Aaron Zins

      hi fresh

    93. The leafs Fan

      You need to do a face cam

    94. Vampdemigod Gaming

      6:20 Fresh took his drop, not the stuff from a body he killed. Shouldn't have been able to pick up.

    95. Carter Boatright

      @2:50 look at my health His health:420

    96. Superio

      0:52 thats because 46 + 46 is 92, and this is y u stay in school fresh

    97. xonbekend

      Fresh can win with only a pickaxe😂

    98. The Sidewalk Master

      I did a video on that