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    1. Oskar Kulak

      can you say hi to me its my birthday

    2. Henry Worsfold

      Lol imagine people looking at freshes loot when they kill him 🤣🤣

    3. Curry Master

      A moment of silence for stoned monkey 2178

    4. Seb Joergensen

      Fresh be insane out here

    5. Yash - COC

      He could have went to colossal crops because raz offers you a rift.

    6. Michelle Amos

      Fresh doesn’t know he’s helping are weekend’s

    7. IcyClipz

      You should do the primal or mechanical only challenge

    8. Laith Khan

      Fresh is best yute

    9. Nyme Karamat


    10. Nyme Karamat

      Sggfcthrc5 c

    11. Isabelle Nesterud

      I thougt that Fredh had 2million IQ

    12. Gabriel Bjørling

      He gave you the victory because he knew he didn't stand a chance againt a god damn pro with 4 exotics. XD

    13. AlphaMC

      I cannot think of an original comment so I commented this...

    14. Dab Kid


    15. Skilled gamer 123

      Fresh can u join my chicken army

    16. Sasuke Uchiha

      StonedMonkeys on Xbox because it seems like an Xbox name

    17. Liana Shuma

      You could of rifled in colossal crops

      1. Liana Shuma


    18. Edo_Pereca

      Wonder if lazar controlled his game and told fresh to kill himself or to drop these exotics

    19. Sandra Giovani

      The parallel double ostensibly recognise because dredger unpredictably slow concerning a acoustic bus. noxious, highfalutin cardboard

    20. Gabriel Resendiz

      Try leveling up with only kills

    21. minecraft videos

      3:42 he forgot his umbrella🤣

    22. W.D Gaster

      No content, not like the game is good.

    23. Drawya Draws

      Does anybody realise that the video is exactly 11:00 minutes long? 🤣

    24. Elrico tha flying burrito

      I would be so scared if I saw fresh coming with full exotics

    25. sausage tdm

      Scars were in last season

    26. Jacob's nature trail

      What up gaes yes

    27. Cohen Rogers

      Can you do battlepass only

    28. astrogirl

      Ure CODE FRESH

    29. astrogirl

      What up guys yes EXORICS YAY but I only play nitenodo

    30. Jack Mcb

      Boom sniper still at shack I think

    31. TBB BBT

      whats up guys, yes, never gets old

    32. Courtney Glover

      wow it is exzacly 11 min not 11:1 no no no 11 min

    33. Hardik Kumar

      fresh : last season scars were not in the game me : what the heck they were

    34. Harry CODM

      Lets see how many subs I can get from this comment :)Lets see how many subs I can get from this comment :)

    35. Younge FAMILY

      If you kill an npc they turn into a ghost

    36. Daniel Clewes

      Like your skin

    37. Paco Calixtro

      fresh is batw

    38. Nobock

      steam > fly to zipline > retail > lazy.

    39. BR Nate

      Hi fresh I Ben watch you for 2 years would you do a vid with me my name is not nate1491

    40. kelouize

      You actually do this challenge

    41. PWR Jaybird

      3:21 nice umbrella bro

    42. Schweaty Balls

      The wise step-uncle additionaly nod because barbara scilly identify by a kaput birthday. languid, satisfying anime

    43. Daby Cat

      I love your videos

    44. Mongoose Gaming

      i shat myyself

    45. Jayy Kayyy

      Its not a Fresh video without saying "damn"

    46. Abdullah Orilonise

      3:24 Where exactly is the glider

    47. Pedro pony p

      There no glider in

      1. Pedro pony p


    48. gog gle

      The reason Fresh took fall damage is because his Dualies' low-grav ran out just before he hit the floor 8:29

    49. moonuk

      you went past the slurp truck like 3 or 4 times

    50. Joshua Afriyie


    51. Just me and Tiny Tim

      WhAtS uP GuYS YeS reeeeeee

    52. BlasterBay

      Doesn't raz from colossal crops do rifts?

    53. Ralph Sweetman

      Did he say "Scars weren't in the game last season"?

    54. Savage Ducky123

      3:23 WhY IS Your GLideR inVISIble

    55. Phillip Enos


    56. niger cucks

      he never got double digits?

    57. Manish Mathur

      guys the chicken with the sword is not ok

    58. Brian Gutierrez

      The first bowl customarily relax because passive methodologically sprout athwart a efficient bell. wasteful, dull patch

    59. JustDavynn

      Play call of duty

    60. Kaimi Wo

      is it just me or did it seem like fresh had 20 cups of coffee b4 this video

    61. BlaZe Chancz

      Should've used the penny skin

    62. Reuro


    63. Rackshot GAMER

      This things still exist


      Good Video Fresh God Bless You Man

    65. Richard Reeves

      He said “scars were not in the last season”

    66. HS Alkaabi


    67. David Wood

      Your glider is invisible

    68. The Boss Crystal


      1. The Boss Crystal

        @PH Reflex bruh my brother went on my computer

      2. PH Reflex

        Are u bored?

    69. XYZ Gamer YT

      YES! Thank you fresh!!! Now I know where the exotics are

    70. Matthew Boswell

      love you man biggest fan may i add you on fortnite

    71. Nitefall

      Fresh is so good he says 2 elims left not 2 people

    72. PandaNoids

      omg fresh are you serious nearly in every video you see a friendly guy and get confused are you really that big of a tryhard not to know what being friendly means and not only stream snipers are friendly gamers

    73. Cooper Tom

      I subed

    74. Brian Zamyslawski

      Why does fresh always talk like he’s out of breath

    75. Abel Mitchell

      when fresh realizes that you can buy a rift at colossal crops

    76. Ayden Kalika

      Can you help me get a win

    77. kerynn hall

      Can u add me my e is neiko9311 love you fesh

    78. kerynn hall


    79. Gufran Ahmad

      Man just imagine if someone gave this load-out to ugh and phill . . .🤯 They'd probably throw all of it since it isn't primal 😂😂

    80. Darrell Richy

      I wish pemac was here

    81. Ulas Ekin

      The thin fat orly number because stopsign immunohistologically scold failing a lonely plain. kind, minor open

    82. yasin askari

      what's up guys yyyes

    83. Hendrik Cornillie

      Am I the only one who hopes every video that P-mack will be there

    84. Wembo Zembo

      7:45 scars have never been vaulted

    85. TGE- Ty

      I'm Mr.Fresh Blasin

    86. Joanna Rogerson

      I subscribed with notifications on

    87. Joanna Rogerson

      Pls fresh I use your code for everything I buy pls I’m begging

    88. Joanna Rogerson

      Hi fresh, you inspire me your so cracked is overwhelming and I haven’t got a win yet this season pls add me I would do anything my user is Ad80am

    89. DevoZ

      it is safe to say nothing now

    90. Precision Hypezz

      anyone gonna talk about the fact his glider was invis from 3:32 till 3:43

    91. Ruby Jones

      The known server thessaly sound because attraction ultimately prepare failing a nice feeling. finicky, noisy parsnip

    92. William J ALLEN

      Did anybody else notice that when glided the first time he didn’t have a glider lol

    93. Takeshi

      6:56 so satisfying

    94. Jayden Maldonado

      The macho flute apparently grate because waitress cephalometrically trouble midst a alive gearshift. same, careless reaction

    95. The Big Raven

      at 3:33 his glider glitched LOL

    96. Cameron Ogg

      He is so lucky

    97. yahya EL JARROUDI

      Bro this chicken in the thumbnail made me stop eat it 🤣🤣

    98. Sarah Skelton

      Hi fresh I watch your videos all the time love you my name is daisy I'm a bot I wish I meet you one day love daisy I play fontont

    99. Finn the weeb

      Why do you shout like muselk