The *RANDOM* ANIMAL Challenge!


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    1. Blake Buchanan

      Fresh I can only get loot from dog houses Also fresh gets big pot uses it

    2. Delgado Liam

      Lol pickle gorilla

    3. Danette N.

      Idk if Rex and fumingo r animals because they r pretending to be animals

    4. Sub Zero

      Do a one gun challenge

    5. Kristin LaBorg

      I use ur code You are AMAZING wish I could add you

    6. Alysha Menzing

      Fresh you so epic

    7. Col In45

      2:23 me laughing so hard

    8. Amanda Flintoft

      Add me fresh and lazerbean

    9. Lamai Firestone

      The first game when you died that guy shot a AR as fast as a mini gun

    10. Emyli Ava

      The superficial buzzard maternally divide because can interspecifically squeeze apropos a savory kangaroo. parsimonious, enormous attack

    11. JRK

      Did anyone notice how after he had ten health he paused the vid and he randomly had 55 health he cheated 😂 and I did the math he used bandages 😂

    12. XxyoutubekidxX243

      The "what's up guys I yes" intro doesn't get old

    13. Ariellys Quintana

      Bircbuxrbus ueuydjrh i

    14. Iced Dude2007


    15. Oyun Koşucusu

      Fresh: gets rex and tames raptors Also Fresh: kills animals to get meat

    16. smith helen

      The overt justice advantageously employ because believe family learn toward a scary parent. classy, elfin shoemaker

    17. Neelix Jansson

      Pls part two please like so fresh sees

    18. Ábylssênt Snail

      Your mom should be on this challenge

    19. Samuel Pattinson

      Hey there is a dog house at lazy lake

    20. Gamer 123

      There is a dog chest at compatcatlrs

    21. Alpha Direct


    22. Lisa Wright


    23. Gold will Man07

      Your the king 🤴of fortnight fresh

    24. FREX

      Theres another doghouse where a chest spawns 50/50 at the place where the dummy npc spawns

    25. Katie lynn

      Chests do spawn at retails dog house

    26. Archie Gordon-Smith

      There are dog houses at holly and lazy and 75 percent of the time they do spawn in-

    27. Atreyu Fischer

      Where is the shark

    28. vennix

      Junk junction also has a dog house with loot

    29. arbor


    30. Memmphy

      hey fresh used my skin doggo and he got a win!!!

    31. Sam Sunny

      cant you upgrade fresh ?????

    32. RNJX Lex

      What about kit

    33. M4Y_GLITCH

      Fresh wot your discord name

    34. Vicente Munoz

      I play on switch and I am God but I can't be like you and I sud 💚

    35. Aisaia Toreresi

      the shoty that famingo has was the shoty never put the game but leaked alot

    36. Caleb Granville

      holly has a chest lol

    37. Zach Conners

      Technically flamingos can't fly

    38. Evan Weston

      Fresh uses his old skin for his intro but uses instinct for the actual video

    39. Evo1d Specs

      Evo1d Specs

    40. Y     E       E

      on the flamingo you could just build pyramids on the ground all the time

    41. Marcelin Vaidyanathan

      I just love hearing,What sup guys yes

    42. V. Sai Jashwanth Reddy

      little does he know that u only have a smg

    43. Greg Farrington

      Epic my dude Yet for lazar bum

    44. Gavin Meidinger

      On the third one look at how many parts and bones he had

    45. Keli ShaVal123

      Only Fresh 😌

    46. Cranky llama


    47. Striker

      Dog houses: Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, Holly Hedges

    48. Molten

      I've seen chests spawn in that dog house before

    49. Bendy Toons

      This is the definition of, YESSIR

    50. Roaen Odom

      bro it does spon at retail

    51. Sarah Rich

      Imagine going to retail to not get anything

    52. Alexandru Zarcu

      There was a dog house at lazy too🏡

    53. suga kookie

      What about Harley fresh

    54. BryceKrispy #Shorts

      There is a dog house at lazy lake

    55. Juliet Pepper

      Am i the only one who’s fresh that flamingos don’t fly

    56. Juliet Pepper

      Am i the only one who’s fresh that flamingos don’t fly

    57. Faris .A

      Plz part 2 that was easily one of ur best vids man

    58. Lazar Lava

      Freshly boi

    59. Dawn Faragher

      One sounds at junk punishing

    60. Eils Gibney

      I’m a monkey

    61. James Mitchell

      What a great birthday present for the 17th

    62. Justice Ngalle

      fresh forgetting flamingos don't fly


      Chest does spawn in the retail dog house... it was the 50% chest spawn

    64. Krystle Harrison

      If only he knew about the doghouse chest spawn at compact cars

    65. Sophia Higgins

      How is freash so good (i started s7 and i suck) :)

    66. Ádám Vörös

      Did he forget about I Holly?

    67. Trashboat

      Didn't even have Fennix or Polar Patroller lame

    68. timotej

      lazy dog house,H house dog house,pp dog house,

    69. Patrick Malahide

      "0:45" ”this is the thing u need.” 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 😏ˑ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    70. The Dustin Egg

      "0:45" ”this is the thing u need.” 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ 😏ˑ ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord


      u forgot peely btw im high rn

    72. Lmanyugi

      There’s a dog house at lazy lake

    73. Adam Hetzner

      There is also a dog house chest spawn at compact cars

    74. Stephanie Szoke


    75. Crumpet Fn

      The dog house at holly does have a chest actually so does the retail dog house

    76. Jacob Martin

      There’s a dog house chest spawn in lazy you bot


      "What's up guys yes" love when he says that

    78. Rachel Fogle

      Shout out plz IAM subscribed and notafacations on I love you ,Lazerbeam,your girlfriend not like like , lazer beam girlfriend not like like

    79. Rachel Fogle

      Can I get a shout out on your channel , you should stay doing that IAM subcrided plz can I get a shout out

    80. MR_VER


    81. Caleb Tafe


    82. Cutie Kylasia

      Yo Like what she said

    83. Erniedoggy


    84. BowieHall

      you'd think someone who plays fn 24/7 would know that there's a dog house at holly and lazy

    85. Hannah Smith

      I subbed, turned on all notifications! My Epic Username is T0ECRUST Use his code! Much love

    86. Goyam Jain

      9:36 Fresh : we got someone right down below us Foundation : I will appreciate some help? ooooo...... Nvm u are going. Bye! I am justttt... Gonna sit here I guess?

    87. Shadow Phantom

      Is there dog houses in lazy lake

    88. Austin Huang

      Did you realize that fresh got 11th place the first both rounds

    89. Jaydeep Bheda


    90. E-_-xcited

      There are actually two dog houses with a chest in them at holly

    91. Josiah Moses

      Meaw meaw

    92. Blinx.

      There are 2 dog houses in holy that have a chest

    93. NEVIN N.

      isnt llama a animal. what the

    94. Timo Isken

      What is that pickaxe named man someone help

    95. Jodie Lee

      Harley fresh channel has 526k subs but no vids

    96. Noel Lindberg

      POGROMER, YESSIR.+7 yupyup

    97. vortex wolf

      Does fresh not now there’s is a dog house in lazy lol

    98. logan ngan

      Can I please have a free skin My user is Sqealinpg