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    1. JOSEPH G

      Did he get a new mic

    2. ChimiDaddy

      There was a banana in front of him and he ignores duh banana. I thought u sweat

    3. Naushad Waqar

      my spawn loot be like

    4. eupn5685

      Tilted is ramove it you Bot


      I watched this 10 times now

    6. Mr Mitty

      Fresh be like: hitting good shots Me: I’m so bad.


      if fresh plays miecraft he would be overpowered

    8. Marianne Godon

      I love you 😍 so much

    9. Dustin Webley

      lmao 1:34 they forgot to remove the lever action shotgun

    10. SimplyUnplayed

      who else also subbed to fresh with different accounts? 👇

    11. SimplyUnplayed

      my daily routine: 1. eat 2. school 3. homework 4. fresh 5. fresh 6. fresh 7. fresh 8. fresh 9. fresh 10. repeat NO SLEEPING ONLY FRESH

    12. SimplyUnplayed

      i've never heard the words "grey" "green" "blue" "purple" and "gold" repeated so many times in a video before

    13. SimplyUnplayed

      when fresh can even make the lazarbeam skin look sweaty

    14. SimplyUnplayed

      i've literally never seen so many charge shotgun eliminations in a round before

    15. Nataliya Tront

      28 kills!! Holy sh## i can only get 8 or 9

    16. Hayley Pappin

      Cen I ad you

    17. Chipz4life

      Is it weird how’s fresh is playing as his dad?

    18. Juan Blancas


    19. Cheeriosシ

      3:20 He hit him for 8

    20. Soppen Pedro


    21. Joseph Williamson

      bro you are so good

    22. Noxiee

      Yeeeeeees... TORTURE!!

    23. Sandie G

      how do you do that grenade thing?

    24. Ronald & Miyako Ching

      We love fresh

    25. Isaac Tymko

      I like how fresh said he needed a pump but ran past at least seven

    26. Erana Kokiri

      Fresh u should do an idea where every battle pass skin u got to get a win with

    27. Sebastian Baker

      What axe is that in the intro I'm just returning to fort and I want it lol

    28. Use code sirs gamer boy Jase Gamer

      Your my favourite HUgetsr

    29. Use code sirs gamer boy Jase Gamer

      Can you send noob1234jase5 a friend request on Fortnite

    30. Landen Johnston

      Yo fresh why are you wearing larzar beams skin

    31. Hamish Farquhar

      Who else loves how much fresh uploads

    32. Kobe

      Since when do gray snipers *deal 237 damage?*

    33. Jim Wagner


    34. skirails_ baby

      you should of made it the big SUS

    35. Faded Wolf


    36. Abdul Muizz

      I love the music that comes on 4:50

    37. Jamal Rehman


    38. Jamal Rehman


    39. Jamal Rehman


    40. Damian Smith

      Helloo guyssssssssjes

    41. Lola Price

      i love fresh so much

    42. Lola Price

      so lam people try fresh tellme hat happed

    43. Lola Price

      he is in the bush bye you died

    44. Lola Price

      you snip him no scop him oh come on fresh no scop

    45. Lola Price

      ha ha that was funny

    46. Lola Price

      run you kill him i wood of died

    47. Lola Price

      ruuuuuuuuuuuun no you died come on people like oh ok

    48. Lola Price

      freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh poop loadout it is good but you are good at it no matter what guns you have

    49. Archer Fortnite

      You dog water 0 earnings 0pr your so free more free then cosco sample

    50. Filip Muzi

      There is glider redeploy

    51. Alex Hefferan

      can we get a petition for fresh to bring back his old intro?

    52. RG_FlakeZz

      When he was on that guy at the spire he thought he was gonna get killed even the guy shockwaved him lol

    53. Star Less

      Lovley 8 damage 3:20

    54. Alex Ramirez

      Fresh “he’s going beam me he’s going to beam me” me waiting still waiting...

    55. Alex Templeton

      Which will win meow or wolf

    56. Alex Templeton

      Meow Wolf MEow WOlf MEOw WOLf MEOW WOLF

    57. Xz_Bgboy_TTV

      Bring back old intro pls!!!!!!!

    58. weebnite

      "He's white beautiful" 😍

    59. Matt Blay

      Is this ok for kids 9

    60. Manuel hernandez

      Another day another insane fresh video

    61. JMStein

      Basically, gray weapons only haha

    62. GameLord D

      10:21 AND PAUSE

    63. Bao Nguyen

      I killed fresh! I was the one that killed him in the first game. He was low though ngl.

    64. Aiden Richards

      Streaming on Fresh’s channel?

    65. Aiden Richards

      Is this LazarBeam?

    66. Doreen Renschler


    67. deedra kirkby

      Your so cracked at the game

    68. Gaius Nolan

      At 6:72 look at the mini map

    69. ROBERT Gibilisco

      You should do a challenge where you see how many kills you can get with each rarity

    70. Smilez Foxy

      The one time he wares his dads fortnite skin is in a poop challenge

    71. Cheryl Christoforos

      You carry lazer a lot which means your really good

    72. Hudaifah Masud

      6:34 storm??????????????????

    73. Anthony Beatty


    74. Marky Parky

      I remember finding a gray scar wonce I was super confused

    75. Sweat S

      Maybe Fresh is using Lannan’s skin because Fresh think’s it’s trash

    76. Undead Dragon

      Fresh:Everyone has green or blue Me:I don't give a poop

    77. dabfootdabXD


    78. Anne C.

      "Whats up guys and yes." Is every 785 video intro 😂

    79. Fazilah Jamaludin

      Day 891 waiting to fresh say,wassup guys,no.

    80. Chronik


    81. MaxYTbtw

      8:31 my guy you can break the bush

    82. Daniel Torres

      sub to laserbeam

    83. whyyoutakemyacount31

      Sus Fresj

    84. Brendan Cooper

      Please add me

    85. Josh on NS YT

      Im rly sad

    86. Mono baggy boy

      Isn’t it lee-ver action not lever

      1. Mono baggy boy

        @Josh on NS YT Why

      2. Josh on NS YT

        Im sad

    87. Riley Hughes

      yea man stop playing the game

    88. Isaiah Villalobos

      Wow it would take me a year ngl lol

    89. Msaas

      Caca loadeaout

    90. Roronoa Senpai

      Fresh: "shit loadout" Also fresh: pops off with it Me: verbal and visible confusion 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    91. Matthew Smith

      bro the montage music is on point

    92. Pigeon Meatball


    93. annoying dounut

      fresh should Play cold war warzone

    94. Chr1s_

      when you're one day late

    95. Lindsey Pohoriles

      Can we just appreciate how fresh uplodes every day and comes up with these amazing vids💗

    96. Tiffany Spero

      I'm 5 don't cuss

    97. Jacob Goachee

      Hey fresh that's not a grey pick question ⁉️

    98. Trent Kensett-Smith

      I have made the swap to keyboard and mouse