WTF ARE THESE GUYS?!? (overpowered)


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    1. Game ghost

      I come from the future you get a new skin fresh

    2. Spencer Springfield

      can u say whats up guys no

    3. Sunil Kumar

      These are in guard

    4. FTT_Flasher _YT

      Their name should be OP guards not IO guards

    5. Stephen Martinez

      is this considerd teaming

    6. Miqui Joseph

      Hi fresh, do you have a skin called kondor and if yes and me and my friend thinks that we might have killed you in team rumble game and the name came up saying anonymous282 and is that you

    7. Braiedon Emmanuel

      If you really wanna become their friends, why not go Mystique, kill one of em, and then disguise as em? It worked with the Ghost and Shadow Henchman, did it not?

      1. Clorox Bleach


    8. Jaxson Ballard

      STOP SAYING what's up guy's yes

    9. Norulhuda Abdullah

      Tac ar is my favorite weapon

    10. Alexey

      the io guards are a part of an organisation called the imagined order where agent John jones works at

    11. Hanary Han

      io guards are known as the imagine order

    12. MC squid91

      you can just tell the giveaway is fake because no one AND I MEAN NO ONE is able to get even 1 or 2 sooo bassically what im saying is THAT IS A SCAM

    13. Connor2010gaming

      What skin are you using?

    14. Jimmy Neutrons Dad

      I don’t know why everyone is so sacred of IO guards I’ve never been killed from them and they’re aim is actual trash

    15. Someone

      No one: Literally no one: Fresh: io gods

    16. redx

      Its not bien friends its bien a stalker

    17. Andy Navarro

      Aye yo I really hope I can win a ps5 cause I really wanted one

    18. Tyrone Sorra

      Did I just see a guy named fresh die to the aim bot robots 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    19. Team Roblox

      dude use shapeshifter

    20. Turnt4dee

      Fresh is like naruto protecting and calling the Ai guards his friends even tho they hate him and the AI guards are like sasuke

    21. Sherry Rasneor

      The IO guards are the FBI

    22. LBuckley122

      I have died to IO guards about...... 1,000,000,000 times

    23. Phillip seaward

      Have You Seen All My Comments Yet?

    24. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    25. Huseyin Telli

      How did u know if u won the giveaway

    26. VCG

      IO Guards and I never got killed by one CIA or FBI

    27. KING17LALO17

      8:44 "& my dumbass forgot to hit record" been there fresh I feel you

    28. My dog has a stareing problem Btw

      No one online

    29. MS Binamic

      Homeland security of dam fortnite It had me dying of laughter

    30. Yeshua Samayoa


    31. Yeshua Samayoa

      Io agit

    32. delilah chan

      u have give away for season 6 chapter 2

    33. Jayden Among us

      IO means imagined order

    34. Bev Davies

      They are iq gaureds

    35. Tyhesha Coles

      and killed him

    36. Tyhesha Coles

      i got his bounty ones

    37. Oliver Plesnivy

      IO means imagend order they work with agent jonesy

    38. Dannastase Buchiatu

      is iQ guard

    39. Wyatt Myers

      Btw there are IO’s in pp

    40. Luke Whitehead


    41. Jane Alameda

      Who won the next GEN PS five giveaway

    42. Mylo Bucat

      I bet the io guards are protecting something under risky. Mabye like a key to getting through the zero point

    43. Raul Jimenez

      I got attacked by one of those in battle lab they are in sane

    44. Concepción Chavez

      Um fresh try being sand friends with them like be under sand

    45. Zoomee

      in the cinematic trailer, these aimbot guys are the people running about in the main hallway when jonesy goes out of his room.

    46. DogsAtWar311


    47. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    48. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    49. Chosen Williams XIII

      Thur not going to be your friend they are just gonna kill you and i use code fresh in the forth nite item shop

    50. KnifeForLife

      1:46 did he not see that guy standing in the sand?

    51. ayaan kazi

      They are not stronger than the moradus

    52. Raiders_axel Raid

      FBI we got him

    53. Raiders_axel Raid

      I know right

    54. CelticTrio

      Who’s here from lazerbeam 😂 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    55. Destroyer Of all

      Thay work for maves look at maves stuff at hunters haven that have the same simble

    56. Trombone Cat

      "Fortnite create anime skin" FBI:welp,this has crossed tha line (Break into fortnite)

    57. Nora Nora

      I like your video fresh u r very good at fortnite

    58. Sentient Paperclip

      Matchmaking is hilarious...i watched a newb stand still in the middle of all 3 of them and be fine I have them spawn outside of a house I am in they raid the house. I run get over the hill and rift fish out and they kill me as my glider deploys after rifting mid air... It is great...

    59. Christian Dangerfield

      Even if you use the Mando Sniper head shot they dont die. Its like Skye mythic boss but with a spam weapon and there are 3 of em. Ruins so many drop spots. I can land riskey without dying, not Durr Burger either. They are maruders on steriods.

    60. Nbrod444


    61. LoganTheDino9

      Fresh: *has a next generation console giveaway* Me: *is sad because will never win a give away and they are expensive* (Don't even know why I posted this)

    62. Ianys

      Its the youtubere like this that keep fortnite good

    63. Mitchell Kwakman

      It’s from agent John Jones there scared for the zero piont

    64. GraveMistaker

      homeland security of fortnite. quote from fresh 2020

    65. Cash Eccleston

      They are IO gards

      1. Sam’s Amazing

        Yeah he knows

      2. Joel Whitecotton

        Yeah he knows

    66. HyperMan Sonic

      From watching this video im gonna use more the tac AR

    67. HyperMan Sonic

      The io gaurds are from the storyline and they are called the imagined order to make people to not escape the loop from the zero point

    68. PlanetGamer 001

      You know it’s a good game when FRESH be popping double digits



    70. Razur Sharp Gaming

      I like how when he says what they might be they are all American Agency's lol

    71. Pup Craft

      Aw fresh dude im so sorry for your recording

      1. Pup Craft

        @Sam’s Amazing 😂

      2. Sam’s Amazing

        @Pup Craft same

      3. Pup Craft

        When you get a good game 😂

    72. TheVlogPlayer 25

      IO also known as the imagine order formed by Jonsey to kill anyone trying to escape the island from the loop 🔁 everything in fortnite is infinite ♾

    73. Anamari Ferriol

      Whats up guys yesss! Is so funny 😁🤣🤣

    74. Γιαννης Καλφοπουλος

      Fresh u should do a challenge with da John wick skin. In this challenge u have to complete all the hunt challenges with the weapons John wick uses in the movies

    75. Harrison Davey

      fresh the bot are called io guards(imagined order)

    76. XtermiNater

      How are you supposed to know if you win the next gen console we did not give you our address

    77. Nilima Patil

      I have killed them many time

    78. SYNITE

      I subbed

      1. Sam’s Amazing


    79. Genki

      U should get mistiqe and kill one io guard and transfrorm into one

    80. B L O O N S

      Their trying to maintain people from going into the nexus. So their prob D.O.T.N

    81. lucas Gaming

      i ran into these guys before with mando loot and i got demolished

    82. Iziah Lamour

      how ironic is that to be put on bounty by john wick lmao

    83. Ms Cudlz

      I'd literally have to wait about 2 minutes for these boys to kill me 🤣

    84. DTM

      Fresh: Sup Champ Me: POG CHAMP

    85. Faisal

      Hit the button under here if u remember when the title was WTF are IO guard

    86. Hoyt Steinke

      The mundane blowgun increasingly flow because writer geometrically watch an a cuddly art. black, quixotic epoxy

    87. Moussa Family

      22 entries wish me luck bois i wish the same to you guys

    88. james rapson

      why lannan a bot

    89. james rapson

      dont worry i died to them 15'000 times they so god damn trash

    90. james rapson

      wtf are io gords

    91. Aiden DuLaney

      sub to pro dangler

    92. Olive Do boi

      His last game be all like dondondon another one bites the dust

    93. BB

      It’s called standing on top of their lil hut thing they come from. If ur on that thing they won’t shoot u.

    94. Tom Pritchard

      No there faze javis

    95. MidcourseHydra 693

      I usually don't like promoting but I'm pretty sure something big is coming to fortnite. Check on this yt: (cops 501st) video name: (fortnite mystery/hidden location)

    96. Princewell Collins

      I have done every single entry I hope I win😄😆

    97. DesireJustPlayin

      me: thinking hes saying io gods when he dies to them: IO GUARDS

    98. Miz Kim

      English: gaurds Australian: GODS

    99. YounG_KinGBeasT

      What’s up guys and yes

    100. Ation

      Could you maybe checkout my videos to help out a tiny content creator?🥺