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    1. CozmicHopoe

      Is lazarbeam actually fresh’s dad?

    2. Dj_nyce 21

      Notice how Fresh didn't grab that blue pump laying there but he kept the green pump🤣5:11

    3. Dad.0

      Great video, I love your channel!

    4. Shahan Khan

      6:23 Fresh has a THICC voice crack


      5:13 missed a blue pump

    6. Gael Perez

      Imagine if lazer beam was his dad lol

    7. gaming- odds

      Is it sad that I'm 10 in im a higher level than lazar

    8. Suzi Peacock


    9. Callum Scott

      How tf u meant to find witch brooms

    10. Eileen Arterburn


    11. METROPLEX 123

      Lannan sucks at fortnite and he is so slow

    12. Vulse Flxrry

      Only og people know what the gun in the thumbnail is

    13. Killer Night

      They can now sky base because of the jet packs

    14. Andrew Duffy

      5:12 he missed a blue pump

    15. Charlie Tucker

      No I actually havent but hoo actually cares LOL only memes and fresh

    16. ComicNKV

      I was in his match😂😂😂

    17. Jedi Nite

      I love it when lannans in the intros because there emotes are synced up.

    18. Doppio OPBR

      Me: mom I want dad Mom:we got dad at home Dad at home:

    19. Aiden Roeder

      Fresh: wota Me: water

    20. George Gaming 2020

      Can yo play with me plz🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    21. markos daniel

      i love you fresh

    22. HyperHafrewMega

      *imagine being pinned by fresh*

    23. Afroja Akter

      The title should be ghost hunting with my daddy.

    24. scrap gaming

      I have seen Lachlan’s ghostbusters video he

    25. Hardrider999

      who else saw him doing this in stream

    26. Lord Albrus

      The Ghostbusters Reboot was NEVER going to be as good the origional, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it was an all female cast. How are you supposed to compete with; Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, Annie Potts, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver in an Ivan Reitman film?

    27. Derpy Hooves

      5:11: Fresh legit missed a blue pump

    28. Hunkacheese

      6.69 mil subs, nice

    29. coffecranium

      Fresh my first playing fortnitemires i got 19 kill and i playing on ps4 but i die😔😔😔😔

    30. Jonathan Wiseman

      Easy dubs

    31. sean brady

      I HATE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!

    32. Henryb0t

      Ghostbusters! da na da na da na da da da na dana Ghostbusters!

    33. Quinn The torchic lover

      No they didn’t if it’s fresh it’s “original”

    34. AK GAMING

      Lannan just confirmed that Fresh was better then him...

    35. Pizzaninja

      Fresh looks like Rey from Ghostbusters

    36. Asher Brody

      Is lazar beam actually fresh dad

    37. sxmxk _

      The ghost buster skin you were using actually looks like you

    38. Tricia Mendez

      Click bate

    39. Anime girl


    40. XD Lloyd

      Love ur vids

    41. Acc_ God

      Can u do tournaments or arena with lazarbeam

    42. SLAMDIT

      Do a video where you can only use ghost loot.

    43. Uzma Arqam

      I didn't know that lazer lazer was his dad ??? Wait it was his dad 😲. Wait a minute . It was his dad????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤨☹️🤤😲😣😯

      1. Uzma Arqam

        The ending was good Fresh :Nightmare Royale ??? Lazer lazer : That was enough for me !!!!

    44. Carter Stagner

      Who else thinks bans will win the national championship

    45. Jeremiah Johnson

      I just noticed fresh hit 6.69M subscribers

    46. Don Buckley

      so cool how does he do it

    47. Nicky Coleman

      Use code fresh in the fortnite item shop and smack that THICK SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

    48. Nicky Coleman


    49. Marnitz7


    50. Crewstor OMG!

      I USED UR CODE MY Epic username is Thelucasplays

    51. ッShadow

      How many of u guys just take revenge when u become a ghost and leave the match

    52. Cherry Bomber

      can you add me on fortnite my epic is Wesley_Theory29

    53. The Impasta

      Lannan is fresh's father?

    54. Nahom Kefle

      5:12 the blue pump

    55. Franko Gameing

      Who else loved the og ghosts busters

    56. Fortnite Gamer

      You should bring back your old intro

    57. Peter Adams

      Lazar on the 'Sauce' at late night OCE... PMSL!

    58. callum dunn

      6.69 mil NICE

    59. V

      Is laser beam really your dad????

    60. Estella Lozano

      @ TypicalGamer

    61. Vankalken Lou

      don’t kill ppl me seeing 3kills 😂

    62. Divine Purce

      wait if hes a ghost he has to kill himself

    63. X Deadly Ephraim X

      Can you do a back wards keyboared

      1. X Deadly Ephraim X


    64. ryder guidolin

      the the the the the the the the the

    65. Mixie Gacha

      5:12 I love how he just ignore the blue pump and keeps the green one

    66. abdul-kareem jomha

      Pls fresh friend me on fortnite AKJ-Drip_

    67. Meester Breadman

      It’s like Muselks challenge but ya know better

    68. Brandon HereYT


    69. Tamsyn Riddle

      Here from his live stream!

    70. Mason Roberts

      i subed to yyou

    71. Mason Roberts


    72. Mason Roberts

      can you sout out me may name is maymaymilo45 for my fortnite acout

    73. Mason Roberts


    74. WKD_Adrian_YT DT

      He legit left the blue pump 5:11


      2021 :lanan meet the new trio:Fresh, lazar, Lazar dad..., the sweatiest trio ever......

    76. Jessie Mace


    77. Jazzyskids 500us

      Wait lazarbeam is fresh's DAD!!!???

    78. Joe Tillman

      I love that fortnite ripped off warzone for this mode

    79. Layton Steed


    80. Crystal Harvey

      I love your videos

    81. GTandMYT

      3:19 Lazar: You’re the first ghostbusters and I’m the sequel no one liked. Me: The first ghostbusters was better but the sequel was funny as hell

    82. Jefferey brown

      5:10 fresh didnt pick up that blue pump

      1. Jazzyskids 500us


    83. joshgaming yt

      6.69 subs Nice👌

    84. Brian Harris

      fresh can you add me and my cousin add fortnightkingjay and add rilos13 thanks have a good day



    86. no name

      Have you noticed that fresh calls lazarbeam his dad? Lol


      I made a mrfreshasin map in fortnite which took me 6 hrs to build if he was my friend I would seriously get him to my creative map

    88. Abdulrahman Altoeimi


    89. Amber Fultz

      My sis has a crush on Bill Murray

    90. DrumFN

      5:11 he missed a blue pump 😭

    91. FDVJoelGamster 1

      Imagine a Ghostbusters movie where they just pull out an ar-15 and shoot the ghosts

    92. Jacob Thomss

      Can you play rocket league

    93. Harris Ashraf

      I need the battle pass for season 4 of fortnite anyone who wants to gift me te battle pass my epic is Dark_Anon

    94. Harris Ashraf

      I pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life

    95. Quinton Thrasher

      Fresh, I love u. No homo.

    96. Darks Salt20

      #5:12 the memes


      Fresh I now you migh never see you but now I’ll be with you Avery sep of the way

    98. Darren Hopper

      who misses old fortnite

    99. rgparadox

      heyy fresh u got 6.69 subs