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    1. Doggotaco55

      who's going to count how many times Fresh said "Impossible!"

    2. yanmei lu

      Rather have a blue burst or green ar?

    3. Oz Crypto

      The bottom right chat dude was hilaripus

    4. George Tori

      Me: just struggling to a ghost. Fresh: how about 100 ghosts try and fight me

    5. Gabriela Osuna

      They are actually called shadows

    6. Viviana Burgos

      Now we are playing call of duty!

    7. Ayden Roby

      The ghosts is called shadows

    8. Capt Boi

      What’s a storm Surge

    9. Tasha Thomas

      Taake the iron Man mythic bro you could have did better I Mad😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠!!!!

    10. •Gacha_ 0RE0•

      I remember in a game I took down 30 of the ghost and won the game

    11. Rayhan Hussain


    12. Lucas PlayzRBLX

      MAN That Looks AWESOME

    13. Richtrumpster B

      Only people who were ghosts can like this video

    14. Lourdess Lopez

      Didn’t nick eh 30 do this

    15. Mrpeter Caverly

      We deed it!

    16. Krissi Thompson

      Killing ghosts is poggers

    17. Marvel Facts


    18. It’s Ryan Diaz 2.0

      Doom eternal be like

    19. Thomas Vicente

      I was 100,000 th! When I clicked it went from 99k to 100k :)

    20. Bust Freeze


    21. John O'Neil

      Ghost buster fresh.

    22. platinum knight

      I was last ghost I nearly killed him dam it

    23. lorrie elliott

      Hope you guys enjoy I always enjoy

    24. urielissmart gaming tips

      that just prom that your trash when you put 15 box's

    25. Julian Garcia

      U said 25 on wood 25 on brick and 25 on metal and were is the 8 more people

    26. Dante Uzosike

      2:43 Fresh: All of them just died to Surge Me: Ah sh**, here we go again.

    27. mr mellow

      Lets go freshy

    28. Jon Rees

      Impossible Edit: I watched the end, hacker

    29. Jayree Joe

      He dem did it

    30. Angel Gutierrez

      OMG this like call of duty zombies

    31. K!ИG CHAЯM!ИG

      Ghosts: fite me m9 Ill rek u

    32. Adam Ivey

      its like dreams manhunt

    33. Blanche Margarette Panganiban

      Hey fresh im a big fan so is everyone Please notice idk if you will try this game Its called VALORANT umm its pretty good? And i suggest you yo play jett but atleast pls notice🥺😅😅

    34. Mohamed Ziyad

      Fresh is to hard how do u kill all

    35. Cade Playz

      Are we not gonna talk about that voice crack 9:55

    36. Yeet Name

      The whole video fresh is saying oh my gosh

    37. dreemurr phoenix

      Iron man is in irony

    38. Max Martinez

      i was the one who was pogosticking

    39. Animation Epic

      Fresh: I haven’t been hit yet A shadow: we’ll see about that Fresh:what do you mean Shadow: Laughs hysterically Fresh pumps him for 200 damage and killing his friends Shadow:😐

    40. Caleb Tuggle

      fortnite literly copy and pasted COD and Apex but ok

    41. mastergamer 808


    42. joe_is_da_bro

      Just use a chopper or skybase

    43. Hashem Nader

      Man that looks hard

    44. James Hinojosa

      Lazr beme has 90 kills

    45. Lil SpiderMan

      The music sounds like Stranger Things

    46. Nathaniel Garcia


    47. Brecken Palaia


    48. hiey1231

      You beat the world record on kills,sway got 69 you got 70+

    49. hotpoketcat 347

      why did people hate this it is so awesome

    50. Faze pipis 08

      I love you continue the good work tou are the best

    51. Esor Chiduye

      This is how many times fresh said oh my gosh 👇

    52. Yt squad

      fresh your allot Bender then ninja

    53. L.O.E clapgod

      Fresh u need she hulk fist

    54. SHESHWARR Sena

      Even typical gamer can’t do this Shout out to fresh for a great game

    55. Brendan Mullaney

      Fresh: I HIT THREE Me: I hit one for 0

    56. KVNG FMM17

      fresh is the best fortnite player Like if you agree

    57. Alan animations

      When he means 100 ghosts it really means 99 ghosts because it can’t be more then 100 players in a match

    58. Keiyon Aaron


    59. Will Callaway

      I’m beside loser fruit

    60. Aj the og duck

      This video is worse then my poooppoooo

    61. jayden stewart

      i like how the ghost just appeared out of nowhere lol

    62. Carlos Herrera

      And also the tactical smg is super good at killing ghosts and wolverine so you know

    63. Carlos Herrera

      The title of the video should be “fresh vs 99 ghosts” Don’t ya think

    64. The Orizal's Orizal-Luce

      I mad a youth canoe

    65. Noogie YT

      No 99 Ghost

    66. active dragon

      If cod zombies were on steroids

    67. DancinCookies

      He said I’m gonna need the iron man powers and then he kills him then he doesn’t even take the powers

      1. fbiboy

        i no right

    68. DancinCookies

      99 ghosts

    69. shadowkillerkylo kylo

      You mean 99 ghost

    70. Kisame Of The Mist

      100 ghost is not possible, 99 is tho. I hate all the new ytrs I miss all the old ones.

    71. Derrick Roberts

      Well 99

    72. David Jalife

      Go fresh go fresh go fresh

    73. Esteban Trujillo

      You suck, Bugha is better.


      Zombie apocalypse

    75. Emma Vincent

      Why did you put them in boxes


      You cheating

    77. Eazy Dubs

      There called shadow ghost lol u good

    78. hyena boy

      this would had more views if he'd kill all of them at once

    79. Bacon Burger5s other channel

      I mean ... respect fresh, the awesome fortnite player. And second thing respect him for the great content

    80. xB Gamingx

      I love your streams and vids :3

    81. Razvan Voicila

      11.28 That banana is so hiden :)

      1. Razvan Voicila


    82. Cameron Gimpel

      Oh freak

    83. Camden Hartzell

      I followed you on the tiky toky

    84. Cliff Murison

      So perfect

    85. Sophie Clive

      I think it’s possible if you have five p90s

    86. Guvonator Vloges

      I don’t know what a storm surge is

    87. that duo!

      What’s surge

    88. OG Squeezy

      What is a storm surge

    89. Dogboy1642

      Pickle pickle

    90. Delma Huninksg

      Who else just randomly started watching him and now it’s just an every day thing......

    91. Meme Man

      Me: just struggling to a ghost. Fresh: how about 100 ghosts try and fight me

    92. Tristan Taylor

      You are the 100 one

    93. Tristan Taylor

      You mean 99

    94. Joey nugget XD

      So there is 101 people in the game

    95. JerBrooskie 456

      Fresh I uos uar code

    96. Sunked313 13

      bruh 10:56 just spam it

    97. LOL L\x

      Orange sus

    98. Battle Byron

      Mythic not tooking