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    1. James Ramirez

      6:30 mentioned Lazarbeam. 😁

    2. Scesifiy

      I thought they were monkeys

    3. Sathwik playz

      the first vic game was scuffed

    4. Sathwik playz

      2nd game was so tough

    5. Iqwan Azuhar

      Is not freash vs 100 ghost is freash vs 99 ghost

    6. Regular Hooman

      I miss the ghost because you were never safe

    7. Campbell Smith

      Fresh: their comin in fast Me: sees a ghost on a pogostick

    8. Only Ren

      Wrong.... 99 ghosts

    9. lamaac1976

      Fresh like 15 ghosts in each box turns out to be 25

    10. Lord Voldemort

      fresh is a damn sweat

    11. Joanna Swiech

      I was in your game I won

    12. Jameelsixpenny

      3:43 fresh vs 100 ghosts more like fresh vs 85 ghosts

    13. Gaming with Arnav official

      Who else misses agency

    14. Katy Mares

      Fresh: holy CRAP 0:40

    15. *{кเl} *{Zѳʆɗyck}*

      Idk why its was so funny herig him say we dim dit it

    16. Dan Bojanowski

      Hi fresh

    17. Izzul Izzulhadi

      It's 99 ghost ok

    18. Fricis Ozolins

      When there was 6 boxes of ghost Fresh said ''zombies'' he needed ghost. xd

    19. Julian Julian

      Hi loser fruit

    20. Adam Emberson

      The what's up guys yes never gets. Old

    21. Baye Janha

      i miss season for so much but not fortnitemares

    22. ShinyBoi

      Fresh: My Aim Me: U hit 10/10 shots

    23. Edgar Cabrera


    24. Shlok Salian


    25. Tiffany Menendez

      Share the word of god pleas

    26. parmfateh backup

      we damn deed it bois

    27. Ravanger 21

      u should've done this at the agency

    28. Bigbrobobo

      7:00 he said zombies

    29. Noah dumb stuff


    30. Aayan Shimaan

      Oh god thats terrifying👻👻

    31. jonjenjon

      how many subs do u think i can get from that comment

    32. Christopher Fotinos

      bro that whole update i was playing battel lab

    33. Da'Mazi Powell

      Me fresh

    34. TT - 05JF 803998 Brisdale PS

      you mean 99 ghost?

    35. Robert Kidman

      Literally you can use shehulks fist and doctor doom

    36. Haydn Bakewell

      Fresh vs 100000 people more like

    37. daniel lemons

      Fresh: Im getting ShOcKaWaVeD away

    38. Rowe Diamonds


    39. Gianni masellis

      Stop moving I just throwd ou

    40. Darth Grave

      "0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” *VB2.ONLINE** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    41. Jette Chan

      Team up with mcreamy,lazarbeam and lachlan

    42. tamer water

      Fresh: They are coming quick! The ghost on the pogo 7:39

    43. Forged Void

      The ghosts sucked so much...

    44. Abdikarim Hussen

      Fresh in zombie mode 13:26 Fresh if he had a RPG 3:00

    45. ali syed

      99 do the math LOL

    46. RobinB1spider

      99 ghosts actually

    47. Fortnite pro 9000

      Fresh I won’t you to fight TG

    48. Sshotgun beast

      Dude You didn’t pick up iron mans mythics

    49. Harv Gaming


    50. happy duck

      i know

    51. Zander gameing zc

      Never mind

    52. Zander gameing zc

      Haha yeah its a og player he's worse than Lazar

    53. Blackbelt JDS

      That was so fun yo I pissed of fresh so much loL

    54. Krista Cantwell

      Gg fresh you’re cracked at fortnight one time I want to play with you and laserbeam you are cracked

    55. 39 the bunny's gaming corner

      9:00 Nice

    56. Kelly Coeck

      Graas wikmk4

    57. Nicole Boucher

      Why didn't he grab the mystics

    58. FreeRealEstate

      Pickle vs Literal Spirits

    59. Golden,JayGaming

      2:42. He can’t speak English no mater how hard he tries. It’s so funny just seeing him not being able to speak English, or any other language in that matter.

      1. chris bustamante


      2. PurpleXD

        What is storm surge

    60. Golden,JayGaming

      Love you lufu😜

    61. Malaki Campbell-Sang

      He doesnt even get the iron man stuff

    62. The diamond Planet

      this actually happened to me when ghost were in fortnite

    63. Cherylinn Fromm

      FRESH is the best

    64. Cyrus Muminov

      you could of iron man gauntlet the ghosts then beam them with the uni. beam if they get too close pop a shockwave right before the the shockwave explodes headshot one of them with a pump

    65. DogerYT

      The music is insane

    66. michelleKylaElla


    67. Arthur Lancaster

      you should do it with lazer beam

    68. MaxL Cool


    69. Josh Deltiempo

      This video is crazy



    71. Simo Karuse

      THIS IS FRESH vs. 99 GHOSTS NOT 100

    72. Mina Loukili

      Call of Duty zombie

    73. Ushekia Rogers

      good job

    74. e

      This sets a GREAT example on how OP and annoying these ghosts were. Ngl they were cool and fun to play as...BUT GOD THEY'RE ANNOYING WHEN YOU'RE A PLAYER.

    75. Game Experincer2020

      Dude its fresh Vs 99 ghost

    76. Alex_5000sub

      99 Ghosts

    77. Zechariah Pelayo

      wow you defeat a ghost army good job!

    78. Patrick Mullins

      Fresh says he was going up against 100 ghosts Fresh's teacher who knows he dropped out: you need to do math boy there's 91 ghosts not 100

      1. Liam Smith

        Not funny

    79. Fishy squad Pax Joyce

      You mean 99

    80. Eliaz1706

      99 G

    81. Mareese Sol Miguel

      About tell tfue he has to fight 100 ghosts and you have to be one of the ghosts

    82. Millsy Mills

      I have a fresh skin and I am you mod fresh

    83. FEARLESS

      pla 3v3 v3 go goaed

    84. Michael Thomas

      there are actually 99 ghosts and 1 of you

    85. Jesse James Kames

      I was in that he was trying so hard I backed down

    86. Matthew c


    87. Ronalyn Ani

      Fresh is super really good

    88. Ronalyn Ani

      your really good

    89. Rayhan Hesseling | LLN

      titel: fresh vs 100 ghost me: wait so there are 101 people like 101 dalmatiars

    90. Sky blue Gacha

      My fav thing was when u were a ghost ur voice changed

    91. Mik Cass

      charley is a ghst buster!!!

    92. Lazar Dojcinovic

      100ghost vs aimbot

    93. Jakas Gt

      imagine it was arena omg

    94. Jessica Muyanga

      Lets just give fresh a -round of applause-

    95. Exotic Sponge

      Nick Eh 30 moment

    96. Sandra Barboza


    97. Louis Barker

      He should have used the iron man gauntlets so he can lock on to ghosts

    98. F0xySt4ri

      i love the outro pumpernickel

    99. Vivaan Banik

      Its does 23

    100. Vivaan Banik

      RIP. Iron mans mythic does nothing