AMONG US but I outsmart the SIDEMEN...


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    1. Alyssa Cantrell

      Love the content


      I like how the Fortnite World Cup duo is impostor

    3. Lavi schwartz


    4. Selena Cox

      "Roses are red' "Sky is blue" "fresh did nothing and fooled the whole crew".

      1. Aiza

        Stop copying other comments lol

    5. KillerPyro

      the crewmate curse is real

    6. Jake Mckay

      I love the sidemen

    7. Yeet skeet Delete

      The real question is will fresh be an among us sweat but still be able to meme

    8. Misty

      it’s weird fresh saying “ what’s up guys” on among us

    9. Logical 360

      i love u fresh

    10. America I love your family

      It’s funny that laser beam is a cop

    11. Caleb Amadeus

      why do you like saying thick? 0.0

    12. yure kole

      Who'd have thought Fresh would be playing with the sidemen

    13. AbuLunat98

      tobi: buddy ethan: ITS TOBIIIIIII


      Fresh killed hes own dad

    15. PROKab

      None of you 9 year olds would understand the UK accent if he played the other five matches as crewmate

    16. A. N.

      ur no the only one with the crewmate curse...

    17. Aqx_ Mody


    18. yoboyplyz123

      can you pls play some more fortinte?

    19. Andrea Yanez

      can I plz get a shoutout I will realy love plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    20. Nico Hernandez

      Fresh knows how I feel about the cremate thing

    21. Mansoor Syed

      Of you want to be impospter if u spam use use button until the game starts then ur imppsotr chance will increase

    22. Kryzt

      fresh: Hes teabagging the body JJ: Alright lets check his monthly listeners

    23. Elio Massad

      Hi fresh

    24. Adriel Delgado

      I also have the Crewmate Curse Like if you have it too

    25. Matty Del31


    26. Ben Lowrie

      Fresh-not imposta 4 6 rounds. Me- not imposts for 28 FUCKING ROUNDS FOR GODS SAKE

    27. vDark

      Poor KSI

    28. STVR TRisTon


    29. Shorty Rodriguez

      Green rarely gets impostor

    30. kim minh

      Who'd have thought Fresh would be playing with the sidemen

    31. Lily Santos

      Cemetery : I carry the most bodies in the world Electrical: hold my lights

    32. Adrian Sevilleno

      Whats up guys yes

    33. Verified Tjo

      6:51 who would of thought he just said my name wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    34. heyitslukeyy 10

      I love how ksi's name is ricegum

    35. Yaboii Umar

      Crewmate curse has happened to me everytime

    36. jeannie69t

      I thought it was the pillar men

    37. Esmeralda Hernandez


    38. Jim Kerley

      3:33 I never once thought fresh would kill his own father

    39. Tyxqe


    40. BigmanChemical

      im always a crewmate i know how you feel

    41. Teresa McCaughley

      Why does he play fortnite its soooooo dead😵

      1. Levi Beam

        He gets 700k-1million views for fortnite videos on average, lots of them still get over 2 million. Call that dead lmao. Obviously lots of people still click on it

    42. Meliton Contreras Rojas

      WOW YOU USED 100000000 IQ FRESH NICE

    43. xXFIREDUDEXx#934

      Oh well oh well this is the best thing ever

    44. xXFIREDUDEXx#934

      Can you unload

    45. Yash Agrawal

      Every time FRESH gets imposotor: I turned that one impostor round to one of the biggest brain round ever

    46. Knightcastle 520

      Fresh please get a facecam

    47. alia ferguson

      Bermuda Triangle:I Am The Most Deadly Place in the world Dying Of Old Age:Hold My Beer

    48. Vishal Arpita

      I also always get crewmate

    49. Kaitlyn Scott

      Fresh: it’s TOBI it’s TOBI at the end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lanan and the sidmen🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. MSS

      KSI is not a sideman

    51. Henry Diemer

      Best vid on among us! Also I have a crewmate curse

    52. David Brophy

      Plus among us is shit

    53. David Brophy

      Your a overrated youtuber

      1. Levi Beam

        Then if you don’t like Fresh or Among us why are you clicking on his videos? You’re literally going out of your way to spread hate 💀what a life you have.

    54. Isaac Bentley

      Use face cam

    55. Seamus Butt


    56. Bilal Musa

      Who'd have thought Fresh would be playing with the sidemen

    57. PopularMe HQ


    58. Cosmic


    59. Himima Aiden

      Fresh: complaining after getting 5 crewmate games Me: after finally getting imposter after 30 games and then instantly winning of people leaving

      1. Im not sus

        When ever i become impostor i always get disconnected but when i was on the same room and then get crewmate my ping is like 50 - 60

      2. alia ferguson

        Wow this was so entertaining fresh

    60. Jojo Bollock


    61. Jett Morgan

      Oh nvr mind only five

    62. Jett Morgan

      I know how you feel

    63. Ernesto Duran

      Fresh put the Mexican intro again

    64. Mzar2gMason

      HUgets should remove all these bot comments I sware

    65. angelique ramkissoon

      meanwhile i got imposter 5 times in a row

    66. Pro Among us player

      I can relate

    67. Aidan Kingham

      Idk y he is complaining abt not getting imposter until the 5th or 6th game because with 2 imposters statistically speaking your chances are 1 in 5 meaning you should get imposter at least once every 5 games or so..........

    68. Dunia Muhyee

      ur 💀

    69. bot snoweyyy

      Nah I wasn't imposter for like 2 weeks and when I finally get imposter I disconnect from server..I hate among us

    70. Crx L2

      Me Lazy LAZAR!!!!!

    71. The bossy Yt

      You where in my game i was the mowhuk person

    72. Freddie Woodhouse

      I play 20 rounds and don’t get imposter soo think yourself lucky you got it after 5

    73. GetTheWin *

      Fortnite gaymer into among us gaymer

    74. JCED

      guys if this comment gets to 1k likes fresh has to collab with me so lets get them lights

    75. Rose Jones

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️Non-Duality

    76. AgamjotPlayz

      Let’s get Fresh to 7 mil


      favorite youtubers fresh and the sidemen

    78. ATK_Smurf_


    79. Rad Rush

      What’s up guys YES

    80. Samkit Jain

      Like omg if this was sent on Halloween it would be better and I love that costume

    81. team QT

      Did you quit Fortnite

    82. Ethan Fernandes

      I was in WAR game ethan

    83. Malinda Kempon

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️Non-Duality

    84. Zack Knight

      Someone saw u kill: " Panik " It was your partner: " Kalm " They snitch on you: " Panik "

    85. ExoticGamer YT

      i have the crewmate curse

    86. Josey Hughes

      You have to win as a crewmate

    87. Robert Dillinger

      Hey fresh i get crew mate all time when I get I I fuck up so bad

      1. Robert Dillinger


    88. shakaib khan

      These are my predictions for tonight! Let me know yours 👌🏻

    89. XxCam87xX

      Among us sucks fortnite is wayyyy better

    90. Malakai Cribb

      I played among us yesterday and got the imposter curse and someone said i was hacking got it like 6 times in a rowww

    91. Fallen

      You hate it when ur impostor and hate it when ur crewmate

    92. Zak 10

      Fresh that was a win with luck, not stategy

    93. Asya Urusyan

      we want face cam fresh pls

    94. sp8cy x kid fire

      It happens to me aswel

    95. Anthony Phung

      My biggest annoucement... Today 10AM EST ⚡

    96. Ben Choi

      Claim your “here before a million views ticket here

    97. Anas Hussain

      Man im really not a big fan of fresh perhaps I get SO annoyed when my brother keeps watching him Lets keep this secret ... I kinda watch him ONLY AMONG US not fortnite