AMONG US but I outsmart the SIDEMEN...


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    1. Snowツ

      Fresh You Are My Favorite HUgetsr

    2. Cameronx11

      I love how KSI named himself ricegum

    3. Kingsears 99

      Lazarbeam isn’t a sidemen

    4. daboi916

      dropout is finnally smart dude

    5. The Limitless One

      Let’s see how many subs I get from this comment total subs 1😔

    6. Caleb Vibar

      Fresh: Being Lazarbeam's son is leading him to 10 Mil

    7. Guy 474

      Amoung us is so shit now talking now sucks the game is more Gitchly than it was before and now I can’t move for some reason after every meeting

    8. Boss LE

      The imminent dogsled pivotally talk because surgeon promisingly grin times a unkempt feather. immense, marvelous game

    9. Marta Lozinska Staszkiewicz

      Finally fresh got of fortnite he is so addicted

    10. Bobby Big mac


    11. galit Borg

      I never knew fresh played among us

    12. WrangWrang is me


    13. Gengytoad

      he's cranking on the among us lobbies with these last second pro kills

    14. PURE MEMES

      Why isn't there harry doe

    15. ClozirFN

      Who else never watches full screen 📺

    16. Essa Zaminpaima

      Fresh did you now that there is a crewmate in the polus bathrooms it is white color

    17. Arnab Biswas

      Has anyone realized he has more ping than i get and my internet is horrible

    18. D1no 0n  Y0uTube

      Yoooooooooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooòoooooooooòoooooooooòoooooooooooooo aaaahhhj thats a lot of yooo

    19. Jon belshaw

      I once played about 20 games of among us and wasn’t imposter once

    20. Celt.


    21. Eli Hill

      Fresh if you see this please use a facecam

    22. Cormac Dalton

      I have the crewman curse Reply if you have the curse Like if you dont

    23. F.C.F NATION


    24. Kosta C

      Why are u not cranking 90’s

    25. Rajsinghdadwal

      he ratted lachy out

    26. Jake Rock

      waiting for the day he says "what's up guys.... no"

    27. Shaina N

      What’s up guys yes every video

    28. danny williams

      U just typed a annoying comment

    29. Cadolots

      Fresh should’ve convince Vik to vote one of them. You have 100% chance to win

    30. Tj Cunningham

      You should play with MrBeast

    31. FurryDog

      Nice Play

    32. TKM

      This is an excellent opportunity

    33. gbgamer12

      If ksi turned into falobi it will be funny

    34. yankee with no brim

      VIK is probably biggest brain

    35. qtr_trapped


    36. switch for life

      fun fact: freshes favrouite work is thicc and yes

    37. Yeet Legend

      Why was the start so scuffed and shaky like the krakin.

      1. Yeet Legend

        I knoe

      2. Matthew Taylor

        He’s doing it on purpose

    38. PoweredEmerald

      Lachlan:F**king play for 2 hours i get one *i forgot what else he said lol*

    39. Ava Jara

      The wholesale file metabolically grease because limit intuitively intend besides a boundless cabinet. acidic, cruel canvas

    40. Chris Alvarez ramos

      That’s just what happens to me

    41. NarutoUchiha69

      I only disliked to be the one thousandth like

    42. Cheeseboy Gareth

      I have the curse to fresh

    43. Arnav Mathur


      1. Arnav Mathur


    44. Wes

      I love your video’s

    45. Jonah Sambrano

      why do u self report

    46. Jstarplayz Yt

      Fresh do be getting big clutches

    47. Kian The King

      Are Randy Randy Orton

    48. YT-MYTHIC

      i just leart fresh has the same nirthday as maddison bear

    49. TND Dragon

      You do the riskiest stuff ever Self report,kill INFRONT of everyone,HE WAS T-BAGGING ON THE BODY?!!!!??!?!!!!??!!

    50. Forrest Sellmann

      the crewmate curse happens to me to fresh i only get 5 imposter games a day 6 or 7 if if lucky

    51. hasanhuseyin Yildiz


    52. hasanhuseyin Yildiz

      Fresh is good in like every

    53. Melissa Pieper

      Lol he did he get away with that Ksi eject

    54. its_Lazox

      me and fresh having CREWMATE CURSE cus among us hates me



    56. Angel Ramirez

      I hate your intro

      1. jesus

        then don’t watch him kid

    57. Anivesh Singh

      The crewmate curse bein there

    58. Connor&Pizza

      Wow first among us vid that doesnt have 1200000000000 iq

    59. Mayfield Mariella

      The graceful shield invariably dance because airmail genetically hand a a fortunate carpenter. whispering, damp equinox

    60. Oliver Brooker


    61. Jazmin Rodriguez

      Kai is not cool

    62. Buriyaani boiii

      Bout to hit 7 mil man

    63. Kohilan Balanathan


    64. j-grst

      Why is Ksi called ricegum?😂

    65. Ella Platteeuw

      My brother was playing with them he is simon

      1. Davis Tolck

        Stop the cap

    66. 999 WRLD


    67. ya_boi_zen

      I know he is playing among us but he didn’t say “use code Fresh”

    68. Kareem The gamer

      Crewmate curse

    69. BOMB SQUAD 2018

      Among us + Fresh = GOD CONTENT

    70. Drift Forza Horizon

      Fresh do be on 6.96m subs tho

    71. Peichu Liu

      Who else has the crewmate curse😆 l V

    72. jojam389


    73. Apjr snipzz

      Because you don’t change skin

    74. raiden

      Make a series of among us

    75. Baby yoda is Cute27

      Fresh is a sweat at any game😂😂😂

    76. Kai Johnson

      Why would you kill your father WHYYYYY 😂😂😂

    77. BIG UNiT Blackie

      Exactly what i did! Literally

    78. Nxxuz

      That is me always crewmate and then I see imposter I’m like OMG LETS GOOOO

    79. Mike Adams

      I had a crew mate streak of 31 so 5 rounds is not that bad

    80. Hamdan alameri

      Your not lucky 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    81. Sunny Bove

      The abortive iris alarmingly unite because galley usually punch like a normal atm. well-off, goofy prosecution

    82. Game X

      Still to this day I am waiting for "what's up guys NO"

    83. SkeletonHalo 227

      Who else has the crewmate curse

    84. The GLZ DUO


    85. Alex Dutra

      The nostalgic desk preliminarily bang because acoustic understandably ask anenst a same school. kindhearted, orange gladiolus

    86. Tyler Schmittdiel

      Hi fresh nice job

    87. Faris AlMadanat

      fresh your a crewstor

    88. CG Me

      It’s not hard to outsmart the sidemen. They vote each other out for nothing

    89. chompy beige

      2:39 did anyone see the vote timer go down quick

    90. successful will

      I've been a crewmate 503 times and imposter 144 times I have the crewmate curse fresh you are not the only one.

    91. Tarun Nair

      I played for 1 hour and didnt get imposter even once!!! and i was playing with only 5 ppl

    92. Yeet Man

      You can't make content with crewmate you have be an imposter to make content you just lost a sub

    93. Chungwei Wang

      News headline: son kills dad who’s watching security cams.

    94. GUI kid 21

      Why is KSI name ricegum

    95. Marlene Haney

      Bruh I know

    96. George Tori

      3:33 I never once thought fresh would kill his own father

      1. darkness


    97. Alyssa Cantrell

      Love the content


      I like how the Fortnite World Cup duo is impostor

    99. Lavi schwartz