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    1. Eric Tran


    2. Inthezal

      Just looking through comments on how to do it

    3. Gromslider M

      How do you do it

    4. Cayden Marshall

      That’s a meme it’s harpoon when your in sand

    5. the creativegeek :3

      yo this glitch is sick

    6. Darkblackdolphin

      *Whats up guys, yes.*

    7. Beast gamer


    8. Unstoppable

      I know how to do the glitch

    9. BilMar Gaming


    10. gamer Boy

      I hate you fresh because you banned sand

    11. Loopely yt

      its so old glitch fresh

    12. Clix

      shoot a harpoon right before u go into the sand

    13. Jeremy Prey

      @gavin Roesslein

    14. Ricardo Noriega


    15. joe coleman


    16. MessiMiniMe 10

      You could win every game with that glich! It is so op

    17. Dern

      Muselk showed how to do it😂

    18. BossMan 1439

      Fresh: Accidentally wins with a cheat Epic games: Hipity hopity your account is now banned

    19. Maxwell Gaudet

      the glitch is to use harpoon in sand but have to time it right

    20. Trevor Aquiningoc

      I’m so sad I can’t play fortnight 😭😭😭😭

    21. josiah ssali

      ive done the glich

    22. PRO Bro

      Whoever created the greatest Minecraft

    23. Noah Pop

      Who knew that Fred was friends with music ever since he was 11

    24. Vbuck Card

      Day 457 of waiting for fresh to say “what’s up guys no”


      The main key to the meme is the harpoon


      What is the point of the vid if u will not show us how to do the memes!!!

    27. Naiyan Kabir

      I can told u first shoot harpoon in end of u going under the sand

    28. Naiyan Kabir

      Delvo first created

    29. ツJosh.013

      Bro i went in a duo match with my friend we could have won but someone was invisible and then he shockwaved us in to storm and we died 😢

    30. Areeb Khan

      Merry thiccmas everyone

    31. Gary clark

      I knew that glitch before the update

    32. Adrian Khan

      fortnite really do be copying warzone tho

    33. Ali Sharif

      Easy to cheat go when going in sand and shoot it at land with harpoon gun

    34. Xx_ dexsta2167_Xx

      Eshay baaa

    35. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    36. maxwell tv

      All of the dislikes are the people you guys trolled

    37. Dryden Dafoe

      You have to have a harpoon gun and shoot when you go in the sand

    38. lisa Gerne

      How show me!!!!!!

    39. pokeslayer

      No you didn't delvo

    40. White_IceGaming

      Dum vetrancheats bots

    41. Rosalinda Morales

      I know the glitch I've done it in battle lab

    42. Max D

      We just won at the same time lol

    43. Joshua Norman

      yall both are copy cats muselk has already done this

    44. Lynn Larson


    45. Razak Al burkat


    46. Alexandru Chiciudean

      Muselk did the same and he showed how to do the glitch

    47. Rodrick Flores

      I know how to do it

    48. Gamer Fortnite

      You guys were just in the sand

    49. Hoopa

      I did this glitch and it’s so made for trolling

    50. Manny Spantidakis

      The way you do it is harpoon right between the frame where you go down and stop standing your welcome :)

    51. PSYCONIC2890

      Here's how to do this glitch: . Get a harpoon gun. . Shoot the harpoon gun *EXACTLY* as you are about to enter the sand. . Invisible and invincible. NOTE: You can only get damaged by bots when this glitch is executed, not by real players.

    52. Codyfarmsim

      someone killed me with this glitch

    53. TBNRGGDW5


    54. sceyy

      ppl used this glitch in my ps4 ps5 only tourney and i still got back to back wins

    55. S_Stacker

      Someguy did this in the tournament yesterday and I took damage cuz someone else shot me while I was trying to kill him😡😡

    56. mr clean

      You have to shoot with the harpoon gun while your turning into sand

    57. Shot By Pinky

      This was done to me and I harpooned the guy out the sand and killed him lolzz.

    58. naor batataa


    59. rachael020990

      I know how you done the glich

    60. Laura Sousa

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    61. Laura Martins

      We bought Fortnite cheats from Veterancheats website. Google Veterancheats and you will be amazed by how many cheats these guys have in their inventory lol.

    62. Leonor Alves

      I think everyone is buying those Fortnite / Cold War / Warzone cheats from Veterancheats. Just google Veterancheats and you will find their fortnite products.

      1. jinx cloak

        H0TR0D no my dad

      2. H0TR0D

        Omg they became ceeday

      3. TheGamerChair YT

        @Ethan5182 ik it's a scam but thanks for the warning

      4. Ethan5182

        Btw anybody trying to tell if it’s a scam, it is.

    63. Vitoria Castro

      Google Veterancheats if you want real and working fortnite / Cold War / Warzone cheats. This isnt some B.S website, they are actually legit!

    64. Kauã Melo

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    65. Marcos Lima

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    66. Luan Cavalcanti

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    67. Rodrigo Feliciano

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    68. Giovanna Lima

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    69. Enzo Dias

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    70. Carla Costa

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    71. soulreaper

      He did make it

    72. Dynel P.


    73. Dan Tdm

      I kno the glitch u shoot a harpoon rightbefore u sink into the sand

    74. Kelly Gray

      You looked it up

    75. Kelly Gray

      I’m on my moms phone but no u didn’t

    76. Wrekkneyez


    77. Mrs. Junkbot


    78. Tigerz Gaming

      Since you won’t show cya

    79. jakjakattax jw

      Ha ha

    80. rapidor

      5:06 Video title: *im invisible* Fresh: over here

    81. Pablo Leal

      I miss the old fresh music 😔

    82. abc123

      You harpon win sick insand

    83. TheFreshKingOfCamlot

      im reporting you


      bro fortnite sucks get to call of duty your not 5

    85. Patryk Nowicki


    86. Tre LANCASTER

      The like amount

    87. Eddie YOUKHANNA

      you should do the same glitch but just drop rusty cans

    88. watchabot

      69k likes lol

    89. Troy Saw santa

      People who already did it 😂

    90. Giovanni Stazzone

      I was like number 69696 and I'm proud

    91. Croby Playz

      69k likes lol

    92. Miraz Khan

      Why doesn’t Fresh talk about his other channel called morefresh

    93. H20 Genji

      Muselk did this glitch before you and he showed us how to do it

    94. thegoodguy gaming 76

      btw guys, this is actually one of the easiest glitches to do

    95. Skybuster13

      Why is there 699 dislikes and 69k likes

    96. Nicholas McDonald

      whats up guys yes today were gonna pretend to be a io guard

    97. Saad Darsot


    98. CONGO FIN TV

      I use code fresh🙂

    99. Legos Boy

      I was the guy you trolled first but how would you know I’m not lying 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🍎🎛 🎛🎛🎛 got a new iphone 100 😏

    100. Legos Boy

      🎛🎛🎛 🎛🎛🎛 🎛🍎🎛 🎛🎛🎛 got a new iphone 100 😏