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    1. sieberhagen1

      What’s next thickest alien

    2. Jude Jiang

      I see a car

    3. Tyro

      That cover is a next level of thiccness! XD

    4. alex lemon

      Hope the hacker got banned :/

    5. DiamondBlue

      Fresh: This kid is invincible Me: He found the god mode switch in settings

    6. Justin Christianson

      Thick boy Iron man

    7. Skyline

      0:50 , youtube snictched and told me that 59.5 percent of you guys arent subbed , LMAOAOAOAO

    8. Oliwer Kjellman

      O:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. rong Yao

      Your report will keep Fortnite far and safe have fun

    10. rong Yao

      Fresh leaf leave quick disguise not taking damage this guy is hacking I’m gonna report him OK report player cheating and hacking infinite health glitch and I’m going to report him 321 reported

    11. rong Yao

      Iron Man he just Destroyed you

    12. Henry Harkin

      Fresh is good but goldfish at least he's better than god at noobines Lazarlazar

    13. Berkay Tekin


    14. Samrudh Sai Srinivasan

      This is the most funniest video i've ever seen

    15. •ᴘᴀsᴛᴇʟᴘᴇᴀᴄʜシ•

      fresh:this is it this is the game badluck:who said it was fresh dies 2 seconds later.

    16. Wolf Lagacy

      Why is every character thick

    17. GB460_TORFI

      Intro lol

    18. Jess Lucks

      I not og

    19. BlueJuice

      And your watching the learning channel. 0:20

    20. Ashraf Khalaf

      We love fortnite

    21. Ashraf Khalaf

      I love how he makes a sound that is bm bm bm bm from he puts his foot on the ground

    22. Ashraf Khalaf

      We love to see it

    23. ShadowBloxGaming

      0:19 XD

    24. Gavin Cooper

      Fresh can I add u in fort nite or r u band

    25. Amarjit Sivia

      Fresh can you add me

    26. Samarth79

      2:42 I almost died laughing

    27. homieboy 222

      0:18 HAHAHAHAH

    28. Keith Arigoni

      fresh I really dont think u should stay awake for alot of nights for us as long as u produce content and then stay awake LONGER for the challenge. :(

    29. Andy Pyatt

      fresh ids the best player every omg hes sooooooo goodddddd

    30. Ryan Davidson


    31. MASON GOSS

      0:16 what would you do if you saw that walking down the street

    32. Olly mills 23

      If you do these vids. Use full r3solousion

    33. Naeem Fishy

      Fresh: iron man do be thick tho Tessa:👀

    34. Jayme Smoyer

      That intro man he be so THICCC

    35. tim hollins

      A if fresh got 1 dollar for every time he said thick he would be a billionaire

    36. Sophie Tetlow

      just me who noticed fresh yeeting the stark bot when he started playing the car clip? lol.

    37. Dogus 08

      Fresh: Where did my stark car go? The car: I wanted to swim but i forgot i can't swim and i sinked. Fresh: What the hell i got gamers with god mod and now i got some cars disapearing. Everyone who seen the video: 😒.

    38. Ozzaz Bozzaz


    39. Nooby Gang

      8:20 umbrella came in clutch

    40. maryann bratz

      Jessica Campbell

    41. mr tarp


    42. Cytosed

      8:19 Pretty sure that umbrella saved his life.

    43. Jeri Danish

      But holo groot and doom

    44. Syed Mohsin Haider

      How many times did he say thickest

    45. Jake Kane

      mau:idk mcreamy:mythic lanan:memer fresh:THICK BOI HE THICK BOI

    46. BaronsGotGame


    47. Aymar Loconi

      The begging is soo sus 🤣🤣🤣

    48. Shadow Playz The God

      I made it to level 214 I was so close but then I saw then season 5 then I didn’t care about holo iron man

    49. Jasiel Caitor

      Danm boi he thicc boi thats a thicc ass boi

    50. K100th siler

      Ok i love fresh but which grinding my guy you only grinded 115 levels there people who don't buy tears and grind 200 levels and 182 levels

    51. Leon ligitfamHD7

      Iron man too thick that he can’t fly

    52. Vortex

      Iron man looking at this video, not knowing about the meme definition of thick: Sir, who are you to decide my intellectual level?

    53. Lidiana Perez rosa


    54. Carly Detwiler

      Fresh your car went into the water

    55. Edam Iel Galvey

      This is how many times Fresh said Thicc 👇🏻


      LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. kerem ozdemir

      sen noob,sun

    58. A M

      Car under water

    59. Galaxy.

      he didnt say whats up guys, yes

    60. Whitleigh Atcheson-Achter


    61. Whitleigh Atcheson-Achter

      fresh rocks

    62. Whitleigh Atcheson-Achter

      use code fresh not lazar beam

    63. yeeyeetpr1yam

      8:16 if he didn't land on the umbrella after using the unibeam he would've died lol

    64. Fortnite Gamer

      When he vsrd the groot you just see the car slowly drift in the water

    65. CharlieIsNotKing

      How many times fresh said "damn" V

    66. DarkSentinel25


    67. Ryan Dimalanta

      He forgot holo doctor doom

    68. Hugi Verhaeghe

      The Car sinked

    69. Kainoxx

      The 59% is still better than 64% that it used to be

    70. Marsha Childress


    71. Isaiah Adriano

      Stupid fresh

    72. Malek Rami

      Ok it’s fine I got rainbow wolverine it’s fine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    73. Matthew

      I swear i saw a she hulk and he went past it

      1. THANOS


    74. Jesse Beynon

      The Vehicle sunk

    75. Be Positive

      5:00 yes, it is called an Arc Reactor 6:32 your car sank into the water because it slowed down😪

    76. Phenixgoku11

      I have rainbow gulo gulo

    77. TgK CLAN

      Lazar is a proud dad

    78. Jaxon Parry


    79. OOF is rage reduced

      who is watching this just to see the fail lol "Im not letting you get away... OH!" dies of fall damage lol

    80. Colton Canaday

      I love fresh's thick impresion

    81. Shadow Trooper

      Legends say fresh will never say whaTs Up GuYS NO

    82. Jennifer Rodgers

      how many games did you win and lose

    83. I_dont_baa

      do the thickest feather bird in fortnite please thats guff btw

    84. Tube Gaming 101

      He should have made the only builds he can use is metal

    85. Senycal Booga

      the stark robots at the begining are paid acters

    86. Samuel Yax

      Your car went into the water

    87. DraconicLegends

      The kid at 8.45 was the invincible kid from salty

    88. Kaiser Franz Josef Karl Von Habsburg I

      Good video but iron man is not that thicc so next thing we know he will do the thiccest joker in Fortnite and joker is skinny

    89. Diego Ortega



      You need to do thickest cable

    91. Laci Hamilton

      Iron man is so over I LOVE HIS MYTHICS

    92. Nathan Armitage

      Fresh is the sweatiest nerd in fortnite

    93. alx Vulcan

      8:43 the bugged guy

    94. alx Vulcan

      The god mode was not hacking

    95. Christian Nunez

      Yeet 👍🏻👍🏻

    96. Brittany Deriggi

      I love you fresh

    97. Jas Gandhi

      What is going on at 8:24

      1. rani kobrosly

        Its was the person that he eliminated, its just a graphical bug from his pc

      2. Jas Gandhi

        who is that guy standing there

    98. Gaming Squad

      Can you do the thikis wovreen

      1. rani kobrosly

        He did

    99. William Hernandez

      The car when in the water

    100. GingyGamingYT