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    1. KAINOXX

      The 59% is still better than 64% that it used to be

    2. Marsha Childress


    3. Isaiah Adriano

      Stupid fresh

    4. Malek Rami

      Ok it’s fine I got rainbow wolverine it’s fine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Allie Moir-Porteous

      I swear i saw a she hulk and he went past it

      1. THANOS


    6. Jesse Beynon

      The Vehicle sunk

    7. Be Positive

      5:00 yes, it is called an Arc Reactor 6:32 your car sank into the water because it slowed down😪

    8. Baby groot crying

      I have rainbow gulo gulo

    9. Alyssa Single

      Lazar is a proud dad

    10. Jaxon Parry


    11. OOF is rage reduced

      who is watching this just to see the fail lol "Im not letting you get away... OH!" dies of fall damage lol

    12. Colton Canaday

      I love fresh's thick impresion


      Legends say fresh will never say whaTs Up GuYS NO

    14. Jennifer Rodgers

      how many games did you win and lose

    15. I_dont_baa

      do the thickest feather bird in fortnite please thats guff btw

    16. Tube Gaming 101

      He should have made the only builds he can use is metal

    17. NM Booga

      the stark robots at the begining are paid acters

    18. Samuel Yax

      Your car went into the water

    19. Tang Anson

      The kid at 8.45 was the invincible kid from salty

    20. KarsentubeHD13 -Gaming,Vlogs, and More!

      Good video but iron man is not that thicc so next thing we know he will do the thiccest joker in Fortnite and joker is skinny

    21. Diego Ortega


    22. James Hirst

      What’s up guys no

    23. Mario 7321

      You need to do thickest cable

    24. Laci Hamilton

      Iron man is so over I LOVE HIS MYTHICS

    25. Nathan Armitage

      Fresh is the sweatiest nerd in fortnite

    26. Disco Spin

      8:43 the bugged guy

    27. Disco Spin

      The god mode was not hacking

    28. Christian Nunez

      Yeet 👍🏻👍🏻

    29. Brittany Deriggi

      I love you fresh

    30. Jas Gandhi

      What is going on at 8:24

      1. Rani Kobrosly

        Its was the person that he eliminated, its just a graphical bug from his pc

      2. Jas Gandhi

        who is that guy standing there

    31. Cj Fleming

      Can you do the thikis wovreen

      1. Rani Kobrosly

        He did

    32. William Hernandez

      The car when in the water

    33. GingyGamingYT


    34. Braden Kemerley

      Your a God

    35. Satoshi F

      there;s on two "CC"

    36. johan spirut

      The guy that was hacking where is he now He’s in the bathroom

    37. For The boys


    38. Team IQ

      i dddddoooooo

    39. Nightmare King

      What’s up guys, yes [insert video idea here]

    40. Jamie Tuitele-Lewis

      robbie downey jr comments this...

    41. MJ CLXTCH

      Same iron man I got

    42. Chris Blades

      I subbed and liked

    43. Chris Blades


    44. Chris Blades


      1. Chris Blades

        Hi SISTERS

    45. Axel Martinez

      Now fresh needs to say"LAZARBEAM THICK BOAH!!!!!"🤣

    46. Ebrahim Uddin

      Honestly I think the colours u get it easy coz I never bought the battle pass to level 100 and I’m already almost finished the gold section idk if that is good c2 s2 was hard like level 350 for gold peely that was hard

      1. Rani Kobrosly

        Yeah I am close to getting holo iron man, without buying 100 teirs

    47. Bradley Biggerstaff

      That’s thic with 10 c’s

    48. Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all

      I’m so close 4 more levels I’m so excited for him!

      1. Cheese flavored Baguette

        @Allie Moir-Porteous rainbow but it’s 215

      2. Allie Moir-Porteous

        Wait I was not talking to you

      3. mR JoNEsY

        @Allie Moir-Porteous Obviously rainbow iron man

      4. Allie Moir-Porteous

        For what regular iron man or rainbow iron man

    49. Aiden Rymar

      hey fresh can ya take a break from saying:”hey guys,yes” ok thanks

    50. Blake Blevins

      These titles are getting old

    51. Giovanni Campos

      the only word fresh sais is thick

    52. Owen Dwyer


    53. Gael Allende

      Hi like the parts when you die every time

    54. Ben Zou

      8:23 the guy bugged out and was still there

    55. Fire Fool

      * storm comes * Iron man:help me

    56. sonic 12

      8:24 Fresh: He’s Dead! Me : but she’s still there but I think she’s still there

    57. Dgg Light

      every time fresh says “boy” 👇

    58. Kaisen

      Can anyone tell me the name of the music starts at 5:10 ?

    59. Choichoi Bayan

      Can you please give me 10 like that the money available to these fresh please

      1. Choichoi Bayan

        Fried chicken french give me you rest give me like arman normal are meant mom alarm please

    60. The Think Tank

      why WHY

    61. Level Awesome

      Oh you got a thick iron man you started with 100 levels at the start and I got the battle pass and got rainbow with out money I’m more of a thick Iron man

    62. Nash Gayfer

      Ur car sunk

    63. Keshawn Washington

      I love how he says he grinds all night but he bought 100 tiers

      1. Jacob Ernst Acoba

        Bro he grind 115 tiers soo its kinda fair though

    64. Jonathan Hawk

      It's not rainbow it holo

    65. Steve Sharma

      Please gift me my username is Bugattimakim I liked the video and subscribed

    66. Logan Rothrock

      its a ark reactor lol

    67. SamSully 2007

      Fresh im so close to rainbow iron man im level 197

    68. Banner Boy

      When flash seas rainbow Iron Man Everyone: shit

    69. Fe&r less

      Fresh when you were fighting griot and your car went missing it went in the water and winked so you might of went past it I went back in the video and seen it

    70. Joystick Atlas

      Ur car went inside the water

    71. Robson Goncalves

      Why did you make Iron Man thick

    72. Destini Wardlow

      Your car went under the water

    73. Creeper Green

      Damm so manny people land stark industries

    74. Your Friend Bryce

      Fresh: i'm stuck step sis: First Time?

    75. papsi cash

      Iron man isnt even thic

    76. DeAngelo Rosario

      The Iron man car it went in the water

    77. Muffin iscool

      i like how he was just getting shot at in the intro and he was just danceing

    78. BDOOR K

      Fresh : hit your damn deez boy Me : damn boy


      U r a real noobbbb


      It's not rainbow......its holo

    81. What? ?

      Who ever go in to the vault he is the luckiest man in the world

    82. Luna And Fritz


    83. Foxgamer0939

      Does anyone know the background song for 6:35

    84. GlazoGamer

      Well im 60 days late to this season currently level 87 wish me luck

    85. Medahnealem Mesert Amnuel

      hi fresh

    86. Noah Gamer TV

      This was posted a day before my birthday

    87. XD Eden

      Mum: why is there a big hole on your phone? Me: I smashed the like button

    88. XD Eden

      Me:presses video Me: finds 92937371 fresh videos that are titled THICCEST _____ IN FORTNITE

    89. Austin Mckim

      why do you have to name every thing thicc

    90. Snow Jonny

      You 're the best!!!!

    91. Bully Maguire

      The Stark Industries car sank in the lake

    92. Simona Visenjak

      Deamnnnn,hi thick hi is gonna crush Stark Industries!!!

    93. Anthony Vernon

      ceo of thats a thick boi

    94. mr xypher

      did nobody else notice 2 gorgers in the same game?

    95. Christopher Collazo


    96. Christopher Collazo

      3:24 am I the only one who thought fresh died to fall damage again?

      1. sans undertale


    97. Martin Navarro

      Fresh your car sunk under water

    98. Devil I ديفل

      fresh;this was hard golden iron man:9/9/2020 rainbow iron man:12/9/2020 i think that fresh get free 10 levels every day bcuz it is imposible to reach from 175 to 215 levels in three days without week challenges ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    99. William Lunger

      dude u killed the dude with god mode!

    100. Nathans Gaming

      Dang boi