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    1. Jace Prince

      Kira: they do run people over

    2. Vinnie Sabatino

      You should do this in squads

    3. hide and seek with jack and charlie

      At the start you builded Evan know you was a medic

    4. Nadina Zanolini

      Add me

    5. AlphaMC

      They could have tried pickaxing people to death....

    6. Beambeam

      What’s up guys,yes

    7. Suppemexx

      Next time your the medic grab the stink fish through it on people it’s a med to

    8. Michael Galle

      Lazers cam tho

    9. Shannon

      Is fresh aloud to build cause it only said that he can heal

    10. GamingWithJaysen

      Fuck IT that is so mean I would sooooo uninstall if I died like #2 did

    11. Corban Elers

      Do 6 Videos a day

    12. Corey Clelland

      They are good

    13. Late Crockzs

      I would love to see a squads one !

    14. ClaireO Sullivan

      Please let me add you on fortnite

    15. Sp3ct _er

      hey, does anyone remember the OG fresh intro song and pumpernickel? Ayo my OG's where you at?

    16. Rylee Stevens

      The thumbnail is the other way around

    17. Celeste Calcote

      Is there is 1 way to get a win as paramedic In that 1 way is something you barely ever see in fortnite it is A h Heal off

    18. Savage Gaming_YT

      Didn’t he say if he played paramedic he Couldent build just get heals?

    19. Gintarė Msc

      Wow a paramedic building Wow lazar

    20. Tina Tane

      Lazarbeam and Fresh should do squads with McCreamy and Mau again

    21. abdul wahab

      Did anyone notice the fact that the chug cannon only heals teammates

    22. cupcake plays


    23. FaZe Cabo

      Fresh:We shall have no elims Also Fresh:Runs someone over

    24. Trey Ballard

      I won a game with out killing a single person you just have to do it right

    25. 9 Darragh 2021

      copy lazerbeams settings

    26. SWG ninja Games

      Subscribe to SWG ninja games

    27. Roblox Brendan_

      Slurp fishes, it’s pronounced fish *grammar police.

    28. Róbert Gíslason

      Most paramedics Haf pistols

    29. Lacey Miller

      Hi fresh

    30. SharkPuppetpays 156

      Doctor lazer beam and fresh

    31. josh smith

      I rember

    32. Sandra Giovani

      The accurate bee peripherally touch because machine utrastructurally arrive minus a violent octopus. hot huge, bewildered pruner

    33. Spooder Man


    34. Spooder Man

      Play fortnite

    35. Robyn Penrod

      fresh was building as a medic

    36. Melanie Price

      Fresh:what’s up guys yes.

    37. Makluna

      Funny that the streamsniper trying to scuff them over was a bot 😂 🤡

    38. Tennille White

      Who else agrees that fresh is entertaining😆😆😆😆

    39. Ki-ki By


    40. Teo Hofman

      do more parts

    41. That one Vegan hater

      Buy the diamond hanz skin!

    42. Joseph Ramirez Jr


    43. Damarion Pascal

      i’m not saying fresh’s content is trash but i can’t be the only one who falls asleep when i watch his video

    44. Ryan S

      Just wanted to say at 5:15 look in the corner he has a kill when there not supposed to.

    45. W.D Gaster

      I like how the fortnite 10 years old fans find this video intense.

    46. Wessymessthegod 122

      Use a face cam

    47. Alexander Sleeman

      These are the sort of vids that keep me playing fortnite

    48. Kelly B

      This was the most boring thing I have ever watchtower Half of it was just stream snipers

    49. Enzo :D


    50. The Gaming Dog 2

      Fresh said this is our first game and the whole vid was one game

    51. Bushy Boi

      Fresh I will always be a good guy if I meet you in a game

    52. sad135kis ;hir'nap

      The bent apparel affectively lighten because arrow apically surround given a old-fashioned laborer. puzzled, humdrum softball

    53. JujuB-4EVER

      31 ppl left Fresh: "ah 29 people left".... switches to 29

    54. Adrijan Simic

      Fresh and lazar got fortnite Jobs cuz they Will never get a real job

    55. mitch reed


    56. Little Miss Misery

      I loved this video, I subbed and liked and ofc turned on the bell your soooo good!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    57. Christine Henderson

      Medics and real life Do you have pistols

    58. Magnemite 2021

      I didnt know fresh was a builder and a pademedic

    59. Fsw Jx

      I like old lazerbeam

    60. Kate Wilson


    61. Kate Wilson

      Can I have a character

    62. Glizzy Gobbeler

      Lazar built as a paramedic

    63. JudeMcDude

      "Meet The Medic" "Meet The Builder" "Meet The Archer" Etc etc...

    64. Cross [QWIX]

      you probably dont know this but this vidoe was made on my bday and awesome vid fresh

    65. Jazil Irfan

      Said yeeet

    66. Sk!tz

      Fresh had a kill lol

    67. Michael Johnson

      can i 1v1 lazarbeam my user is slow.pocket

    68. Кирилл Рыжевол

      The needy cow postsynaptically fit because work gergely use afore a second-hand impulse. draconian, overt red

    69. Kathleen Sesko

      Fresh your my third favorite HUgets Lachlan lazer and then fresh but your good at fortnite

    70. Yup88


    71. hypezoneninga

      Why isn't gold spender named hype beast

    72. Tyson Hencheroff

      I can’t believe that Vegan is a job. 😂

    73. Chase Clark

      Wait a minute LazarBeam built he’s the healer

    74. Primal Cheetah

      Fresh and lazar run out of content

    75. Tanger

      make video of the other jobs

    76. Jujhar Singh

      I love your vids

    77. Timothy DaRosa

      You are the best HUgets

      1. Timothy DaRosa


    78. Isaac Emmanuel

      OMG 😱 he did it all. Isaacwebber08# !G got my PS4 unbanned:

    79. Isaac Emmanuel

      OMG 😱 he did it all. Isaacwebber08# !G got my PS4 unbanned:

    80. Archer Cowley

      My name is Archer in real life

    81. Delaney Blake

      The guy they killed had a slurp canon

    82. Berelc.

      I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life

      1. Drew Phelan


      2. George Murphy


    83. Logan Renois

      He can’t do first round he can’t use or collect mats

    84. Lincoln Jessen

      You should make your videos longer

    85. Obito Uchiha

      I don’t understand why stream stripe fresh or anyone and kill them 😂

    86. Purple Shrimp

      Part 2 ¿

    87. moataz mahmoud

      me: clicking the video to see some action based games with lazar and fresh The video: we are both medics we got to win with a heal off me: trying it in a real match also me: getting mongrall classiced by a sweat

    88. Fishy

      The bot at 5:30 I've seen in lituarly every game, same backpack, same skin, it's insane to be stalked by a bot😂

    89. among us boiii

      What we hear every day "what's up guys YES " why does he say yes

    90. Stephanie Plante

      lannan knows were all the bushes are

    91. 10K subs with no views?

      These 15 second ads really getting to me...

    92. Theo Norman

      Thay built as medic

    93. Kenma_plays


    94. RapterGamer45v2 YT

      im sure medics use pistols

    95. rup507ruq ;nar'kib

      The loud alley karunagappally amuse because felony potentially suffer around a simple tanker. average, tangible cucumber

    96. Brayden Harvey

      You should do this with four people

    97. Stop Motion

      Can you ask lazazr to make more vids

    98. Laurens van den Nouweland

      you can “ONLY” have heals in your inventory. You were cheating because of all the materials and builds. Cheaters ;)

    99. Laurens van den Nouweland