The SPOOKIEST random skin challenge yet...


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    1. Kabiromg1234

      Fresh could have gotten lmgs from dooms domian

    2. edwi9560 edwi9560

      why is lachy on there

    3. Adey Negash


    4. Alexander Pauwels

      I was getting a drink and when I came back fresh had the victory royale already lol

    5. Eli Xavier Reynero


    6. Michael Preston

      Fresh couldn't use his pick axe at the start of the vid

    7. Loreto Vargas


    8. Siddarth Santosh

      Fresh you aren’t gonna see this but if u get gold or purple just get a gun and upgrade with an NPC

    9. Nylee Cruz

      7:54 - when the fortnite gods know fresh needs content 🙏

    10. Christodoulos Kefalas

      Nice bro

    11. the switch brothers 12

      Spooky ooooooo

    12. Megan Bridger

      I’ve BeEn StUnG bY a WoSp AhAh I’m DyIng

    13. Bina Patel

      Fresh: what is this game Me:it's fortnite


      BRO fresh you are a god

    15. a1aaniyah


    16. Conor Evanco

      I’m in 2021

    17. Lorena Martinez

      I’m fan fresh

    18. Jaden Gaming


    19. Coco Nut

      I subscribed

    20. Yash Bhagat

      7:48 insert fast and furious music here

    21. Kardagh Ekreesh


    22. Kardagh Ekreesh

      Can. You. Call. Me

    23. Kardagh Ekreesh

      You. To The. Can. I. You. Calling. Meeee. Plzzzzzzzzz


      If you think about it, mythic weapons are the only ones to be guaranteed in the game

    25. Cynthia Garcia

      I used your code

    26. Klajdi Ruci

      You didnt get 10 kils

    27. WrangWrang is me

      I’d like to see these but every single one cause it makes it cool

    28. WrangWrang is me

      Love ya bro

    29. Rose Stotts


    30. Beta_

      He used a flopper for 2hp

    31. Flixz kev

      Do u have pink gouhl

    32. Jeffry Schmitt

      Imagine being the guy seeing fresh flip five times in the air in a car 😦

    33. Justin Peardon


    34. VetraVortex

      Obs studio?

    35. VetraVortex

      Fresh what do u use to make vids

    36. TOM


    37. Natalie Sutherby

      Youa code fresh

    38. Bumi el Anwar

      4:57 You can just go to the stark chest *LOL*

    39. Rohaan Ahmed

      Fresh I’m a big fan in the item shop use fresh or lazer beam:) fresh and lazer beam are a sweat

    40. Trizzy Trey

      Take the L

    41. Pedro Pina

      Why did u not get the wolverin class the hell u bro

    42. Koletyn Baxter

      Just on the mythic side you can use a weapon to kill him

    43. Gamer roblox

      Fresh: these sweats are cranking too hard also fresh: cranks harder

    44. Gamer roblox

      Why is locy locy on there

    45. Izaiah Terrones

      What’s up guys yes

      1. Izaiah Terrones


    46. Eniola Bello

      Fresh:these sweats crank so hard Sweats: fresh cranks so hard

    47. everybody ima dog ruff ruff

      3:21 the unie boom

    48. Da Priest

      Use Code Fresh

    49. Cooper Seidel

      Hi you are cool fresh

    50. Carrie Dixon Noah Rafferty


    51. Lewis Pinnock


    52. Vert

      Hey you forgot nitehare wtf jk

    53. Charli Solloway

      i watch all your vids

    54. Cohen Ninja Warrior

      So I’ve been watching you for anything for years for Are you a good

    55. Elmer Gaskin

      The luxuriant judge selectively hover because radiator additonally crash without a even excellent excited cloth. fluffy, scarce act

    56. Spud_Strider

      he always gets purple first



    58. Michelle Lundy

      Lazer lazer mate

    59. Ryan Thompson

      Fresh u know that codename elf is blue not purple

    60. MitchellJJay 19

      The elf is a blue or rare

    61. Resh Ride

      Freshs word ‘what’s up guys yes’

    62. Isaac Hopkins

      Freash is the better than Mongrall

    63. Umar Arshad

      I like your videossssss👍

    64. Hudson Weyls

      8:01 Nice

    65. Viktor Larsson zitman

      You and bazar are beast

    66. SwtyJalen

      Code Fresh

    67. Oguz Kaan Tiras

      Fresh is chubby

    68. Brooklynmessi 10

      Fresh: I swear I see more gold then I do purple. Me: I swear he says that every video.

    69. Amanda Simpson


    70. TCG PLAYS

      The slurp truck didnt give him 100 100

    71. #WolfGamer Offical

      how many supporters code you have and who use it reply

    72. Spongebob Sad things

      I am use code fresh fresh i love your vids

    73. Kayla Ware

      hey fresh

    74. Ronan Keane

      HI FRESH

    75. GubbenTrisse420


    76. Matt Starkie


    77. Si The Child

      Red because of amog us

    78. musicalgoat56

      Fresh should've waited till Fortnitemares to do this.

    79. Baby naruto

      👁️👄👁️ 💧 💧crying

    80. Flynn Loxley

      Pogies elf lol

    81. Clementina Morga

      Fresh i use code fresh in the fortnite item shop to buy some things

    82. Zac Resnick

      Load just load I must watch

    83. Zac Resnick

      Work HUgets

    84. Araia Monroy

      i don't know?

    85. Jonah Graham

      And I thought the charge shotgun got vaulted

    86. Jonah Graham

      How many times

    87. Sherbet Lemons

      Every single time he does this challenge he says “I swear I see gold things more than purple “

    88. jung kim

      I’m not subscried

    89. James Hinojosa

      Ripe Right This Love truck but comes down the final 12 people trying to take out every single game and where you see it what bank can I come back we are making a damn come back I got my sock Lambo let's do this what the hell dude or I'm getting in the rift I'm jump on whoever I see there's not another game that I want to take them all out come on oh my gosh finally oldest pic of a miss why do my Circuit Court lately Gees and I'll be taking that old when a nice little gold Scar and all my fights in Crash pads how does this damn challenge while playing keep getting more and more intense hello Scully hey what you doing just that can only be one and that's the glowing Scully oh my gosh 198 and gamer is down see behind that tree black and some Southern of Shield set out of my game oh my gosh real limbs I just got his self well well well by JT 220 to the face when you do it love to see it quick and clean what you hiding from Big Boy in Parma oh my gosh I calm down a little bit calm down a little bit now no need to come through hard emergency

    90. James Hinojosa

      I'm still standing here with my pickaxe waiting for a gold weapon really cuz my wife Google show me the song of the golden hair what the hell Mana the song oh my God I just happened I just spend so much time so much time just waiting in that bush waiting for someone to open the boat and no one even open the boat I go run over straight away you got to be kidding me call Josh oh my gosh I'm actually come back from this

    91. terrancejones123

      Fresh u could of picked of wolverine claws when u killed someone and healed

    92. Ben Chillwell OFFICIAL

      I guess fresh hasn’t heard about the the front of the slurp truck trick 😂

    93. BIJOY gamer


    94. BIJOY gamer

      Love you fresh

    95. Catgamer

      When fresh was fighting iron man he could have run him over with a car. Just a suggestion.

    96. Omid S


    97. Toms Gaming

      Fresh your the best

    98. Yee T

      God Loves You

    99. Muffin iscool

      i liked subed and i love your vids

    100. umair khan

      Fresh you are the Best