LAZARBEAM became the KING!


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    1. ANIME NERD gacha work

      Bow to the gay talking Lazarbeam

    2. Julie Stepp

      Code lazar

    3. Nathan Vinglinsky

      1:00 cringe

    4. LGardner

      British lazar for u right here

    5. Joseph Ward

      did anyone see the raptor on the top of the mountain

    6. pug life

      Use code lazar and fresh😗👌

    7. Abbas Kh


    8. Strawberry Hill Farm Caravan and Camping Park

      All hail yeet king aka Lannan

    9. Jordan Wilson

      Nah bruh sus lazarbeam sus

    10. EN박소윤

      ¨I want you to call me daddy¨ 0///0 wtf

    11. Neil Makwana

      Do fresh vs lazer beam 1v1 bhe or other

    12. Sentient Paperclip

      Waiting for it to a random choice of who is the king the a die roll for potential viva la revolution

    13. Margaret Cunningham

      I used code laser

    14. Aaro Tamminen

      Best king in the world

    15. ExE-_-Rigged


    16. Melissa Moncada

      Hail to the king

    17. Dolores Curley

      How old God the chicco comment on this

    18. Mr


    19. Raz


    20. Power Mark


    21. Purple panther Playz

      What’s up guys no

    22. Andrew Gingell

      Support King LAZAR

    23. Harriet Fuller


    24. Seth Atreides

      This is literally the Bodyguard LTM

    25. SirAlphaLazar

      Bro, King Lazar is by far one of the best Role-Plays from Lannan😂😂😂

    26. Valda Mills

      Lazerbeam can you play with me om ps4

    27. Lucid Ash

      Lazar: "I want to see them go boom boom"

    28. Xx_Klaos_xX

      All hail King Lazerbeam of Yeetland👑 Remember to you’s code lazer everyone in the itemshop pls

    29. dane frew


    30. dane frew

      Fresh let him have his puppy dogs

    31. Rem Rem

      All hail Kind Lazarbeam king of memes

    32. A M

      “I don’t want my royal fingers to be touched”... mood

    33. A M

      Daddy Lazar

    34. Matthew Ellison

      As a royal I shall only eat the meat of an animal that has suffered PETA: ladies and gentlemen we got em

    35. Chita is Cool

      All hail king lazerbeam

    36. Gerald Muoneme

      Use code fresh

    37. Shifty Remy

      All hail king Lazarbeam king of memes

    38. Candy hacks Bro

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    39. Jodie Corbin

      Lazer saying that his legs were tired but mccremy ran 5 kolometers in a mach

    40. Lupe Ruedas


    41. MR. SLY FOX

      i use code lazar

    42. HS Kamil

      I want fresh to have a face cam

    43. lil Z Rapper

      Daddy lazar 😩

    44. Mike De Saeger

      Litteraly the 5th time you did this

    45. Shafqat Rasool

      Damn..... King 👑👑

    46. Spiros Ekner

      The king about to crush fresh

    47. Troy Whytcross

      What if u and mccreamy 1v1 and see who’s better

    48. ruth pena

      King lazer more like king fresh

    49. sis and bother fun

      I have a question why did lazar beam become king 🤔

    50. Capt

      The anthem is the heres to lazarbeam hes true blue song

    51. Asia Bibi

      All bay he rain

    52. Kiley Cox


    53. Shaky Hands

      The king came to the fight

    54. Hunter Howard

      I love fresh

    55. Rachel Johnson

      So good

    56. William Wentworth

      Why is fresh protecting hes the son of lazar beam

    57. OC_Gaming


    58. Bentley Philpot

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    59. Faze RugP

      I hate the king

    60. Joshua Hatton

      lazar is just so funny

    61. Paddy Byrne

      Code Lazar,fresh and creamy in the item shop

    62. Brock Simpson

      fresh you are the KING AT HUgets AND FORTNITE 😺

    63. Johnmark Erwin

      Lasar is the royal highness of aallllll

    64. FaZe Jarvis

      Mccreamy sounds so much different

    65. Emma Hannington

      Ad me wooooooooo12

    66. Nicole Drendel

      King 🤴👑

    67. Jessica

      McCreamy when his kill gets taken: nice we got him My friends when I steal there kills: bro stop stealing kills that's so annoying. Me: you didn't even hit him

    68. Judith Van Bruggen

      I love you

    69. Jerry sponge

      He’s the new king of this time

    70. Fe4RLesss

      Subscribe to Lazar and Fresh and use code Lazar or Fresh

    71. Renee Luciani

      Lazer sus when he said call me daddy

    72. noticed fn

      King 👑

    73. Snipezz Ultaccout


    74. JTM

      He is taking over Prince Philip as he has died 🪦 :edit yes I live in the uk 🇬🇧

    75. Bibiana Petreova

      Lazar is better

    76. malikah hill

      wait a Second laser beams already a king he gets treated like a king does that mean he's double King 🧐🧐🧐😟😟😟 noooo does that mean we are his servants 😭😭😭😭😭 plz nOoooop

    77. Danny Byrne

      I. couldn’t stop when lazar beem said call me daddy

    78. Danny Byrne

      He was a king from the beginning

    79. laura mackie

      Peak hx is the dvd dad Low

    80. laura mackie

      😈😈😈🤖🤖🤖🤖 🤛🏿✍️💋🗣👃🏿🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🍯🍘🍘🍱🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🥫🥫🥫🥫🥘🥘🍛🍝🍔🍟🍕🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

    81. Garry Verhey

      These guys are my fav fresh can you add me please please

    82. Siddhant Sehgal

      He is true blue

    83. Madeline Symes

      Code Lazar people

    84. Finn McClintock

      pretend hes a king he IS a king

    85. Allee Minecraft and fortnite

      Here’s to king lazarbeam he is true blue

    86. Allee Minecraft and fortnite

      All hail king lazarbeam and all hail king Fresh ( not gay )

    87. Miranda

      Why does Lannan sound like the grinch 😂

    88. Craig Luker

      he is fucking moking english

    89. Tania Corrigan

      Trick shots with Mr Beam

    90. Nasir Fam

      Lamo Lamo lamo

    91. Daniel Jacoby

      Be king fresh you deserve it!

    92. Garrett Alexander

      Me:Can I get whatever LazarBeam says I must do Mom: no we have it at home Whatever LazerBeam says I do at home: lazarBeam is king

    93. joey

      Play apex

    94. anamika bhide

      Hey big dog

    95. Obowsome Brawlstars

      This video has happened so many times over and over in different forms

    96. David Vincent

      When king fresh said I got you on the zippy

    97. Jason Peet

      RIP prince Philip 1921-2021

    98. Alan Ruiz

      king of all

    99. Liam Dela Cruz

      Use Code Fresh & Code Lazar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    100. TheAwsomeGamingBrothers

      2:02 lol 😆