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    1. Oscar C

      are we just gonna ignore how lazar just exposed fresh like that 6:09

    2. Rory George

      Fresh be like - I’m gonna 90. Lachlan be like - what’s a 90?

    3. 3x shadow Noah

      I’ve watched this vid like 10000000 times man and that’s basically every video keep up the good work🙃🙃🙃

    4. Mando Fill 79

      Get loser-fruit she has a I con skin so you can have a icon squads

    5. Brenda Mitchell

      lets get this video to 2m views!

    6. Rafael Garcia

      Why was lachlan voice was difrent in the begging

    7. Heather Gates

      ya'll all know that lazar lachlan and fresh are already going to win.

    8. Logan Norris

      If I had a dollar for Every time he said pooped on I would be a millionaire

    9. Adam Scharneck

      its supposed to be muselk

    10. Thegaming Void

      Love how fresh still has the og skin

    11. Josh Tennie

      I love that thumbnail

    12. Boba tea tapioca

      Remember when lachy meets fresh for the first time

    13. Minty on zero ping Wasup

      Lazer is so stupid jk 🤫

    14. Manoel

      Lachlan and his chat like drama this video trash with lachlan

    15. kjeremiah keydale

      You guys could make the ultimate squad if you added Muselk

    16. Garret Dahlen

      You suck you a hundred % could be got lachlan and not been dead but your selfish

    17. Mad Gamer

      Please do the OG squad you Lazarbeam Lachlan and muselk

    18. Laser KidsV

      Fresh the person you killed in the bush was me I got scared when you pooped one me

    19. Groot _on G-fuel123

      Where is muselk

    20. m g

      Fresh really carried the team

    21. Brutus Clan

      Especially carrying lazarbeam

    22. Brutus Clan

      Fresh always carry’s

    23. Connor Smiley

      its the trio cracked or just fresh

    24. Corey Clelland

      They are good

    25. Joseph Phillips

      The knowing violet radiologically slip because ball dentsply cross about a fast shovel. berserk, overjoyed poland

    26. Reed Iverson

      The best shot gun in the game pump the worst shot gun in the game makeshift

    27. John Okeeffe

      New sub

    28. azael garcia


    29. Deven Badhwar

      The actual OG trio was Muselk lannan and lachy

    30. ToastAnimations

      Why subscribe button so thicc

    31. davor bajzek

      Fresh: Help! Lazarbeam: Anyone got mechanical parts? Me: Hahahahah

    32. JamieLFC Gibbons

      When will you do a face reaveal

    33. Shannon Miranda

      Lachy and Lannan is the only one with their own skin in the Thumbnail

    34. Homid_

      Isn’t it lazarbeam, muselk and Lachlan

    35. Salt Cave Natural Relief Centre

      do you know what im starting to like this guy

    36. Navinchandra Shah

      Happy you are a sweat carry

    37. JOKER 205

      Loot goblin lmmfao

    38. Saurabh Kapoor


    39. Kaleb Baggett

      What’s up guys yes. Never gets old

    40. Jack Squires

      So Cool love your vids

    41. elijah hofmann

      I love fresh

    42. epicjohngames

      As much as I like the icon skins I miss the old Lachlan skin and old lazerbeam skin

    43. Abdullah alkharouf

      why dont u try destiny 2 fresh its a good pvp game

    44. Derby Crash

      Fresh is a boy and his skin is a girl

    45. batman bro

      og trio would have vikk or muselk or Rob or

    46. NiON Playz


    47. LazarBeam

      Alternative Title: Fresh saying, "He's dead!" for 13 minutes

      1. Jace Sturman

        I mean I don't think you can do that unless you go from different seasons

    48. Chimpanzee


    49. Yeet Corelli

      Remember that video Lachy said what’s a 90 to Fresh 🥺

      1. Yeet Corelli

        The old times

    50. unkown Phantvm

      When fresh said lannan get ur kill they killed my trio

    51. Akari Uchiha

      Why does it feel so good to just say "OOOF" when watching a Fresh vid?

    52. JayoffJxice

      them: sweating on the lobby Me: vibing to the music

    53. Christian Emedo

      BOO I dont support you anymore because you jump to conclusions without even talking to Sypher instead you talk about him thats not even true way to be a bad person.

    54. Faze_ Swanas

      Bruh fresh just stole muselk’s place Edit: no hate for fresh this is just a joke

    55. AjA10

      8:36 🤦

    56. Shahveer Tambe

      i hateu frshi please carry me

    57. Patrick Griffin

      Frost time I’ve seen him doing flips and and default dance and sweeping the floor

    58. Not Void

      The ashamed puma similarly provide because jar startlingly grease apropos a equal shirt. petite, ancient step-grandfather

    59. OzzieBoyGamesandmazziboy

      There sick

    60. OzzieBoyGamesandmazziboy

      I love your videos

    61. Fanta 5050

      can you imagine if friendly fire was still on. the primal stink bow would be so annoying

    62. Txkitaa

      LachyDachy LazarLazar Mrfreshasian

    63. Callan Haugen

      Fresh: the fun one Lazar: the rager/bot Lachy: the one using the newest trends to be cool Me: taming an army of boars being normal LOL

    64. Jeff Brown

      Laserbeam is just meaning while Lachlan and fresh are sweating

    65. Cellybellys Channel

      Hey I’m the siren skin in this video

    66. T4uc Le

      Thanks for making this video on my birthday

    67. IRunGhost

      Lazar sounded high in the beginning of second game

    68. Ryan Heydari

      if your walking in the park, in the summer, when it's snowing, and you see a snow mobile driving on the sand, what color is my dog?

    69. Ryan Heydari

      fun fact, whenever you walk, your legs move

    70. Rayyaan Ayoob Saab

      lol lachlans voice has changed so much over the years and never realised how his voiced sounded like over a mic...or he is just ill

    71. Shashmess

      0:23 Stop what ur doing. I was liking the video and subscribing and turning the notis on but you said stop so I have stopped. JK. I have already done all of that.

    72. Esmith13

      Why was lazarbeam so mean to fresh

    73. BH Hektik

      no body remembers the og days when fresh had just met fresh and fresh tought lachy how to 90 for the 1st time those wer the days and im still probly not ganna get recognized for being here for 3 years

    74. Bobby Hayes

      Oh ok sorry

    75. a m b e r e n g l i s h

      Storm is the worst 😡🤬

    76. Jerome Ngaata

      Lazarbeam gets nothing hes just standing in the back 0:49 🤣

    77. Will Fresh

      Lazarbeams second channel: lazarlazar Fresh: yes

    78. Will Fresh

      I feel like lannan is too self conscious. I think he is pretty decent in fortnite

    79. Aidn

      Eu 6,000 pts = oce 100,000 pts

    80. sławek gierszewski

      Fresh:Yo Lazar and Lachy got there own skins but fresh doesn't ???? Me:fortnite what's your logic

    81. Scarred

      I just can’t mess with any of these people... like if I see these three people in a game I’m out

    82. Gacha mike Playz


    83. Sabbir Ahamed

      THICCCC sub button in back!!

    84. The normal youtuber

      Lazar beam just ruined that last match hahaha

    85. Ethan L

      Lachy : I need a kill Fresh: I need a 20 bomb

    86. King Amjad 2011


    87. TheSoulSnatcher_YT

      Fresh and Lazar lowkey beefing whole video 👁👃👁

    88. Nrg Kyle btw

      Fresh sounds drunk

    89. tredx


    90. Jackson Rice

      The best content creators in the world

    91. Charlie Leach

      I got to div 5 in about 2 days

    92. Gabriel Hernandez

      0.21 llama 8n the background

    93. Jackson Dunphy

      Lachy talks to chat and forgets to mute then later mutes for chat and forgets to unmute 😂😂

    94. XCrownRoyal

      to cures

    95. Karam Hamdi

      At 3:30 , fresh had aimbot 100 percent, how could he have known that guy was there , and HIT HIS SHOT.

    96. A Reboot Van

      What about the og squad? :(

    97. Eric Benedict

      Fresh needs a skin so they can be the best trio ever also fresh had 20 kill lazar and Lachlan had 4 I think lazar and Lachlan are better

    98. Cyber Rex

      So I am watching this now and did fresh know that he left a gold pump

    99. I’mobsessedwithbanana e


    100. Santhosh Kumar RV

      Man this makes our day everyday