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    1. Dominic Howell


    2. Ezekiel Wharton

      11:14 that was me X D

    3. Angel Yanes


    4. Eric Wells Jr.

      cant u get banned for using the double pump im just wondering

    5. Tambra Stepp


    6. B-Ray X

      Lazer beam walks in are ya winning son

    7. B-Ray X

      Drift is my main so I loved this

    8. Ani-Mav

      Well epic needs to add a time travel feature now

    9. Angel Diaz

      Pickle man just looked like he hates his job

    10. Lara Habets

      Me just thinking about the time that he mist the purple pump at the ruïns at the time that he opened his map😂😔😔

    11. InFiNiNtE BlAdE

      U may never turn back time!!!! Uninstall fortnite

    12. Stuart Allardyce

      I love Christmas do you guys:)pickle pickle ✌️

    13. Mr. CS

      Do u know the delay is faster than normal pump I had 2 gold ones on creative and my friend thought I was hacking cus I was shooting faster than him

    14. its Reagan

      Only if we can go back to season aka chapter 1 it was so much fun also shout out to you fresh love the videos

    15. Jack Hunter

      He switched the seoson 2 and 1 cause black night was 1 and red night was 2

    16. Juso Kapic

      Fresh ther vore no gold or epic pumps

    17. MrNERD

      fresh sorry i use lazar

    18. Ruth Krumm

      I wish I could watch it but It takes forever to load so I can't watch it hope it's a good video

    19. Moses Coles

      Same man

    20. Malique Smith

      pop the umbrella

    21. Carrie Flora

      Don’t you miss season 1

    22. ankit rajendra

      he missed a purple pump at 8:19 also there werent purple and gold pumps in season 2

    23. Roblox OdaliXXX

      Me too

    24. Henry

      Who said that the double pump doesn't work anymore?

    25. Kory Rocks

      Why no renagade raider

    26. Espen Gustavson

      Fresh, I am 12. You are sweaty and awesome, but lazarbeam does more memes. I am waiting for my parents to let me play. You and Lazarbeam are awesome and I look up to you.

    27. Samantha Footter

      Or no

    28. Samantha Footter

      U have renegade rater?

      1. Samantha Footter

        Or no?

    29. Kai Valenzuela

      Fresh watch him he is a cracked gamer

    30. Ahmed Abdullah

      I use code fresh

    31. GalaxyGalaxyy

      i dont have trobo bild on and i cant beat u to pro :

    32. William Norrie

      Does anyone else think he kills other youtubers filming

    33. HyperGang FRUGI

      Day 389 of asking fresh to say: what’s up guys no

    34. XxZackAttackxX Uwu

      Anybody else hate when people complain about 20 ping when you have 1000 ping

    35. linkflash

      Maybe double pumping is the new way to win

    36. Jelly Jelly Esmile

      That pic that the pickle man like he did a good job over there joke🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    37. BOB McMuffins

      I think you showed what the challenges are you mixed up chapter 2 season four in regular season four


      PICKLE MAN!!!

    39. Joseph Wagner

      me* asking my self how did he get in season 1!?!?

    40. fear 12

      Red night is a season 2 skin

    41. xX Dxrt Roo 1809

      That’s a season 2 skin

    42. sinad khim

      Who else misses the earlier 2000s it was so fun

    43. J2D2 0431

      Neither can I

    44. Locked Exotic

      What song is this? 7:09-8:33 It's 🔥

    45. Jason Voorhees


    46. Mariana Serna De Chavez

      Hi fresh

    47. Vincent Xander

      For no turbo build it can be really easy. My mouse has a double click button so if u hold it down it constantly clicks. If fresh had this mouse no turbo build would be easy. Or way easier at least

    48. Cian Murrihy

      U were wearing my favorite Fortnite skin in the season 5 part (max drift)

    49. Josué Zambrano

      Its short but funny.

    50. Emery Crowe

      This brought back memories

    51. awsomekids for life

      fresh without turbo build still better then me

    52. Zac Setaro

      What's the difference between Turbo building on and off.I never get it.

      1. Chaotix

        Means when you have to keep pressing the build button, you can’t just hold down while ramping and stuff

    53. Cahzzyシ

      I have a mouse that can double click

    54. zundee

      How does he not take fall damage when fall

    55. Macaulay Cleverley

      you said unbrella instd of b-stick

    56. Zackary K

      “And we’re wearing season 1 skins” the red knights from season 2......no?

    57. dylon weinmaster

      Hey fresh play a normal game no challenges and see how many games u can win

    58. Amado Plays

      2:09 Bruh he looked at the Blue Pump Shotgun, and didn't pick it up.

    59. RadiumGamerYT

      Cool video idea!

    60. Wasif Faizi

      Ur aim is to good for this game

    61. Thunder Strickers

      Me when he said no turbo build 🤢🤮

    62. Javier Panduro

      Fortnite's biggest mistake: adding damn ghosts!!

    63. Iplaygames lol


    64. Viper

      I don’t remember gold pumps in Season 2 😢

    65. Glenn Cooper


    66. XxJuno_StudiosxX Juno

      I have a vid idea u have to become a ghost the. Pickle man spins the wheel and what ever gun it lands on u have to eat in a amount of time and the way u win is u eat every gun on the wherl

    67. Alfie Malley

      I am watching fortnite at 1 in the morning yay

    68. Iyaddioke Koloko


    69. Arthur La Pierre

      Idea for a Video: Default Challenge You can only use grey Loot, you can‘t build and you can‘t Sprint

    70. 5G Family

      season 2 OP

    71. 5G Family


    72. Sxyli

      oh my season 5 spray and pray the season they took out double pumps :(

    73. Fatma Al Awadi

      Fee4lees is better then you bot 🤖 And you noob

    74. Maile S. L. Shimabukuro


    75. Colin_hay 27

      Old pump looks 😞

    76. Fearlicia 2


    77. Rozella Dean

      He has the rarest gloder in the game

    78. The Cuber

      I see the bot problem is getting a bit better!

    79. aJoshM1306

      6:20 Time stamp

    80. Krystal Davis

      dam gost

    81. Nethula UDAWATTA

      thumbnail is very cool Fresh.

    82. Nesreen Arabi

      Stop saying not good words you get dislikes on him

    83. Jeremy Shillair

      Fresh I know you like pikels do you like to eat them? 1 like = 1pikel

    84. Borde Family

      Personaly im ofended that he didnt put the shield on the red knight skin because on season 1 and 2 u couldn't change the backblings

    85. Byron Khatrox

      I love all your videos fresh

    86. cletus jones

      When double pump works in 2020

    87. John Scheliga

      Wish we could turn back time

    88. Markus N

      comment 6000

    89. bucket seal

      Season 7 should of been loot in the snow area only V

    90. WhatAWeirdDayYT

      I have no idea what turbo build does but...i'll take it

    91. Jaime Markwell

      Is the drum gun still in the game

    92. ThreeD

      We not gonna talk about how red knight was released in season 2

    93. megaboy 1234

      Did it glitch for anyone else at 7:50

    94. thedriverwashere

      My friend in the pickup truck killed you

    95. frenchy fri

      me waiting for lazerbeam to revael adoption papaers

    96. zy tho

      Wht happen to the old intro

    97. FPS PR

      I love you fresh and I subscribed