$$$$ IF YOU BEAT ME...


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    1. Fizz TV

      He basically scammed little kids instead of him giving them money he got them to use his code and give him money that’s why he sweated so hard I hate FRESH.

    2. Jack McMorris


    3. Our fat Neek

      1v1 bh not luc

    4. Navdeep Singh

      the outro is fresh's reaction to not spending a penny in the video

    5. Mac N Cheese_YT

      Describe to Mr. lube from a White

    6. Mac N Cheese_YT

      Can you friend me

    7. Usman Muhammad Hafiz

      lol he didnt let anybody get 100 dollars

    8. Mohammed Sarhan

      1v1 me

    9. Cactuspikeplayze

      I already use code fresh for life baby

    10. Scott Minnig

      Who else couldn’t see

    11. Henry Shepherd

      Hay guys I do not have a skin. My name is 1xmashx1..plz gift me I’ve bin playing since season 5

    12. Garry Zento

      He should play on a switch controller on the switch

    13. Frozen moon

      all of them are bots

    14. FTM Fortntie

      Bro I could be you fresh add me you can’t beat me trash

      1. FTM Fortntie

        I mean I can beat you

    15. Denvy CoolRed

      Him Playing With Complete Bots Fresh:IM CRACKED! Me Plays In Division 8 Me:Aaaaa Ez I missed On WInnin $100 Cuz I was sleeping Im in us :(

    16. chat _ey

      ill give 100bucks if u beat me

    17. ida natomagan


    18. Jake Kuijer-Ogden

      I love his voice cracks! Makes him sound like a 2 yr old

    19. Dark Clone

      Bruh either way I'm using code fresh for life ur my man is my idol 💗 CODE FRESH


      put a oh my gosh!! counter for fresh

    21. Alessandro Aretuo

      who actually thought someone was going to beat him?

    22. Dinkyyz

      Fresh 200 ping: sike I’m 40 ping My 200 ping: sike boy I said 500

    23. Brayton Waters

      FRESH: I was playing pretty CrAckED 🤣

    24. Meta Wolf

      ts funny that most of the friend inv are kids

    25. F1ex_Clipz


    26. Bondi Taylor

      I'd beat him

    27. Micah Thomas

      He say I was playing cracked then the vocie cracked and I thought that's not all that cracked

    28. Farah Kabbani

      hi fresh can you pleaseeeee add me and gift me a skin

    29. Alex Minovski


    30. Mr. Minty

      I would use code fresh to even play a single game with you plz do this again?

    31. Nomiloki UsmN

      they were all so bad except the last guy

    32. Jemuel Gracias

      hey fresh use code lazar :) you thick boi

    33. It's XD Ninjaboi

      Enigmo is indian hundred percent

    34. Colton Ebbett

      every one press 8 on the video trust me, its worth it LMAOO!

    35. Shelton Curtis


    36. Alma Stewart

      "What region are you?" "YES"

    37. Bat Drew

      Fresh is Cheeky

    38. Dan Greenfield


    39. Yad Mohammed Gaming


    40. Yad Mohammed Gaming


    41. gg sernando 57

      Middle East guy was indian

    42. Sean Ezio Velarde

      Use code fresh lol

    43. Brianarchery Bercovitch

      Fresh can you please play with me my name is Berkmagerk

    44. Shadow Realm

      u know i would be happy if i even get a hit on fresh. i cant though hes litterally the best player ever

    45. Foxgamer

      If he wins 1 and loses 4 he still earns more money from using code fresh

    46. No Face Boi

      Thanks for having me From Verxcy_OCE

    47. Niko Duran Lu

      Everyone: I will use code fresh for life 2 hours later: puts in code alia

    48. fortnite gamer atomis


    49. Kids Tablet

      can you fr me

    50. Seth Jahnke

      What a surprise, he won all of them. I kinda wish he would be more willing with money, like, I get it, he's not mrbeast, but, he could at least be like lannan

    51. Manuel Canum

      If you use code fresh he get more money that 100

    52. Manuel Canum


    53. Dany Baz

      Fresh I dare u to 1v1 me but on my servers and yes I'm a girl

    54. Mystery wolf Wee woo

      About 1.7M people heard that voice crack

    55. koidex

      10:36 best voice crack ever

    56. Daud Gujjar

      7:27 noice

    57. DiamondGhost

      you should another one

    58. Fläme Wølf

      He should’ve went a little easier on them.

    59. Raphael Wong

      Um did you expect anything other than winning all 10?

    60. jorden webber

      Fresh i really want to play with you please please please please

    61. DragonFN

      You tryna publish your 1v1 map or nah?

    62. Vicky Lopez

      “I’m playing pretty crAcked” 10:36

    63. TTM _manecas

      If you do another one of this add me

    64. Sam Button

      I already use code Fresh forever

    65. cat


    66. Jake Reid


    67. SuperMrM Gaming

      I mean what did you expect

    68. Uday Aron

      People from. India drop ur ign me bored asf

    69. Alex Minovski

      My friend had the xbox mic


      Where did you get a banjo playing emote

    71. Zoltan Nemet

      Code frhes

    72. Ghost Error

      Wait a damn second fresh ate that pump so hard 10:29

    73. RFL LJ

      This guys are terrible how do you lose on your servers

    74. Rypro2121 FN-RL

      Can I plz 1v1 you

    75. BT Clan

      i didn't rate this fresh vid as he didnt show anyone win like ofc your gonna win cause your one of the best so i think he should have went ez

    76. Phoenix WILD

      Me every time that fresh gets a kill OOOooHaoOhhHOhhuIoooOoo

    77. Sartaj & Mani Deegan


    78. Brynlee Barnell

      Yo chill

    79. Itachi Uchiha

      Hey I wanna 1v1 freshhhh😥

    80. Holland Gutke

      10:35 i was playing pretty cRAcKeD *Voice Crack*

    81. Neb Edits

      Day 2 Until fresh says what’s up guys no

    82. engineer gaming

      10:36 voice crack

    83. Christopher Garcia-Lopez

      PlayStation gang where u at

    84. John Millward

      Use code fresh in a fortnight I am shop boy

    85. Aseem Verma

      4:02 He copied fresh's intro


      Wait before it was 100 dollars

    87. Sienna Copeland

      I would probably get clapped but the score would be 5-2

    88. Sienna Copeland

      I wish fresh added me

    89. Matthew Walton

      Where my South Africans at with 200 ping

    90. PAUL NEP


    91. I Ordonez

      The sec kid 😂😭

    92. randall lim

      when you are playing with fresh, you can't will anything.

    93. krish Shah

      I am a fan but a pro a good layer but beating yuo

    94. krish Shah

      Fresh you dare 1v1 me

    95. James

      How many times he said damn

    96. Zain Aldahlaki

      At 1:44 it shows tipycal gamer and use code fresh

    97. GalaxyyFN

      Bruh watching fresh 1v1 pisses me tf off bc all he does is ar spray

    98. Decoy On 60

      Imagine losing on your own server when the other guy is on 150 ping 😭

    99. Elmo on the Window

      Confirmed Fortnite is full of 10 year old’s and nerds