$$$$ IF YOU BEAT ME...


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    1. nelufabegum


    2. nelufabegum

      I wanna see if I am good

    3. Frederik Geirnaert

      Halo halo halo halo yes hello yes yes helo

    4. Chlobug1410 2

      The ranizz kid got me I died



    6. Ali Zamin

      Let somebody win fresh

    7. Kadeyn Hand

      Can u add me I'm a big fan from when u first started

    8. melle heida

      You not 1v1 me but i use code fresh always

    9. Anita Patel-Korrovesi

      How many times has fresh said gg in this video

    10. Hugh Koppman


    11. Tilsomindboy2 Gaming

      What is the code

    12. Jacob Powell

      I subscribed And click the bell and like The video You’re welcome fresh I use your creator code.

    13. Fredrik Selander Nilsson

      Jesus loves you

    14. Charlie Bailey

      The midas skin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. Mostafa Yasser

      Ur 0 pinggggggg. Bruh

    16. Mostafa Yasser


    17. Toto Ouden


    18. Christian Lopez

      Yo fresh 1v1 me pls

    19. Tim Zupančič

      Fresh can we 1v1

    20. Cardinal Games

      When you give fresh a vidio idea but he uses it and doesn’t let me be close to the video Me: that’s me

    21. Louise og Felix Hoang

      Code fresh for life

    22. Mr Płørk

      He has friends with pmack

    23. PWR saathvik

      You are good. _Fresh:😎😎😎😎. Me:🤓


      Use code fresh


      Friend requests


      When I try friend u its max


      Can I 1v1 u I'll probably lose tho I mean obviously I'll lose 😭

    28. bumpydoggo

      Fresh is in 0 ping

    29. Juan Lopez

      I would easily clap fresh

    30. Vihaan Bhave Golf

      Day 4 of asking fresh to friend me on fortnite

    31. Rhianna Babb-Benjamin

      How are they meant to beat a pro player

    32. Netherite Nugget

      "What Region are you" *Yes*

    33. ssyrus playz

      does he evne read these?!

    34. Patrick Luthuli

      Fresh saying that he part of the deal is them using code Fresh me already doing that

    35. jonjenjon

      how many subs do u think i can get from that comment

    36. Lud Loe

      Helll nah u still better give some one a 100 or imm unsubscribe

    37. Advaith 7.4


    38. Nico Playz

      10:37 wow guys fresh has reached puberty age😂

    39. JaxiePlayz

      Alt Title: Struggle. "LOTS AND LOTS OF STRUGLE!"

    40. Joshua Powell

      Fresh can u friend me my username is yousocoolman

    41. nacho has a crush on nightbot

      The hello guy had such a delayed mic XD

    42. Matthew Ostrosky


    43. Ace Howard

      I’ve been using code fresh for life already

    44. Joshua Bacon

      i would have said code i promise i'll use code lazar then leave

    45. Puggy

      I like how he says ggs and no one is toxic instead of him being like YOur DoG WaTER after every kill.

    46. Ivan gamer

      I you code fresh FOREVER

    47. Epac Games

      Only 150 ping? Why not try using a not great pc and verison wireless. I think it is the greatest challenge ever.

    48. Fadi Batarseh

      i am from mid east

    49. Albert Reno

      I was the 1300th to like 👍! Yayyy!

    50. omar Eldeeb

      it's not even fair he's the best in OCE even if he bet 1,000 dollars he didn't lose

    51. Chris Gould

      i woud wanna lose

    52. Detective PANCAKES

      Imagine they never used code fresh Or they always did

    53. Jack Gannon

      Kid:HeLlo, fresh: Kid:HELLO, fresh: Kid:yEaH

    54. Osvaldo R

      10:36 I'M CRACKED MY GUY


      how do you get these mother fing angles

    56. jking 262

      what if he invites an xbox and ps4 player

    57. Brogan Wake

      Best of 5.....not first to 5

    58. Switch Power

      His mic is so delayed

    59. Evil Pumpkin

      i normally play games on like 20k ping lol

    60. Erik Rodriguez

      I AM A BIG funny my name is Eric Rodriguez i'll try to use your your code fresh but it doesn't work and I try to grind but it doesn't work sorry I wish I can I love your

    61. Kenneth Schirmer

      Please respond

    62. Kenneth Schirmer

      Fresh u should do what u did for lazarbeam if they get one win on u out of three they get the money cause ur so good not many gamers can get two before you get three

    63. Toshan Motwani

      Emigrated bhai me bi Middle East ho pa ke accent se hi pata chal gaya ki aap indian ho

    64. Tallulahpie

      Hello I’m new I see ur name is fresh I saw one of ur vids and ur building was EPIC! I’m a fan now a big one!

    65. Abbie Akers

      I am a fan can you add me pls

    66. Abbie Akers



      thats no fun

    68. X Ninja

      Whats up guys no

    69. spooky skeletons

      You literally got hit and took no damage ur actually a hacker and if you dont beleive be look back at the video U HACKER!

      1. Crib_Defender II

        Cant tell if ur joking or ur actually that dumb

    70. Michael Ross

      i play on 400 ping XD

    71. bubthemon

      What region are you from? Yes?

    72. YANG GANG

      Fortnite: “We’re banning people for hosting wagers” HUgets: “Yes”

      1. Haloiscool 0614

        Its more of a tourny than wager since one party isnt putting up money

    73. iitwistedzay zay

      Yes saurrr

    74. Chris P Bacon

      Not threatening at all when you put a spas to their head and say use code fresh for life

    75. Jenny Lewis

      i used you code

    76. CJ Playz

      If he lost ever match he would loss $1,000

    77. Fortnite PROS


    78. Pashalis Diamantopoulos

      what was that voice bro

    79. pityu kiss


    80. merlinfrank1

      I already use code fresh all day ;-;

    81. Matouš Y.

      Fresh: HELLO!!! Other guy: hello

    82. Nicola Evans

      Just wow

    83. Robert Fluegel

      No what's up guys yes

    84. Vitomir Vucic

      Map Code

    85. Vitomir Vucic


    86. Silly Squid

      Wow that was just sad lol

    87. Jet Bryan

      and use code lazar to

    88. Jet Bryan

      i forgat to use code fresh last purchess

    89. ali sidd

      I wish I could 1v1 you

    90. Olly Baxter

      He got a friend request from Addison rai


      Some one want to play fortnite with me I don't have any friends

    92. Lee Adcock

      The abiding form optimally wait because spark accidentally switch off a ratty india. hoc, absurd pimple

    93. Nate Allen

      Fresh where do you live in Australia?

    94. JackSus

      What was the point of this video??? we all knew that Fresh was going to win every round.

    95. Its l Axstro

      Wager me my HUgets name is my fortnight name

    96. Cracked at fortnite My guy

      Gg gamer

    97. Willow Gonzalez


    98. xavikon dinonuggies

      Jesus’s stop sweating fresh give them a chance you little shit

    99. Simon Aitken

      them not useing code fresh for life