AMONG US Impostor with my dad... (5000IQ)


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    1. Silje Rasting


    2. Yeet Twins Gaming!

      Lannan having baby with Ilsa lol

    3. Roselyn Rivera Salgado

      Do you watch anime

    4. Lololises

      Hi fresh

    5. Hamdan alameri


    6. Oral Hudson

      Fresh was ejected。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .  。  ඞ 。  . • • Fresh was the imposter •. 。 .

    7. raghmah weimers


    8. Marlene Haney

      Hi Fresh

    9. Sam Dean

      Love your vids

    10. Holly Walker

      Fresh is savage

    11. LeAnn Butt

      0:00What’s up guys yes

    12. danny jain

      The tittle of the video should have been biggest memes 2020

    13. Nefarious Kitkat

      Adept should've lost so fast! No one can trust those drone killing machines!!!!!

    14. Mr. Socks

      If you reading are this... You read wrong that... You also read wrong that... Ok, last one you probably read all of those wrong!

    15. Adrian Lopez

      Oh ok

    16. Gøn

      wait that’s really his dad?

    17. 3 2 1 Drift of

      Play with Bodie

    18. Irving Pietri

      4:16 Dangerous killing mission 😂😂😂🎮

    19. Bradley Biggerstaff

      Day 1,000 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    20. Monika Batten

      Is laser gay

    21. Sweet Hank

      Is lannnnnnannnnnnnn ur dada

    22. Rifle PAUL

      fresh wtf

    23. knolleeuw

      Lazer 500iq ?

    24. kim minh

      "Roses are red' "Sky is blue" "Lazar did nothing and fooled the whole crew"

    25. Guy 474

      Chris sounds like Chris from mrbeast

    26. XdBlueCC123

      Fresh good videos keep it up

    27. gacha life lover

      It's me 100000

    28. gacha life lover

      Hi fresh

    29. Rushil Patel

      4:30 oo

    30. Arkashka And Anettka

      wait you lazer son?

    31. scibold marita

      No one: fresh in fortnite mode “how many kills did I get?”

    32. Michael Richardson

      yes I like

    33. Deva_MedWin

      What gender are u Like:tree comment:house

    34. CharliePlaysgames Fsinchat

      Technically you couldn’t have five thousand IQ because the current limit is twohundred

    35. Brenden Charles


    36. YummyEh

      Like father like son :D

    37. Gingey Bot

      Adebt needs to chill out

    38. Bryson Hill

      good kill

    39. ImmortalPhoenix #1

      What's up guys? YES! xD i just love that.

    40. Belinda Williams


    41. Nexiphh Games

      who else was mad that he didnt vent

    42. DarkXSeries7


    43. Hæven Da beast

      I didn’t know Chris from mrbeast was in this I thought that it was somebody else was named Chris

    44. Meowscles Cat

      Lazer has a mustacheio

    45. Mel Luna


    46. Harvey Thomas

      Really nice

    47. A mysterious hat kid

      Lazar didnt even care when fresh killed him lol

    48. Zack Knight

      “What gender are you” Like: Attack Helicopter Reply: Billboard

      1. Yt FatCow


      2. isomacic

        Im a tree

      3. RyanTheMan

        u stole this comment :/

    49. Brent Volf

      gavin mcinnes

    50. Gemma Rushmere

      I love this video

    51. Madhav's epic Studios

      Is this Chriso2 the one from MrBeast.

      1. Madhav's epic Studios


    52. Rosanna Cf

      I love your videos

    53. Liam da savage Gamer

      Love the content

    54. Itz_Tidier

      Lazar is ur dad?

    55. Pietro Barrile


    56. maria Murphy

      Is lazar beam actually your dad

    57. George Hadden

      ha so cute

    58. Flock

      1000 iq fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. ItzVip-Fortnite

      4:16 that really hurt

    60. Robyn plays and vlogs!

      If I was playin among us I would prob just laugh then ppl vote me out for being sus lol

    61. Alfie C

      Smart boy fresh

    62. Nadine Lewis

      I love your videos your the best

    63. Kidd Ignite

      Classify seems like a crybaby...

    64. Ramzi Sonji

      goooooooo gaga gogo gaga di da dada

    65. Gibreil Obiedat

      Can we take into context that fresh is in a tournament and like never vents

    66. Gamer 98

      12:05 my favorite part!

    67. Jacob Yowanys


    68. Ben Rosenthal

      I liked only because lazar was in it

    69. gustavo abascal

      hey fresh i have somthing to tell u u listening okay everytime somone joins last theyre impostor it happened to me several times and i have been 100/110 times corect its almost garenteed its the last guy that joins maybe u can even make a video on this i swear full proof. oh p.s the second guy is somone random

    70. ThereHeGoVaughn

      Hi O

    71. LIFE with Fareeba

      Good player

    72. Prince Zuko


    73. Polka D Great

      Fresh should have called a comms sabotage

    74. Tristan Williamson

      Why did fresh vote his own teammate instead of standing up for her

    75. Tristan Williamson

      What’s up guys yes. Lol

    76. musa atif

      I am subscribe

    77. Talha

      Fresh-"Just 5 sec left for the kill cooldown" Crewmates win*

    78. leonardo flores

      Hi freeh i love re video and i im 7 and a girl

    79. Dad.0

      Great video, I love your channel!

    80. johan spirut

      Editor: how many zoom in and outs Fresh: yes

    81. Lincoln MacLean

      Why are they playing with Chris from mrbeast

    82. zhao zhang

      Editor: how many zoom in and outs Fresh: yes

    83. myat lin aung

      Is he actually your real dad?

    84. JaydaPlayz Gamez

      Lazar is smart he knew what he was doing he was trying to get an alibi

    85. Fierce Voyager

      Pls do facecam

    86. killsteme omg gamer

      I llve u fresh

    87. Evan Blue

      Is Lazer beam really his dad?

      1. Evan Blue


      2. Arus Gevorgyan


    88. Jeronimo Rivera

      LOL Fresh said he came to turn off the lights and no one noticed on 11:09

    89. CountLosk

      Fresh calls that 5000 Iq Albert Einstein you wanna see some real iq boi

    90. Juan Manzano

      My little brother loves your videos

    91. Ahmad Rajhi

      Lazarbeam and 500iq don’t really go together u know

    92. Lesley D


    93. Nina Williams

      I LOVE your vids

    94. Xander Panda

      5:20 is the game

    95. Levi101Legend !

      5:25 rage

    96. Zoots Animates

      12:27 the end

    97. lil Scarlett Mc

      U sound jus like Lazar I can tell Ur his son