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    1. Francesca Cardone

      Mushrooms are actually fungi cuz they don t produce they're own food

    2. Priyanka Lanka

      Fresh actually still knows things he learned from school lol

    3. toxxin

      I main that beautiful skin.

    4. Youssif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9o


    5. Pman

      He got 7 mil

    6. Ranesh Sankhla

      Actually the final player was me

    7. Thicc boi Sutart

      Mushrooms r not plants they are actually decomposers

    8. Jax Ward

      what are the Codes

    9. DemonKing 101

      1:53 Does anyone know what the music he uses there is called, like Ik the other 2 music's he uses for build fights and his Victory music as soon as he kills the guy for the W. But I would really like to know what that one is called

    10. Brian Pryor

      Sick thumbnail fresh

    11. Nickemon

      that purple skye was definitely way better at the game

    12. Alicia Kent

      fresh how do i get my fortnite account back on my switch

    13. Linda Toomey

      I got it

    14. Nicoli Simone

      Plz give me the last laugh bundle plz


      fresh you ran over an innocent player

    16. ThebroBrody _yt

      You could have ate the’s poop could be fertilizer

    17. Ant Had

      Fresh is trash

    18. Jordan Ference

      helps plants migrate lmao

    19. bob boi

      Fresh: WOW SHE THICC few seconds later: LEAVE ME ALONE YOU WEIRDO

    20. kid gamer

      Nice bro ❤️

    21. Samantha Vidana

      noarrrr narot a-gain ahahahhaha

    22. Wasan Soub

      Ok to be fair mushrooms are fungi they can't make there own food and i hate poison ivy

    23. Trae Trae

      Fresh I'm watching your stream and I'm not trying to scream snipe you I was just streaming but then somehow I got in your game

    24. Gen Alpha Gamer

      Junger Gamer startet durch. Gen Alpha Gamer hat dein Kanal gesehen und findet es cool. Sieh bitte auch meine MiniWars an und bewerte sie

    25. yeeting ninja yeet

      Fresh you are so goooooooooooooooooooood

    26. Julian Holland

      Fun Fact: Fungi and mushrooms are not plants. They are actually closer to being animals than they are to being plants.

    27. Jacqueline King


    28. Jacqueline King


    29. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    30. Karla Alcaraz

      Dude how could you she is thick so you really made a mistake

    31. Shawnese Forney

      It was me that was killed by him

    32. IcedEDO_DARK

      He: mushrooms are plants 6yr old me preety shure it doesnt

    33. CakerMan


    34. B1aZe Clipz

      After he became this thiccc skin he’s been stuck a lot more 😅😅😅

    35. Hoyt Steinke

      The poor deodorant numerically frighten because lettuce expectably rub excluding a plant judge. damp, future futuristic virgo

    36. Dante Guerra

      sup i was the one with the purple pump

    37. Phillips Caleb

      The warm sponge clinically heat because shield feraly found with a frantic okra. volatile, wretched biology

    38. Daniel Just

      You did 140 damage not 149 damage with the car

    39. tomika gray

      Hello I am new

    40. Aslanov Farid

      mushrooms are not plant dude

    41. YeetingNoodle604

      i like plants

    42. Henry Gaskell

      Mushrooms are Fungi

    43. MorganRogers112

      How do u enter

    44. Pogers Moments

      Who realizes he used peppers

      1. • •Angel-Gacha• •

        Peppers are from plants

    45. Floxre_yt

      Discord told me to drop a Quick Fresh like and I am happy I did

      1. Floxre_yt

        It was 1 week ago

    46. Shadow_ Master

      Fresh shouldn’t be allowed to use cars since they make smoke

    47. Sophie v. jensen

      How you get the last lagh bundle

    48. jameia Mohammed

      pls can you gift me the battle pass

    49. jameia Mohammed

      im such a big fan

    50. Connor Carrillo

      When he has a gray he knows he can upgrade right?

    51. randy timson

      POV: U are not watching in full screen U are in bed your socks off like if one of them were right

    52. Silly Pictures

      of course you gonna get ganged on SHE THICK

    53. Cjk Boss

      Omg did that say 149

    54. Moaz Suliman

      "Am stuck" Fresh 2020

    55. John Walsh

      Pickle pickle

    56. Ashton Langley

      i would love the pack

    57. Ashton Langley

      and i am subbed

    58. Ashton Langley

      i like all your vidoes

    59. Ashton Langley

      plz fresh i dont get a lot of stuff i am lucky to even get a game sytem plzzzzz

    60. Jacob Mosser

      I don’t have any social media now I’m sad so I can’t do many of the entry’s for the giveaway

    61. Rat_on_yt

      can i please get a code btw use code fresh in the fortnite item shoppppppp

    62. Isidra Munoz

      ther was a grey pump u could upp grade

    63. The Koala Gamers

      When Fresh has a crush on his own skin...

    64. Twins4life gaming

      i need the bundle but 1 milions and milions of people watch you so what are the chances

    65. Dheer Chhabra


    66. Shaurya Sharma

      who thinks fresh use a facecam in his next vid

    67. Trenton Ericksen

      Fresh: Did that say 149? Me: What's up guys, YES.

    68. Splater 123


    69. Shannan Balg

      I'm really sorry I was the guy that almost killed u at the start

    70. Edward Gonzalez

      Can I please have the the Midas Rex and the joker and the in the poison ivy pack please I need the I subscribed and and I used your code your item on

    71. Юра

      i love your videos fresh you my favorite youtuber

    72. Jeremiah Jean Baptiste

      Can you gift me it cause I been playing since chapter 1 season 1 and I still don't have a skin except for battle pass skins starting at season x

    73. Lauren Daniels

      Did he just say an impulse grenade helps plants migrate?

    74. Brandi Taylor

      This kid is so mad he says swear words. He's to young to even do that. Shouldn't even do that anyways.

    75. Jeff Glenn

      The Xbox and ps5 giveaway

    76. Jeff Glenn

      When will you tell us who won

    77. Lydia Traille

      Play mind craft

    78. PureEclipse13

      Bru Nice

    79. Death IO

      Yo i liked and subbed i would love to have the last laugh bundle

    80. Random. Loser

      I miss school to watch all your videos

    81. steph vanegas

      “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀

    82. Skyline Boy

      Bot it’s still a good vido

    83. Skyline Boy

      How are you gonna water plant when your all the way up in a tower

    84. DavyDood_ 768

      Wow the most creative content I've ever seen.

    85. Bebo Moreno

      I want to have a code

    86. Ding Lowal

      Y isn’t my subscribe button thick enough.

    87. Lhord Balismon

      "It isnt out yet" Exscuse moi?

    88. It’s Peaxchyxx

      Mushrooms aren’t plants...

    89. Hector Ramos

      Like 2 minutes after he said I might not Evan need the groot baller😅😅


      fresh pls help out YT_INNERSLOTH pls gift him any skin from item shop plss

    91. Armando👽

      can you give me a code for the last laugh bundle i use code fresh in the item shop

    92. Gumball Watterson

      It helps plants migrate? Really Fresh? I know you're a dropout but come on Man!

    93. Vaughan Duncan

      Fresh: can only use the green weapons Me: trucks are grey

    94. Gui Pina

      I live in number 74 com to my house

    95. Gui Pina

      I am in England giv me ps5 ok i am Rodrigo

    96. Talha gaming

      Can you do a giveaway

    97. Talha gaming


    98. Kate Fedich

      Please give my the skin jdfedich13 level 260

    99. Wa Wa

      Yo fresh I'm a fan I have been here since you did challenges in season 6.I found out about u through lazarbeams channel.i would appreciate it if you heart or reply to this comment,keep up the good work my boi👍