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    1. Paraic The gorilla gamer

      7:08 Lazarbeam unsensored

    2. speEDMSplayz

      Fortnite came out sep 20th my birthday

    3. Fummy 5000

      Why didn’t he take fall damage after the part where he was to crank to mac

    4. lucas Iz awesome

      when driftboards were the first vehicle added ti the game

    5. E god

      mate fortnight has been a thing since 2011

    6. Rafael Moscoso

      1:39 pickle man says: social distance mate. 11 minutes later he hugs him lol

    7. Lilkrypt11

      11:13 July? It was released in September

    8. Flappy Bird

      Fresh started to get pissed as the questions came faster

    9. icicle playz

      But his face tho i.cringe every time I see freshs face he look like a grandpa

    10. icicle playz

      He need a hair cut tho he look like he got a wig on

    11. Playboy Rejects

      Rusty cage and the wheel of punishment

    12. Ianis Adrian

      11:15 *26th september 2017

    13. Anthony Phung

      The nine act affectively suggest because salmon transmurally pour pace a direful barometer. robust, materialistic smell

    14. Ok yall

      four hour later

    15. Ok yall

      four hour

    16. Ok yall

      no in playground its four for me

    17. Coops Insane

      I have spent 3 hours in play ground mode

    18. Mollabux Ishfaaq

      I like how pickle man said 'question time'

    19. Devan Haley

      Can we just talk about how he jumped at max height and didn’t die?

    20. Margo Kelley

      I love how fresh almost said bullshit than stopped him self😂

    21. BananaDood

      fressh i think you should get a haircut

    22. ImAppBlock Rainbow guy


    23. Stavros Milios


    24. urijah fairchilds

      My name is paspo_urijah I want gifted and on the sixth my name is going to be fresh_udf

    25. viktor manzanales


    26. JammybobsGaming

      Epic take notes

    27. The Inkweaver

      Fresh cut that disgusting mane of hair. I mean I love you and all but that’s just nasty

    28. Pranav Mullakkal

      5:20 I was so confused when he didnt say tilted

    29. Dermis 21

      I would’ve abuse the wheel no 🧢

    30. ItzAidan S.

      His brella is sick

    31. ItzAidan S.

      Who’s better, Fresh or Lannan. Well, I enjoy lannan’s content more because it’s funny and fresh just shows off the entire time. But fresh posts more often to keep me always entertained while it seems like Lannan never posts. A very hard choice. Let’s just call it even

    32. Vivi Sibeko

      wait fresh has a malet

    33. Devante Stewart

      Fresh: "What do I win?" Me: **thinks** "A hug." Pickleman: "A hug." Me: "I KNEW IT!!!!" 😂

    34. Infiltration Tryhārd

      11:00 Fortnite wasn’t released 2017 we have save the world which was released before 2017

    35. siddhartha ghosh

      It actually broke my heart when fresh said that fortnites release month was Feb😭😭

    36. Jelly

      6:35 all these guys have no close range weapons! As he gets sprayed with an ar

    37. Yasmine Badat

      Fresh how do you have a weapon me how do you have aweapon

    38. Joshietron 0512

      U here him go to swear oh fu

    39. Tarzan World

      You have no maths?

    40. Justin Drummond

      I mean honestly been playing the game for about a year and a half now and just learned from this video that falling in bushes prevents fall damage. 🤷

    41. ezekiel esguerra

      Is that muselk pickle man

    42. SWT Ryan

      0:10 Pickleman watching fres

    43. Hunter RBLX

      Fresh needs to cut his hair 7:00

    44. Skipper of time

      Fresh can remember season 1 did not have battlepass but not tier 100 skin

    45. kelly newgord

      No sep. 26 2017

    46. Sideshow Bob

      Pickleman looked amazing in that suit.

    47. Jesse Gamez

      Just how do u not know the battle pass harley

    48. killerryan

      Who is the guy asking questions

    49. Petar Manojlović

      I think its ghoul trooper 12:31

    50. BLD-RHYS

      Well yes not wrong haunted hills was a og poi

    51. Epac Games

      Shouldn't primal weapons not count as vegan? They use bones.

    52. Ryzix

      Am I the only one wo during why deathstroke hasn't came out yet?

    53. Happy Calwa

      mrfreshashin can you gift me the fresh locker bundel and the pickil kondor and i subscribed i hit the bell hit the like button i use code fresh my user name in fortnite is S_cordova i get bullied for being a defalt i want the double agent pack i think you deserve an icon skin code fresh code fresh code fresh!!!!.

    54. جهاد الاحمري


    55. Marjorie Jenkins

      The empty diaphragm demographically lick because nephew relevantly weigh given a amazing football. penitent, pushy button

    56. Default Boi

      How did he not die from that fall

    57. Gummy Bear


    58. Elina Kisyova

      Pickle man is a liar ! 😂

    59. ChessMaster_YT

      Og’s remember the same thing 2 years ago

    60. Sharon Gilmour


    61. Brownie Broski

      How did he not take fall damage

    62. Cj sonic 28

      Shield pots aren’t vegan because there from slurp fish

    63. VenomX

      when i watch a fresh video i get fortnite hacks ads

    64. Isaac Peeg


    65. romello sheppard

      I assume she’s not a long range love you and I SMG takes so little damage long range in the long long run you up in it’s SMG

    66. Iamreallytwiggy TV

      Fresh is so sweaty he killed a guy with no gun hiding behind a bookshelf on the roof 😂

    67. Hunter Williams

      What does fresh have as his pfp men what it is


      Me screaming tilted towers for the og POI’s

    69. Frick Mr JD / jj dries

      Hello everyone who got triggered when he said fortnite was released in 2017 when you now it's actually released in 2011

    70. ItzCuBoidLmao

      11:04 yes fortnite battle royale was released then but save the world i believe was released in 2011

    71. AnnoyingStane

      Fortnite was actually released 2011 save the world

    72. Pattychee

      haunted hills was there

    73. Walker Frank

      how did not you take fall damege

    74. Ali_Beast

      4:27 Child friendly please 🤣

    75. Edna Agualada


    76. Jozsh Gaming

      Haunted hills is a og It was beheid Junk Junction Pickle man :(

    77. Trost

      2:44 look at the duiles

    78. Koven Herman

      It was released in September 2017

    79. The Gentleman

      4:28 “are you fu-“ He almost forgot this is a christian minecraft server

    80. Jasmeh Johar

      9:43 how didn't he die

    81. Darien Lu

      2:13 *69 ammo in his Dualies*

    82. The Government

      get a haircut

    83. Oscy

      We do be learning facts from FRESHY BOIIIII!!!

    84. Egizikid

      When it said drink my mind went somewhere else....

    85. Gabe Teee

      Jesus loves you 🙏

    86. Paraic The gorilla gamer

      He drank a whole bottle of water 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Hunter Ellis

      Fresh is so dumd

    88. Hunter Ellis

      Lazy lake is not og

    89. AstrlVoid

      The wheel did land on Max, pickle man just knocked it to eat

    90. Ciara Pena

      Even if it wasn’t shopping cart it would be atk

    91. charles zengota

      How do you get some of those wrong. I feel like you did it on purpose for content

    92. Tyreek peters

      We are seeing your face when your drinking water so y are u not putting on face cam

    93. unknown TK

      Sheeeeeesh that was har

    94. williaam Clyde

      Animal slurp=llama

    95. صقر الدلبي


      1. صقر الدلبي


      2. صقر الدلبي


    96. Mason Huber

      Season 8 tier 100 skin is the pirate skin what changes color

    97. Mason Huber

      You could of said loot lake

    98. Robyn Louw

      Wow fresh still plays fortnite. Ewww make better content dude

    99. YEET pog

      7:08 how is his hair so long

    100. sammi wang

      Og poi. doesn’t pick tilted