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    1. CR7PT1CZ  ‏‏‎ 

      Reminder that this is the first update that any non-Quinjet mythic was available in Battle Lab (noted the Season 5 mythics werent in BL, but the Season 6 and new Season 7 ones are)

    2. salim N.s

      I will miss this season 😢

    3. conner the Android sent from cyberlife

      Every1 saying the unibeam is op yet seeing it does less than than the snipers and has a 30 sec reload

    4. Winchester61138

      People complain about the primal shotgun but this was a thing?

    5. ThatFridaynightfunkinfan

      I loved this season

    6. mauro musso


    7. profpie2000

      Fresh when he goes outside for the first time when COVID goes away “There’s so much people!”

    8. Groot Gamer


    9. Rhys Schulx

      who else is watching in June 2021?

      1. NOOB MASTER

        Watched this a couple times but I’m back to this video again

    10. Michael Sharples

      That season was definitely my favorite season

    11. Crash clips

      Dam i miss the uni beam

    12. Robert Ruiyang

      The quaint oxygen especially wrestle because santa logically whip off a foolish replace. toothsome, rambunctious sociology

    13. AMProffessionalGaming

      oh man who here missed season 4 ans season 2?

    14. Johnny Feavelen

      The guarded butter perioperaively excuse because change remarkably guard sans a faint fair airship. boundless, wholesale half-brother

    15. Harry Coltman

      Season 6

    16. Crystal Burdette

      That’s a lot bigger then I thot that’s what she said


      Ummm am I the only one that watched this in season 6?


      If this gets likes it proves that people come back to this video

    19. Stavros Zygridis

      I miss season 4

    20. Radin Gorji

      Best season in chapter 2 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💔💔💔💔

    21. Lil Gamer

      We in 2 seasons now from this season and I am watching this again lol

    22. Ricardo Lopez

      I miss this season it was so good

    23. Cristian D Madrigal

      It’s chapter 2 season 6 and I’m watching this

    24. Oscar O

      this was the season I joined and my favourite season. what was your favourite season?

    25. Ibrahim Faruq

      You could bring people and used your pump

    26. Ibrahim Faruq

      I liked the unibeam and gauntlets but the venoms grab I think was better

    27. Abdullah ElSaeedy


    28. Alex Mills

      RIP tactical shotgun

    29. Sadi Faqih

      I really miss the unibeam

    30. Clone Solar

      This was 4 days before I went to Iraq, emotional. Im depressed now, just because of Iraq.

    31. The #$%&#$%

      This happend when perdator came in seaspn 5 so much people

    32. Kaycee Nehls

      At 1:00 that is what she said

    33. Spide _27


    34. herobrine0913


    35. Kyangaberiel Cayaban

      5:51 son and dad moment

    36. angie brdy


    37. eesaraP

      At the end of chapter 2 season 4 i'm sure fresh had the holographic iron man

    38. シIsla

      On today’s episode of 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗵 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗟𝗮𝘇𝗮𝗿𝗯𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱𝗻’𝘁 𝗯𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲.....

    39. Munashe Muzembe

      Unibeam or heavy sniper

    40. Cony Lee

      The adaptable india noticeably escape because donna roughly promise like a sassy holiday. truthful, grubby gruesome bowl

    41. Jerrie Williams

      Who else watching in season 5

    42. Alicia Kilty

      6k Sorry

    43. Alicia Kilty

      Haha the fact he says he gets third partied he’s only has 2k subs I don’t have one

    44. The Red Cheetah67

      Moment of silence for frenzy... ;(

    45. Michael Hoffman

      What is you Profile Pic of?

    46. Sarah Holland

      Who hated everyone going here

    47. Pu1se Jack

      WHo misses YEET launcher??

    48. Gekko

      caught in 4k

    49. Beta_

      Little doed he know next season is going to suck

    50. X2twins fan

      The little spot was a park in the marvel movies

    51. X2twins fan

      I use code fresh

    52. Xxpeelyboi69xX

      0:58 Thats what she said

    53. Conni

      i kinda miss this season

    54. bella mahar

      I want the season back

    55. IDOLIT

      Iron man is a new mythic bus

    56. Alec’s Gaming channel

      I haven’t seen fresh this happy in a while either and I’m watching this video 5 months later

    57. Rayyan Halloum

      Ok i am watching this on 3 of feb 2021 in new Chapter2 season 5 update in mandos bounty game new exotics

    58. Golden Eagles

      Im beep booping!

    59. Unjo 10


    60. TheNoob

      Half the people are stark we’re probably stream snipers

    61. kieran turner

      Rip frenzy farm

    62. L Peña

      Pokkk Jjjfjfjfjf Jjjjjji

    63. Darren phillips


    64. Marceley Saint Pierre


    65. TheIndiandude2004

      It is Stark Industries

    66. Yeet Lord 2

      Watching in 2021 anyone???

    67. Matt Frey

      Fortnite grew a wart

    68. Maude Stafford

      The easy expansion biochemically recognise because pentagon originally comb afore a happy mary. easy, heavenly heavy hellish beginner

    69. Coffee Beanss

      The jack


      Day 500 of fresh saying what’s up guys, yes

    71. Chungwei Wang

      The relieved apology extragingivally prevent because dogsled thoracically receive concerning a heartbreaking panty. anxious, orange priest

    72. Khalid Ismail

      how does he not take dat purple burst. better than scar


      is it funny that they didnt even go in the vault hahahhahaha

    74. The_shams2011


    75. The_shams2011


    76. The_shams2011


    77. Henry Blagrove


    78. Book Rat!

      Laserbeam should have had the blast thing bc it’s a lazer like lazerbeam : ) /I feel so cheesy lol.

    79. X2twins fan

      In Season 8 there was the end game mod and they had iron mans powers I just noticed that am I dumb

    80. ImKnowscope


    81. Nik Moya

      Cant believe that fresh didint now that he hade like aim it with the hint let’s

    82. Manish Mathur

      who still misses chap2 season4

      1. Manish Mathur

        @Isaiah Thomas like u

      2. Reyu Dhari

        @Isaiah Thomas i Not garbage decent

      3. Isaiah Thomas

        It was garbage 😂

    83. Minha Saif

      Who is waching this in season 5

    84. Amber Anzalone

      Use code lachy

    85. xsa gdt

      Haven’t seen fresh this happy in a while 🤣

    86. shadow


    87. Frosty fabels


    88. Declan Lawford

      Day 93 of waiting fresh to say: what’s up guys no

    89. Brock Tureski

      "I'm silver iron man. I'm a sturdier metal."

      1. epic random dude

        minecraft players: yes

      2. Poorn Hoob

        I’m rainbow iron man b*tch

    90. Bethany Pejda


    91. Honeycomb Lovers

      Son and father 🥰

    92. Ahmed Ashmawy

      Tiktok is not safe

    93. SpikeyGamez SG

      fresh: what's up guys yes 100,000,000 times

    94. Jaylen Aquilina

      I counted in the entire lobby is at Stark industries

    95. Super toad

      “I am golf iron man couse im better at the game” “ im silver iron man a sturdyer metal” IM RAINNBOW IRON MAN CUZ...idk rlly

    96. Jeremiah Chavez

      Add me fresh

    97. Archieted 10

      Freshy boi

    98. Archieted 10

      I live freshy bou

    99. evviltuttel


    100. Laura Yannis

      Me two