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    1. Tony Garcia


    2. Shadow Frosty


    3. Declan Lawford

      Day 93 of waiting fresh to say: what’s up guys no

    4. Brock Tureski

      "I'm silver iron man. I'm a sturdier metal."

    5. Honeycomb Lovers

      Son and father 🥰

    6. Ahmed Ashmawy

      Tiktok is not safe

    7. SpikeyGamez SG

      fresh: what's up guys yes 100,000,000 times

    8. Jaylen Aquilina

      I counted in the entire lobby is at Stark industries

    9. Super toad

      “I am golf iron man couse im better at the game” “ im silver iron man a sturdyer metal” IM RAINNBOW IRON MAN CUZ...idk rlly

    10. Jeremiah Chavez

      Add me fresh

    11. Archieted 10

      Freshy boi

    12. Archieted 10

      I live freshy bou

    13. Jackson Walzel


    14. Laura Yannis

      Me two

    15. AmberAlyse102

      Lazar you shall now only have the unibeam because you are a beam and a lazar

    16. Dukios Gaming

      RIP frenzy farm I miss you!!!

    17. HaloMaster BlackDeath

      Just leaving a comment here just to say i was here

    18. Darrell Altis

      R.I.P frenzy farm

    19. Max James

      0:57. hehe

    20. Christian Garner

      can youtube stop the unskipable 15 seconds adds

    21. Multigamer 121

      Can we get a F for frenzy farm

    22. Mark Jamison


    23. Alison Cole

      Sad the mythical abilities have been nerfed now they aren’t that op anymore and everyone goes to starks to get the vault now 😞🤭

    24. Jen Hoffman


    25. ImNuTz Topping

      Ok watching this 2 months after snd now Fresh’s new favourite mythic is probably venoms grab! 🤣

      1. LittleTimmy 321

        Me to

      2. pokemon gamingz

        @The super Souls -_-

      3. The super Souls

        Nah unibeem

      4. Hannes Lee

        Yeah this my 9th time watching this

      5. Dragon tamer 977


    26. Mia Nanninga

      Day 93 of waiting fresh to say: what’s up guys no

    27. Martin Ruiz

      I hate lazarbeam he litrally took freshes blue ar and he had a purple pump like bruhuuuuuu

    28. Crew Fisher

      Laser beam I’m bep boping

    29. Rikki Weiss

      Precious videos are the best unit me to make more videos

    30. Andres Flores

      Your hacking and you have build hacks

    31. Bifrost Baloney

      I started playing fortnite on the day stark industries came to fortnite

    32. Jesus Ruiz

      You hit me for 90 in your first game

    33. Mauricio Zayas Vargas

      you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 nice content

    34. Ben Fox

      Me watching with 2 weeks til season 5

    35. Gost

      Fresh did you know the first suit iron man made was silver

    36. Oliver Doe

      Hi fresh

    37. Troy Hemken

      Who else is watching in chapter 2 season 5

    38. Jamie Tuitele-Lewis

      how did he get tier 200 not 100 but 200 in like a week damn

    39. puggeyPLAYZ

      1:18 lspd stop what your doing

    40. Haneen Alabed

      Please I subscribe cold you add hiyd12

    41. Steve Sharma

      Please gift me my username is Bugattimakim I liked the video and subscribed

    42. Isaiah Perez

      how has it been 2 months since this update

    43. Will Lorion

      2:30 😐 That’s gonna be a long time for you

    44. Kendall O'Halloran

      1like=1 power 👇 👇 👇

    45. Genevieve Caldwell

      My biggest annoucement... Today 10AM EST ⚡

    46. simon ghost riley

      minecraft players be like naw iron iron man is better

    47. Chicken Lil

      He should make a hello guys yes complution


      I liked the vid but I was sad when I found out that he didn’t get mad because he couldn’t get the mythics

    49. Elaine Ng

      The Thumbnail looks so perfect. Looks like a lot of time was spent to create that.👍

    50. Curtis Grantham

      TO OP

    51. Rex Sit

      You are god

    52. Gogeta blue Yelling

      I prefer the gauntlets as you can fly and aim bot

    53. DKMaster5321 ツ

      At the part he was talking about the mythic’s his gameplay looked like a trailer 0:14

    54. Samuel Vestal

      "I'm silver iron man. I'm a sturdier metal."

      1. raj harshit


      2. Shivvy

        Anyone here in Nov 2020

      3. Samuel Vestal

        @Aqua lol

      4. Aqua

        minecraft players belike

    55. TornadoTy

      When fresh has gold iron man before you even get mystique or doctor doom

    56. Mi Mick

      The amount of ppl landing there tho

    57. Muhammad Mika Jefry Rizal

      The best ikr!

    58. Jonathan Fox


    59. Rabah Barghouthi

      Lol, I re gently started watching fresh and I realized he killed me in this vid

    60. SH Simon Harding

      Fresh rules!!!

    61. Jeppe Fruergård Simonsen

      lazar stell a blue ar for you

    62. Landon Scott

      O how the days were good without ghost

    63. Kevin Valle

      Me and my little brother got 35 kills with all the mythics

    64. NuzMy

      He bad

    65. NuzMy


    66. Shea McIntyre

      Nan boy he thick

    67. Audrey Cumpa

      What’s up guys yes😂

    68. Noah Andebrhan12

      the fact that he nearly died to storm with music and just made it in while leveling up makes it feel so special

    69. Zane Rigsby

      why is your intro hey guys whats up, yes

    70. isaac esquivel

      i do not know why i said that

    71. isaac esquivel

      use code fresh

    72. Kiprijan Cekov

      Heavy sniper:dose the same thing l. I\__/l. l. 👋(ب_ب)

    73. Aarav Seksaria

      U could’ve done the super jump lol

    74. Temimator 9000

      Fresh is mark 21 and lazarbeam is mark 2

    75. Raphael Gershater

      fresh with 150 fps: its so laggy!! Me vining with 45 fps

    76. Grayson Grzybowski

      Fresh do a roll play

    77. Jenny Hamilton

      I use your creator code in the item shop

    78. Bryce Defloria

      Ha. Haaaagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    79. Gracie Violet

      HUgets getting comfortable with 2 unskippabe ads tut

    80. Dab Knight

      Lannan should have the uni beam so he can become: "Laser beam". Worst joke ever.

      1. xecutor gang


      2. Nano-Reaper

        Smart lol

      3. Frosty Boi FN


    81. Team Envo

      “Don’t lie who else is a FAN" "¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ.

    82. Blaine Scott

      Use code lazar in the item shop or use code fresh

    83. Asiru Asiru

      It has aimbot

    84. Jordyn Mir

      Watch his intro full speed omg.. it's great.

    85. Grayson X

      I laughed so hard when you came out of the storm and leveled up

    86. its jack

      So much people

    87. Veer Sejwal

      Pause at 8:41

    88. Gaige Logan Kooistra

      i wish they wod keeep freazss farm raps

    89. jacob plays

      in one momnt you killed me lol

    90. 17-Abdullah Songor


    91. AJ TING


    92. Bindu Abraham

      Just imagine if mrfreshasain pins this comment🙄☺

    93. frxstyy wrlds ツ

      Pls help me its 3 in the morning and the subscribe button is outside my fcking door

    94. Tiffany Soup

      LOL i like hoe you let lannan take your blue ar then you just take his green one without complaining

    95. CL1cX Fl4r3

      Me waiting for them to know that it has aim bot 😫

    96. Dizzy Beam

      Who is whacking this after 1 week of this POI being out

    97. Mia King


    98. Mia King

      There’s a volt