$20 VS $1100 Setup (PAY TO WIN)


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    1. יהונתן נאור

      I now the mose name it glorios model o

    2. Overtime Gaming

      No hate but you are still using the same actual pc therefor it’s a bit easier. Next time use a laptop or a iPad but Anyway I love the vid.

    3. choufleur stylzz

      bruh the keyboard on the thumbnail is literally mine

    4. Yaash_YT

      My setup cost $60(RM240) Armaggeddon MKA-2C($15) Armaggeddon Wireless mouse($15) Fantech HG11 Pro Captain 7.1ch($30) I know it's so cheap but it's good The keyboard uses Outemu blues

    5. Umer’s and minal Lab

      fresh playing beter than me on controllar

    6. Smolstot CODM

      My 30$ headset has surround sound and it's super cheap

    7. Franek S.

      best monatge

    8. Austin Reardon

      We’re just not talking about the 2 PCs and the 3 monitors

    9. Cory Laidler

      i like fresh vids

    10. Yazan The pro

      hey fresh my brother thinks that u are trash my guy and i love you

    11. Fernando Espinoza

      Your using that

    12. jawsiraptor

      i remember when fortnie was good in season 4 now im jus cancking in creaive


      Fresh and lazer gays?🏳️‍🌈

    14. HYBRID

      That montage was very cool

    15. Luke Anderson

      Are they kissing on the lip

    16. Davide Brivio

      I love ❤️ your vedios

    17. BlazingSky

      is that even a headset-_- lol

    18. acegamer rockz

      the montage was too good

    19. Anton Öman

      I have a small table so my keyboard doesn't move like the 20$ keyboard

    20. Oliver Tindall

      he said its for death people

    21. Dawson Young

      in his second game why did he not get the gold pump lol

    22. Alessio

      im not deaf and i have sound affects

    23. Tryhxrd4life 420

      Can you have a face cam vid

    24. Sarah Battenfield

      Respect for all you geckos moses pad people

    25. Asmr Rexy


    26. Pastaboy Playz

      me to i have visual sound efects and i am not death

    27. Just Archo

      the funny thing is he's still better than me

      1. Anthony Cuen


    28. Vet THANOS


    29. Avshalum Sosunov

      Do you like Santa facts some of the best things what do you mean you know where people are

    30. Skyz

      The lean error ipsilaterally drip because ink wessely attempt via a wide risk. ajar, yielding sister

    31. Andy Platon

      Fresh I think u should of done like the cheep set will a bad outfit and the expensive set will a good outfit but that my ob

    32. Luther Games

      I don't know what Australia is doing but here in the United States we have mouses that are the cheapest and they still have side buttons.

    33. alia ferguson

      The dull ikebana spatially sigh because diamond contrarily knit without a ready area. distinct, coordinated guilty

    34. abel garden

      That is the saddest thing ever. Having a mousepad of your dad kissing cray, jeez it’s a hard life for Fresh

      1. abel garden

        n o spells no

      2. Matt

        Comment copyer

      3. abel garden

        i know

      4. TTVclipz239

        right but he is not gay

    35. Wolfrine Time XD

      Fresh can face revel

    36. Gaming With Alex

      Fresh: "Cheap mouse don't have side buttons!" Me: " I found a $5 USD mouse at walmart and it has side buttons." So what the heck Astralia the US has cheap side button mice. Also I have a new mouse now and the cheap mouse was wireless to. The only problem is that it is to small for my hands.

    37. Paul Taylor

      I have the expensive key board and why don’t you use smg’s

    38. Hannes Artur Semper

      So I should sell my kidneys for a better setup so I can actually be good?

    39. Mikro Ntomatini

      My setup is literally 40 euros

    40. Ninja Twitch tv

      lannens gay

    41. GrassNuggets Gaming

      Fresh is better than me with a $20 setup my set up cost $400

      1. GrassNuggets Gaming

        Justin Derrick I mean my mouse and key board and headset Cost $400 dollars but my pc cost $2000

      2. GrassNuggets Gaming

        @justin derrick no I play on PC

      3. justin derrick

        Grass nuggets gaming do you play on mobile

      4. justin derrick

        Mine is 1373$

    42. Mark Yohana

      Well you didn’t have to get baby headphones, you could have gotten something better lol

    43. abel garden

      Fresh: 'Failing to steal someones kill' Fresh: 'No, he stole my kill!'

      1. abel garden

        @Jackie no

      2. Jackie


      3. Waleed M

        he traded kills


      so you not going to talk about the mouse pad laser beam kissing a guy

    45. lol minx

      Why did i buy a 300 dollar setup if im badder than u pn the 20 dollars

    46. madara uticha

      your setup is better than my house bruh :(

    47. kavlin themighty

      10:25 Le Bron James is on the song

    48. Inunable

      I hAve ThAt ExPeNsIvE kEyBoArD

    49. Joshua Gamer

      Fresh I like your videos

    50. Joshua Gamer

      Fresh can you be a chicken

    51. Joshua Gamer

      Fresh is a chubby chub

    52. Zaafir Hassan

      Fresh: Using a 20 dollar setup Me: Welcome to my world

    53. HANLEY1

      Are you actually Are you actually laezers son

    54. Nicole kas

      Is your actual dad lazerlazer

    55. Aidan kerseboom

      I live near fresh and lazarbeam in Australia

    56. Joey Grah

      I yous vish


      yo freshy bwoii thnx for the hand cam now cuz of u i am a sweat :)

    58. chelsy marsh

      fresh is terash hahahah

    59. Jason Sitar

      he is playing better than me with a 20 dollar set up

      1. charlie

        Ikr same 😂

      2. eatbullets 97

        Lol me too

      3. Piece Control Sapje

        Because he is just better than you 😂

      4. Ka5imX


      5. Noob CantBeBetter


    60. Jason Sitar


    61. Y u Bully me?ツ

      I laughed my ass off at the free mouse pad

    62. panagiotis

      My setup is I have no setup

    63. skyninjas6 sl

      Why when he was on the 20 dollar setup he was doing better than I would with my at least 600 dollar setup

    64. Sadiq Mohamoud

      that picture with crayator kissing lazerbeam.... thats gay man

    65. OutFoxJam

      I have headphones for my headset and it was £1.50

    66. Khusshal Ghosh

      it aint a 20 dollar setup when you got a 1000 dollar pc

    67. The Bey Factory

      I have a 7 dollar mouse with 2 side buttons, RGB and a gold-plated usb It's really good and looks pretty cool

    68. Revans247ok

      Bro fresh is so lazy I got my setup with keyboard mouse mouse pad headset for 30$Australian

    69. hupra perse


    70. hupra perse


    71. dawheels Playz

      That lannan and cray mouse pad actually is harming me

    72. Zabi Mohammed

      What’s wrong with your hair😂😂

    73. Ricardo Cruz loa

      he hit people 31 whites so many times

    74. Yuno Strawberry

      shut up i want to watch not here you complain jeez

    75. RTX Draconic

      the cheapest gaming setup i have 33.21usd

    76. Gamer's gameplay

      use code lazar in the item shop

    77. Panther King

      What’s the song called from that montage that you did at the end of the video cause I make montages

    78. Derek Schroeder

      That mouse retails for 90 dollars. I know you can’t find it for that much but it’s definitely worth more like 200

    79. Jonathan Pettersen

      Name off skin

    80. HiQeyz 2009

      It’s so hard to hear cause there’s a guitar playing in the background😂😂😂😂

    81. Black ninja

      My mouse super cheap has side buttons lol

    82. Rory and Ryan McGonnell

      i have a 950$usd setup for my pc.And one of my switch setups is 350$usd.and my personal switch setup is 250 and its not a lite it was used.

    83. Linear Christian

      What is up

    84. Me& my Three

      Do a 1v1 TYPICAL GAMER vs FRESH

    85. Blue Roar Music

      10:27 me when someone being toxic to me

    86. Kamm Washington

      hi fresh

    87. FaZe Tolems

      Me with my 20000 dollar setup

    88. banana gaming

      my mouse costs 69 $

    89. Lil' Crazy Undee

      Does the mouse pad matter that much? Fresh’s 70 dollar mouse pad is more expensive than my gaming keyboard

    90. Willzies4

      Next he should do a $20 computer challenge, like the actual pc! He will hate it!

      1. Aaron Hunter

        thats impossible

      2. Parker Gillis


    91. Erin Pincombe

      you should use lachans set up

    92. Tomas Gallardo

      Fresh cracked

    93. Gregorio 77

      The montage was just a moving mouse with a pump

    94. Marvin Khalifeh

      Were the handcam

    95. Nicole Wayland

      Me with 678#

    96. Aditya Chatterjee

      fresh why dont you play valorant ahhhh

    97. Jaden Rodriguez

      for people in the U.S. it's about a $14 set up because at the time one austalian dollar was worth 0.74 U.S. dollars

    98. Diego F

      I love the fact that fresh is better with 20 fallar setup than me

    99. The weekend